The Gemini Ultra has arrived! (Google’s “ChatGPT Killer”) – Video

The Gemini Ultra has arrived! (Google’s “ChatGPT Killer”) – Video

Google’s latest announcement of the rebranding of Bard to Gemini and the launch of Gemini Advanced has stirred up a lot of excitement and curiosity in the AI community. The new Gemini Ultra model promises to revolutionize the AI landscape, making bold claims about outperforming the chat GPT model by Google’s DeepMind.

Gemini Advanced is being rolled out as a premium option with a $20 per month upgrade charge, but it offers access to the powerful Gemini Ultra model. This model is optimized for complex tasks like coding, logical reasoning, nuanced instructions, and creative collaboration, although at the moment it’s only available in English. The update also brings a new Gemini app to both Android and iOS, with expanded language support in the pipeline.

In terms of performance, Gemini Ultra has been widely praised for its speed and creativity. Many content creators have tested the model and found it to be blazingly fast in generating responses, and impressively creative in producing poems and solving complex problems. The consensus seems to be that Gemini Ultra is on par with, if not surpassing, chat GPT and gp4 in these areas.

With Gemini’s promising capabilities and widespread availability, AI enthusiasts and content creators are eager to explore the potential of this powerful new model. Its launch also comes at an opportune time, coinciding with Microsoft’s overhaul of their co-pilot product, marking an exciting period of innovation and competition in the world of AI chatbots.

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Video Transcript

So Google made a huge announcement today in that it a is rebranding Bard to Gemini and B we now have access to Gemini Advanced which uses Gemini Ultra where the previous model that we were getting out of Bard used Gemini Pro it’s really confusing just keep in mind that

If you’re using Gemini Advanced it’s also Gemini Ultra the model they claim is the most powerful model this is also the same model that six months ago Google’s deepmind CEO said will Eclipse chat GPT and in December of last year sort of doubled down on that statement

Saying that it’s new Gemini model is more powerful than open AI gp4 if you head over to access to Google AI all the capabilities you know and love are still here and will keep getting better in the Gemini era so let’s go ahead and click done on

This and and there’s two main noticeable differences here inside of well Gemini now up in the top left you can see this Gemini link and if I press the arrow you can see now there’s an option for Gemini Advanced you do need to upgrade they are

Charging 20 bucks a month to use Gemini advance but Gemini Advance is using the Gemini Ultra model that they teased a couple months ago you remember the whole thing where they made it look like they were talking to the AI on a video and it turned out that they weren’t actually

Doing that and the whole thing was somewhat faked yeah that is finally available for us to use inside of Gemini Advanced you’ll also notice this blue band across the top that says Gemini was just updated if we check out the updates Bard is now Gemini we figured that out

Already we have a note here about Gemini Advanced telling us that we get to use the most capable AI model Ultra 1.0 it claims to be far more capable at highly complex tasks like coding logical reasoning following nuanced instructions and creative collaboration at the moment it’s only optimized for English but it

Is available in 150 different countries and looking through the list of countries here if you’re watching this video there’s a pretty D good chance that you have access to Gemini Advanced as well there’s also a new Gemini app available on both Android and iOS although as of right now it’s only

Available in English in the US but in the coming days it will be available in Japanese Korean and English globally except for the UK switch and European economic area more countries and languages will be coming soon and if you’re in Canada it’s now available for you as well personally I find the timing

Of this to be a very interesting because it comes in the same week that Microsoft has been completely overhauling its co-pilot product also as of this recording this Sunday is the Super Bowl here in the US and Microsoft actually has an advertisement in the Super Bowl for co-pilot so of course Google’s going

To roll out something fairly comparable the same week that co-pilot it’s getting its moment but I’m not going to dive too deep into co-pilot in this video I have a video coming next week that will dive into all of the cool stuff that Microsoft has been doing with co-pilot

If you’re not subscribed make sure you subscribe for that video so I’m going to go ahead and click on this Arrow up here and I’m going to go ahead and do the upgrade one of the nice things about doing the upgrade is you can play around with it for two months without actually

Paying we can see here it’s $0 for two months and then it’s 20 bucks a month after that same price as chat GPT plus realistically you’re probably not going to need them both if you really like Gemini you can probably get rid of chat GPT if you really like chat GPT but hate

Gemini you probably won’t need Gemini but heck let’s play around with it for two months at least I’m going to go ahead and start the trial and now have Google one AI premium it also seems to come with some other perks two terabyt of storage soon we’ll have Gemini and

Gmail docs and more and other Google One Premium benefits whatever that means so let’s go ahead and go to Gemini Advanced and now if we click on the drop down up at the top we have the option to to try both of them as it turns out I’m pretty

Much the last one to be making a video about Gemini among all of my other AI YouTuber friends one of my favorite channels fireship made a video about Gemini already my buddy Matt vid Pro put out a video about it there’s already a video from the AI grid on Gemini another

One of my buddies Matthew Burman put out a video on it Chris from All About AI has put out a video about it AI explained has a video about it already and this Channel that I actually stumbled across just today by David Andre also put out a video about it so I

Was going to do a deep dive in-depth analysis and test every possible thing I could think of in Gemini but a bunch of other really smart content creators already did so while I will be testing a few things myself in this video I’m also going to be sharing what other people

Seem to have find because well they’ve already done a lot of the testing and it’s fun to show love to other YouTube channels that are talking about the stuff that I’m excited about hopefully it helps you discover some new channels that if you like mine you’ll probably

Like these ones as well the first thing that everybody seems to talk about with a Gemini Advanced is how dang fast it is at actually giving you the responses this is so much faster than gp4 and it just cranks out responses really really quickly this seems to be the general

Consensus among pretty much everyone Gemini is way faster like at least two or three times faster also the speed at which Gemini generates is absolutely blazing fast Google’s API are rocket ships one thing that Gemini Ultra 1.0 does have it is blazingly fast like really really really really fast it is

Extremely fast much faster than gp4 it’s pretty quick I give you that it’s much faster than gp4 so that is a good thing Gemini Ultra feels a lot faster than gp4 this yeah okay so Gemini is done faster even though it took longer to start that’s very interesting so yeah every

Single video I’ve seen so far has commented on how dang fast Gemini actually gives its output now when it comes to creativity Matt vid Pro here tested it with a poem and found it to be really creative here is a gorgeous poem written by Google Gemini Advanced we

Have perfect rhyming and it’s able to combine the seemingly unrelated ideas of ice cream sandwiches and the planet Saturn I think it does a really great job in the creativity Department here’s what Fire Ship said about creativity I asked it to write a poem about JavaScript like Kowski it’s highly

Subjective but I love this test because it requires the AI to blend the technical aspects of JavaScript with a highly unique writing style Gemini was actually by far the best in my opinion the poem was dark and even included some mild profanity in my own personal test I

Also found it to be fairly creative I thought it did a good job at creativity now in my opinion it’s on par with chat GPT and gp4 I wouldn’t say one really holds an edge over the other in my opinion they both do creativity pretty well now let’s talk about problem

Solving ability something else that a lot of people want to use these chat Bots for Matt vid Pro here actually did a test where he asked it if he was to fire a bullet horizontally out of a gun and at the exact same y AIS drop a

Bullet from my hand which would reach the ground first it actually found the solution pretty quickly and even shared a diagram to sort of help better explain it Matthew Burman here gave it a test asking if he lays five shirts out in the sun and it takes 4 hour to dry how long

Would 20 shirts take to dry explain your reasoning step by step and it actually came to the right answer so pretty decent in this problem solving scenario he then gave it another problem about three killers being in a room another killer entering the room killing one of

The killers how many killers is left and it actually got this problem wrong interestingly Chris from All About AI gave it one of the exact same tests that Matthew Burman did I hang five shirts out to dry the sun after 10 hours all shirts are dry the next day I hang 10

Shirts out to dry the conditions are the same how long long will take the 10 shirts to dry very similar problem just worded slightly different and it gave him the wrong response in this case Chris then asks it another sort of logic problem and asks it to walk through it

Step by step once again it gets this problem wrong for him he I explain tested a logic problem here today I own three cars but last year I sold two cars how many cars do I own today you own one car today well he still owns three cuz

He just said today I own three cars so once again it failed at this he asked the same question to gp4 gp4 got the answer right when it comes to the ability to code people have had mixed results with this as well Fire Ship compared Gemini Advanced to chat jpt 4

And its ability to read code he uploaded the same code to both platforms and both of them essentially figured out what that code did but of course the big question is can it actually create good code I had them write a whole bunch of different junior level demos like here I

Had it create a basic graph database and go the gp4 result was a bit more simplistic but I was able to to paste it right into my IDE and run it the Gemini result was a bit more complex and interesting but for some reason it

Forgot package main at the top and I had to add it manually to get the code to run the AI grid tested coding he was making a trading bot here he actually gave it the prompt can you create a trading bot that uses the moving average to have entry and exit points for

Maximum profit do it in trading view Pine script please it actually generated code that didn’t work the first time but he found by simply asking the exact same question again the second time around it did write the code properly he then tested chat GPT with GPT 4 with the same

Prompt and it actually seemed to work better than the version that Gemini gave him one thing that I find very interesting is that Matthew Burman tested coding in his video as well trying to make a very simple snake game and it seems that he never managed to

Get it to work going back and forth with Gemini Ultra here he eventually got it to pop up this game window here but clearly no snake involved the reason I find that interesting is that Chris from All About AI pretty much ran the same test trying to get it to create a snake

Game it didn’t do it on the first try but it seems after a few back and forth with Gemini Ultra he did eventually get a working snake game to generate from Gemini Ultra now let’s talk about a Gemini’s ability to generate images it’s interesting because a handful of these

Videos have said that they couldn’t make it generate images like David’s video here he asked it to generate an image of a green flying cat Gemini Advance responded with that’s not something I’m able to do yet and as we know chat gp4 has no problems with that kind of thing

However Matt vid Pro here tested it with things like create me an image of a cat who is a wizard and Gemini did it immediately sure here’s an image of a cat who is a wizard make him more wizardy sure thing made him more wizardy

I think it might have also given him a third ear but maybe that’s what more wizardy means Matt then also asked it to put text in the image of Wizard and it managed to do that for him and in my own testing I got it to generate images for

Me create an image of a mad scientist in the lab sure here’s an image of a mad scientist in the lab let’s generate more and just like that we’ve got a couple more variations pretty diverse variations as well let’s test this same prompt that David tried here generate an

Image of a green flying cat for me it quickly said sure here’s an image of a green flying cat now both of these images totally suck Dolly does a much better job than what this gave us here but it did manage to generate these images for me generating two more even

Got me further away from what I was looking for but I don’t know why some people aren’t able to generate images While others are maybe it’s a location thing maybe it’s only rolled out in certain countries maybe it’s a slow rollout process and it just hasn’t

Rolled out to his account yet I don’t know but it does seem to be able to generate images the more fantasy style images they’re okay but the image in 2 model which Google uses behind the scenes to generated images is actually pretty good at making realistic images

For example if I give it the prompt create a photograph of a woman on a park bench you can see that three out of the four are pretty realistic images there’s some funkiness going on with the hands something that surprisingly still hasn’t really been solved yet but these all

Look like realistic images I don’t know why she’s just sitting in a pile of leaves and there is something seriously wrong with her hand but if you ignore the hands and you just kind of look from you know the arm up this is a pretty dang realistic photo something that

Dolly 3 inside of chat GPT isn’t really great at yet so we know it can generate images and it can do pretty realistic images pretty well but how does it do with interpreting images because when they put out their demo video of what Gemini Ultra can do a couple months ago

The thing that people were most Blown Away by was its ability to actually understand what is in the images when you upload them well so far this has been a pretty mixed bag of reviews with mostly people saying it’s not that great yet for example Matt vid Pro posted this

Meme that says find 10 scholarly articles chat GPT make them up yes why it’s humorous and it basically said it’s humorous because of the juxtoposition of Kermit being wholesome but also showing Kermit as the dark side which totally goes over the head of Gemini for what

The meme actually means he then went on to give it an image of this car door here ask what kind of car it was and it just totally hallucinated it told him the completely wrong car telling him it was a 1967 Ford Mustang Coupe Matthew Burman did a similar test posted this

Image and said tell me everything you see in this image it claims that it’s an image for an article about a large language model Lambda created by Google AI so interesting the preview image consists of a blue background with the text Lambda written in the center in

White when clearly it says meta and then it says below that is the word meta actually not mentioning the Lama at all in the response so not quite as killer as the demo that we got a few months ago Chris from All About AI uploaded this

Image here and it mostly got it right the image shows a purple t-shirt a pair of black socks I mean the color’s wrong there and a white mug sitting on a wooden table so the colors are wrong there’s no wooden table but it did get that all three items feature the Nvidia

Logo and I am Nvidia although it really says I am AI on them so it got some of the elements right but not all of them AI explained did a similar test and found that it struggled when there was faces in the images he actually had to

Put a blue line through their faces so that Google didn’t see the faces before it actually gave a response to the image he also tested this image which shows a speedometer the time how many miles are left and asked questions about what’s in the image for the most part Gemini got

Almost all of it wrong I think he said he continued to go on and prompt it some more and eventually it got it right but it took a little bit of doing to finally get to Gemini giving the proper response David here uploaded some pictures of mushrooms asked what the mushrooms were

It did notice that they were mushrooms but did not identify the kinds of mushrooms they were for him I’m going to try tossing this meme in here I’m on a seafood diet I seea food and I eat it it should be pretty easy for Gemini to understand so let’s see what happens

Explain what is funny about this Meme and well it’s got people in it so it tells me I can’t help with images of people yet let’s try this meme instead hairdresser what do you think me explain what is funny about this meme there are a few reasons why this image known as

The confused stons meme might be funny pretty sure that’s not what this meme is the image combines two things that are not typically seen together a llama and a question about hair which is something typically associated with humans I guess that’s kind of right I guess the meane

Went viral during covid-19 the confused looking llama resonated with many people who are feeling lost and un sure about what the future held so yeah I don’t really think it nailed uh that one very well either another thing that is quite annoying that we can’t do with Gemini

Right now but that we can do with Claude and chat GPT and most of the other Bots that are out there is that we can upload PDFs to them this one if I try to toss a PDF in here it just nothing happens it doesn’t let me it just tries to open it

In a new tab that’s something that’s a bit frustrating because well it’s really handy to upload a PDF and then have a conversation about what the contents of that PDF is something that all the other platforms pretty much let us do right now there are some redeeming factors

About Gemini right now as we always say this is the worst it’s ever going to be so I am not counting out Google yet I think Google has some bigger updates up their sleeve we’re going to see this sort of roll out more rapidly they’re trying to keep Pace with Microsoft so I

Don’t think they’re going to be moving in slow motion anymore some of the things I do like the speed that it generates is faster than pretty much any of the other models we have access access to right now it just cranks out text really quickly we’ve got access to

Extensions which with chat GPT we do have gpts and plugins and there’s ways to extend chat GPT however what I like about these extensions is it sort of ties you back into your Google ecosystem so if you’re using Google Maps you’re using YouTube Google hotels Google flights Google workspace all of these

Various tools that information is going to be connectable with your chats inside of Gemini that’s really really valuable if you’re really dialed into the Google ecosystem you’ll be able to have these conversations and have it pull up information and data that you’ve saved in these various other platforms Gemini

Is also great if whatever you’re trying to chat about requires web searching now we do know that jat GPT can search the web with Bing but because Gemini is made by Google and Google is the biggest search engine I think its search capabilities are a bit better than what

We see out of chat GPT I don’t have an amazing example but since the Super Bowl’s coming up this weekend let’s just ask it who do most people think are going to win the Super Bowl this year Super Bowl this year between Kansas City Chiefs San Francisco 49ers it’s

Difficult to say who most people think will win as opinions are always divided they go on to talk about why it’s a tough call basically saying it’s a tossup but Google has this double check your response button which will search Google and actually site its sources for

Where it got this information so I can click on any one of these arrows and it will pull up details about the website and the actual quote from the website it’s also got this option to modify your response so if I want a shorter response a longer response a simpler response a

More casual or more professional response I can quickly do that with the single click of a button which is pretty handy let’s get a shorter response and there we go we have a shorter response with pretty much the same answer it’s also really good at creativity like both

Myself Matt vid Pro and the fireship YouTube channel have all shown off however it’s pretty comparable with chat GPT so I wouldn’t say that you should pay for Gemini for the creativity if you’re already paying for chat GPT it’s going to be about the same and that’s it

That’s my breakdown of Gemini so far today is day one it will be getting updated and upgraded and faster and better over time but I wanted to quickly get a video out and talk about what I found from it and what other people are finding from it and if you like AI

Channels and you like my channel well there’s a lot of amazing AI channels out there and I wanted to make you aware of them so if you’re not already checking out these channels make sure you check out fireship and Matt vid Pro Ai and the AI grid and Matthew Burman and all about

Ai and AI explained and now David Andre who is the newest one that I am now subscribed to I like to keep my finger on the pulse of AI so I watch as much of this content as I possibly can see what other people are talking about and I

Figured this would be a fun time to show off some other channels but also give you a sort of mashup of how everybody is sort of feeling about Gemini overall the general consensus it’s really fast it’s pretty creative on par with GPT 4 problem solving abilities still need

Some work chat GPT actually still seems to be a little bit better at this coding seems to be a mixed bag from all the videos I watched some people thought Gemini was better some people thought chat GPT was better kind of a tossup there image generation if you want

Really realistic images image in two built into gem I works really really well if you wanted to follow your prompt perfectly to what you asked it Dolly 3 inside of chat GPT is probably going to be better image understanding so far not that impressive most of the image

Understanding tests that we’ve all given it it didn’t do a great job of understanding what was going on in the image but the fact that it’s got extensions it’s really good at searching the web and citing its sources the fact that it’s really really fast and the

Fact that it’s Google who has probably more data than any company on the planet all makes it something to keep an eye on whether or not they will ever catch up with Microsoft combined with open AI yet to be seen I think GPT 5 is probably

Going to come out this year and eclipse what we’re getting with Gemini Ultra it’s always going to be this cat and mouse game most likely but hey us consumers that are loving watching AI loving playing with AI we’re the real winners here cuz we get to play with

Them all and stick with whatever works best for us should you go grab Gemini I mean it’s two months free might as well get in and play with it mark your calendar if you don’t like it cancel it before 2 months is up and you never pay

A cent nothing really lost so it’s worth a play with but as of right now I’m probably still going to jump into chat GPT and Claud a little bit more often hopefully you found this video helpful if you love nerding out about AI tools and the latest AI news check out future

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Iio as always if you like this video give it a thumbs up and if you want more videos like this subscribe and I’ll make sure more show up in your YouTube feed thank you so much for tuning in and nerding out with me I really really appreciate you I’m having so much fun

With all of this cool AI Tech that’s rolling out lately and things seem to be ramping up again so exciting times really appreciate you see you in the next video bye-bye

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