“The Arrival of AGI and Intelligent Agents Will Transform Everything” – Video

“The Arrival of AGI and Intelligent Agents Will Transform Everything” – Video

Open AI’s New Statement ” EVERYTHING Is About To Change” (Agi + Agents)

Open AI’s New Statement “EVERYTHING Is About To Change” (Agi + Agents) is a mind-blowing revelation that promises to revolutionize the world of artificial intelligence and automate complex tasks. Based on an article on The Information, Open AI is making a major shift in the AI battleground to software that operates devices and automates tasks. The company is developing a form of agent software to take over a customer’s device, enabling tasks such as data transfer, expense report filling, and more. Open AI is working on two types of agents, one that handles device tasks and another that deals with web-based tasks. Similarly, Google and Meta are silently working on similar types of agents, known as llms, to automate features of enterprise apps. According to experts, the development of agents could mark the next evolution of AI software, and the company that deploys them first will have a significant competitive advantage in the market. This groundbreaking development could potentially lead to the creation of super smart personal assistants and direct competition for other industry giants. The video delves deeper into the implications of this shift and the potential impact on industry and society, making it a must-watch for anyone interested in the future of AI technology.

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Video Transcript

So there has been a statement that I really just read that shocked me to my core because this is no word of exaggeration going to change everything take a look at this statement right here last month Ben new house an open AI employee who has worked on computer

Using agents at the startup according to a person familiar with his role posted on X that he was hiring for his team and building what I think could be an industry defining 0o to1 product that leverages the latest and greatest from our upcoming models he didn’t elaborate Peter welinder opening eyes vice

President of product remarked on X that the product new house described will change everything that is the remarkable statement that is the basis for this video and you really need to watch this thing until the end because there is a lot to unpack because the next couple of

Months and even the next couple of years with what openi and some of the other companies in competition including Google meta and a few others that we will dive into our building is truly truly staggering so that except comes from this article on the information that states that openi has shifted the

AI Battleground to software that operates devices and automates tasks and this is something that we did know was coming for quite some time because recently we did do a video where we did a deep dive on agents and Bill Gates entire philosophy on what he thought about that now I may include some

Snippets of that later on in the video but it is a 33 minute video in which I dive into the future of society the reason I say that not to exaggerate is because if there is a device that can pretty much control any computer system that is going to be automating large

Parts of the economy even According to some people at openai so now let’s look back at this article let’s truly look at what on Earth is going on because if open ey are shifting their scope to the AI Battleground within AI agents there are going to be major industry changes

So the article states that there is going to be device takeable cover so open ey is developing a form of agent software to automate complex tasks by effectively taking over a customer’s device the customer could then ask the chat GPT agent to transfer data from a document to a spreadsheet for analysis

For instance or to automatically fill out expense reports and enter them in accounting software those kind of requests would trigger the agent to perform the clicks cast movements text typing and other actions humans take as they work with different apps according to a person know with knowledge of the

Effort so essentially if you don’t know what these agents are and what they’re going to be doing in the future they’re going to be simply taking over your device you know how when you sign into computer you click here and you go here that is exactly what these agents are

Going to be doing now there are some examples of these agents which I will get into later but the first part of this video I do really want to do a deep dive on exactly what open Ai and Sam Alman are doing at openai when they are developing this next Generation product

Now what I did find find interesting about these agents that they did talk about was the fact that there are allegedly two types of Agents so they stated that the software in works is one of two types of Agents open AI is developing as it jumps into one of the

Hottest areas of artificial intelligence which could soon include Google and meta platforms now I don’t know what kind of you know different kinds of two types of Agents they’re developing but I do believe that we will gain some more insights as things do develop as we know multiple companies are working on this

Because this is by far the most important problem to solve when we are looking at the next evolution of AI in terms of automating workloads but I do think that openi shifting their perspective is quite fascinating so in addition they also did talk about they’re developing another class of AI

Agent that would handle web-based tasks such as Gathering public data about a set of companies creating itineraries under a certain budget or booking flights set a person with knowledge of that effort and Google and meta have said they are developing similar types of Agents now I want to focus on the bit

Highlighted in yetto handling web-based tasks such as Gathering public data about a set of companies creating itineries yada yada yada so this is something that I do want to take a look at because we know that booking flight tickets you know traing itineries under budget all of these things are rather

Quite tedious although it might require someone intelligent to do so we do know that these are tasks that we wouldn’t rather do and we don’t particularly enjoy and if open a ey is developing an AI agent that is able to do that I think that that is going to be something that

Is going to be very very economically valuable and of course Very disruptive chat gbt was pretty disruptive only to certain writing Industries but with air agents on your computer it’s not as if we’re going to get work that is going to be reviewed it’s going to be a task that

Simply no one’s going to know whether or not an AI system is doing it or not and that’s why I believe that handling these web- based tasks unlike writing an article which we can almost always tell his AI generated doing something like that is going to be providing immense

Value and there’s going to be no kind of human intervention needed unless the model fails now something I also did find quite fascinating as well was that Google and meta are silently working on this so it says here that Google and meta have said they are developing similar types of Agents powered by

Conversational lii known as llms now I think that Google and meta have been pretty remarkably silent about their developing of their agents because potentially they’re working on something that could change the game as well and also they probably don’t want to give away any kind of advantage that they do

Have because whilst llms are good we’ve even seen that the recent Gemini Advance now is on the level of GPT 4 and there isn’t really so much difference that there means to be a reason to switch from one over another it really does seem like we are hitting the very very

Upper limits of what is possible with llms in terms of everyday usage but agents are going to be the very next evolution of this kind of AI software and we’re witnessing real time this Evolution take place now of course like I said Google and meta developing this

I’m not sure who’s going to be you know the first person to do this but we do know that whichever company does deploy it will have a huge competitive Advantage because they’re going to be able to get to the market first because as of right now there isn’t really a

Good agent that works effectively that we can use on a day-to-day basis so it is just a matter of time before that seal is broken now in addition they did State something about a super smart assistant so both forms of Agents open AI is developing could help CEO Sam

Alman turn Chat gbt into what he has privately called a super smart personal assistant for work they may also bring his company into more direct competition with Microsoft which is also using opening eyes llms to automate features of its Enterprise apps so they can help people quickly create new documents or

Draft email responses and I guess kind of kind of the kind of agents that we have sort of seen are things in co-pilot where you can essentially create a PowerPoint presentation in around a couple of seconds I will have a few demonstrations on screen but it is something that does seem rudimentary in

Nature but whilst this is still in its early phases it does show us the direction that we’re going to be able to get to whilst copilot right now might just be a browser add-on for you know Microsoft Word and all these other applications in the future it’s likely

Going to be the largest thing that we do use when we go to these applications and I can’t imagine that other AI companies are not going to be developing some things now here’s where things start to get interesting if we take a look at this we can see that they talk about a

New operating system so llms underpin productivity chat Bots such as chat GPT and some at openai also view them as having the potential to be a kind of operating system including for personal devices because of their ability to write code make sense of images and retrieve files and agents could further

Butress this potential now one thing I really want to focus on is of course the new operating system and as luck would have it there was a recent company that kind of developed their own internal operating system/ Foundation model for their new product you’ve likely heard of

It it is actually called the rabbit R1 device this is of course the first AI agent device now if you don’t know what this is this is a product that’s been rapidly selling out after its major debut and hitting the markets with a very positive reception now essentially

What they do talk about and what they do showcase is something called l or language action models or large action models I’m going to show you guys the video so you can completely understand why we are about to enter the next stage in evolution but after you see that I’m

Then going to show you guys why rabbit is absolutely crazy in terms of what they’re going to be able to do and if their proprietary software is as good as it claims it’s really going to put some spanners in the works for open aai and other large conglomerates because maybe

They’ve managed to Corner the market in the AI Hardware which has hardly taken off just yet large action model or as we call it lamb is a New Foundation model that understands human intentions on computers through it we can teach rabbit OS how to use specific applications in this video I’m teaching

A rabbit how to book an Airbnb while I’m operating normally as a human on the left screen watch closely on the right as the large action model is learning all my inputs and imitating my behavior in real time so I’m trying to plan a trip to Barcelona with my wife and my daughter

The first thing I’m going to do is navigate to the anywhere option and I’m going to type Barcelona in the search field the system suggesting Barcelona Spain which is exactly where we want to go using the website’s calendar tool I’m going to Mark our check-in on the 15th and check out on the

21st now I’ll click add guests and adjust the members accordingly now let’s hit the search button and see what pops up since we love the beach let let’s make sure to select the beachfront option and for more private experience I’m going to select entire home so we have the whole

Place for ourselves for the budget I’ll set a maximum at 400,000 W and a minimum of 100,000 so that all the options are within our price range we’re going to need at least two bedrooms to make sure we all have our own space finally with all of our preferences set we’ve got

Plenty of options that fit the bill I’ll just start browsing for the perfect one each training only takes a few minutes and does not require access to an app appliation programming interface also known as an API nor do you need anything installed on your device you only need to train each workflow

Once let’s try to use rabbit OS and instead book a room in London my extended family is going to London it’s going to be eight of us and four kids we’re thinking of December 30th to January 5th it’s not s stone yet so I just want some general options can

You look it up for me sure I can help you with that and I think you guys do get the gist of the entire video but things are really going to change with computers and operating systems because likely with what we’re seeing here with rabbit this

Is truly where things are headed and it really does make sense I mean the average person trying to do something on a computer it actually you know does take quite a bit of learning especially with all the online tutorials for various different applications imagine if you just had a system that you could

Easily ask exactly what to do and it knew how to do it straight away out of the box you wouldn’t need to learn pretty much anything you would just ask it to do something and you’d immediately have the thing you needed now if you weren’t familiar with how exactly the

Device actually does work in terms of what it kind of does this kind of agent is going to help you quite a bit I’m not going to play the fourth thing but I want to just jog your memory on why this is really really Next Level agents it

Has caught the eye of many open-source projects and productivity software companies what remains to be solved is for these agents to perform tasks end to end accurately and speedily the problem is forcing a model to perform a task it is not designed for whether for a language model to reason about web page

Using super prompts or screenshots so at a philosophical level if we can make an AI trigger actions on any kind of interface just like a human would we will solve the problem this Insight led us to create the large action model and of course this was a very simple

Description on exactly what they’ve done now there’s a lot more to unpack here because trust me this thing continues to go on so another thing that Sam Elman openingi have done is they’ve collaborated with some former Apple employees on of course things that are very comparable to the R1 device that

I’ve just previously discussed and essentially what they’re doing is creating an AI Hardware project and I’m wondering how good this will be considering that Sam mman is involved in so many different things due to the the rise of opening eye now essentially this is a little bit different because what

This screenshot here is showing you is outman ties to one consumer Hardware startup which is called Humane and surprisingly I didn’t actually know this until I did some research for this video but that he is one of the largest investors and the company was founded by both former Apple employees and it plans

To develop a screenless wearable device that can be directed using voice prompts and gestures while projecting information onto surfaces in front of it now this device is available for pre-order and there was something that you know I guess you could say didn’t go down too well they did a video demo that

Many people did kind of take the Mickey out of on Twitter but I’m thinking even if human’s product didn’t go as well as r1’s is Sam mman going to be able to get this done now I’m going to show you guys a very small segment of the Humane thing

Because it didn’t really get as much coverage but once you see how human’s device is you’re going to see potentially where Sam Altman and this former Apple employee are going to be taking their next device potentially on a different company now just to be clear the Humane company that I’m talking

About isn’t a collaboration between Sam Alman and Joanie I this is a completely separate investment that Sam mman has made into a company that former Apple employees have done and Sam mman is looking at a new Venture with Joanie IV you just reach two pieces this is the

Humane AI pin it’s a standalone device and software platform built from the ground up for AI it comes in three colorways got eclipse lunar and Equinox there’s two pieces a computer and a battery booster now the battery booster Powers a smaller battery inside the main computer and

This is how we achieve our all day battery life so if you ever exhaust the booster you just reach into your pocket or bag and hot swap it this is a Perpetual power system that allows you to use your AI pin for as long as you

Want there are no wake words so it’s not always listening or always always recording in fact it doesn’t do anything until you engage with it and your engagement comes through your voice touch gesture or the laser ink display it also comes with its own connectivity built right in our own Humane Network

Connected by T-Mobile we were able to pack a lot of Technology into something really small it runs a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset and that means it’s really fast which is crucial for AI it’s got an ultrawide RGB camera depth sensor and motion sensors and it’s got this really special speaker that creates this

Bubble of sound the trust light indicates when his input Optical or audio sensors are active ensuring full transparency and data security now that was a small segment of the Humane AI pin there is a lot more to unpack there but going back to what open AI are doing

Which is rather fascinating one thing that they did talk about was stating that opening ey is plan for their agent not one that’s on a of course physical device like some kind of Hardware will operate in a personalized fashion and respond quickly in the way that Apple

Siri does on the iPhone the perspective open AI computer using agent may need to be partly stored on users devices which is rather interesting because we haven’t seen that from many of the AI stuff I mean the only thing we’ve really seen is that AI moving forward could potentially

Be stored on devices due to the fact that we are being able to make them more efficient now they’re essentially they’re saying that the company may also need to get permission from users to train the software on personal data such as an individuals emails and contacts

And I don’t think that’s going to be a you know problem considering that most people do want to do less work anyways but here’s the thing that did make me quite surprised and this is the statement of course last month Ben new house what I talked about before an

Opening ey employee who has worked on the computer using agents at the startup essentially was stating that they are building what I think could be an industry defining zero to1 product that leverages the latest and greatest from upcoming models and he didn’t elaborate and and of course they stated that this

Will change everything so even if you think that they don’t the people that are working on this technology certainly do which means that whenever this product does launch we could definitely see another Mass engagement in this kind of Technology where people start to realize the true ramifications of AI now

These ramifications are so crazy that certain people are even leaving Google okay some longtime AI researchers have been leaving companies such as Google to start companies that develop AI agents which go to show that this is a very very very big thing now Sam Alman has actually talked in a few interviews

About what he thinks agents are going to be like in the future the answer will be like start slow and you know set the training wheels very low and then as we understand the risk surface and where it’s okay and where it’s not we can make thoughtful risk adjusted decisions about

How to move those training wheels up but the upside here is going to be tremendous for people um if you think about having an agent that you can give a task to to help you whatever you’re trying to do and be confident it’ll go do it uh that’s awesome so the question

Here is where are we with agents now like where are we with agents like if you wanted to go ahead right now and go and download an agent and use it on your computer where are we well the thing is open AI truly does have some serious

Competition and you really do need to take a look at them because a lot of people are not paying attention to some of these companies and there are two in particular of course the first one that we already previously discussed was the first AI agent device which is sold out

And we are waiting for this to hit the market but there are two other companies number one is imbu I’m not sure how you state that but it is a $1 billion valuation company that is recently raised $200 million to build air systems that can reason and code and they stated

That they’re excited to to announce their series B at a valuation of over 1 billion with participation from companies like Nvidia now in addition this is their video which I think you should watch because this talks about how they’re going to be building their agents and potentially we could even get

These before opening eyes my name is kjun and I run IMB we build AI systems that can reason so that they can help us accomplish much bigger goals in the world I’ve always believed that technology can liberate people if I were born in 1900 as a woman I’d be spending

All my time preparing food and stoking fires to cook it and mending clothing because we have the refrigerator and the loom and the dishwasher and all these Technologies I’m free well actually the modern day is not that different from the 1900s back then we didn’t have machines to do physical labor and today

We don’t really have good machines for doing mental labor we have computers but they need to be micromanaged it’s hard to even imagine our computers accomplishing larger goals like planning a family vacation or making a PowerPoint deck without us basically doing all the work ourselves but we’re starting to see

Glimmers of that possibility with these large models that are behind chat Bots and generative AI today’s models are actually really exciting cuz they surprise me with how good they are sometimes but I really do not trust them to do anything bigger they just generate an output like text or an image or

Button click and then they put the onus back on me to actually do stuff with it trying to do is actually get to reasoning models that we can ultimately build agents we can trust on top of all sorts of Agents it’s hard to see cuz

We’re so in it today but AI models are like the very first electronic computer which was just a calculator what we’re going to see is this explosion of enablement over the next 50 to 100 years if we do things well we have a world where we don’t have to be glued to our

Screens anymore where computer can help us thin the barrier between idea and execution so that as a person I can go off and start exploring my curiosity discovering the laws of the universe creating magical experiences for other people understanding each other and loving our work creating those masterpieces inside of us That We’re

Dreaming of these things that feel very beautiful and very human that’s what I hope technology will enable for us to become much more human uh I forgot what I forgot what to say next then there was another company that I do want to show you guys um and you

Probably have heard of this one but this is adept Ai and Adept raises $350 million to build AI that learns how to use software for you and there was actually a recently good interview in which he talked about how they’re actually going to do this so this was an

Interview with the CEO of adep AI um and it’s important to take a look at a few of his statements here because it goes to show just how far ahead they are in terms of building AI agents why don’t you show me what you’re building at

Adapt AI labs and thanks for the little diversion down uh history Lan there yeah for sure so first let me tell you a little bit more about what we’re up to and why I’m really excited about it and then we can quickly uh flip through some some demos of a release we actually

Recently did last week the Northstar for depth from day one actually has been that in the long term the thing that’ be the most valuable thing to build for work is an AI agent that uh does much more than reading and writing and drawing images but can actually handle

For you arbitrary work tasks and work flows right and those two things are very different right like uh reading and writing is not the ability for you to say be able to delegate your entire like payments process to a neural network in the latter case what you really want is

You want a system that knows how to use all the software you already have on your computer as if it were you and in order to get there you need to train these models that uh deeply understand not just the uh text but also the pixels on your screen and also what actions

Lead to what outcomes in the world and so we’ve been hard to work on this training this model that could do anything a human can do on a computer and we’ve been uh building effectively a product that enables knowledge workers to arbitrarily delegate tasks to the

System here’s a quick demo example um in this case uh let’s say you’re responsible for paying invoices and you get your plumbing invoice you fire up a debt that pulls up the invoice it’s all being done by the model right now pulls up the invoice reads the pixels in this

PDF realizes what it’s about stores some interesting facts about this and then pulls up QuickBooks and then correctly enters who is the who is the pay right Savant plumbers like how did you pay um what what category is this like and it realizes the category was never written

In the PDF but it realizes a plumbing invoice so it should go into repairs and maintenance and um this task that you probably would have had to do like 10 or 20 times a day for your job you show a dep how to do it once and now every time

You get a new email invoice uh you just fire up the dept and it handles this task for you it’s all so where does The Debt live is it in your system tray there or how how does it you know intercept this coming in by via email

Because you have this invoice come in via email you got to get get paid you’re in so after consuming all of that information about AI agent Sam Alman open Ai and the vast majority of companies tackling the problem what do you guys think is this going to change

Everything or is this going to be something that just makes a small dent in the ecosystem of AI I think truly this will change the game and we will largely be using these systems well within the next 5 to 10 years so with that being said

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