Tesla’s OPTIMUS Just Sent Shockwaves Through the Entire Robot Industry – Video

Tesla’s OPTIMUS Just Sent Shockwaves Through the Entire Robot Industry – Video

Tesla has once again shocked the entire robotics industry with the introduction of its Optimus robot Gen 2. The progress that Tesla has made in just a year is nothing short of mindboggling. From revealing a basic prototype at an AI Day event to now showcasing a fully functional humanoid robot with self-learning capabilities, Tesla has made incredible strides in the robotics industry.

What sets Tesla’s Optimus robot apart from others in the industry is its ability to learn and perform tasks without explicit programming. The robot learns from video data, making it an adaptable and flexible system that can handle a variety of tasks without the need for manual programming. This is a significant feat, considering that the robot can handle tasks such as sorting blocks autonomously.

In comparison to Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot, Tesla’s Optimus has the edge with its self-learning capabilities. While Atlas is limited to programmed tasks, Optimus can train itself to perform a wide range of activities, making it a potential game-changer in various industries.

Elon Musk’s vision for Optimus goes beyond just a robot for daily tasks; he envisions it as a commercially available product that could turn Tesla into a trillion-dollar company. With the potential for a significant financial impact and the ability to revolutionize various industries, the introduction of Optimus Gen 2 has certainly put Tesla at the forefront of the robotics industry.

The possibilities for Optimus are endless, and as Elon Musk continues to push the boundaries of technology, it’s clear that Tesla’s future potential extends far beyond just being a car company. The introduction of Optimus is a testament to Tesla’s commitment to innovation and its ambition to lead the way in shaping the future of robotics.

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Video Transcript

Tesla kind of just dropped a huge bombshell yesterday showing off the Optimus robot Gen 2 and the progress Tesla has made here is just mindboggling so if we go back just one year in September 2022 Tesla revealed their first prototype of the Optimus robot during the AI Day event at that time

Optimus robot looked like a skeleton it couldn’t bend its head couldn’t do a lot with its hands couldn’t even properly walk basically with that prototype reveal Tesla just wanted to reveal that they have entered the robotics industry Tesla had established a great robotics team they worked day and night on their

First humanoid robot and after a year they finally came up with the first generation of Optimus robot in September Tesla posted a video revealing Optimus robot gen 1 this robot was a huge leap forward as compared to the Prototype Tesla had revealed back on AI Day event they gave this robot greatl looking

Hands with so many different movements it could stand on one leg even do some yoga it could sort colored blocks by itself they gave it a humanlike body and it also walked pretty much like humans and now only a couple of months later Tesla has revealed generation 2 of the

Optimus robot it is completely built with Tesla’s in-house components and man the difference between first and the second generation of Optimus robot is just insane but before we dive further into the details let’s just take a look at the official video released by the Tesla Optimus Team N So now the robot can look up and down with two degrees of freedom it has got hands with a lot of different movements just like a human here take a look at this how delicately it is able to handle the egg and even shift it from one hand

Into the other so the first thing to really notice here is the pace of progress it is just beyond anything else out there because two years ago they had nothing to show and now they’ve got a robot which is capable of handling an egg now what makes Tesla’s Optimus robot

Stand Out Among all other robots out there is of course its brain because Tesla’s Optimus is not being programmed it learns everything by itself just like us humans a senior engineer working on Optimus robot posted on X a few months back he said super excited to share our

Team’s progress over the last few months we can now accomplish long Horizon tasks such as sorting blocks fully autonomously and a completely task agnostic way so meaning the system is flexible and adaptable it can handle a variety of tasks and programming problems without needing explicit instruction and programming for each

Specific task he further wrote just collecting more data and we can train a new complex task without changing any code this is really what people need to understand this Tesla robot is learning and doing tasks without any code or program instructing it what to do it works 100% on machine learning it learns

Stuff by observing and then tries to perfect Itself by repeating those tasks again and again making a robot learn everything by itself might seem a bit unrealistic right now but with all the AI advancement happening these days it is a highly possible feat now Tesla’s Optimus has one big competition in the

Industry and that is atlas robot built by Boston Dynamics so while Boston Dynamics Atlas robots looks really impressive and all but it lacks one major element and that is self-learning atlas robot can’t do anything outside of what it’s programmed to do on the other hand Optimus is built different it can

Learn stuff on its own there is no manual programming it can train itself from video data in theory it could learn and perform basically anything that is possible with its body including cooking cleaning or driving Etc and that’s also the very reason that Tesla designed it

In humanlike shape Jim fan a senior AI scientist at Nvidia wrote on X back in September about how Tesla might be doing all of this in one of his tweets he said so it knows the consequence of its actions that gives the self-correcting ability shown in the demo where one of

The Blue Block landed on its side and the robot paused for a second and then corrected its own action and got the Blue Block to sit correctly on the tray he further said it’s such a great decision to follow human mythology closely so there is no Gap in imitating

Humans Atlas from Boston Dynamics only has gripper style hands in the long run Optimus biodex terity five-finger hands will prove far superior in daily tasks and the new hands on the robot are just looking amazing Elon Musk also posted a reply to Optimus video on Twitter saying

So much in engineering has gone into the hands in a year it will be able to thread a needle yes the hands combined with the brain of course are just the most important thing on the robot so it can actually do some useful stuff and help humans the pace at which Tesla has

Built Optimus robot is shocking for the entire robotics industry if Tesla succeeds in making this robot commercially available it could turn Tesla into a trillion dooll company this Twitter user made a post on X regarding Financial impact of this humanoid robot for Tesla and its shareholders he said

Imagine the affordability of leasing or renting a Tesla bot once Tesla achieves full-scale production picture this a Tesla bot could be yours for as little as $40 a day with a bot working tirelessly for 16 hours a day the cost break down to a mere $2.5 per hour so

How much profit could Tesla make per bot well with an annual revenue per bot of $144,000 and 41% net profits Tesla could see an impressive annual profit of $5,895 per bot per year apply a conservative PE multiple of just 30 and the value of each bot to Tesla shareholders skyrockets to

$176,000 now this is of course a big prediction for the time being some might think that this is just unrealistic but I think that this is not unimaginable that a working robot will be a onetoone with every human in the world and if Tesla succeeds in deploying 100 million

Robots in future its market value will exceed $17 trillion to put this unconceivable big number into perspective the entire world’s combined GDP last year was $95 trillion so it’s definitely a big number to even think about but remember that Elon also owns a space company SpaceX which is trying to

Establish colonies on on Mars so who knows Elon might send these robots in space to help humans build a world out there millions of these robots could be sent up there for this task so possibilities are basically endless hundreds of millions of working robots or even billions is not completely off

The table so looking at the future of Tesla’s future potential and only looking at them as just a car company would be silly at this point Elon is going in heavy to take his slice out of Robotics industry and he seems to be moving in the right direction what do

You think about this new Optimus robot give your opinion in the comments below hope you enjoyed today’s video see you again next week with another amazing video

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