Frightening NASA Announcement: Lethal Asteroid Approaching Earth in 2024! – Video

Frightening NASA Announcement: Lethal Asteroid Approaching Earth in 2024! – Video

The potential threat of a deadly asteroid heading for Earth in 2024 has been raised by NASA scientists, and it’s a sobering thought for all of us. The idea of our existence being erased from Earth due to an asteroid collision is a daunting one, and it’s natural to wonder what you would do in such a scenario. From the Tusa bolide in 1908 to the recent Chelyabinsk impact in 2013, the history of asteroid collisions on Earth has left a significant impact.

With NASA tracking the trajectory of asteroids, there are some potential close calls that we need to be aware of. One such asteroid, 2007 FT3, has a small chance of colliding with Earth in 2024, potentially releasing the energy equivalent to 2.6 billion tons of TNT. There are other asteroids to keep an eye on as well, such as Apophis in 2029 and Benu in 2182, which also have the potential to come close to or impact Earth.

While the thought of an asteroid impact is frightening, scientists are continuously learning more about near-Earth asteroids to prevent catastrophic collisions. This raises a fundamental question – if an asteroid impact were to happen, what would be the fate of humanity? Will we face extinction like the dinosaurs, or will we find ways to survive and thrive in the aftermath? The studies and findings from NASA continue to provide insights into these questions, and it’s critical for us to stay informed and prepared for any potential impact.

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Video Transcript

Isn’t your brain asking what you will do in case of an asteroid attack does the thought of your existence being erased from Earth worry you at all descending straight from space to be able to witness a shooting star is a thrilling phenomenon but did you know that these

Shooting stars are in fact solid rock formations that get sucked towards planets due to their gravitational pull these rocks more commonly known as asteroids are an old ship of the same block mostly in huge shapes and sizes asteroids Clash into the planets with immense speeds leading to destruction the last asteroid Collision

Was some 10 years ago and now from 2024 to 2880 NASA scientists have listed out the asteroids that could possibly hit Earth does this mean that Humanity will soon go extinct like the dinosaurs welcome to lab 360 it’s time to explore one of the most impactful asteroid collisions to have hit Earth

Was Tusa bolide in 1908 this occurred near the penia tunguska river in Russia the impact resulted in 1/2 ton chunk of about 1.5 M of the asteroid Landing into a frozen lake besides flattening an estimated 80 million trees over an area of 2,000 150 square km of the

Forest the Tusa bolide was one of the largest known atmospheric impacts Earth experienced since the chick salub impactor almost a century later in February 2013 another asteroid crash occurred in chel yabin Russia the asteroid almost the size of a tennis court crashed into Earth’s atmosphere at nearly 70,000 kmph racing from Southeast to

Northwest the impact of this asteroid led to shattered Windows all over the city injuring around 1500 people because of the flying glass when the asteroid blasted in the sky it emitted energy equivalent to the detonation of about half a million metric tons of TNT just to put things into perspective

The Hiroshima bomb was over 15 kilotons on TNT and the Nagasaki bomb was 25 Kil tons both these asteroids immensely massive and Powerful in nature presented scientists with a learning curve to be prepared for the future in fact the chel yabin size asteroid impact happens every 25 years

Or so with most taking place over the ocean or Wilderness now NASA scientists have issued a warning about a lost asteroid 2007 ft3 floating through space is holding minute chances of colliding with Earth this year this asteroid is estimated to be between 0.266 to 0.594 km in diameter larger than 90% of

Asteroids but tiny compared to the larger ones the NASA Center for near Earth object studies also known as cnos which tracks the Journey of an asteroid has evaluated that it could potentially crash into Earth as soon as October 5th 2024 the 2007 ft3 was last seen floating in space in

2007 as per NASA 2007 ft3 holds the probability of 0.87% or 1 in 11.5 million chance of striking Earth another possibility of the same asteroid hitting Earth is as early as March 2024 mind you in either case the asteroid has the potential to release the energy equivalent to the detonation of 2.6

Billion tons of TNT however another asteroid named 99942 apice approximately 1,100 ft in width is estimated to pass less than 20,000 mi from our planet’s surface making it visible to the naked eye apice will be the asteroid that will be uncomfortable close to Earth in 2029 however luckily it won’t crash into

Earth for the year 2046 scientists are expecting two asteroid showers on Earth asteroid 2023 fz3 a 150 ft wide asteroid much like the size of an airplane will just pass through Earth on April 6th and asteroid 2023 DW which is the size of a swimming pool May collide with Earth on Valentine’s

Day however it also has a 1 in 560 chance of hitting Earth lastly the asteroid that might crash into Earth in the year 20182 is benu about 1/3 of a mile wide at its equator carrying a mass of 78 billion kg this asteroid is rich in carbon though benu passes close to Earth

About every 6 years it will first make a close flyby of Earth in 2135 but according to the data shared by the Osiris RX spacecraft there is a 1 in 2700 chance of this asteroid impacting Earth in September 2182 if it does Collide into Earth it

Will do so with the force of 22 atomic bombs causing a destruction of up to 600 mil scientists are continuing to learn about the near-to Earth asteroids to avert life-threatening collisions if an asteroid impact were to happen would we become extinct just like dinosaurs or will the remnants of these

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