Review of Google’s Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Certificate Courses – Video

Review of Google’s Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Certificate Courses – Video

Google Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Certificate Courses Review

Are you considering taking the Google Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Certificate courses but not sure if it’s worth it? In this video, I break down my experience with the certificate courses and share my thoughts on whether it’s a valuable investment.

The Google Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Certificate is a comprehensive program consisting of seven smaller certificates covering various aspects of digital marketing and e-commerce. The courses are not something you can finish in one sitting; it requires months of commitment to complete. The courses include videos, readings, quizzes, and activities to enhance the learning experience.

One advantage of the Coursera Plus plan is that it allows you to take this course, along with any other course on Coursera, for a single fee. Additionally, the course provides an option to audit for free or apply for financial aid if the cost is a concern.

I found the breadth of the course to be impressive, and the quality of the videos and interactive activities were engaging. However, one drawback is that the knowledge can feel a bit scattered, and it’s important to prioritize the courses based on your specific interests and goals.

Overall, if you are looking to gain in-depth knowledge and skills in digital marketing and e-commerce, this certificate could be a valuable addition to your resume. However, if your goal is to start your own e-commerce store, you may need to supplement this knowledge with practical experience.

If you’re interested in learning more about my experience with the Google Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Certificate courses, be sure to watch my full video review. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more insights on learning and career development.

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Video Transcript

Hey friends I’m Aliena and welcome back to  my channel so in the past four months or so   I finished another Google certificate course  and this one it is the digital marketing and   e-commerce certificate I took this course because  I work in the e-commerce industry so for those of  

You who consider taking the course I want to  break down what is exactly in these courses   and I want to let you know whether I think it  is worth it or not first of all this is a large   certificate course it’s not just one certificate  it also has seven smaller certificates so there  

Are seven courses in total you can also just take  one course and then get that certificate and it’s   not a course that you can finish in one sitting  you need to plan to spend months on the courses   to finish everything there will be videos readings  quizzes and activities you’ll be doing throughout  

The courses if you can pay for the course I will  recommend you to pay for the Coursera plus plan   because that one you can not only take this  course you can take also any other course in  

Coursera whenever there’s a sale going on I’ll be  putting the link to my description if you cannot   afford the course no worries at all you can audit  it for free or you can apply for a financial aid  

Let me quickly break down each course for you so  that you don’t have to waste time thinking about   which one should I take and which one should  I skip course one is about the fundamentals   of digital marketing and e-commerce and by the  way digital marketing and e-commerce are two  

Different things but this course just decide to  put them together and teach you at the same time   so course one I would suggest everyone to take  because that’s the fundamental it will run you   through the digital marketing funnel it will  explain to you what is the difference between  

Paid media versus owned media versus  earned media different types of ads   SEO and then types of marketing campaign for  course 2 it’s more heavily focused on SEO and   ads so if you work in the industry related to  advertising or SEO this could be good for you  

Course 3 is about social media marketing so if  you want to learn about social media marketing   or do anything social media marketing related  take this one it also covers ads on social media   advertising people you can check out the later  part of this course the fourth course is all  

About email marketing so if you get a job that’s  highly related to email marketing take this course   or if you want to learn about how to use email  to grow your small business take this course   course five is about marketing or marketing  analysis and a little bit about Google ads  

This course is slightly more technical you will  see a lot of data and dashboard so for those of   you that like numbers data analysis take this  one course six is about starting an e-commerce   store especially on Shopify and it also touches  a little bit on advertising so if you want to  

Start a Shopify store yourself or if you want to  learn more about e-commerce* and ads take this   course and finally course 7 is about customer  loyalty how to write a great resume so if you  

Want to get a job take this course now regarding  what I liked about the course first of all the   breadth of the course was mind-blowing I feel  like I learned so many different things because   I’ve also taken other Coursera Google courses  right like the ux design one data analysis one  

And the PM course from Google those are more  specific designed for one type of job but this   course brought your knowledge about the entire  industry I definitely feel like I’ve learned a lot   and just like what Google always does the video  quality is really good I really enjoy looking at  

High quality video and short videos so most of  the things are like five minutes long it’s just   way better than listen to a lecture for three  hours so for that part I highly enjoyed another   thing that Google and Coursera really do well is  that they’ll bring interactive activity in this  

Learning process so even if the video is just five  minutes long you’ll still see questions popping   up in the middle of the video that test your  knowledge on what you just saw and this course  

Brings you a lot of great resources either it is  links to things that you can learn deeper on or   it’s just like layouts of different job titles in  this industry other than that there’s also a lot   of practice in the course Coursera and Google  always bring good activity good scenarios so  

Make sure you read through those scenarios don’t  skip the activity those are really really spot on   now moving to what I disliked about the course  as I said before I think the course touches on  

Many many things it kind of made me feel like the  knowledge is a little bit scattered so I almost   will suggest you to take the first course and then  directly jump to the one that you want to learn  

The most and after that you can just take your  time and look through the other videos for example   if you only want to learn about email marketing  I’m not sure whether going through all the details   about like ads* dashboards Google ads will help  you too much another thing that I kind of disliked  

Is that they mixed together digital marketing  and e-commerce too much that I forgot to think   about oh there’s actually a difference between  digital marketing and e-commerce I work in the   e-commerce industry because I work for eBay but  at the same time me doing YouTube channel is some  

Sort of digital marketing for myself and I somehow  want to separate the concept a bit more you know   so when you’re taking the course please keep in  mind that even though the brand digital marketing   and e-commerce together it’s still not entirely  the same and finally I want to say that I don’t  

Think this certificate will help you too much if  your goal is to start an e-commerce store yourself   because this course is more on the knowledge side  of thing instead of the practice side of thing   if you want to start an e-commerce store  you will have to import you will have to  

Take photos check the price communicate  with the buyers and that I think really   need practice instead of just pure knowledge  but if your goal is to work in the digital   marketing or e-commerce industry or if  you already got a job in these industries  

I think this is a great place for you to be it  just brings you so much knowledge you can talk   about in those interviews but again knowledge is  different from experience to get an actual job   you still need to show you have experience just by  showing you have a certificate will almost never  

Get you a job and final advice for every single  one of you the best way of finishing anything   certificate course related* or learn anything is  to dedicate 30 minutes every day that is my only   strategy of finishing all these certificates  in this year and I do not regret taking any  

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