Theo Kanellopoulos from Out In The Clouds discusses AI, Marketing Automation, and Web3 in Velocitize Talks. – Video

Theo Kanellopoulos from Out In The Clouds discusses AI, Marketing Automation, and Web3 in Velocitize Talks. – Video

AI is definitely revolutionizing the way content is developed and delivered, especially when it comes to brand voice. With AI, companies can now create personalized content that resonates with their target audience in a more efficient and effective way. AI can analyze customer data and behavior to tailor content specifically to their preferences and interests. This not only helps in building stronger brand relationships but also drives higher engagement and conversion rates.

In terms of regulations, it is crucial for companies to adhere to strict guidelines when it comes to using AI in content creation. This includes ensuring data privacy and protection, as well as transparency in how AI is being used to create content. By following these regulations, companies can build trust with their customers and ensure that their AI-powered content is ethical and compliant.

Overall, AI is certainly pushing websites forward in terms of content development and brand voice. As technology continues to advance, companies that leverage AI in their marketing strategies will have a competitive edge in reaching and engaging with their target audience. It’s an exciting time for marketers as AI opens up new possibilities for creating more personalized and impactful content experiences.

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Video Transcript

We’ve always built built our business over how can we build as many long-term customers as possible and continue to build on that this is vosti talks and I’m Lauren Cox uh today we have Theo kopoulos CEO of out in the clouds welcome Theo thanks for having me thank you so I’d love to

Um for you to tell me a little bit about out in the cloud and um what do and then some of your work with uh Salesforce yeah yeah for sure um we’ve been I’m one of the co-founders there we’ve been around for about seven years now uh five

Of those years we’ve been a Salesforce partner um and pretty much the entire time we’ve been building websites as well and for a long time we’ve been a partner of of w pons too um with Salesforce we build you know most of what the platform offers we sort of help

Our clients with customizing um their Salesforce instance to allow them to gain whatever efficiencies they’re trying to get with within their business by by leveraging the power of the platform so Theo what would you say different differentiates out in the clouds to your competitors um look we don’t spend a lot

Of time focusing on competitors we really focus on how we can deliver Services better but one thing that we’ve been told is we sort of look at the digital ecosystem holistically so websites um CRM marketing content and strategy and how all of that can come together to you know deliver more

Seamless customer um experience es or um more more efficiencies like I said before so I think sort of bringing all of that into into one place and sort of delivering from a central um Central Business I think what we’ve been told is one of our key differentiators yeah

Awesome so people have um talked about the in in in years to come the website will uh be abolished uh can you tell me what you think about that and how websites can stay relevant yeah I don’t I don’t know about abolish I think you know like newspapers are still being

Printed right um I’m not sure if encyclopedias are still being printed but bibles are still being printed so um I think that people are too much look at look at things too binary there’s always room for and yeah you know so I think the website will evolve into something

That fits what the what the future will will need from it right we’re going to start to see what we’ve already started to see augmented reality I think we’re still a while away from VR but um I think the you know the digital shop front or the digital for printer

Presence that a website provides it’s going to continue to need to be there for I think at least for at least my life time right I think that there’s there’s absolutely a genuine need for it it’s just what it looks like is going to be super interesting and I’m

Definitely not a fortune tellers I I couldn’t say but I I like the idea of um you know sort of utilizing the website as sort of your central your central point like it’s sort of it is currently but being able to give customers even more ability to engage closer with the customer with

Sorry with your business or um you know have a place to sort of log in and and sort of make themselves at home within you know building whether it’s building a community or having you know stronger loyalty programs or different benefits of um being a customer still centers

Around having that website as a as a central place and then certainly you know I did mention VR before I think metaverses will come and and that’ll the front the front door to that I think in most cases will be the website yeah um as you’ve mentioned web 3 kind of

Technologies how do you how long do you think we are away from like Mass adoption H depends how you define it um firstly depends what you what people sort of bucket into web 3 and what they see Mass adoption being um obviously we’ve seen a massive Bubble

Burst uh probably start to Mid of last year particularly with nfts and that’s very has lots of similarities to what happened with the Doom bubble yeah right and amazing businesses came out of that and we’re going to see the same thing um we’re still miles away from where the ux

Needs to be um as far as web 3 goes to you know make people comfortable if you compare it to putting your credit card details into a website if you remember you know I’m old enough to remember maybe not myself but my parents being concerned about that yeah um you know

There’s similarities there right so I think that once the ux gets better once we actually get regulation that we can rely on because at the moment there the regulation is extremely gray um you’ll see even overseas the SEC going after businesses with not really much explanation as to why and it sort of

Contradicts to other lawsuits that they’re filing and there’s just like people are sort of like we’ll tell us what the rules are and we’ll play by them um so I think once we get you know if not Global consensus at least within the area that we’re operating some sort

Of North Star from regulation perspective and and much more consistency from a you know in terms of user friendliness and user experience then we’ll start to see the needle move yeah so um we see WordPress and web 3 touch together in like payment gateways um but how do you um like with

Cryptocurrencies an example but how do you do you see it becoming closer WordPress and web 3 in in other ways I think I think it goes back to what I mentioned before in terms of the website sort of being the front door to you know and and connecting with a token

That allows you to then gain access and companies are already doing this um don’t know if they’re on WordPress but their website acts as a front door um one that people may may know is particularly in the marketing World I’ll definitely know who Gary ve is he has a

Brand called V friends they have that exact function where you can log in um you utilize the tokens in your wallet to prove that you have ownership over those and then from there you can um build a profile in the back end you can um enter into particular activations that they

Have yeah um and that’s sort of you know how I think we’ll continue to say websites in general but certainly WordPress be able to get closer to to web three so another element is that in you know marketing and technology is AI so um how do you see AI um moving uh or

Pushing forward uh websites again and go their regulations like what are the rules yeah um once we’re clear on that I think it’s a no-brainer that a a lot of content creators will be content creators SL prompt writers yeah yeah right and they’re they’ll excel at the prompt yeah absolutely but

They still there still needs that human interaction because we need to tell the machine what we like we can still deliver and execute something based on our tastes utilizing AI it’s not like yes doing a lot of the heavy lifting but we can still drive that ship and it’s

You know speaking of ships or cars we can look at it as a horse and cart changing to a car you know we’re still going some where with with a machine we’re just doing it differently and more efficiently right yeah how do you see AI work like in the content development

Working with like brand voice do you have you seen like a good tool for that what I can see happening over time and maybe it’s already been done is giving it enough context and I say the machine that you’re using or the tool that you’re using giving it enough context

And giving it the parameters and then helping it learn absolutely it’s going to be able to do that I’d be surprised if it’s not being done currently I think um going back to the whole copyright piece if we can sort of use it to help brainstorm ideas and then we go away and

Execute on that brand um I’d be shocked if people aren’t doing that already yeah so how do you how do you think search engine engines will play a role in identifying um content from like chat GPT to like real content the ability to generate content how you know and

Obviously how however you you end up doing that and then putting that on the blockchain first so that there’s Providence and there’s um you can prove how it was generated and when and it was by you um and then you know whoever creates that product it allows you to

Stamp that first and then distribute or you know officially create that content I know you know tools like could Adobe already bringing in a lot of sort of web threee related functionality with design yeah um but I think the you know with the create with the development of AI

Around deep fakes and all of this other copyright related issues being able to put that content on a ledger and be able to have like a quick verification that it’s actually what it claims to be yeah is is a perfect use case for blockchain awesome do you see like Google

Experimenting with that type of thing in the future I think that people are going to want and there’s already so much misinformation just in general not only on the internet I mean look at the mainstream media that’s for another day um but uh but certainly you know in

Terms of um authenticity and and proving that it is what it is I think people are going to absolutely demand that yeah so going back to our Salesforce discussion earlier you talked about um that you’re looking at it as as a as a stack right

So um CRM and then website can you kind of go a little bit give me a little more detail about how they work together zce is very vast in terms of the products whether they’ve built them or acquired them along along the way um there’s a

Lot you can do with it but when website when it comes to websites um there are many ways that a website integrates with with particularly the Salesforce stack right so if we just looking at um CRM we can very easily integrate order data going straight into the CRM so you can

See if you’re using W Commerce um all of those transactions can go uh into the into the CRM and you can Surface those to create reports or you know Drive data driven decisions for example and then if you add on sort of their marketing Cloud stack depending again if you’re betb or

Bet to C um there are different options there around nurturing um inquiries that come through um being able to converse with customers on social channels um being able to sort of see behavior on the website so whether it’s I’m not going to get into the products but from a use case perspective whether

It’s just you know people going to particular URLs if you want your sales team to know that that’s happened yeah you can create that or something that’s a bit more complex or robust I guess is something called personalization where it’ll actually track the behavior on the website of a known individual and then

It can um create affinities and suggest next best actions for the sales people on the CRM but also can trigger marketing Communications based on what they’ve done so for instance you know I was on a golf site yesterday I don’t know if they’re using personalization it looks like it they could be using

Something else I looked at this golf bag probably three times I’ve gotten two text messages because I was looking at that bag I wasn’t wasn’t even at the carts it wasn’t an abandoned cart I was just looking at the product so that’s an example of how the the two can sort of

Come together there are many more but it’s definitely you know hand inand yeah have you um have you been working on a WordPress project recently that is like is is is one that you’d want to talk about like it’s it’s interesting and and um like a solid user experience probably

One of our you know longest going relationships is with chibani yeah um so they they are on WordPress um I don’t know how where they’re hosting their site I should know that but they are on they are on WordPress um and essentially we’ve worked with them over many years

Now to sort of continue to build out their their site and sort of help them be self-sufficient but also sort of work with them as new recipes or new products come out working hand inand to to help them go to market with things and um you know that that site’s done absolutely

Everything that they’ve needed it to do over time yeah that’s awesome thank you so um I’d love to understand uh you seem very passionate about your work and um your clients do you what gets you up in the morning and gets you excited about like you know getting in there and

Making something wonderful that um serves its purpose for your uh end users great question it’s not always like that in a small business it’s certainly sometimes it is hard to get out of bed and you know I’m sure everyone that has a small business can definitely relate

To that no but look for for the most part it’s it’s it’s definitely a joy and um I mean what we’ve always tried to do and I think we’ve done it quite well over over time is just try and always put the problem and the and the customer

In the middle and sort of forget about you know the bells and whistles or what’s in it for us and just try and drive value and build build our customer base over time like we’re not doing it from ail Phil philanthropic standpoint we’re certainly doing it from a commercial standpoint but we’ve always

Built built our business over how can we build as many long-term customers as possible and continue to build on that and and and do that over time and it’s always been by always having the mindset of how can we drive as much value first and instead of being transactional and

Sort of just keep keep continue to turn right and as a result of that our retainer customers you to almost grow um from a revenue perspective every year and it’s it’s not by accident right like cuz we’re doing that and some might say and we’ve been told before we leave

Money on the table at the start but it’s always been you know a continuous build so I think that’s probably the you know it’s it’s been our sort of center point of North Star in the business for sure yeah thanks Theo thanks Theo this is veloc Tiz talks and I’m Lauren Cox today

We had with us Theo kopoulos CEO of out in the clouds thanks Theo thank you so Much

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