OmniCore™ V-line Cabling Solution – Video

OmniCore™ V-line Cabling Solution – Video

In this video tutorial, ABB introduces its powerful and versatile OmniCore™ V-line robot controllers, specifically the V250 XT Type B and V400 XT models. The controllers feature incoming cables at the front of the cabinet, protected by the cabinet door. Before cabling the controller, it is essential to ensure that the power is turned off.

The process of cabling the OmniCore™ V-line controllers is demonstrated step by step. Starting with connecting the power cable to the mains connector, moving the cable lock over the pins to secure it. Next, the motor cable for the manipulator is connected to the motor connector, and the signal cable is plugged into the signal connector, with the locking ring turned clockwise to fasten.

With ABB’s OmniCore™ V250 XT Type B and V400 XT controllers, users can run a wide range of applications for maximum productivity, flexibility, and energy efficiency. This video provides valuable insights on how to efficiently connect cables to these advanced robot controllers, enhancing operational processes.

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Learn how to connect the cables to ABB’s latest OmniCore™ robot controllers, the V250XT Type B and V400XT! Want to know …

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