20 Jobs Being Eliminated by AI According to Recent Reports – Video

20 Jobs Being Eliminated by AI According to Recent Reports – Video

20 Jobs DISAPPEARING NOW Due To AI (New Reports)

The video titled “20 Jobs DISAPPEARING NOW Due To AI” presents a detailed analysis of the impact of AI technology on various industries and job roles. The video highlights emerging technologies with AI and sheds light on the potential jobs that may no longer exist in the near future. The video discusses statistics indicating that AI may replace workers in various roles by 2023, with tasks like research and data analysis being among those most likely to be automated.

The video delves into specific examples such as customer service, telemarketers, translators, programming and coding, accountants, security roles, travel agents, fast food cooks, administrative jobs, and warehouse workers. It also explores the challenges and advancements in achieving full self-driving vehicles, automation in food preparation, and the development of AI-driven security systems in warehouses.

Furthermore, the video provides insights on AI occupational exposure, identifying jobs with higher exposure to AI technology and discussing the potential future impact on different job sectors. The video concludes with steps to reduce hallucinations in AI models, the rise of AI agents, and the eventual development of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) that may revolutionize the workforce by automating a significant portion of jobs.

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Video Transcript

So with AI technology rapidly advancing it is definitely a question on some people’s minds with as to what jobs are going to remain this video will highlight some of the emerging Technologies with AI and not just that some of the secret technologies that you may have not known have existed and

Which jobs are going to be going as a result of that so stay tuned for this one because it’s fascinating to see how quickly this technology is being developed so here are some fascinating statistics that I found on an article from cnnb and it says that more than

Onethird of Business Leaders say that AI replace workers in 2023 according to a recent report from Resume Builder employees say that 29% of their work tasks are completely replaceable by AI project management and collaboration software company assana found and it served furing and it does say that while positions like research and data

Analysis are in line for AI automation companies will still need someone to prompt the AI make sense of the results and take action which is of course true so so I do want to point out that of course I don’t want this video to be all doom and gloom because that isn’t

Helpful at all I want to point out which jobs are going to be replaced and then of course show you how you can of course adapt to this and then of course position yourself so that you’re better equipped to first of all know what’s coming and then second of all take

Action to ensure that you’re not one of the ones left confused when it eventually happens so of course one of the first things that’s going to happen is customer service now there is a very very large debate on this recently but I’m just going to talk about this first

Because this part is you know fascinating but like I said I’ll give you both sides of the spectrum so of course everybody knows what chat GPT at this point is of course this is just an article that says chat GPT provided better customer service than his staff

He then fired them and of course everybody knows that with the rise of llms that you know customer service chatbots ones that are online this is going to be something that you can use and something that companies are using now especially in companies email correspondences this is definitely

Something so you know these writing kind of style jobs and customer service mainly are definitely going to be affected now of course this AR article here is basically talking about he never liked his customer services team his agents gave generic responses to clients issues faced with difficult problems

They were stomped but then he saw that chat gbt could do it he just pretty much fired his entire team and this is something that is not surprising at all we know that chat gbt is something that is free we know that the version of 3.5 is very very efficient at providing good

Customer service responses now not only is this something that is going to be possible eventually I do believe that when these AI chat Bots do move on to essentially we have so this right here is play HD and basically it’s the fastest generative AI Texas speech API

And I think that once this is hooked up to some customer service lines with you know good information and it’s trained on good data essentially what we’ll have is we’ll have people talking and AI responding and the thing is is it will sound very realistic so let’s take a

Look at this because you’re going to want to see exactly how quickly the software is moving and how good it really is because I would imagine that once this API getss cheap enough and lifelike enough this is what people are going to be using in their companies hello

World Hi how are you hi there I’m calling in regards to the purchase you made last week hello Play support speaking please hold on a sec let me just um pull up your details real quick can you tell me your account email or your phone number so from that

Conversation you could see that the responses if we actually go back for a second here you can see that responses were 200 Mill seconds which is lightninglyrics because one of the things why this isn’t going to be rolled out completely just yet I think on the lower end it will but

If you’re I guess you could say maybe a higher up in terms of customer service like you really know how to to direct people and deal with the right Solutions I think that your job is going to be safe because one thing about these large language models is that they do have

Some hallucinations and the hallucination problem hasn’t been solved yet so until the hallucination problem has been solved I think that you know you know certain parts of customer service are still safe because one of the things that we do have is that certain you know customer service departments you can’t really share that

Kind of data and I don’t think that you would want a language model you know being able to interact with your data not that it saves the data but you know they always frequently tell us that don’t put sensitive data into chat GPT so this is definitely something that I

Do think that if you are in customer service definitely going to work somewhere where I guess you could say the details are more sensitive and not as basic as some standard companies then of course we have telemarketers now this one is actually quite similar to the

Last job because it kind of shows you how phone calls will change and if you don’t know what telemarketers are it’s essentially people that pick up the phone and then they do sales calls now the theory here is basically that if you have an AI system that can call 5,000

People constantly non-stop 24/7 they never get tired they always stick to the sales script and they know exactly what to say they never get nervous they never trop up on their words why wouldn’t you just pay like $200 a month for that software that can you know blast out all

These calls to you know all these numbers can do Cod calling for you as much as you want when you need to you know call up your team and then of course train your team on how to talk how to use certain words and you know the Nuance of everything I think this

Demo is going to show you how this could potentially change so this is why you do want to take a look at this H yeah who’s this hey James it’s Alexander from Tesla Motors how’s your day going so far it’s going pretty good my man how about

Yourself you said from Tesla right it’s the car company yeah that’s right I’m calling from Tesla Motors the car company did you have any trouble or questions while customizing your car on our website uh no we’re just kind of shopping around and uh you know just taking a look gotcha that makes sense

Sometimes we’re just exploring our options before making a decision and I totally respect that can I ask you why you were looking into a Tesla in the first place yeah I mean uh I’ve had my car for way too long now and so I’m kind

Of taking a look at options I have a lot of friends who just absolutely Rave about Tesla and you know me myself I’m actually a big fan of Elon uh Elon Musk so I figur I might as well take a look and kind of explore my options there and

See what you guys had available that’s a smart approach James it’s always good to explore your options and see what’s available out of curiosity what do you currently Drive I drive a it’s an old Ford Fusion my man nice a Ford Fusion why are you looking to switch things up

And consider a Tesla yeah I mean I’ve had that car since literally since I got my first job years back um and it was just time for a change so it’s like you know it’s it’s not super reliable anymore and it’s time for an upgrade I’m

Moving into the city now and I I just think it’s time you know while I get the new apartment might as well get the new car at the same time you know I totally get that James moving to a new apartment is a great opportunity to make some

Fresh changes including getting a new car are you looking at purchasing any other car cars at the moment or are your eyes just set on Tesla um you know I’m still looking around but mainly Tesla I have a lot of friends who you know obviously have them and I’m a little bit

Jealous I I I have to say when I you know test drive them and they’re super fast obviously it looks really really amazing um so so mainly looking at Teslas and just kind of trying to figure out I won’t play the entire conversation here but I think you are getting the

Point the point is is that this technology is rapidly advancing and this was just one Dem I found from one company so understand that there are other companies that are also working on this kind of technology which goes to show that I think whichever company does

Manage to figure this out and crack the code it’s going to probably become the Baseline for cold calling now I do think like I said the human impact of cold calling is always going to be you know substantially much better and you know I’m guessing clients and a lot of the

Higher deals you know the deals where you’re trying to sell things that are in the four figure range to the five figure range are definitely going to be something that you need to I guess you could say have a real human on the line

For but like I said I think what we need to understand is that it is going to be affecting this area and that the bottom line is going to be impacted uh the most then of course we have translation jobs so recently there was this post on

Reddit and this was literally only 3 days ago but if you’ve ever used chat gbt to translate something you’ll know that this is something that does happen so they actually talked about big layoff at Duolingo and it said that in December 2023 Jingo offboard a huge percentage of their contractors who did translations

Of course this is because they figured out that AI can do these translations in a fraction of a time plus it saves them money I’m just being curious as a user how do you feel knowing that sentences and translations are coming from AI instead of human beings does it matter

To me as a person I’m pretty sure that you can all agree that it doesn’t really matter if the translations are coming from a person or an AI because either way we just want the information outputed I think it’s very similar to a calculator you just want you know a

Computer to do it and if if the computer can do it then it doesn’t really matter the human Centric nature isn’t that prevalent in something as translation and you can see here that in the post this person says here’s the final email I got two weeks ago just in case you

Wanted to see it I worked there for 5 years our team had four core members and two of us got the boot the two who remained will just review AI content to make sure it’s acceptable so yeah it seems like what you have to understand in this capitalist Society is that these

Companies work in a way where profits are their end goal and if they can you know remove any expenses or reduce those expenses they are always going to do that because it allows them to make much more money which is their purpose so I think this is pretty crazy because not

Only have we seen this in this what’s also crazy about translation jobs is that you know sometimes what some creators might do is in order to translate their content but I think that with the advances in even translation software and not just general translation jobs and this isn’t to say

That you know like you know when you have an actual translator speaking with someone like perhaps at the UFC or at an event where you know a sports star doesn’t speak the language I think those translation jobs um and translation jobs in like the the law side of things like

In the courtroom and stuff will always be needed but I do think that new technology is going to change that uh so if you haven’t seen this I’m going to show you guys this crazy technology and essentially what you’re taking a look at here is software called 11 Labs now I’m

Going to get to 11 Labs later on in the video but 11 Labs allows you to dub a video into any different language so I can Tech to Source I can put English um and I can you know upload a file so I can upload a file of me speaking and

Then I can literally dub that audio into a different language you can see here all of the different languages now for those of you who think that it doesn’t sound that good um I’m just going to go ahead and do a quick test I’m going to

Grab perhaps one of my own videos and then I’m going to see exactly how it does it so essentially this is the clip that I’ve chosen to dub so this is a clip from the jogan podcast so we’re going to take a look at we’re going to

Take a look at the uh the first nine seconds of this cuz that’s what I’m going to be dubbing so if we just click play in the field of AI in 2017 that everyone needs to know because I was not freaked out about AI at all at all um

Until this big change and then of course um I’m going to show you guys how 11 Labs works so of course with 11 Labs now in about you know a minute or so it’s just dubbed that so I’m going to click View and then we’re going to be able to

See what this sounds like so it has Source language the target language and then if we click play in Absol as so you can see right there that it was able to do that pretty quickly now you’re able to do this with many different videos that you do want

And what’s crazy is that this is something that I’ve seen across the board so one thing that you might be saying is that all the translations you know don’t mirror onto the mouth there is software there’s tons of different software companies that I’ve covered before that actually do have that as

Well so like I said there were previously people who were needed to translate videos but um this is simply no longer that case but like I said if you are a translator maybe you do want to move into something that is more into the legal side CU I think those ones do

Have to be really really accurate and pretty much perfect now here we get on to a controversial one so we have entry-level programming and coding and this is where generative AI forces stack Overflow to lay off 28% of its Workforce and it says the reduction in headcount is directly related to the proliferation

Of generative AI driven coding assistance from companies such as Microsoft AWS Google and IBM a study from Cornell University showed and of course if if you haven’t been paying attention because you haven’t been paying attention to the coding stuff that’s going on uh recently we had Alpha

Code which is crazy absolutely crazy so Google’s Alpha code if you didn’t know is the successor to the alpha code and essentially it is the first AI system to perform at the median level of the median competitor in competitive programming a difficult reasoning task involving Advanced Math logic and

Computer science and essentially Alpha code 2 solved one times and essentially Alpha Alpha code 2 solved 1.7 times more problems and performed better than 85% of competition participants so this Alpha code 2 system has demonstrated impressive performance in competitive programming environments outperforming 85% of all human coders and in the

Recent contest where solved 43% of problems it nearly doubled the success rate of the original software now Alpha code 2 does excel in handling complex mathematical and theoretical computer science challenges and it shows Proficiency in Dynamic program which also involves breaking down complex programs into simpler components now

However there are some limitations to this because like I said this video isn’t all doom and gloom the alpha code 2 actually faces several challenges so number one it relies heavily on trial and error which leads to high operational costs and it also requires effective filtering of code samples and

Despite these challenges Alpha code 2 does represent a significant stride in AI driven coding and has the potential to revolutionize the coding landscape so it’s important to note that while it has shown impressive performance in competitive programming it is not yet part of any product that is hitting the

Shelves anytime soon and the reason it isn’t out yet is because of the Computing cost so it is expected that some of alpha codes 2 capabilities will be incorporated into the Gemini model which is going to be released earlier this year which is 2024 and like I said

The video isn’t all doom and gloom although Alpha code 2 is very good and although yes in the next 5 to 10 years that coding could be 100% automated I do still think that human oversight is something that is going to be needed because number one software like this

The compute costs are very expensive and programming languages are constantly evolving so the problem that was recently discovered in a new research paper that was about llms basically basically talks about how llms are essentially just a snapshot of the world in a specific time and it goes to show

That although llms and AI systems might be good at certain time tasks at the moment they aren’t that good at certain tasks that they see in the future because they haven’t seen them before now I do think this kind of system was a bit more advanced but the point is is

That although coding is definitely going to get affected I think that for the foreseeable future until we do have a major breakthrough maybe until Alpha code 3 or 4 that these systems unless the compute power can be reduced we’re still going to need human coders but it is definitely something that we can’t

Deny is going to be impacted on some of the base levels because a lot of these based systems can do base levels of code now we do have something that was also a bit interesting and if you haven’t tried this out you should try this out so on

The GPT 4 developer live stream if you didn’t see this basically they talked about how you could actually use GPT 4 for accounting now this doesn’t mean that you can input all your data into here and then go ahead immediately and file your taxes I would always you know

Get a CPA like a certed like an actual official accountant but I would say that this is very very effective at doing what it does now I don’t think it’s going to replace traditional accountants because you always need a human that is up to date with all the laws because

Like I said these llms don’t you know have all the updates and the problem is is that in order to get the updates you have to completely retrain the model that’s why cat gbt has only information from April 2023 of course it can browse the internet but the point is the base

Model is just from April 2023 that’s when the information um area is updated to so point I’m trying to make here guys is that although this is effective and I’m going to show you guys the demo so you can see how effective this is account is something that is going to be

Affected a little bit and this is something that I have actually tested and it is actually really good so I would try this if you’re in the UK or USA cuz it actually does work and I would just tell it everything about yourself so I would tell it your age

Where you live uh what your company does whatever you do whatever your financial situation is what you want to do and just put it in and it actually does work very very effectively because gpc4 is actually really good at math um and this is something that they did show in the

Developer Liv stream so take a look because it shows you how good this is and I think in the future if we do have personal systems that are really good at accounting it might you know Wipe Out the need and remember guys overall in this video what I’m saying here is not

That you know this job is completely going away but the demand for certain roles are going to be reduced to the point where there might not be as many jobs needed and that is something that we do need to take an account from because if there is a rise of AI systems

That can do your accounting and taxes for you in around 5 minutes like the demand for you to go out and find an actual accountant is going to be reduced that much I’ve shown you reading existing content I’ve shown you how to build with the system as a partner the

Last thing I’m going to show is how to work with the system to accomplish a task that none of us like to do but we all have to so you may have guessed the thing we’re going to do is taxes now note that GPT is not a certified tax

Professional nor am I so you should always check with your your tax adviser um but it can be helpful to understand some dense content to just be able to empower yourself to to be able to sort of solve problems and get a get a handle on what’s Happening uh when you could

Not otherwise so once again I’ll do a system message in this case I’m going to tell it that it’s tax GPT uh which is not a specific thing that we’ve trained into this model you can be very creative if you want with the system message to

Really get the model in the mood of what is your job what are you supposed to do so I’ve pasted in the tax code this is about 16 Pages worth of of tax code um and there’s this question about Alice and Bob they got married at one point uh

And that here are their their incomes and they take a standard deduction they’re filing jointly so first question what is their standard deduction for 2018 so while the model is chugging I’m going to solve this problem by hand to show you what’s involved so the standard deduction uh is the basic standard

Deduction plus the additional the basic one is 200% uh for joint return of sub paragraph C which is here okay so additional doesn’t apply the limitation doesn’t apply um okay none of these apply oh wait special rules for taxable year 2018 which is the one we care about

Through 2025 you have to substitute 12,000 for 3,000 so 200% of 12,000 24,000 is is the final answer if you notice the model got to the same conclusion and you can actually read through its explanation and to tell you the truth the first time I tried too

Approach this problem myself I could not figure it out I spent half an hour reading through the tax code trying to figure out this like back reference and why there’s sub parag like just what’s even going on it was only by asking the model to spell out its reasoning and

Then I followed along that I was like oh I get it now I understand how this works and so that I think is where the power of the system lies it’s not perfect but neither are you and together is this amplifying tool that lets you just reach

New Heights and you can go further you can say okay now calculate their total liability and here we go it’s doing the calculation I every time it does it it’s just it’s amazing uh this model is so good at Mental Math uh it’s way way

Better than I am at Mental Math it’s not hooked up to a calculator like that’s another way that you could really try to enhance these systems but it has these raw capabilities that are so flexible it doesn’t care if it’s code it doesn’t care if it’s language it doesn’t care if

It’s tax all of these capabilities in one system that can be applied towards the problem that you care about towards your application towards whatever you build and so to end it the final thing that I will show is I a little other dose of creativity which is now

Summarize this problem into a rhyming and there we go a beautiful beautiful poem about doing your taxes so yeah that was Greg Brookman showing you exactly how gb4 can be used to do your taxes like I said uh it’s something that everybody does need to do at the end of

The year and I’m not sure how things go in America but I do know that if you do get it wrong you do get fined and that’s not something that you want to play with the IRS catch everybody so let’s take a look at some of the other ones that are

More interesting now this one is a little bit different because there is I think always going to be a human in this part just because of the cost of things but I think it’s kind of fascinating so this one here talks about traditional security roles so essentially you know

With AI you can have faster threat detection and response AI can actually sift through vast amounts of data to identify abnormal behavior and detect malicious activities such as new zero day attacks and it can automate many security processes such as management making it easier to stay on top of cyber

Security needs so what you’re about to watch in this video is essentially some robots that are security robots now I don’t think this is anytime soon because of robots are very expensive but do take a look at this video because these are the security robots and what’s interesting is that this company is

Actually the company that openi has actually invested in so these robots are patrolling this place and they are iding Everyone by face and they are getting their ID badges as you can see and you might think that this is a little bit dystopian and I think it is just a

Little bit I think it’s rather unsettling but you can see here how exactly the system works it’s a robot that you know is on Wheels there is also a person that can use VR teleop mode to essentially control the robot and that’s basically where you can control the

Robot with a VR headset and then you can is actually move the robot in the physical world as if you were there and yeah this is something that could take place but this is like I said only if these robots do get cheap enough to the

Point where that can be and you have to remember some companies aren’t going to be able to have these Advanced security systems so at smaller companies in smaller places you know you’re just going to have a human because human in some places is wor like $20 $15 an hour

Um for security I’m not exactly sure how much they paid but this robot right here I think it’s around $180,000 so yeah I mean having like five of these running around is like you know close to a million doll and that’s not something that’s going to be feasible

For most companies but it is something that is going to be there there’s also some other things that you can think about so for example you know improved accuracy and efficiency so AI based lab security systems provide improved accuracy and efficiency compared to traditional systems for example AI can

Scan numerous devices for potential vulnerabilities in a fraction of the time it would take a human and they can help identify malicious activity by you know creating and correlating different data points allowing proactive protection of systems and they can help respond faster to attacks by automating specific tasks such as rerouting traffic

Away from a vulnerable server or alerting the IT team to potential issues and of course they can autonomously predict and detect emerging threats by learning from previously detected behaviors so here we have an AI system that is AI powered and it’s an object DET and it’s an object detection system

To catch and find people for littering and remember this is in the UK not China now I don’t want to get into the debate about is this really dystopian and stuff like that but I personally wouldn’t like to live in a society where there’s this AI Overlord system that can see

Everything that you’re doing and analyze absolutely everything to if you’re walking too fast or if you cross the road at the wrong you know centimeter you’re going to be fined but uh if we take a look at this video it can show you that you know these highly sophisticated systems can spot

Everything like you know a police officer or you know other systems wouldn’t be able to see that someone is littering and throwing things out of their car these AI systems essentially can watch everywhere at all times and you can see that it’s able to look and immediately see that this person is

Throwing things out of their car and it could easily just grab their license plate you know send them a find in the post um and yeah depending on where you stand I don’t think littering is great because it does definitely make the place worse but I think that uh this is

Definitely something that could lead to uh more you know of those systems that are very very invasive and that’s definitely not something that I do want everyone should have their right to their privacy but I do think that this is definitely something that a lot of people are probably going to be quite

Concerned about then of course here we have one that is fairly fairly fascinating because the debate on whether or not this is possible has been going on for quite some time and I do agree I do agree that this is something that is um you know quite hard but I

Think that this is something that will change with the aspect of AGI so the prospect of achieving full self-driving or level five autonomy where Vehicles can operate without any human intervention under all conditions remains a significant Challenge and is still currently in development so according to the information provided

The current state of autonomous driving technology is mostly at level two which is partial automation with some advancements towards level three conditional Automation and level four which is high automation systems now McKenzie and Company suggests that by 20135 autonomous driving could create significant Revenue that level three and

Level four systems for highway driving will likely be more commonly available in private Vehicles however there are numerous challenges to overcome including traffic management infrastructure Revenue liability insurance police and emergency response social and Justice and Equity additionally weather conditions road conditions traffic conditions accident liability and radar interference are

Cited as design challenges for fully autonomous systems now the UK government has expressed optimism about the deployment of self-driving Vehicles predicting that by 2025 which is next year the UK will begin to see deployment of such vehicles and by 2035 40% of new cars in the UK could have full

Self-driving capabilities however this is contingent on significant improvements in the technology and infrastructure and the transport select committee remains unconvinced about the rap rapid introduction of autonomous vehicles the legislative and social acceptance of self-driving cars is actually also a major hurdle because with no laws in many jurisdictions currently permitting self-driving

Vehicles on public roads for General use this is something that we’re not sure we’re going to have now moreover the recent withdrawal of a leading provider of Robo taxis in the US and the introduction of strict legislation in the UK suggest that the developers hopes of monetizing the concept are more and

More remote than before and in terms of technological developments in artificial intelligence so this is going to be the company that does replace Uber if it does because weo is an autonomous driving technology company that has been making significant strides in the field of self-driving Vehicles it has

Partnered with Uber to make its autonomous vehicles available to more people via the Uber platform and this Partnerships allows Uber to hail wh Mo’s autonomous vehicles for rides and food delivery in certain areas however it doesn’t necessarily mean that weo will completely replace taxis or Uber drivers because wo’s autonomous vehicles are

Currently operating in a limited service area and while the company has plans to expand it will take time to cover more regions now further vehicles are not exclusive to Uber for example in Phoenix residents can also summon a whmo vehicle through the company’s own app wayo 1 and the transition to fully

Autonomous vehicles also faces challenges such as regulatory hurdles technological limitations and societal acceptance for instance a taxi driver and their allies have rallied against the U unlimited expansion of wh and Cruz another autonomous vehicle company and there are also concerns about the inequality inherent in the ride hailing

Industry as taxi drivers have been required to pay significant fees to operate which autonomous vehicles like whmo and cruise are not subject to so moreover while wh’s autonomous vehicles are designed to follow traffic laws strictly ride hill drivers suggest that sometimes the rules of the road need to

Be bent to provide the level of service that passengers are AC accustomed to and this actually does indicate that human drivers may still have a role to play in the right hailing industry but overall like we always say this will be something that could definitely impact certain countries and systems because

One thing we do know is that as this technology evolves and as it does get better and better we are likely to see more and more cities mapped out and autonomous systems providing these services so long as they are cheaper more effective and more reliable now this is something that as I was

Researching this video I found to be rather surprising because fast food cooks are what some people would regard to as a very entry level job and this system which was only released around 11 months ago and I didn’t actually see this technology before but it shows us

How food can be automated now I do think that because like I said one of the main things to stopping this is of course the cost of these systems and the efficiency and the compute but I think if we do take a look at this you can see just how

If these systems do get better you’re able to do this and I’ve actually seen this in some places that have actually gotten food before so I wouldn’t be surprised if this does become more and more real as as time goes on so I’ll show you guys this one minute

Demonstration and then you can tell me all what you think about this System So once again this is going to be something that robots need to definitely get some more advancements in if we are to see Wild scale application but I think the robotics breakthrough will likely change absolutely everything then of course we did have miso robotics which are really working on something

Incredible because this one actually does you know any any kitchen and that was really shocking to me because you know unlike the previous one you can just just get this and you can see that I’m actually stuttering cuz I just couldn’t believe it when I saw this and

You can just get this AI system to uh I guess you could say assist current workforces and like I said it’s not something that’s going to work by itself but um this could definitely replace someone because as always the problem with robots and a systems is that they

Work forever don’t need any you know bonuses they don’t need any sick pay they don’t need any talking to they don’t need uh absolutely anything they always do what they need to so I think that this level of automation is if it does come to fruition is likely to be

Pretty fascinating um and it might just be something that does just assist workers but like I said if we had you know previously six workers all working in there and then we have now this rail thing in there and you only need two workers you have to understand that the

Demand like I said goes down significantly it’s something that you should pay attention to then of course we have any administrative job because I think this is quite obvious you know a lot of the admin stuff that we do do like data entry and all that stuff can

Be done by chat gbt this is not something that is pretty much surprising I’m pretty sure that you know robust air systems that can do this kind of work is going to be something that you know has been being worked on for quite some time and I don’t think that these admin kind

Of jobs are going to be missed anyways because data entry and admin you know all this stuff kind of piling up is not something that anyone does really want to do in addition we do have travel agents and um travel agents are something that has been you know already

Affected by Google search but I think that with the Advent of AI systems and even with Google gole B you can get Google B to plan you a complete Journey you can do the same with chat gbt um this is a website where you can get an

AI travel assistant you can tell them all the details they’ll plan absolutely everything for you you just need to save it there was also this one right here which is uh what someone built themselves an AI agent and essentially they just had them plan criticize uh you

Know reason and then just Conant do it and then essentially they just U made them generate um an entire itinerary for the journey and it says plan review the itinerary determine which activities require Advanced booking resarch options for booking yada y y um and like I said

It is something that can be automated um and I think that this is something that will be done in the future because even if you still go to a human I’m pretty sure that humans are going to be using AI systems to automate this entire process then of course interestingly

Enough this is something that has already been happening so warehouses and I wasn’t able to get the actual footage but if you do some research on Amazon and their warehouses there are tons of robots and they are honestly consistently expanding the robots in their factories what we currently

Looking at is digit and essentially this robot is the first robot that is designed for factories and I’ve been looking at a lot of research papers and there are tons of robots that are currently being developed that are making robots um more and more efficient uh in terms of packing things in terms

Of moving things around um and like I said I do think that human dexterity the ability to just you know have a full days energy just based on a packet of crisps is just incredibly energy efficient and the dexterity that you get with your hands the range of motion the

Degrees of freedom are nothing compared to that other the current robot so it will still require some of course you know breakthroughs but like I said this is something that is being worked on and as a future continues um we’re going to be seeing uh these roles decline

Significantly now something else that I did want to talk about is the high automation occupation so here is a table from a PDF from a government institution where they were analyzing all of the high automation occupations and they talk about authors writers translators bank and post Office Clerks bookkeepers

Payroll managers and wages clerk Brokers call and contact Center occupations customer service occupations Finance officers Financial administrative occupations Human Resources administrative occupations liberians market research interviewers and other administrative occupations pensions and insurance clerks and assistants telephone salespersons travel agents typists and keyboard related occupations so you can see that I didn’t just you

Know pull the list out of nowhere this is something that was uh you know corroborated by several other reports and also what you can do if you really want to know you can just search up your job and then search up the AOE which is essentially just AI occupational

Exposure which just means your exposure to the current AI technology now this one was llms and you can see here that some of the highest you know I guess you could say that require mental bandwidth some of the highest IQ jobs that you need you like Finance um and all these

You know jobs here um have some of the most exposure but some of the you know I guess you could say the ones that would require a physical human doing something with their hands agriculture fishing motor trades construction these are the ones that least likely now in addition

Here this is what I talked about the AOE the AI occupational exposure you can see that you know some of the top ones accounting and finance Administration ICT marketing and sales and some of the bottom ones are building and construction so I think it’s really fascinating to understand where we’re

Going to be going in terms of Technology because robot is much slower it’s lagging behind AI but it will catch up one day uh maybe within 10 to 20 years but that just means that jobs like building and struction are going to likely be some of the last jobs to be

Automated because um humans are just far too efficient at building and working with a hands are just you know way more effective than any robot at the current time um so that brings me to the next three steps okay so with that being said the next three steps are of course

Number one we need to reduce hallucinations um for these AI models because with certain chat Bots if they hallucinate the problem is is that you can’t use them because imagine a customer talking to an AI system that says hey uh we actually have this product in stocked and you can buy it

For $50 when in reality the product’s $500 um it creates this whole issue and that’s actually happened recently on Twitter um and then of course we have ai agent so these are going to be the next next few steps that um where job loss really ramps up because AI agents are

Going to replace any job on a computer because an AI agent is going to be able to control your mouse do anything you want on a computer edit a video send an email um watch a movie tell you the good bits like it’s going to be able to do

Absolutely anything um so that like anything on a computer is going to be you know be able to be automated once they do solve that and this is what Bill Gates talked about so if you want to watch that video don’t forget to check out uh the video in the description

Where it’s called Bill Gates talk talks on AI agents and Gates has predicted a lot of stuff so I wouldn’t be surprised that in the next 5 years any job on a computer is automatable and then of course you have AGI which is basically all jobs or 80% of jobs because AI

Problem is is that it’s an advanced AI system that’s going to be as general as any good human and with that we have AGI that’s probably going to make breakthroughs in research across all domains including Robotics and from there once we do get robotics that just

Leaves the last 20% Which is you know the physical label jobs to be gone so um AGI is going to you know really really change everything and I think AI agents will kind of be very it’ll be a blurry blurry line but yeah that’s where we are

And I will leave some links in the description so you guys can know which jobs are going to be most exposed and there also will be another video in which I talk about which jobs are never going to be exposed and how you can actually position yourself for those areas

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