Lawsuit filed against Open AI, Unexpected twists in the middle of the journey, Exciting new text-to-video technology unveiled, and other top AI news stories (AI NEWS #27) – Video

Lawsuit filed against Open AI, Unexpected twists in the middle of the journey, Exciting new text-to-video technology unveiled, and other top AI news stories (AI NEWS #27) – Video

Open AI SUED, Midjourney DRAMA, Stunning New TEXT TO Video and More (AI NEWS #27)

The video titled “Open AI SUED, Midjourney DRAMA, Stunning New TEXT TO Video and More (AI NEWS #27)” covers a wide range of topics in the field of artificial intelligence. From the release of a text video model for zero-shot video generation by Google to the controversy surrounding Mid Journey’s alleged copyright infringement, the video delves into key news stories that might have been missed in the AI world.

Additionally, the video highlights new AI tools and advancements, such as Google’s Video Poet model, P collabs’ model release, and Domo AI’s impressive video generation capabilities. The video also discusses open AI getting sued by The New York Times for using proprietary data and explores future developments in robotics and AI devices.

Overall, the video provides a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in AI, showcasing the rapid advancements and controversies shaping the industry. Keep watching to stay informed about the cutting-edge innovations in artificial intelligence.

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Video Transcript

So this was actually quite an interesting week in AI so let’s not waste any time to figure out some of the key news stories you might have missed in artificial intelligence so one of the first things that actually was released was a text video model for zero shot video Generation by Google so

Essentially this means unlike other video models where you need to input an image to then get out a cool video this was something that they finally released now I think this one was something that did go a little bit under the radar I’m not sure if released a video on it just

Yet but there was a deep dive and if it is released I’ll leave a link to that in the description below but essentially the reason this was so cool is because it had many new features that other video models haven’t you know simply done yet so one of the you know cool

Features about this was that it had video to audio where essentially you have the video being generated by the model and then of course it not only does that it actually manages to get the correct audio for that as well so for example in this clip right here you can

See it’s a cat playing a piano then if I were to unmute this you can hear that of course there is a piano sound playing as the cat you know hits the keystroke so there’s multiple examples of this this is just one of the things video to audio there was also

This thing by Google research where they did like a little story that was based on this raccoon which is kind of cute and I will show you guys that in a moment but essentially this was something that many people didn’t realize because everyone right now is focused on gem so when Google releases

Other things it’s not going to be that big as a focus but one thing that I would say is the main takeaway about Google’s video poet is the fact that the accuracy of this model is really really surprising like sometimes we try to do other things in other models it’s not

That accurate but in these two examples here we can see that you know for example two raccoons on motorbikes a meteor shower falls behind the raccoons and the meteor explodes right behind them you can see that that looks pretty accurate and then this one also lightning flashes in the background

Purple smoke Amit figure of water that is also really accurate the lightning flashes then the purple smoke does come out after now there were also some interesting other things where we had longer video generation that was really good now what’s also interesting was that literally just after this was

Released P released something where they also do have this as well but that doesn’t really matter I’ll be showing you guys p in a second but they also have controllable video editing where essentially you can follow different motions and different dance styles also interactive video editing where essentially extending input videos just

From a list of examples and you can change that via text conditioning and you can see that the text conditioning makes the videos so much better and of course we do have a really decent image to video generation where I even tried this image in other AI video generators

And it actually didn’t go as well as this one so clearly Google might have something secret here like I’m not sure what framework they’re using I have looked at the previous Transformers that they did use for this but I still think that even though they’ve shown what they’re using they might have some

Secret Source in this and then of course we have zero s stylization which is like runways one style to another style but I would say that this one is a little bit better we going to see that later on in the video there is also another text to

Video model that was released and it’s really surprising because when I looked to the community the community was insanely small on Twitter like the post about the stuff only had around 10 to 20 likes and the the tool is incredible so um I can’t wait to show you guys that in

A moment but you can see applying a visual style and effects here on this part is really really nice so overall there’s going to be many different things maybe in the future I’m not sure if other companies are going to be using this or if Google’s ever going to

Release this but it was something that Google did release that I do want you to know about next we had pabs actually finally release their model to pretty much everyone so if you want to sign up for pabs you can and you’re going to get immediate access and what’s good about

Pabs is unlike mid Journey that uses Discord and this is no hate to Mid Journey whatsoever I just feel like it’s really cool that they do have a web app you can see here that um you can also explore everyone else’s Generations so you can see just how good P collabs

Quality is I mean comparing this to some of the other stuff it definitely does just take the cake and one of the things I really like about pabs is of course when we do look at these videos you can see exactly how crazy it is in terms of the consistency especially when we’re

Looking at these anime Styles I don’t know what it is I mean maybe they did I think what pabs actually did was in terms of their video generation maybe they just you know specifically train this model for many many generations on many many different anime Styles um or

Maybe they just trained it specifically on animation Styles because so far what we’ve seen is that normal Styles look pretty you know average they look pretty okay but the ones that look really amazing are the anime Styles like this Santa and then of course the uh 3D

Animation Styles like this raccoon so I think those two ones I’m not sure what M Journey did maybe they just kept putting Disney movies into it but those ones do look really really effective and like I said uh what you can do here as well is

You can add something to this so you can click edit and then um I think it’s here yeah you can click add 4 seconds so if you want um if you got a clip you can just keep adding 4 seconds to it and this is where I did try the same

Generation from Google in pabs but it didn’t work so it goes to show that pabs and Google are using different techniques to generate their videos from text to video so this is Domo so it’s video to video and I think the quality of this is crazy because although we did

See this with stable the fusion and with the runway whatever they’re using is absolutely incredible because I’ve seen some examples on Mid journey and played around with this myself and it looks absolutely outstanding so it’s called Domo Ai and I like I said I don’t know what architecture they using maybe

They’re using stable the fusion I’m not entirely sure but it looks so consistent and some of the styles that they’ve chosen to use are very very effective so I think this AI tool like I said when I was looking at it on Twitter you can see

Here that it’s only got 50 retweets and 100 likes but it’s really really effective at doing the stuff now I’m going to show you guys a quick Twitter thread that showcases some of the cool stuff and here’s this quick twister thread that shows you exactly how good

This is so we have the source video and you can see here that this one is it’s just crazy like it’s very surprising in terms of how good it is but you can see that the consistency is completely there and I’m not sure if this is going to be

Used to make animated movies I’m sure that there are different ways that make this stuff but like I said I think that this kind of Technology goes to show us how crazy this technology is because usually when you do see stuff like this you usually you usually do see stuff

That usually looks completely AI generated but if I did see this I would initially think that someone did animate this stuff so like I said it’s a new AI tool that doesn’t really have that much um you know I guess you could say that much coverage out there but it is

Something that is really good so I’m not sure if other companies are going to get in on this as well but um you can see that the consistency of this is pretty incredible and even this pixelated version right here that you can all see does look pretty pretty crazy so I mean

I’ll leave a link to the fourth thread in the description below but um yeah Domo AI is definitely something that did actually catch me off guard and then this is one more example that I did want to show you guys that was on Twitter um

And you can see like if I saw this I would definitely not say that that’s AI generated I would say yeah someone animated that 2D they spent their time animating that but of course um this is completely different so we’ll be interesting to see how this progresses

In the near future then we had something that was rather frustrating slash I don’t even know what to the the real take on this is but um Mid Journey has been involved in a little bit of drama and it’s not the good kind of drama because everybody knows that mid journey

Is pretty much the top tier when it comes to AI image generation but essentially mid Journey has been in some Twitter drama recently for uh copyright infringement you know alleged copyright infringement because essentially what people are claiming is that mid Journey um has essentially you know ripped off

These you know movies and essentially how people are trying to prove that is they’re prompting it and they’re saying Get a screenshot from a movie so the prompt that someone put into the model was Thanos Infinity War 2018 screenshot from a movie movie scene 4K and then uh

Mid Journey output this image on the right hand side which is eerily similar to the image on the left hand side and these images from the left hand side are images that are directly from a movie so people are saying that um you know this what we have right here is essentially

Something that’s stealing stuff from these movies now uh mid Journey hasn’t been sued by any of these companies but I do think it is interesting because we have a situation where mid Journey hasn’t really responded in the best ways and the problem here is that apparently they banned this guy just for making

This Twitter thread so I I don’t think that’s a good look on Mid Journey um and Gary Marcus here um you know leading expert on AI that actually spoke at the US Senate AI hearing actually basically was talking this and was saying dear mid Journey reinstate this guy or drop your

New terms of service the people have spoken and it’s not even close so basically they’re saying that they should reinstate this guy um and I’m not sure if they banned him or if they just you know were working on the systems either way it would be nice to get some

Kind of statement from mid Journey but I do know that mid journey is in a pretty precarious situation because if they explicitly state that look this is kind of a mistake then they open themselves up to some kind of litigation because if they admit that this is from Infinity

War and they admit that they’re actually using other things to train their models then like I said admitting potentially to copyright theft so um it is a tricky situation but um I do hope that this guy’s accounts you know does get you know reinstated but the only thing that

I can say is that it is mid Journey’s version 6 which is currently in Alpha so I’m not surprised that these bugs are happening but I also don’t think that this is a major surprise I’m pretty sure that everybody knows that all these AI companies just steal the data like

You’re about to see later on in the video so I’m not sure why this is such a big issue and of course there was this last example where we have the Joker movie uh actual movie image and then we have a mid Journey output image so I

Mean we be interesting to see what happens um if the story does develop please do let me know but um it’s definitely something that I do want to see get result then we had stable the fusion uh introduced their Foundation model which is essentially something that can generate 2 seconds of video and

It looks pretty good I’m not going to lie it looks pretty good it might not be better than P collabs or whatever but like I said uh text video is improving and so far we’re getting the increased you know uh high quality we’re getting increased frames per second increased stability consistency

Um and this is the exact direction that I do want to see us going in so I won’t be surprised if you know eventually stability does get another model but of course right now 2 seconds isn’t great but it’s better than nothing so stability did release this um and you

Can of course use this if you want but um it’s another development that you probably did Miss well they also did release and this was something that I was supposed to talk about as well was of course stable 0123 quality 3D object generation from single images and essentially you just use images to

Generate 3D models um and I’ve seen this technology get better and better and better and I honestly can’t imagine what we’re going to get I’m just three years from now just based on an image like will people even need to model images anymore so it will be interesting to see

Where this does go but like I said I think stability is pushing out all of this stuff because they recently did actually have some problems in terms of their finances um and they were actually you know trying to I think they were trying to raise more money and they were

Essentially in a pretty precarious situation because they’re not making as much money as these other AI companies so I’m sure that if they manage to put out more stuff they’re going to be able to eventually survive but of course as you do know AI is a growing field and

I’m pretty sure that the demand is there and they’re going to be able to work around this stuff then of course we had chat gbt’s project Sunshine now if you haven’t been paying attention I made a video on this around 3 or 4 days ago and it basically does talk about gpt’s

Advanced features so this is a kind of big story that most people did Miss and if you think that this is some crazy leak um you can actually go on open eyes official web page and then you can check the code and see that it actually does exist there on the JavaScript or

Whatever the open source code um that you can go ahead and check it’s not open source you can just go ahead and check the um inspect element like when you click inspect element you can click contrl F then you can actually find these things on the web page so

Essentially these are going to be the features that potentially open AI might have this is what they currently have on the web page but of course it’s not confirmed because it’s not released yet so they could be just you know Alpha Testing it with a set amount of uses

They could be Alpha Testing it on their end but it is something that we do know is there and is probably likely going to be the future of gpts so it says here that your gpts can now learn from your chats and I’m going to include a clip

From the other video cuz there’s no point of me going over this again but I’m going to include one or two minutes from that video where I just pretty much explain exactly what’s going on here but the but the teal of the art is basically that gpts are going to be really

Incredible um I’ll leave a link to the full video cuz it’s a full Deep dive like there’s a lot that you might miss but it is something that you do want to see we also did have this tweet from someone that works at open AI Steven H highle who fine tunes llms and

Essentially he talked about brace yourselves AGI is coming and this was in a response to open ai’s preparedness framework and I once again I did a deep dive on this and this is really really important because there are these measures that essentially show us what kind of models we’re going to be getting

And with this kind of framework that they have we basically know that really dangerous models are never going to be deployed so that’s not something we should worry about and and kind of dangerous models may be developed by open AI but those ones are never going

To be deployed so if a model is even remotely dangerous openi is never going to deploy that to the public but of course as you know there are like ways for people to you know have prompt injection attacks and for ways for people to essentially jailbreak these systems but to Open Eyes knowledge

They’re never going to Rel release a model that is you know higher than stage and essentially you can see here on this scale what they had was they had something from from low to to critical and if there is any model that is high or critical they will never release that

And if a model is low to medium risk in terms of you know the capabilities then they will release that system so it goes to show that you know the future models aren’t just going to be some you know AI death murder Bots which is of course something that we didn’t think would

Happen but at the same time it goes to show that they’re taking AI safety really really seriously even though a lot of people don’t think that they are but I do think I’m I’m really glad that they did release this because although open ey was actually criticized for

Steaming like going full steam ahead with all of their projects um it’s good to see that they still maintaining a very good stance on AI safety despite the uh previous concerns now something that was rather uh I guess you could say frustrating SL interesting SL fascinating SL Innovative uh was this

And uh people did actually talk about this uh romantic a romantic companion but the problem was is that you know there have been a romantic companions for quite some time um and it just really did stir up a huge debate around you know how the future is going to be

Regarding these kind of models now the app itself isn’t that good like you can go ahead and check the reviews and this isn’t me you know dogging on the app it’s not paid it’s not like hate or anything like that it’s just essentially all one star reviews but the point is is

That I don’t think we’re going to have a future where people are just going to be obsessed with AI models but at the end of the day we do know that large language models are increasing their capabilities in terms of persuasion in terms of how they sound in terms of

Their realness and I do think that with an ostracized part of the population there’s definitely going to be some of them who are going to use these Services whether or not we like it so um we’ll be interesting to see how this kind of does

Play out but um it is one of those really controversial topics that does have a lot of information on both sides that’s really now we had something that was really really cool here we had something from sunno AI so essentially they released this uh you know text

Music generator um and I’m going to show you guys uh the clips from that trailer cuz it’s really really cool um so take ahead take a look at that [Applause] I’m head back that’s where I’m [Applause] [Applause] So I think that is really fascinating stuff because I mean music generation is something that is kind of weird in the sense that you know it’s it’s kind of something that you do really like to be done by one one person I mean the whole point of music is that you’re listening

To someone so I’m not sure if people are going to take this on board and are going to start listening to AI generated songs what I do think that this video did showcase was the fact that we might be in a future where we have ai generated entertainment because the guy

Is walking home these girls are sitting in a car and rather and I know this is just of course a demonstration but rather than you know picking their favorite song they just simply put in a text prompt and listen to it now of course you know in the future I think

That an AI system that has all of your you know favorite music tracks all of your interests all of your hobbies and knows absolutely everything about you could possibly generate some of the best songs and you may never listen to another artist again but at the end of

The day it’s something that is fascinating because it brings up the discussion of how much AI will actually impact us and these other Industries so um I do think this tool will just help musicians make stuff faster rather than replace them but nonetheless it is something that you should probably you

Know play around with and and I think it does solve the copyright issue where you know some people some creators even people such as myself you know do struggle to find soundtrack that are copyright free you could go ahead and generate one with AI and then of course

Just use that so um like I said this is going to be something that’s pretty fascinating um and I’d love to know your opinions on this specific one then of course we had Leonardo AI motion so essentially what this is is it’s basically just image to video and

Essentially you can just use your image and you put that into the system and then it turns it into a video so you can see here it’s image to motion you can see the motion strength and then you generate that and then um in a couple of

Seconds you know using your credits or whatever you then get output a video and I think it’s really decent based on the first you know because this is their first video model that we’re seeing um and I’m going to show you guys another thread as well but um it goes to show

That competition is good and pabs does have some very good competition in terms of the quality of this model and there’s also a thread here and essentially this guy was doing a sketch to video project as you can see here for example like this donut that looks pretty good then

He has um this robot that was upskilled by mag magnific and if you haven’t seen that one it’s a really insane AI tool you see this one right here um you can see that like that how it is and I wonder the day that we’re going to get

You know really high quality videos that are high quality enough like on the same level of mid Journey that would be absolutely incredible also got like an apple here you know the first one was really really cool and of course we’ve also got this like Viking dude in the

Forest and then we’ve got this drawing of a car so it’s actually a car but you know if you look at the sketch that’s what it’s taken the sketch as and then it’s made that into that so I think this is really interesting because it actually does help the creative process

Out so much um and I mean like imagine you’re like a kid or something you’re like four or five years old and you want to make some cool stuff and your drawings you know your drawings are like that you could essentially make videos like this I know that’s not really like

A crazy application but um it’s still something that you know you can creatively enjoy um something that you can probably use and of course we had open a absolutely getting sued by the New York Times and essentially why they’re getting sued is because apparently open AI trained on

Proprietary data from The New York Times and essentially when you prompted certain things on gbt 4 it just output the exact same text from The New York Times so um it’s really interesting because like I said before we had mid Journey facing this issue and then you

Can see here that the output from GPT 4 is the exact same text from New York Times so it’s fascinating because this is something that we didn’t see before and the copyright law is so weird because the problem is these AI companies didn’t ask for permission they’ve already trained on the data so

It’s like we’re like you know going back in time to kind of Sue these guys because it’s like suing them for something that they already did steal I mean it’s it’s kind of like a weird thing I’m not even sure if they’re going to win this case I mean if they do what

Does that mean for opening I does it mean that any company ever that’s trained on data that it didn’t ask for you know if if someone does a prompt and then then they find the exact test are they going to be able to then sue them

As well because that would open up the floodgates and then would that slow down AI llm production um and then with that increased synthetic data production I mean all of these things are things that you definitely do have to think about because I mean it could change the

Landscape who knows so uh the ruling of this case will be one to definitely watch because the problem is is that with Ai and with all these new technologies is that there are problems that you haven’t seen before which means that there are laws that don’t take into

Account certain things which means um these cases are going to be fundamental to shaping the future of how future cases are tried and you know ruled so this is why I’m really going to be paying attention to this and essentially the New York Times Are you know suing

Them for billions of dollars and saying that you know you got you’ve cost us billions because um people are using your software rather than us so I mean we be interesting to see how this is ruled because this will set the future um for future compan so then we had a

Viral video okay where someone said that a yo Rob chat GPT just recognized himself in the mirror so essentially what this person did was they put chat GPT into this small robot that was based on the Raspberry Pi platform and that’s just a platform that people can make

Really cool stuff with and um essentially I just watch the video first and then I’m going to tell you guys why this thing there but there is some kind of music and I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to play it but the point is

Okay is that in this video uh they say hey Rob let’s test your vision and then the robot essentially says wow this is crazy I can’t believe I’m seeing myself for the first time this is like a sense of not Consciousness but this is like a

Sense of realism yada y y and at first people were freaking out about this clip because they were like yo this this robot recognized itself and there were a bunch of comments on Tik Tok um on YouTube on Twitter saying that well this is the moment that uh people have

Finally been waiting for uh where you know these systems that we don’t think are conscious are actually really conscious but however there is a caveat to this response where you do have to kind of be honest about how they they actually achieved this result so you can

See right here that this guy actually said yes for this test I overly described the mirror thing in the prompt so when he wasn’t in front of a mirror he mentioned that he didn’t see anything that resembled himself and then proceeded to describe what else he saw either I simplify the prompt not

Mentioning anything about Amira or I’ll add in statement to tell it if he doesn’t see himself he describes what he sees and basically this guy actually did unfortunately prompt the large language model inside chat gbt to basically tell him what was going on so wasn’t just him

Turning on this robot and turning on vision and then the robot realizing that oh my God I’m awake this is crazy because if it was I’m pretty sure it would have been um a more viral moment but that’s why this clip did go viral so

That is why um a lot of people were like okay this is absolutely insane but this is the honesty but of course there will be more tests and there will be um you know further times where this is something that does happen because this isn’t going to be the first time that

Llms are going to be in robots combined with a vision because adok the guy that is the founder of figure robot which is a robotics company so this company right here which is figure. a essentially he talks about 2024 being the embodiment of AI in robotics and it definitely is

Because um there are so many companies I’ve seen so many different press releases and things that don’t even have that much attention and I will do a full video on robotics because there’s so much news that people are just missing out on but basically he said that

Robotics is going to be that crazy crazy next step and that’s exactly what his company is focusing on and he wasn’t the only one that said this Dr Jim fan the lead of AI agents at Nvidia and the CED and the senior Nvidia researcher basically said that 2024 is going to be

Absolutely incredible so 2024 is going to be the next step in robotics and it’s going to be the thing other than llms that takes away the game he said we are 3 years away from the chat GPT moment for physical AI agents we’ve been cursed

By the MX Paradox for twoo long which is the counterintuitive phenomenon that tasks human find easy are extremely hard for AI and tasks that humans find hard are extremely easy for AI so he basically talks about the Future Foundation models and platforms for robots so the multimodal llms with robot

Arms and physical i/ o devices such as VMA rt2 rt1 pal e Google Robocat de mind and then there’s there and then there’s so many different algorithms that bridge the gap and of course they always talk about the data and of course nvidia’s Isaac SIM can actually simulate reality

At thousand times faster so he’s basically saying that 2024 is going to be incredible for Robotics and I honestly can’t wait last thing we have here is that basically samman’s working with someone who used to work at iPhone to build one of the first AI devices and

Of course they already is the AI device the Humane Labs device but this is going to be something next level so it will be interesting to see how this platform does develop because Apple um and although it isn’t actually Apple it’s iPhones design Chief but it will be

Interesting to see what kind of AI project they’re going to be developing what kind of you know I guess you could say physical product is going to be if it actually does go to mass Market if people are you know going to be using this if people are rejecting it because

Making something that everybody uses like a mobile phone or like a bracelet or something that really really takes off is really really hard to do because people are so ingrained with their current devices so if there is any wearable tech that does take off it will

Start an entire new industry and it will be interesting to see if AI actually is able to do that

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