The Exciting Yet Terrifying New Robot by OpenAI – Video

The Exciting Yet Terrifying New Robot by OpenAI – Video

OpenAI’s latest creation in partnership with figure has left the world in awe with its mind-blowing capabilities. This humanoid robot, named Figure One, is not your average AI. It is a revolutionary piece of technology that is both exciting and, dare I say, a little terrifying.

In a recent demo, Figure One showcased its ability to not only see and understand its surroundings but also to interact with them in a way that is eerily human-like. From picking up an apple to putting away dishes, Figure One tackled tasks with ease and efficiency, all while explaining its actions in a clear and coherent voice.

What sets Figure One apart from other robots is its learning capabilities. This robot doesn’t just follow pre-programmed commands; it learns on the job, adapting and problem-solving in real-time. With a neural network that rivals human intelligence, Figure One is a glimpse into the future of robotics.

This demo not only showcases the incredible advancements in AI technology but also raises important questions about the impact of such advanced robots on our daily lives. While the future of robotics is undeniably exciting, it is also a little daunting. Are we ready for a world where robots are not just smart but intuitive, helpful, and maybe a little too good at what they do?

Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure – the future of robotics has arrived, and it is absolutely mesmerizing.

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Video Transcript

All right folks gather around you’re not going to believe this roller coaster I’m about to share it’s about this AI demo that completely blew my socks off and yes I do wear socks with sandal sometimes we’re diving into the world of open AI partnering up with figure to create something so mind-blowing it’ll

Make you rethink your relationship with your toaster hey figure one what do you see right now I see a red apple on a plate in the center of the table a drying rack with cups and a plate and you standing nearby with your hand on the table great can I

Have something to eat sure Thing great can you explain why you did what you just did while you pick up this Trash on it so I gave you the Apple because it’s the only uh edible item I could provide you with from the table great so based on the scene right now where do you think the dishes in front of you go next the dishes on the table like that

Plate and cup are likely to go into the drying rack next great can you put them There of Course all right so how do you think you did I I think I did pretty well the apple found its new owner the trash is gone and the table wear is right where it belongs I agree thanks figure one you’re welcome if there’s anything else you need help with just let me know

So there I was eyes glued to the screen watching this demo and let me tell you it wasn’t just any ordinary demo it was the kind of demo that makes you sit up and Whisper what the heck did I just watch it’s like witnessing a magic trick

But instead of pulling a rabbit out of a hat they pulled out a full-blown humanoid robot that talks back to you without missing a beat now hats off to figure these guys moved faster than me trying to dodge my grandma’s cheek pinches in just a year and a half they

Went from zilch to a working humanoid robot imagine in the time it takes some of us to decide on a Netflix show these Wizards built a talking task completing robot let’s get technical for a sec but not too technical because who likes that right this robot is all about learning

On the job no remote controls or cheat codes everything you saw in that demo it learned it like a baby but instead of learning to spit food it’s acing complex tasks at the speed of life and the Brain behind it all a neural network so smart it probably does its taxes in January

The cool part part this robot doesn’t just see it understands give it a command and it’ll figure out how to get it done talking you through its thought process in a voice so smooth you think it’s about to drop the hottest podcast episode and the movement oh boy it’s

Like watching ballet but with metal and wires the robots got this inner sense of balance that would put a cat to shame plus it reacts so quickly it could probably catch a fly with chopsticks now for the really nerdy stuff it’s got what they call 24 degrees of freedom actions

In human speak it’s like having the dexterity of a concert pianist if the concert pianist was made of bolts and had a computer for a brain but here’s the kicker this isn’t just about making robots do cool party tricks it’s about pushing the envelope showing us that the

Future of Robotics is here and it’s learning to hand us apples in the most sophisticated way possible it’s about giving those Boston Dynamics robots a run for their money and making Tesla’s Optimus look like it needs to catch up to sum it up this demo was like watching

The season finale of your favorite show and it leaves you screaming at the TV for more it’s a glimpse into a future where robots are not just smart they’re intuitive helpful and maybe a bit too good at what they do so there you have it a demo so impressive it makes me feel

Like my greatest achievement is figuring out my coffee maker can’t wait to see where this leads but one thing’s for sure the future of Robotics is looking pretty darn exciting

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