Scarlett Johansson versus OpenAI – Video

Scarlett Johansson versus OpenAI – Video

The recent controversy surrounding actor Scarlett Johansson and OpenAI has been making headlines all over social media. In a recent development, Johansson has hired legal counsel after accusing OpenAI of using a synthetic voice for ChatGPT that sounds remarkably similar to hers. The actor is known for her distinct voice and believes that her intellectual property rights may have been violated.

This incident sheds light on the ethical dilemmas surrounding artificial intelligence and the use of deep learning models to mimic human voices. While technology has advanced at a rapid pace, questions about privacy, consent, and ownership of voice recordings are still being debated.

In other news, Ireland, Spain, and Norway have made a significant announcement by announcing their plans to formally recognize a Palestinian state. This move highlights the ongoing efforts for international recognition and support for the Palestinian people.

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