The James Webb Space Telescope has made a startling revelation. – Video

The James Webb Space Telescope has made a startling revelation. – Video

The James Webb Space Telescope, designed to be superior to the Hubble Space Telescope, has recently made a discovery that could change how we understand the universe. Light has been detected coming from a stunning 7 trillion miles away. Could this light be coming from a mysterious extraterrestrial world, millions of lightyears away? Several years ago, NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope helped detect a family of seven rocky exoplanets orbiting the star Trappist one. The James Webb telescope then measured the temperature of one of these planets, finding it to be uninhabitable. This was a record-breaking discovery for the telescope, given the difficult nature of measuring such dim, mid-infrared light.

The Trappist one planets are in their star’s habitable zone, making them the best place to search for rocky planets with an atmosphere. However, they are too far away to be explored by humans at this time. The discovery made with the James Webb telescope isn’t just about this particular exoplanet – it is about the telescope’s capability of making such measurements to explore the atmospheres and temperatures of many other distant worlds. The telescopes continue to help explore lunar phenomena, including currently unidentified flashes of light observed on the Moon’s surface.

The telescope’s high sensitivity and advanced AI technology allow researchers to distinguish between unexpected lunar phenomena and everyday occurrences in space. While some of these unexplained phenomena are mysterious, scientific research and explanations have contributed to our understanding of distant worlds and astronomical phenomena.

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Video Transcript

The James web Space Telescope an astounding piece of equipment built to outperform the Hubble Space Telescope has made a terrifying and amazing discovery that might completely change our perception of the universe it has successfully detected a faint glow coming from a staggering 7 trillion miles away can this glow be shining City

Lights coming from some mysterious extraterrestrial World galaxies away from us well let’s start from the beginning a few years ago NASA’s infrared Spitzer Space Telescope helped us spot a family of seven Rocky exoplanets orbiting the same star this star is known as Trappist one and recently our new infrared Powerhouse the

James web telescope has measured the temperature of One of Those Distant Worlds it was a planet called trapist 1B unfortunately it turned out that this earthlike planet was totally uninhabitable astronomers took James web’s mid infrared camera called Miri and looked at the planet’s ther emissions we can picture the whole

Process as scientists using heat sensing Terminator Vision the results were quite disappointing Trappist 1B turned out to be scorching its average temperature was around 450° F that’s as hot as in an oven plus the planet most likely doesn’t have any atmosphere at the same time this discovery was another record-

Breaking first for the telescope which had already produced some newsworthy results by that time it was the the first time researchers detected any form of light emitted by a small and relatively cool exoplanet similar to the rocky planets in our own solar system no previous telescope had enough

Sensitivity to measure such dim mid infrared light when seven trapist one exoplanets were first discovered the astronomical Community was ecstatic that’s because all those far away worlds were about the size of our home planet and located in their Stars habitable zone it’s the region that is just the

Right distance away from a star for liquid water to exist on a planet surface thus the planetary system became the best place to look for rocky planets with an atmosphere but don’t get too excited yet these planets aren’t likely to become new worlds for humans to explore mostly because the trapist one

Planets are totally out of our reach at the moment they’re just too far away at a whopping 235 trillion miles away their star is also much smaller and redder than our sun it’s classified as an m dwarf star in our home Milky Way galaxy there are twice as many of such stars as

There are stars like the sun and they’re also twice as likely to have rocky planets orbiting it’s probably not surprising that astronomers are very interested in such Stars they’re the main targets for seeking potentially habitable planets and it’s also way easier and more convenient to observe rocky planets around such smaller stars

But there’s a catch M dwarfs are more active than our sun they frequently flare and spew high energy rays which which are likely to be extremely damaging to planets atmospheres and any forms of extraterrestrial life when researchers examined trapist 1B before their observations weren’t sensitive enough to determine whether this world

Had an atmosphere or if it was just a Barren Rock but now we know the planet is tily locked to its star which means that one of its sides always faces the star while the other is stuck in Perpetual Darkness the latest simulations suggest that if this planet

Had an atmosphere its temperature would be much lower since the air would redistribute the heat around both sides of the planet unfortunately the James web telescope recorded much hotter temperatures than needed for such a favorable scenario it indicates the absence of an atmosphere and knocks the planet off our list of possibly

Habitable worlds but the main excitement here isn’t actually the features of trapist 1B the main takeaway is that James web is capable of making such kinds of measurements it’ll help us explore the atmospheres and temperatures of of many other Distant Worlds wow the NASA hotline is ringing off the hook the call center operator is all sweaty from stress they barely have time to answer the phone and all the messages they get say the same thing there’s something glowing on the moon indeed hundreds and thousands of amateur astronomers were watching the Moon that

Night and suddenly there was a bright light on it as if someone had lit a powerful Spotlight on the surface scientists immediately began to look for an explanation to this phenomenon they first thought it was simply the glow of an airplane flying between The Observers and the moon but then it wouldn’t have

Been seen by so many people from different parts of the world at the same time the next suspects were the Starling satellites theoretically one of them could have played a cruel trick on amateur astronomers they could have mistaken the small satellite’s light for a flash of light on the moon but then

Again if the satellite were the culprit of this mess the flare wouldn’t be static but moving while some scientists continue to search for an answer to this mystery others decide to investigate the phenomenon in more detail for this purpose they have built a new telescope north of sevil Spain the conditions

There are quite suitable for observing the moon the telescope has two cameras controlled remotely from the campus in Germany if both cameras pick up any unusual phenomenon on the surface of the Moon it will quickly Zoom the telescope there to see what’s going on it’ll also require Advanced artificial intelligence

To teach the cameras to distinguish between the Unexplained phenomenon on the moon and the light of an airplane a satellite or a small meteorite that just entered the Earth’s atmosphere while the telescope is doing its investigation we already have a theory that may explain the appearance of such

Bright round flashes on the moon’s surface so the moon influences the tides of the Seas and oceans on Earth with its gravitational force but the Earth can’t affect the moon in the same way only the force will be 32 and 1/2 times stronger while the moon orbits the earth at one

Point it may be as close to our planet as possible then the force of the interaction will be greatest at this point tidal forces May Force cracks in the surface of the Moon to open and release gas from its interior a powerful jet of gas will lift

The lunar dust with it and what we see as a bright flash through our telescopes is really just a fog of dust which is round and reflects sunlight well if you look at it from a distance it really does look like a flash as the dust Rises

We think there’s been a small explosion and that flash gradually Fades as the dust settles down these things happen all the time on the moon surface they’re called transient lunar phenomenon and besides lunar flashes much more mystical and bizarre things have happened back in 1178 five monks claimed to have seen the

Moon being in the shape of a horn begin to split in two from an upper point then fire and Sparks began to blaze from the place of Separation it was as if a dragon were spewing flames in the next moment the moon began to pulsate and then returned to its calm State this

Phenomenon was repeated more than 10 times and the Flames took different shapes each time when this nightmare was over the moon turned black it wasn’t until the 20th century that scientists tried to explain the phenomenon they theorized that a large asteroid collided with a moon at the time and it was this

Asteroid that should be blamed for creating the geodo Bruno crater 15 Brooklyn Bridges wide but in that case millions of tons of fragments from the asteroid would have hit the earth as well and then people would have seen an incredible meteor shower it would have been very bright and the memories of it

Would definitely have been in the archives but that didn’t happen now the phenomenon the monks observed seems questionable perhaps they did see an asteroid fall only it was falling on the Earth itself and they perceived the light from the burning meteorite as something sinister happening on the moon

Or maybe the monks were simply imagining things there’s no witnesses to this event other than them another unusual phenomenon is the blue and red lights on the moon they can be seen when it’s horn shaped and this occurs most often in the a EST stockus Creator the flashes come and go very

Quickly almost like lightning in fact this is electricity title forces are to blame for this too they cause mechanical stress to build up in the Rocks this can produce an electric field which creates the blue flashes that have surprised many amateur astronomers there can also

Be star bursts on the moon we can blame this on meteorites that fall on the surface because the moon has no atmosphere asteroids that that approach it don’t burn up having a lot of weight and speed they cause an explosion on impact and here on Earth we see it as a

Starburst for example on May 13th 1972 there was a meteorite impact of 1,000 tons of TNT near where Apollo 14 landed if we live much earlier we might have witnessed constant bright flashes on the moon’s surface all the craters there are formed by such meteor strikes so so imagine the fireworks that were

There years ago and a lot of those meteorites were even useful too they brought water with them yes there is water on the moon NASA confirmed this fact after studies with the Sophia telescope it was mounted on an airplane the observations were made from the upper atmosphere of the Earth

At such an altitude the dry air allowed the telescope to see even the smallest details water might have been in the craters at the poles of the Moon these places have never seen light and the water there might be encased in ice but Sophia found water on the sunlet surface

Of the Moon of course it’s only H2O molecules that are present in the dust layers but that’s something if we manage to collect all this water we’ll get very little of it in comparison the Sahara Desert has about 100 times more water than we found on the moon but an even

More unusual phenomenon is happening there right now the Moon is actually rusting just like a piece of old metal for us to appear we need iron water and oxygen lunar soil has enough iron in it and as we’ve already learned there’s some water too the last piece of the

Puzzle is oxygen everyone knows there’s no atmosphere on the moon and we can’t breathe there but oxygen is still present the solar wind brought it there the wind from our warm star moves at an extremely high speed it scrapes oxygen from the upper parts of our atmosphere and carries it further through space

Eventually the wind with the oxygen molecules reaches the moon voila all the ingredients for corrosion are in place and the iron ore on the surface of the Moon begins to take on a reddish Hue if this process goes on long enough in the distant future the moon will look like

Like Mars It Will turn orange red yes the signature color of Mars came exactly from that corrosion that began there thousands and thousands of years ago when there were rivers and seas with water and an atmosphere with oxygen other strange objects that can be seen on the moon were left there by

Humans between 1969 in 1972 12 people visited there as part of the Apollo program in all there were six Landing sites where the astronauts left a bunch of stuff behind besides a couple of dozen satellites and spacecraft that fell or landed Softly on the moon there’s a lunar rover some United States

Flags a family photo of one of the astronauts and even three golf balls and the first two people to be on the moon left behind a whole pile of stuff when they were about to go home they took a lot of soil samples and rocks with them

And to carry it all away they had to get rid of everything unnecessary on board the lunar module the TV Camera the sample collection tools the science equipment and even the armrests from the seats the astronaut stood outside the lunar module for a full 8 minutes and threw out a whole mountain of

Unnecessary items if you collect all these objects and debris that we left there by 12 astronauts and put them on the scales it will show about 199 tons it’s like three heavy armored tanks or three large passenger planes strange but true whether you look up at the night

Sky or Marvel at the picture of the Universe Online the question Remains the Same why is space dark why isn’t it colorful like Earth’s blue daytime Sky the answer is certainly not a lack of light but first let’s figure out why it’s light on our planet and why our our

Sky is so beautifully blue unlike in the vacuum of space on Earth we’ve got an atmosphere filled with different kinds of gas molecules also since Earth is relatively close to the Sun a lot of Light reaches the surface of our planet when these light waves hit the molecules

In Earth’s atmosphere blue and violet ones are just the right length to scatter as a result we’ve got a blue sky during the day the Sun’s light completely covers the side of Earth facing it then the sun sets at the end of the day and since light waves move in

A straight line until they make contact with something they can’t reach very far into the side of Earth that no longer faces the sun without the sun all we have is the darkness of space again you might object but the Moon is just as close to the Sun as our planet then why

Is it sky always black unlike Earth the moon doesn’t have a strong atmosphere and even though the Sun’s light does reach its surface there are no gaseous molecules for it to bounce off of that’s why the whole spectrum of visible light makes its way down to the surface of our natural

Satellite okay but there are billions of stars in our galaxy alone there are billions of galaxies in the universe plus you can find other space objects that reflect light like planets or large moons then why don’t all these light sources make our night sky super bright this contradiction is known in astronomy

And physics circles as ur’s Paradox and it can be explained by the theory of SpaceTime expansion this idea claims that the Universe expands faster than the speed of light that’s why the light coming from distant galaxies is likely to be stretching and turning into infrared light as well as microwaves and

Radio waves they are not detectable by human eyes that’s why they appear black human perception plays its role here here too our eyes are well adapted to the conditions on our home planet and how we perceive light is influenced by our visual system if there are no familiar cues like an atmosphere or

Objects reflecting light it’s likely to be difficult for people to perceive light in space interestingly stars do give off light in all colors including those not visible to the human eye like infrared or ultraviolet if we could see microwaves space would seem glowing to us that’s because the cosmic microwave background

Which is energy leftovers from the Big Bangs scattered around the early Universe still fills the cosmos one more reason why Interstellar and interplanetary space seems to be dark is that space is an almost complete vacuum so there’s virtually nothing between stars and planets to help light scatter

To reach our eyes and with no light all our eyes see is black at the same time space might not be as black as astronomers initially thought and as your eyes tell you at least that’s what a 2021 study suggests with the help of NASA’s New Horizons mission to Pluto and

The Kyper belt scientists have managed to see space without any light interference from Earth or the Sun the research team looked through the images taken by the probe and subtracted all light from the Milky Way known stars and possible galaxies they also removed the light that might have leaked in from

Camera quirks and guess what the background light of the universe was still twice as bright as predicted the reasons for this extra brightness are still unknown astronomers will keep studying this topic but until they find the answer one thing we should probably agree on Space seems to be more charcoal than pitch Black when a team of astronomers embarked on an ambitious project to craft a comprehensive 3D depiction of our galaxy they anticipated standard findings yet they stumbled upon something completely unexpected Dr anab banaka a distinguished scientist from Harvard detected an unusual interference in the Stellar streams of our galaxy these

Stellar streams are essentially Pathways of stars that Traverse galaxies in unison the specific stream in Focus named gd1 spans a remarkable distance across our Celestial canvas historically the stream maintained a consistent line molded by the Galaxy’s gravitational pull however Dr bonaka observed an anomaly a gap with an irregular outline

It appeared as though a massive entity had recently burst through gd1 its gravitational prowess pulling Stars along its path intriguingly telescopes couldn’t pinpoint what caused this disruption the burning question then was what could this invisible force possibly be I hope this unknowable Force doesn’t stop you from clicking the Subscribe

Button giving it a like and hitting the Bell your support is very important thank you there’s a hypothesis that an unfamiliar star could be the culprit however Dr bonica believes that the size of this disturbance is much larger than any known star it would need to be a

Staggering million times the mass of our son but let’s consider another possibility what if a gargantuan black hole akin to the one at our Galaxy’s core caused this disruption in the Milky Way if two such black holes neared each other they might get trapped in their Mutual gravitational pull leading to a

Potential catastrophic Collision then the stronger of the two holes would consume the weaker one and one huge Super Mighty black hole would appear but people have yet to witness a collision of black holes plus scientists can’t predict the consequences of such a merge even though they’ve simulated it on powerful

Computers the only obvious fact is that it would produce incredible amounts of energy huge ripples would travel through the entire universe bound to hit our planet eventually then again two black holes in one Galaxy might refuse to merge imagine this a super massive black hole hundreds of millions of times the

Mass of the Sun is spinning in the center of the Milky Way at a phenomenal speed another spinning black hole approaches hours what do you think will happen right one of the holes most likely the Intruder will get kicked out and sent hurdling away like a frisbee flying

Through space and who can guarantee that it wouldn’t head toward the Earth luckily for us there aren’t any super massive black holes in the vicinity so this Theory fails to explain the mysterious Bullet Hole phenomenon Dr bonica still doesn’t rule out the possibility that the intruder is some kind of luminous star-like

Object after tearing a hole in the Milky Way it could be hiding somewhere in the Galaxy but again it seems highly unlikely because of the object’s huge size I mean we’re talking 30 to 65 light years across a i in any case predicting the location of this mysterious Intruder

Is as challenging as guessing where your missing sock disappears to after laundry day speaking of things disappearing don’t let this channel vanish from from your feed hit that subscribe button the Intruder could have been blazing fast requiring minimal Mass to cause such a disturbance in the Stellar

Stream or it could have been a slower massive Behemoth astronomers are still scratching their heads which just goes to show that some Mysteries are harder to unravel than others in the vast abyss of the cosmos amidst the Stellar tapestry lies the Milky Way not just a River of stars but

Our very Abode Envision a gargantuan pin wheel spanning eons rotating in the void of space a place born from time’s earliest Whispers around 14 billion years ago a Dominion of Starlight nebuli and Cosmic wonders housing not just celestial bodies but stories Yours Mine and even that untidy child from down the

Lane picture a canvas so wide taking a 100 Millennia for a beam of light to Traverse within it our son a mere Speck takes 250 million years to complete its Cosmic Marathon around the Galaxy’s heart and when night Graces our world those Myriad twinkling eyes above most

Are part of the Milky Way sprawling limbs this River of Starlight was once an enigma to our ancestors a Milky stroke across the heavens hence the Galaxy’s poetic name but hold your breath for a Twist in the tail from the heart of this Stellar expanse a curious

Signal emanates like the dots and dashes of Morse code there exists a mysterious message perhaps a Celestial whisper decades past we spotted gigantic tendrils hanging ominously close to the enigmatic Sagittarius A asterisk our Galaxy’s heart harboring a monstrous black hole recent Revelations have unveiled new tendrils puzzlingly shorter their

Orientations odd reminiscent of spokes radiating from a Wheels Hub though the tendrils share common traits their Origins are believed to differ towering vertical ones pierce the cosmos while the horizontal siblings evoke Morse cod’s eloquence the former magnetic while the latter exudes thermal warmth these baffling phenomena though

Celestial in scale may help unveil the secrets of our Galaxy’s Central black hole coal yet the Mysteries don’t end there from the depths came another signal frequent pulsations unlike any Celestial body we know its origin ambiguous some speculated to be remnants of a collapsed star While others Ponder

The existence of an entirely unknown celestial object and as if the Galaxy wasn’t enigmatic enough a new conundrum arises our gamma ray telescope unveiled an intense glow from the Milky Ways core for a decade this luminescence baffled Minds is it the cataclysmic destruction of elusive dark matter or is it the

Dance of millisecond pulsers neutron stars spinning at unimaginable speeds debates Rage with the pulsers being Prime suspects yet skepticism abounds some postulate it could be due to Cosmic interactions While others question the peculiar spherical Congregation of these pulsars the Galaxy with all its Grandeur remains

A Labyrinth of riddles all we can do is persist in our Quest diving deeper into the Enigma that is our Celestial home within this vast Cosmic theater every Revelation begets more questions and every answer we unearth draws us further into an intricate dance of Wonder and uncertainty each star each pulser every

Tendril is not just a point of light or a phenomenon but a chapter in The Grand tale of our universe we as humble residents of this Milky Way are constantly driven by an insatiable curiosity with every tool we Forge and every telescope WE peer through we seek

To understand our place in the vastness to decipher the messages encoded in the fabric of space and time these mysteries from the mors Cod likee tendrils to the inexplicable gamma rays are beckoning calls for Humanity they whisper to us of stories yet to be told of puzzles waiting to be solved and

Of our ever evolving understanding of the cosmos in the face of these Revelations we are reminded of how much there is still to learn and yet with every Discovery we inch closer to understanding the intricate ballet of the universe thousands of strange spaceships sneak into Earth’s airspace they descend

To our planet and fly through cities plunging people into complete chaos suddenly the door of the largest ship opens and a strange creature comes out it tries to copy our language and says they had come from a distant star Proxima centuri something like this might happen because scientists have

Recently picked up a strange radio signal off that star Proxima centuri is the closest star to our solar system it’s only 4.2 light years away that means a beam of light that starts from this star reaches Earth in 4.2 years that’s also 270,000 distances from Earth to the sun the star Proxima centuri

Itself is too pale for us to see with the uned eye in the night sky but its system hides a little secret let’s fly there and take a closer look so here’s this red dwarf it’s seven times smaller than our sun and eight times lighter Proxima centuri is 1.5

Times bigger than Jupiter and almost 150 times heavier but what we’re looking for is a little further away this is Proxima centu b a planet similar to Earth it’s only 10% larger than Earth and is in the habitable zone of the star it’s the perfect distance not too far away and

Not too close so the temperature isn’t too high or low there either water if it exists on that planet can be in a liquid state and so life can survive and evolve there maybe it’s developed enough to send us the signal that we had received a radio signal is basically waves they

Have have a certain frequency and length and we can always tell an artificial signal from a naturally generated one the signal that we picked up from Proxima centory B had a frequence of 982 MHz the regular radio we listen to in the kitchen or in the car picks up

Signals around 100 MHz that’s why scientists have concluded that the signal was created artificially such signals could have a way of communication between the developed worlds if this is really a message from an outer space civilian we should be able to decode it for this any civilization must use the simplest

Method of encryption for example Earth has already sent a radio signal into space it was the aoso message this message consists of 1,679 digits it’s a rectangle of 23x 73 squares that has information about our civilization encoded using a binary code at the top of the rectangle there’s a

System of numbers that we use they’re marked in white this purple thing is the key to read the next part part of the message the atomic numbers of the elements like hydrogen carbon nitrogen oxygen and phosphorus are encoded in this key these are the key elements that can start

Life if those who receive this signal can make sense of the numbers in the key they can read the next part of the message these green things are the building blocks of our DNA chain and right at the bottom here is the DNA chain itself the white rectangle

Indicates the number of pairs of these building blocks and the blue spirals show the shape of a DNA chain and then we see the human silhouette itself the white and blue object to its left is a coded number of our average height the human itself is drawn here at the ends

Of the DNA strand so that the outer space civilization can understand what we look like and the white rectangle to the right of the human sketch is the number of Earth’s population at the time of the message that’s 4.2 billion as of 1974 almost half the number we have now

The next part is a drawing of our solar system system the big yellow square is the sun then come all the planets in our solar system including Pluto Earth has shifted up a bit here so that outer space civilization can understand where this message is coming from in the last

Drawing is the observatory from which this message had been sent into space this signal is now on its way to the M13 star cluster 25,000 light years away from Earth so it won’t get there for another 25,000 years and we’ll need another 25 to get a response if there is

Really someone on the other side who can receive the signal if the signal from Proxima centuri is also a message we’ll need time to decode it so let’s fire up our superpowered Computing machine and wait for the result but this isn’t the first mystery signal we’ve ever picked

Up on earth scientists recorded an unusual wow signal in 1977 they supposed it came from somewhere in the constellation of Sagitarius the telescope was picking up the unknown signal for an impressive 72 seconds later a scientist who looked at the print out of the signal concluded that

The signal was artificial he wrote wow on the printout as his reaction the following observations and studies couldn’t catch this signal again some theories said that this signal came from a Celestial spaceship flying by it had flown away and we could no longer detect the signal but most likely this

Signal was created on Earth it was directed upward but reflected off an object at a high altitude it could have been an airplane a satellite or space debris orbiting our planet then the signal was picked up by the telescope and because it was human made all of its characteristics like wavelength and

Frequency could have confused scientists in 2017 scientists recorded a flare on Proxima centori the star’s brightness increased by 1,000 times in just 10 seconds before that there was another flare there that was weaker but lasted about 2 minutes with these flares proximus centuri has a emitted enormous

Amounts of radiation even if there was life on the star’s companion Planet these flares would have likely destroyed it the Stellar winds would have simply blown the atmosphere off the planet and made its surface lifeless overall the planet Proxima centu B receives 60 times more high energy radiation and 400 times

More x-ray radiation than earth scientists have concluded that the probability of life here is 1 to 100 million and while we don’t know yet for sure if the signal was artificial or natural the scenario of a bunch of spaceships coming to Earth is most likely possible our only method for

Searching for outer space civilizations is using radio waves they’re like loud noise that blasts away from our planet in different directions at the speed of light the main problem here is the gigantic distances our galaxy The Milky Way is 100,000 Lighty years wide suppose there’s life at the other end of it if

We send a radio signal to them it won’t reach that supposed planet for another 100,000 years and we won’t get a response for another 100,000 years it’s the same if someone once wanted to contact us we didn’t learn how to create and receive radio signals until the 19th

Century if a civilization was developing at the same time as us somewhere in the Milky Way and they invented the radio we won’t get their signal for several Millennia plus the radio noise from our planet is starting to fade away we used Bluetooth fiber optics cable TV so in

About 100 years will no longer be visible to other worlds or Worse what if there was an outer space civilization somewhere that was sending signals into space the signals were reaching our planet but we didn’t yet have the technology to pick them up the world that was sending the

Signal has evolved and the signal went out we could have caught those remnants of the radio waves that were moving through the universe but we set up the antennas too late there are about 2 trillion galaxies in the universe each of them contains billions and trillions

Ions of stars similar to our sun maybe there’s a planet near one of them that looks like ours life could be blooming there in this outer space civilization just like us is looking through telescopes in hopes to catch the radio signal from an unknown Planet weird unusual sounds out of

Nowhere are spreading all over our galaxy constantly repeating and it’s something we’ve never heard before scientists discovered it in 201 20 and it was nothing like any of the other energy signatures they ever studied powerful and bright radio signals occurring from time to time mysteriously disappearing within a

Day it doesn’t fit the profile of any space body we know the signal is a bit irritating and it disappears without a schedule when scientists tried to match the signal with some other telescopes it was gone low mass Stars sometimes flare up with radio energy but not here since they mostly have x-ray

Counterparts very dense collapsed stars like pulsars and magnetars are also not a choice the closest solution they got is a mysterious class of objects we know as the galactic center radio Source gcrt it’s a radio source that brightens and rapidly glows it decays near the center of our galaxy and could help us

Unravel the mystery of the universe if you had a flying car that could go up at a speed of 60 MPH you’d only need 1 hour to get into space the Moon is a little bit farther 250,000 Mi which is about 10 times the circumference of our planet that means a

Moon trip would be like taking a tour around the globe and doing it 10 times straight which would take less than 6 months a trip to Pluto would take over 800 years Proxima B is the closest earthlike neighbor we have it’s a small rocky world that orbits the closest Stellar neighbor of our

Sun it orbits the Stars habitable zone an area that’s far enough from any Star to have moderate conditions not too cold and not too hot for liquid water to at least hypothetically exist if you tried to travel to Proxima B at a speed of 25,000 mph which is the

Speed of the Apollo Moon Rockets it would take you over 112,000 years to get there you might not be able to breathe there no one knows if Proxima B has an atmosphere humans explore the universe all the time but we can only see around 5% of the matter up there and Albert

Einstein was the first one that realized the empty space is not really nothing the rest we can’t see is actually made up of invisible matter also known as dark matter it’s a about 27% combined with something called dark energy which is 68% if you try to pour water into space

Of course outside of a spacecraft it would immediately boil away or vaporize that’s because there’s no air or air pressure in space as air pressure lowers the temperature you’d usually need to boil water at also gets lower keeping that in mind water boils way faster on a Mountaintop then for example at sea

Level there’s no air pressure in space so water could boil at a very low temperature scientists believe that there are at least a couple of billion galaxies out there we don’t know the real number and probably never will but they tried to calculate it by counting

How many galaxies we can see in a pretty small and restricted area of the sky it may seem as if the universe was filled with stars and a couple of planets here and there but our home Galaxy has at least 100 billion planets if you fill a balloon with

Helium and release it you’ll notice it floats very high it’ll go up into the atmosphere but it won’t go into outer space the higher you go the thinner the air in our atmosphere gets your balloon will rise up until the point where the atmosphere surrounding it has the same

Weight as the helium inside it that will happen at approximately a height of 20 mi above the surface so this is as far as a helium balloon can rise we don’t really know how big the universe is we can’t see its edges nor

Do we know if it even has an edge we use technology to see out to a distance of around 14 billion Lighty years from our planet this means we can see around 28 billion Lighty years in diameter across starting with the outermost layer of our atmosphere that ends at around 600 miles

Above our planet’s surface although the size of the universe is constantly changing and gets bigger Through Time Mercury is closest to the Sun so most people think it’s the hottest planet too still Venus is the hottest planet it’s the second planet away from our Central Star around 30 million miles

Farther from the Sun compared to Mercury Mercury doesn’t have an atmosphere which is like some sort of a warming blanket that helps maintain the heat coming from the Sun Venus has an unexpectedly thick atmosphere around 100 times thicker than the one we have its atmosphere doesn’t let the heat out it

Just keeps it and constantly makes Venus hotter and hotter also it mostly consists of carbon dioxide that freely lets solar energy in but it’s less transparent to lose long wavelength radiations that the warm heated surface emits the average temperature there is around 875 de F which is hot enough to

Melt tin the max maximum temperature on its neighbor Mercury is 800° f in maybe two or more billion years it will be way too hot for life to exist on our precious Planet as the hundreds of millions of years go by our sun will keep getting hotter and brighter eventually

Temperatures will be so high our beautiful oceans will be wiped away since they produce 70% of the oxygen we need to survive there will be no life without them all of this means that our planet will simply become a vast desert something like Mars is today Pluto a very distant used to be

Planet now dwarf planet is actually smaller in diameter than the entire us the biggest distance there from Maine to Northern California is approximately 2900 mil while Pluto is only 1473 Mi across Pluto is very far but the edge of our solar system system is 1,000 times farther away than this dwarf planet but

Astronomers found many space objects orbiting our sun way farther than Pluto such as Kyper belt objects and trans neptunian objects there’s also an or Comet Cloud that goes half a lightyear from Pluto also 1,000 times farther a neutron star is really heavy just a tpoon filled with it would weigh 6

Billion tons neutron stars are something that remained from huge Stars that have run out of fuel The Fading star explodes and its core falls apart but due to gravity it forms an extremely dense neutron star these Stars typically have a mass of up to three Suns but the

Radius there is around 6 mil because this is one of the densest things in our universe at least that we know about the universe has a color and it averages to be some kind of beige or as they call it Cosmic latte it also has has its own smell that reminds you of

Seared steak or hot metal at least that’s something astronauts floating in space have said if you want to build a space suit get ready to work really hard it takes 5,000 hours to make it and will cost you a million doar a really good one will have 11 layers of material and weighs

About 110 lb and it needs to be comfortable you’ll need more space in there because you grow up to 2 in when in space when you’re floating around in space Earth’s gravity doesn’t have any impact on you that’s why the vertebrae in your spine might expand and relax a little

Bit which means you’ll be maybe 3% taller for 6 ft it’s about 2 extra in oh don’t worry it’s not permanent as soon as you go down to earth you’ll shrink back down to your normal size within a couple of months space isn’t the best option if

You want to have a conversation with your friend because up there sound doesn’t travel at all molecules there are so far apart that sound vibrations can’t reach them which automatically means they can’t vibrate so we can’t hear them movies are not accurate with this no one could hear you screaming in space

Too we kind of live inside our sun the sun is not just that big hot ball of light located 93 million mi away from us its outer atmosphere is way bigger it extends far beyond the surface we can see our planet’s orbit goes through its tenuous atmosphere the evidence is when

Gusts of the solar wind generate the Southern and Northern Lights that means in some way we live inside the Sun not just us other planets too including distant Neptune the heliosphere which is what we call the outer solar atmosphere extends to about 10 billion miles

Hey wake up quick listen to that it’s a 5-second FM signal coming from one of Jupiter’s moons you fumble for your phone and inform your colleagues they freak out over the news and rush to the lab you’ve been a scientist working with the Juno probe exploring Jupiter for

Years but this is the first time you’ve witnessed something so unusual gamed is Jupiter’s largest moon and the biggest moon in our solar system if this space body didn’t orbit around Jupiter it would be classified as a planet it’s even bigger than Mercury and Pluto what makes this Moon Stand Out

Among others is the fact that it has its own magnetic field the moon was born around 4 1/2 billion years ago it means it’s as old as Jupiter itself This Plane siiz space body takes seven Earth days to orbit its Planet everyone gathers at the laboratory impatiently waiting for

You to play the recording of the signal coming from space your colleagues get their game on trying to figure out out what the source of this mysterious sound is around 40% of ganam surface is dark with craters scattered around and 60% is light colored there are formations that were probably caused by tectonic

Activity or the release of water from under the surface scientists managed to discover a thin layer of oxygen trapped in the moon’s atmosphere the temperatures there are super low between -170 to -20° F there is much information about how the moon behaves or what chemical elements it hides inside some of your

Colleagues try to create the same conditions that existed when the sound was transmitted for hours they sit there waiting but nothing maybe it was a fluke you get to the control system and activate the Juno spacecraft the main point of this mission is to observe Jupiter’s gravity magnetic

Fields the atmosphere and the planet’s evolution by the way there’s also o some evidence that Jupiter’s largest moon is evolving too since it has a magnetic field surrounding it auroras pop up all the time those are glowing gas circling the moon’s North and South Poles if life existed in such a place it

Would probably be at the bottom of ganim’s extremely salty ocean for a long time scientists thought that the sun was a crucial component to Kickstart life but now we know that there are organisms dwelling deep at the bottom of the oceans those are doing just fine without

Sunlight the oceans of our planet are teeming with some of the most bizarre creatures of all shapes and sizes sea lies live some 10,000 ft underwater they got their name because they look like flowers except they’re not plants but animals don’t be fooled by their stems and leaves those are body parts equipped

With nerve endings to detect food around them goblin sharks are probably some of the most weird looking sharks that live at the bottom of the ocean they can grow up to 12 ft long and have a very unusual snout now take a look at the angler fish

It has a bioluminescent blob on its head to attract prey and navigate its way around the dark ocean floor it’s a natural flashlight that never needs new batteries it’s only the females that have these flashlights though the Blobfish is another bizarre animal living down there it lives in the Atlantic Pacific and Indian

Oceans 9,000 ft under the surface anyway even though you asked everyone to keep the news confidential it somehow leaks to the media and becomes a new trending topic you get a call from a news agency they say they want to interview you about this breakthrough that may prove

Life exists in outer space the next day you head down to the news station to talk about your Discovery you have a whole live studio audience watching your every move as you reach out to grab your glass of water the crew scurries around doing some last minute checkups before

You’re live on air the makeup artist does some final brush UPS the sound engineer asks you to test your mic once more several of the producers are sitting in the front seats bright lights are flooding the studio the countdown begins 3 2 1 and you’re introduced and

The host asks you to explain what it was that you heard you tell them about the Juno space probe orbiting Jupiter after a couple of questions the host finally brings up the most dreaded one might the mysterious sound be coming from another civilization everyone leans in waiting

For you to answer you freeze not knowing what to say even though the crushing pressure at the bottom of the ocean is a thousand times stronger than at sea level life still exists there algae which is considered a delicacy in the ocean world is off menu for deep sea

Creatures due to a lack of sunlight many of these bottom dwellers have to munch on leftovers instead those sink down there from the upper layers of the ocean the freezing temperatures and the intense pressure have altered the cells of these creatures this has made them more resilient than the average fish

Bacteria were developing their own ways of surviving studies show that they feed on certain gases and chemicals like sulfur and carbon dioxide methane and hydrogen are released when tectonic plates move it against each other and some of these bacteria Feast upon those gases too tardigrades also known as

Water bears are micros opic Critters that can live and thrive in extreme conditions you can find them in volcanoes Frozen glaciers and even in the empty void of space which means that some life forms might actually exist on ganam you explain this to your audience then you mention that you don’t have

Enough information to determine if it was another civilization or a natural phenomenon that produced The Sound this doesn’t mean that the bottom of ganim’s freezing oceans isn’t teeming with its own bizarre and weird creatures there might be some legendary beast like the Kraken or Leviathan there or weird

Glowing fish with two heads a fish with tentacles and a large fin giant crabs the bacteria there might be as varied as our own the plants if they exist there have to be strong enough to survive the Sub-Zero temperatures the animals on Jupiter’s largest moon could be as big

As our blue whales or as Tiny as Plankton after the interview you head back to the lab to examine the records once more on your way home you see posters of yourself with captions like are we not alone hey you’ve become a celebrity many people take pictures of

You you’ve been booked by other agencies for more interviews some science magazines even want to put you on the front cover as the person of the year every time you come to work you wait for the sound to appear again but nothing you send a signal from the Juno probe

Trying to make some sort of contact with whatever produc the sound nothing that night you pass out on your desk once more Eureka moment wakes you up in the middle of the night there might be something you’ve missed you run the numbers again and realize that the

Answer was in front of you this whole time it wasn’t another civilization that produced this sound The Source was electrons every planet produces its own sound it’s created when charged particles from the solar wind and the planet’s magnetosphere interact with one another that’s what happened on ganim the electrons in its magnetic field

Where the pro picked up the signal were acting Stranger than usual and this Amplified some irregular frequencies you are embarrassed and spend the rest of your night making phone calls telling your team the news the agency that interviewed you releases a statement they explain that other civilizations

Aren’t trying to contact us you sit back at your desk waiting for the next big thing to happen Europa is another of Jupiter’s moons that may host life it’s made up of an iron core a mantle and a salty ocean twice the volume of all the

Oceans on Earth and just like ganam the ocean lies under a water ice crust scientists claim that there might even be active volcanoes there and some resilient bacteria may live there with enough water certain chemicals and a source of energy Europa could produce life but it’s unlikely that we’ll find anything but tiny

Microbes without knowing languages people from different countries won’t be able to communicate with one another efficiently and imagine if some extraterrestrial civilization sent a message to Earth how would we figure out their intentions like do they want to get to know us better or is it a warning

About a fullscale intrusion it must be terribly hard to bridge the gap between us and creatures whose Minds bodies and habitats are totally different from ours so to practice decoding potential extraterrestrial messages an artist Le group created a mock message from Stars it was the most alien missive the world

Had ever seen even though it was written for humans by humans it was as nonhuman as possible the message was sent from Mars to Earth and three observatories detected the transmission 16 minutes later unfortunately so far no one has deciphered the message but many have been trying to do it there are only

Three people in the world who know what the message means one of them is the Project’s founder Daniela deales she and two other co-authors created the message after Consulting with Scientists poets programmers and philosophers from all over the world the main challenge for them was to get rid of anthropocentricity to make

The message as realistically alien as possible so the team immediately ruled out any kind of language-based communic unation even though now they refuse to confirm or deny that the message contains text the creators were also considering using mathematics yes the fundamental concepts of this science are Universal but different cultures may

Represent math differently deis and her team struggled to compose the message for years experiencing massive writer block but eventually in 2019 the idea was formed 3 years later in 2022 a major breakthrough occurred when the team Drew inspiration from a short story called a sing in space and a month before the

Transmission an astronomer joined the team adding a mathematical touch to the message to make it more Universal since the first announcement the project has attracted loads of puzzle lovers they started to exchange ideas hoping to solve the mystery some of them were among the first people to

Extract the raw message from the exomars orbiters broadcast cast it was a 40 GB string of numbers interwoven with the alien message if it had been real it would have arrived unannounced of course but in this case the signal came at a precisely scheduled time now imagine

Peeling layers off an onion that’s what filtering the data segment looked like but after a week’s effort the enthusiasts received an image of five speckled clusters against a blank background after that the speculation on the meaning of this picture started could the message be hinting at the alien’s appearance was it Morse code

Maybe it hid some genetic Secrets One user even enlisted chat GPT to help decipher the message there was also a theory that the image was a star map with the location of the alien civilization another suggested that the dots resembling constellations could be molecules probably they were part of the bio

Signature of the foreign world but decryption is the process of making sense of some message for which only the intended recipient has a key that’s why this kind of code breaking is much more difficult than decoding because you need to guess the missing key another tricky part is where to start every attempt

Feels like a stab in the dark you might believe that you have started to see patterns but you need to stop and think whether it’s true or you’re just projecting the community is still trying to decode the message at the moment there are more than 30 ideas for how to

Do it only after that can people try to understand its full meaning how about you would you like to try and take part in the process maybe you’ve got some idea then share them with us even though it may seem that science has reached the level where there are no

More Mysteries left it’s not exactly true and no modern physicist would dare to assume that our knowledge of the universe is near completion what are scientists still wondering about let’s figure it out for one thing Dark Energy keeps puzzling researchers even today because the universe doesn’t seem to add

Up even though gravity is pulling SpaceTime the very fabric of the cosmos inward the universe keeps expanding outward and this process is speeding up that’s how the concept of Dark Matter was born it’s believed to be some invisible agent that counteracts Gravity by pushing SpaceTime apart it goes like

This the universe expands and more space appears out there and with it more dark energy according to astronomers this invisible energy must make up more than 70% of the universe but no one knows how or where to look for it then there’s dark matter you see around 84% of matter

In the universe doesn’t emit or absorb light scientists call this stuff which can neither be seen directly nor detected by indirect means Dark Matter its existence is inferred from the effects it has on visible matter radiation and the Very structure of the universe there are a few special

Detectors on the lookout for weekly interacting massive particles of which Dark Matter might be composed but so far nothing has been found one of the most recent studies claims that dark matter might produce long fine grain streams radiating out from Earth like hairs and streaming throughout the Universe but it

Hasn’t been proven yet then there’s the question of antimatter it’s the oppositely charged and oppositely spinning twin of good old matter the Intrigue here is why there is more matter than antimatter in our universe it would be logical to assume that the Universe would want to treat matter in

Antimatter equally thus at the moment of the Big Bang equal amounts of matter and antimatter should have been produced right not really if it had happened there would have been a moment of total Annihilation protons would have canceled antiprotons electrons anti- electrons and so on it would leave behind a

Lifeless matteress expanse of space luckily for some mysterious reason when the universe was created there was some excess matter it didn’t get annihilated and that’s how everything started but there’s still no accepted explanation for this then we’ve got particle physics questions they account for many unsolved problems sonol luminesence is one of

Them let me explain let’s say you take some water and hit it with sound waves it forms bubbles low pressure regions surrounded by high pressure once the outer pressure pushes on the lower Press air the bubbles collapse but while collapsing they emit light even though the flashes don’t last for more

Than a trillionth of a second what bothers scientists is that it’s unclear what the source of this light is there are a few theories of course some experts think tiny nuclear fusion reactions might be involved in the process others believe some kind of electrical discharge comes into play

Here there’s also the idea of compression heating of the gases inside the bubbles none of these theories have been accepted yet this might sound surprising but we haven’t figured out what exactly gravity is either other forces are mediated by particles but not gravity some physical theories claim

That it might be carried by a hypothetical massless particle called a graviton but no one has seen these gravitons yet we don’t even know what kind of detector can be built to spot them even if gravitons come into contact with matter and we aren’t sure about it

They do it extremely rarely there’s also a theory that graviton are closed Loops of energy but again it’s just a theory so far there are tons of other unanswered questions bothering our minds what happens inside a black hole is string theory correct what is the fate of our

Universe do we live in a false vacuum hopefully one day we’ll find the answers to all these Mysteries

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