OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Unveils Surprising GPT-5 Features and Introduces OpenAI Academy – Video

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Unveils Surprising GPT-5 Features and Introduces OpenAI Academy – Video

The future of artificial intelligence is about to take a major leap forward with OpenAI CEO Sam Altman’s announcement about the upcoming GPT-5 model. This latest AI system is set to be the most powerful and versatile ever created, and it’s definitely cause for excitement.

So, what exactly can we expect from GPT-5? According to Altman, it will be a game changer in many ways. For starters, the model will be able to handle longer and more complex inputs and outputs, allowing for more natural and flexible interactions. Additionally, GPT-5 will be better at mathematical calculations and logical reasoning, addressing some of the limitations of its predecessor, GPT-4.

Furthermore, Altman talks about reducing the AI’s excessive apologies and self-deprecation, making it more confident and reliable. GPT-5 will also be better at remembering things and providing consistent responses, as well as introducing new features involving audio and video inputs and outputs to make the model more immersive and engaging for users.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Altman also revealed plans for OpenAI Academy, a platform that will use GPT-5 to provide high-quality and affordable education for anyone who wants to learn anything. This initiative aligns with Altman’s passion for revolutionizing education using AI and providing personalized and interactive learning experiences for everyone.

As for the future of OpenAI and GPT-5, it looks like there are big plans in the works. Altman envisions GPT-5 being the most powerful AI system ever, and it could be ready for public release by mid-2024. However, Altman is also mindful of the challenges and risks associated with AI and is committed to ensuring that OpenAI’s technologies, including GPT-5, are designed and deployed in a safe and beneficial manner.

In conclusion, the future looks bright for OpenAI and GPT-5, with exciting projects and advancements on the horizon. With a focus on responsibility, transparency, and collaboration, OpenAI is poised to lead the way in the field of AI ethics and innovation. It’s certainly an exciting time for the world of artificial intelligence.

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Video Transcript

Hey everyone welcome back to AI Revolution Channel I’ve got some honestly insane news about the future of artificial intelligence open Ai and gpt5 the CEO of openai Sam Altman has made some stunning statements about the upcoming gpt5 model which is expected to be the most powerful and versatile AI

System ever created in this video I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about gpd5 what it can do and why it’s so exciting so if you haven’t already smashed that subscribe button and ring the bell so you’re not left behind on any of this awesome AI stuff

We’re covering so open AI the masterminds behind insane projects like GPT 3 and 4 Dal e and codex models that are so insanely powerful they’ve been transforming the tech scene as we all know AIS that can write full-blown essays generate memes on the Fly and even create websites but that’s just the

Beginning right now open ai’s current Flagship model is gpt4 released just a couple months back in March 2023 3. this Beast was a serious step up from GPT 3.5 gpt4 is a large multimodal model which means it can accept both text and image inputs and produce text outputs it can

Perform a variety of tasks such as writing essays generating code answering questions creating images and more but it can also handle longer and more complex inputs and outputs than GPT 3.5 thanks to its larger memory and attention span but trust me gpt4 is nothing compared to what gpt5 will be

Able to do according to Sam Altman openai’s CEO gpt5 is going to be a total Game Changer and today we’re going to unpack what exactly he means by that first off he’s talked about removing the cap on the length of messages users can send to the model with gpt4 you’re

Capped at 2048 tokens per message to be honest that can be a bit limiting but with GPT 5 users will be able to send unlimited messages to the model which will allow them to interact with it more naturally and flexibly for example users will be able to have longer and more

Detailed conversations with the model ask it to perform multiple tasks in a single message or give it more complex and nuanced instructions this will make the model more user-friendly and versatile then he’s mentioned improving mathematical calculations and logical reasoning because let’s face it as awesome as gpt4 is it sometimes

Struggles with basic math and logic but with gpt5 that’s not going to be a problem anymore Altman said that the model will be able to handle these kinds of problems with ease and accuracy he has also talked about reducing the ai’s excessive apologies and self-deprecation because honestly who needs an AI that

Keeps saying things like I’m not very smart or I’m still learning or Please Don’t Judge Me we want our AI to be confident and reliable so with gpt5 Altman said that the model will be more confident and assertive in its responses and only apologize eyes when it’s appropriate or necessary also gpt5 will

Be better at remembering things and being consistent at present gpt4 often forgets user inputs and can be inconsistent for instance it might say its favorite color is blue then later say it’s green but GPT 5 according to Altman will remember more and respond more consistently this will make it

Smarter and more tailored to individual users the best part is that Altman hints at mind-blowing new features for gpt5 that gpt4 doesn’t have he didn’t reveal much details about these features but he hinted that they will involve more modalities such as audio and video inputs and outputs he also hinted that

They will involve more interactivity such as voice recognition and synthesis facial expression and emotion detection and gesture control he said that these features will make the model more immersive and engaging for users and I agree because to be honest this is going to take AI to a whole new level well Sam

Altman is not not just any CEO he’s got a Grand Vision for AI he’s got a passion for changing the world with AI from solving the world’s biggest problems like climate change to revolutionizing education he was one of the co-founders of y combinator a startup accelerator that helped launch some of the most

Successful companies in Silicon Valley such as Airbnb Dropbox stripe and Reddit he was also one of the early investors in open AI before becoming its CEO in 2019. one of the areas that Sam Altman is particularly passionate about is education he believes that AI can revolutionize the way we learn and teach

By providing personalized and Interactive Learning experiences for everyone for example he recently announced that open AI is working on a project called open AI Academy which is a platform that will use gpt5 to provide high quality and affordable education for anyone who wants to learn anything open AI Academy will allow users to

Access a variety variety of courses and topics ranging from math and science to music and art and users will be able to interact with gpt5 as their teacher tutor Mentor or friend and get feedback and guidance along the way interesting thing is that users will also be able to

Create their own courses and share them with others Altman said that open AI Academy will be launched in late 2023 and it will be free for anyone who wants to use it but Sam Altman isn’t just looking at the positive side of AI he knows there are challenges and risks

Like bias privacy issues and even existential threats that’s why open AI is committed to being a responsible organization they want to ensure AI is used ethically respects everyone’s autonomy and dignity and benefits all of humanity to make sure this Vision becomes reality open AI is willing to work with governments and Regulators

They want to make sure AI is used lawfully and ethically Altman even met with French president Emmanuel prone recently to discuss the future of AI in Europe they talked about how to regulate AI in a way that balances Innovation and social welfare so what’s next for open

Ai and gpt5 well looks like they’ve got big plans Altman wants open AI to be at the Forefront of AI and gpt5 to be the most powerful AI system ever he’s aiming to make gpt5 more versatile adaptable scalable and accessible he even said that gpt5 could be ready for public

Release by mid-2024. that’s just around the corner now of course open Ai and Altman aren’t the only ones in the AI game there are other big players like Google Facebook Microsoft and more all working on their own AI systems so how does Altman handle this competition well

In his own words he welcomes it he thinks competition Fosters Innovation and progress and ultimately the goal is to ensure AI technology benefits all of humanity he’s even open to collaborations with other organizations because he knows that to tackle the grand challenges of AI it’s going to

Take a team effort moreover Altman is fully aware of the importance of AI safety he emphasizes that with the great power of AI there also comes great responsibility openai is committed to ensuring that their AI Technologies including the upcoming gpt5 are designed and deployed in a way that is safe and

Beneficial to all they’re investing heavily in AI Safety Research creating guidelines for AI use and even considering ways to make their AI refuse harmful instructions their vision for open AI is to lead by example in the field of AI ethics they’re striving for transparency in their work regularly

Publishing most of their AI research sharing safety policy and standards research and inviting public input on their deployment policies they want to hold themselves accountable and help shape a global consensus on AI ethics in conclusion open ai’s Future looks quite promising with GPT 5 live on the horizon

And other exciting projects in the pipeline they are set to redefine the AI landscape and as Altman puts it they’re just getting started so stay tuned my friends because The Best Is Yet To Come that wraps up our video I trust you liked our detailed look at what’s ahead

For open Ai and gpt5 if you’ve got any questions or ideas drop them in the comments we love your feedback until next time stay curious and keep exploring the world of AI

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