Incredible Japanese Humanoid Robots and Innovations of the Past Few Years – Video

Incredible Japanese Humanoid Robots and Innovations of the Past Few Years – Video

In recent years, Japanese humanoids have become increasingly advanced and innovative. One particularly interesting creation is the android version of renowned scientist and artist Leonardo da Vinci. This robot was recently unveiled at the G20 leaders Summit to showcase Osaka University and Fuji kin’s collaboration. The main goal of the Da Vinci android is to engage elementary students and spark their interest in science. The hope is that this will not only educate them about Da Vinci’s scientific achievements but also inspire future scientists.

In addition to the Da Vinci android, other Japanese humanoids have also made significant advancements. Robots like Reid, developed by Japanese company Kioa Sango, have become proficient receptionists, capable of performing tasks such as registering guests and interacting with them in multiple languages. Similarly, Yamaha introduced a robot named Motobot, capable of riding motorcycles and understanding the complex controls necessary for the task.

The innovation doesn’t stop there. Japan has even introduced a musculoskeletal robot that mimics human movements and a hyper-realistic robot named Asuna. These robots are not only technically advanced but also challenge the traditional perception of what a robot can look and act like.

Lastly, Japan has developed robots with cultural and spiritual significance, like Mindar, an Android monk robot created to engage in discussions on spiritual and philosophical topics with temple visitors. This blend of traditional religious elements and cutting-edge robotics exemplifies Japan’s commitment to innovative and diverse advancements in humanoid technology. These robots from Japan present a fascinating and exciting glimpse into the future of robotic advancements and their potential to influence various aspects of society.

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Video Transcript

Japanese made Robot embodying Italian scientist and artist Leonardo da Vinci was showcased during the G20 leaders Summit the Android version of Da Vinci is a co-production of Osaka University and Fuji kin an Osaka based manufacturer the main goal of the robot is to draw the attention of primary school children

Get them interested in science and help them learn the scientific achievements of Da Vinci from the Italian polymath himself fujikin marketing director director kuichi Nakamura told anadolu agency thus we’re helping students learn science in a fun way while at the same time educating future scientists he added Da Vinci’s robot can only repeat

Certain information Nakamura said adding that the next step would be to get the robot to answer people’s questions and connect it to Google Nakamura argued that Elementary School students cannot fully understand science by reading only books and needed a more Hands-On approach adding that students interest in robots was nice and promising the

Android Da Vinci can speak English Japanese and Italian Nakamura said that his next project would be to develop the robot of physicist Albert Einstein working at the reception requires real endurance you have to answer the same questions and perform routine tasks such as registering guests while maintaining friendliness robots

Like Reid from the Japanese company kioa Sango can replace humans in this challenging task what sets them apart from humans is not only their tirelessness and stress resistance but also their language proficiency thanks to integrated artificial intelligence Reid can understand and communicate in practically all languages worldwide for

Now Reid cannot walk perform acrobatic tricks or boast active Mobility however in essence the receptionist job does not require these capabilities the robot is sold in a sitting position capable of Leaning turning its head nodding forward and backward and opening and closing its mouth and eyelids in Japan such robots

Are already actively used for instance in the city of Nagasaki there is a hotel where the main staff consists of robots they greet guests carry their luggage and take orders for room service researchers at the suzumori Endor robotics laboratory at the Tokyo Institute of Technology have a different

Take on robotics in the form of a musculosceletal robot that moves like a human essentially a fake skeleton covered in a bunch of cables the musculosceletal robot is powered by artificial multifilament muscles that function like real human muscles when electrical current flows through them basically the fake muscles can contract

And expand similar to a real human movements thanks to the electrical current even enabling the skeleton’s head to move around realistically the muscle bands are controlled by an electric current allowing the fibers to contract like human muscles at the moment the suzumori endoh humanoid can’t support itself but the robot’s legs do

Contain the exact same number of muscles that a real human being’s legs use to walk the researchers hope that as technology advances and the musculosceletal robot progresses it will eventually be able to walk on its own in self-balance similar to The Atlas robot Yamaha introduced a robot named

Motobot capable of riding a motorcycle at the 44th Tokyo motor show motobot is not not only capable of handling a regular Stock Motorcycle but also a powerful model the 2015 Yamaha YZF r1m leader class sports bike the motobot robot uses all essential motorcycle controls and can accelerate break shift

Gears and make turns the initial version of motobot reaches speeds of up to 100 kmph with the company planning to further develop the project to achieve speeds exceeding 200 kmph without additional structures Yamaha has been working on creating a robot capable of handling stock motorcycles on the track

For several years while details about motobot are scarce it is mentioned that riding a motorcycle at high speeds requires the coordinated operation of numerous complex and precision systems the company’s research aims not to replace human riders with robots but to develop an assistant system for Riders similar to Common driver assistant

Systems integrated into modern automobiles however considering the advancements in robotics the company might contemplate creating a versatile humanoid robot to transport people in the near future the robot named kabum RX 03 is inspired by the Japanese rhinoceros beetle an insect native to Japan it stands 11 M tall measures 3.6 m in

Length weighs 17 tons and incorporates a range of features such as the ability to walk on six legs although the RX 03 is also supported by wheels and can emit Steam from its head however the legs are mainly for show as the wheels beneath them actually support the RX 03 although

The legs are used to control the robot’s movement during public performances the robot can carry up to seven passengers for a fee of $2 this Behemoth is not entirely intended for travel as its maximum speed is 4.5 mph to power the massive robot the RX 03 is equipped with

Two diesel internal combustion engines which can be operated either from the cabin complete with spaceship light control mechanisms or remotely using a remote control the RX 03 is not capable of piloting itself so there is no chance of it going out of control or acting independently meet Asuna a

Hyperrealistic robot that looks like a human the robot was first unveiled in 2015 during the Festival of Wonders according to the Creator’s Legend she is a 15-year-old girl born in Tokyo standing at 1.55 M tall and weighing 43 kg developers made significant efforts to replicate the appearance and

Movements of a human the material used for Asuna skin is almost indistinguishable from human skin to the touch Asuna can blink nod close her eyes chew and display various facial expressions Japanese robot dolls have long been known for their realism but asuna’s uniqueness lies in the special

Natural Ness of her movements when she closes her eyes and opens her mouth it gives the impression that she is about to yawn like a living person during the robot’s presentation one of the event correspondents approached the alab company’s showcase and mistook AA for a real person this girl behaves very

Strangely the journalist said upon closer inspection she was surprised to realize that the girl was actually an Android many people attending the exhibition were also stunned to learn that Asuna is a hyper realistic robot actroid sit is a realistically looking robot developed by the Japanese company kakuro the robot can operate

Autonomously speak gesture and interact with people with the advancement of neural networks and artificial intelligence developers have introduced enhanced robot Control Systems making actroid sit appear even smarter Its Behavior now exhibits distinct social traits bringing it closer to human interaction when interacting with people the robot maintains constant visual

Contact tracking all movements and gestures of the person trying to communicate with it this enables actroid sit to timely apply one or several embedded behavioral rules developed by a group of researchers from the Nara Institute of Science and Technology depending on the situation this realistic girl version of the robot can

Engage with a large number of people it can maintain eye contact communicate with the interlocutor through speech and gestures when necessary actroid sit will interrupt a programmed narrative and quickly respond to a new question while actroid sit does not possess an advanced intellect that would allow it to engage

In casual conversations on various topics researchers note that the enhancements made play a significant role in making the robot more versatile mindar is an Android monk robot created in Japan and unveiled at the Kaji temple in Kyoto its appearance represents a modern interpretation of the bodhisattva Canon a deity in Buddhism with

Artificial intelligence mindar can engage in discussions on spiritual and philosophical topics with temple visitors the purpose of mindar is to introduce a contemporary approach to spiritual practice by blending traditional religious elements with Cutting Edge robotics a robot standing at 195 cm tall and weighing 60 kg features a silicone face shoulders and

Arms that resemble human skin although this material is not applied to other parts of its metallic body its gentle facial expression is accompanied by a smile stretching the corners of its mouth the robot can raise and lower its hands move its head and deliver speeches its creation was part of a research

Project exploring the interaction between technology and religion in modern society Toyota Motor Corporation has unveiled a humanoid robot that can play the violin alongside a group of musical robots the height of the new Android is 1.52 M and it weighs 56 kg its speed of

Movement is up to 3 to 4 kmph the robot musician is capable of extracting sounds from such an instrument as the violin excellently it does so skillfully that it effortlessly plays the popular Japanese Melody Pomp and Circumstance by the English composer Edward Elgar and all thanks to its 16 joints which allow

The robot’s mechanical hands to virtuosic handle the violin according to representatives of Toyota this musician can be used in medical institutions and nursing homes H for the elderly for entertainment purposes work on the hardware and software of the robot lasted for 3 years and it seems that the

Work has indeed turned out to be of high quality at least the robot plays the violin perfectly the violin is just an advertisement of the Android’s capabilities according to Engineers the main purpose of the robot is to care for the elderly and sick people household chores child care and medical assistance

The musician is not yet ready to wield frying pans or hang a picture on the wall but its creators say they intend to further work on the flexibility and dexterity of the the humanoid machine so that it can use a variety of manual tools humanoid and Industrial robots are increasingly displacing humans from

Their workplaces the latest evidence of this trend is the emergence of a new Japanese Marvel the astonishingly realistic Android named kodom morid this robot is capable of serving as the news program anchor delivering real-time news impeccably influent Japanese it is worth noting that kodom morid broadcasting abilities far exceed the requirements

For human anchors working on Japanese television however koroy won’t won’t immediately become the host of a news program on a Japanese TV channel initially this robot will work at the national museum of emerging science and innovation in Tokyo soon the kodom morid robot will be joined by another

Realistic robot otono which will already look like an adult kodom morid and ooid are creations of Japanese Professor Hiroshi ishiguro from Osaka University renowned for his numerous works in the field of creating lifelike robots another development by the Japanese company Toyota is a robot that excels at cooking the color inary

Talents of the motoman SDA 10 robot are demonstrated using two mechanical arms each equipped with seven joints attached to a torso with a height of 135 cm and a total weight of 220 kg thus despite the lack of legs the robot Works excellently with its hands mixing ingredients for

Pancakes in a bowl and carefully placing the prepared dough on a hot plate afterward it Smooths the dough with a spatula giving the pancakes a perfectly round shape equally skillful the robot flips these Pancakes on the skillet frying them on both sides then the motoman SDA 10 places the okonomiyaki on

A plate and asks the customer about their preferred sauces and Seasonings unfortunately it is not reliably known how edible the pancakes prepared by the robot turn out to be the Arisa humanoid robot receptionist was demonstrated during the international robot exhibition 2017 Arisa is a 6ft tall humanoid that comes

With a touchscreen monitor that will offer tourists directions and information pose for selfies or even dance for them she can speak English Japanese Chinese and Korean arisa’s main goal was to work in subway stations showing passengers directions to restrooms and lockers suggesting public transportation routes and recommending tourist attractions in the area the

Artificial intelligence system can understand passengers questions when asked about transfers or about details of the station premises Arisa can answer vocally and Visually through a display behind the robot Arisa has an entertainment feature that responds to chatter and dances according to the developer company arui Gaming Technologies the development started

With the idea of creating a casino deal deer robot so it is equipped with features that make users feel at home however the entertainment function is auxiliary and the main function of Arisa is to provide transfer information information about stores and special offers and shopping centers at stations and other information through dialogue

And touchscreen display another giant combat transformer robot created in Japan with potential military applications in the future is arax arax is a piloted humanoid robot that can transform into different modes the mech robot ARX stands at a height of 4 4.5 M and its weight reaches around

3.5 tons the robot features a control cockpit four legs each equipped with a wheel to Aid in movement moreover it can transform by pressing a button the pilot can easily expand or contract the platform’s wheelbase the actual mechanism is made from an alloy of iron and aluminum while the outer shell is

Crafted from fiber reinforced plastic the robot can be controlled using two joysticks three large monitors and various pedals inside the cockpit equipped with a total of 26 cameras for navigation it is reported that in a standing position arax can reach a maximum speed of 2 kmph while with the

Wheelbase extended it can achieve speeds of up to 10 km hour the mechanism is equipped with functional arms with articulated fingers that the pilot can use to lift objects weighing up to 15 kg it is worth noting that ARX has been tested by Japanese Regulators who deem the system safe enough for potential

Buyers and the robot is available for purchase at a price of $2.7 million considerations about replacing Hotel staff with robots gained renewed interest among Hotel owners after the onset of the pandemic While most proposals revolve around partial AI replacement some employers seriously contemplate having robots do all the

Work instead of humans eliminating the need for salaries and vacations however history remembers an attempt to establish a fully robotic Hotel the henna hotel in Japan which operated nearly without humans from 2015 to 2019 initially marketed as the world’s first fully robot serviced Hotel henna opened

In 2015 near an amusement park in cebo starting with just 80 different Road robots intended to compensate for the staff shortage the hotel’s ownership company sought to attract more tourists they continuously added new robots promoting themselves as a hotel exclusively run by machines by the beginning of 2019 the count reached

Nearly 250 robots earning the hotel a place in the Guinness World Records as the first fully robotic Hotel it featured robot concierges robot Porters automated luggage storage and more each room even had a service robot that provided weather forecasts woke guests at the desired time and turned off

Lights plans were in place to introduce drone food delivery from a nearby restaurant shortly after the opening however things took an unexpected turn Just 4 years later the hotel owners announced their intention to more than have the robot Workforce the cost cutting and staff reducing experiment unfortunately failed as many robots

Malfunctioned and some guests found them intrusive for instance the Raptor shaped robot at the reception desk never learned to copy guests passports the assistant robot struggled with simple requests easily handled by a smartphone Voice Assistant the room service robot mistook guest snores as a signal to activate waking them with the the

Question how may I assist you hena’s Administration admitted that over the 4 years most robots became outdated despite reducing Reliance on inefficient robots the hotel owners are not completely abandoning them stating that only a few machines perform tasks better than humans instead of ineffective robots the hotel has hired people to

Adhere to hospitality industry standards however as robots become increasingly Advanced especially with the development of neural networks it is conceivable that robots might eventually fully replace humans in Industries such as the hotel business this is the primer V2 robot which can ride a bicycle just like a real person developed by Japanese roboticist

Masahiko Yamaguchi the primer V2 bicycle robot may be the world’s first mini robot on a bicycle capable of riding just like a human pedaling to set the bicycle in motion and maintaining its own balance with steering control assisted by an integrated gyroscope the small humanoid robot standing 39 cm tall

And weighing 1.6 kg is actually a single unit with the bicycle additionally it has been found that various speeds corresponding to the program speed are used for cycling with the ability to overcome obstacles and other potential hazards as well as to detect approaching objects in order to accurately determine

The distance needed to pass an object the robot can truly be called a perfectly programmed robot in the future it could become the most sought-after sports robot or a good robot for Distributing newspapers and mail on the streets in the midst of the Corona virus pandemic a rather funny incident

Occurred in Japan due to restrictions imposed by the illness the baseball team of the Japanese conglomerate soft Bank replaced Spectators in the stands with humanoid robots pepper to make the robots resemble real fans more they were dressed in SoftBank Hawks team merchandise like many countries experiencing outbreaks of the Corona

Virus Japan was forced to postpone the season of the local baseball league players were only able to take the field after the state of emergency was lifted however access for fans to the stands remained prohibited the baseball team of the Japanese conglomerate soft Bank addressed the issue of empty stands by

Seeding robots and place of Spectators to make the humanoids resemble real fans more the team dressed the pepper robots and t-shirts with the club’s logo the game attended by the robots was held at their home field in the paye dome area under normal circumstances this stadium in Fukuoka can accommodate 40,000

Spectators pepper the robot is one of softbank’s most well-known developments thanks to HD cameras and distant sensors the robot can recognize its surroundings and respond to people’s emotions instead of legs the humanoid robot has a system of small wheels record-breaking robot basketball player Toyota Q5 has been officially recognized

By the Guinness World Records as the most accurate robot basketball shooter the humanoid robot standing humanized successfully made 2020 consecutive free throws an achievement that surpasses The Continuous free throw series of NBA Sharpshooter Steven Curry known for making only 80 shots in a season recently Q5 showcased its skills in a

Match with the iaki robots demonstrating dribbling abilities the addition of extra movement axes in the left hand made the robot’s motion smoother according to to the project leader this enhancement allowed for dribbling that was previously deemed impossible the robot is equipped with a new system that calculates the distance from the Palm to

The ball and recognizes its precise position it is programmed to read the ball’s position with each bounce determining how to move its hand accordingly here is a female robot welcoming visitors to a department store in Tokyo robot serving humans have been around for several years and this humanoid robot named Aiko Chira

Developed by Toshiba has been employed at the mitsukoshi department store in Tokyo AO closely resembles a human with 43 moving mechanisms allowing her to rotate her eyes head and arms however she doesn’t walk and functions solely as a stationary information desk the robot can recognize human language and respond

To questions in both English and Japanese the department store management believes that the female robot is an effective tool for attracting customers Aiko is dressed in a traditional vibrant Japanese kimono and at first glance it’s challenging to distinguish her from a regular woman iiko has neatly arranged

Dark hair and light tone silicone skin she can can blink squint her eyes move her lips and open her mouth when speaking essentially displaying almost the entire range of human emotions looking at her it’s genuinely challenging to discern whether she’s a robot or a living person after all this

Humanoid robot looks remarkably similar to us creating a video about Japanese humanoid robots it is impossible not to mention Professor Hiroshi ishiguro from Osaka University who gained widespread recognition in the field of Robotics for his Creations including the photorealistic Androids of the geminoid series kotom morid ooid and others each

Of Professor ishiguro’s Creations becomes increasingly realistic and acquires additional abilities enhancing their resemblance to living humans in 2010 he introduced geminoid to the world a copy of himself using silicone rubber pneumatic actuators powerful electronics and his own hair the robot closely resembles the professor a large head wrinkled brows and piercing eyes

Professor ishiguro remotely controls his robot using a microphone and the robot can reproduce ishiguro’s int ations tilt its head and even blink however the professor gained the most Fame for his latest work a robot named Erica which can undoubtedly be described as hyperrealistic when creating Erica Professor ishiguro’s team not only

Provided the robot with new eyes ears and more realistic body parts but also significantly improved its speech and equipped it with an additional communication capability described as body language the creation of the new robot was a collaborative effort involving Japan’s Science and Technology agency Osaka and Kyoto universities and the advanced telecommunications Research

Institute International despite the considerable efforts invested by robotic Engineers Erica exhibits a subtle degree of stiffness in comparison to living humans however despite this the robot is capable of participating in spontaneous conversations and expressing laughter notably Erica has recently secured a position as a television news anchor katus is the first genuinely

Combat ready robot in Japan it is a robotic exoskeleton standing about 4 M tall running on diesel and is offered at a price of $1.35 million it was first demonstrated in 2012 the inventors of the robot decided to turn their dream into reality by establishing the company SW obashi heavy industry and creating

Their first product the karat robot this project proved to be so impressive that it attracted serious interest from the Japanese military currently in its present form it may not be suitable for the Japanese military due to its limited maneuverability delivery issues and the robot’s off-road capabilities however with appropriate upgrades the first

Deployment of combat robot OTS might become a reality in the near future at present the robot is equipped with two rocket launchers and two rotary machine guns the machine guns can fire 6,000 rounds per minute it moves on wheels at a speed of 5 mph approximately 8 kmph

For the civilian version while the military version can move twice as fast the driver controls the mechanism from inside the cockpit using a touchscreen and two joysticks responsible for the movements of katus his arms additionally katus can be controlled remotely not just from the cockpit orim D is an avatar robot developed by

Ori laboratory using this robot persons who are teleworking will be able to do physical work such as remote customer service and carrying things this robot is equipped with a camera microphones and speakers Pilots can communicate with people in far distance by remote controlling robots via the Internet this

Robot has forward backward and swivel movement capabilities in addition the upper body has 14 built-in Motors so this robot can grab and carry simple objects and play various motions orim’s purpose is to be a vessel that empowers people who have difficulty going outside or moving due to severe disabilities or

Illnesses such as ALS to connect with everyday society and people within since 2018 people with disabilities have taken up opportunities to work as Cafe staff through orim in the pop-up Cafe Avatar Cafe Dawn version beta if you’re interested in table tennis lessons then the robot developed by Specialists from the renowned

Japanese company rron Corporation is exactly what you need this robot named forus possesses such sophis phisticated teaching skills and capabilities that it has been honored with a prestigious place in the Guinness World Records the control system of the forus robot uses cameras operating at a speed of 80

Frames per second and other motion sensors enabling the robot to track the movement of the tennis ball the player’s body position and movements in real time assisting forus in playing the role of a teacher the robot can also highlight the spot where the tennis ball will hit indicate the optimal trajectory for the

Player’s racket movement and much more complex software algorithms and an artificial intelligence system allow forus to assess the player’s skill level and adjust the lessons accordingly the Japanese company Honda has unveiled its latest creation an emotional assistant robot dubbed as empathetic robot 3 ea8 it is designed for interacting with humans with plans

To use it as an assistant robot in places like stores and airports the robot is capable of recognizing human emotions and responding to them with understandable facial expressions thereby providing comfortable communication for the human interlocutor Japan also created a giant robot for military purposes Japanese engineer sakakibara Kikai demonstrated the land

Walker robot at his gummy Factory standing at 3.4 M tall the design resembles a bipedal exoskeleton robot with a cockpit and two cannons mounted on its arms firing rubber bullets that can be replaced with other weapons as needed the robot was invented by engineer masaki nagumo and was intended

For military use although it has not been deployed for its intended purpose yet however this is not the only creation of engineer sakaki Barak High one of his latest inventions is the bipedal robot land Walker mononofu an 8.5 M giant weighing more than 7 tons assembled in the village of Shinto the

Robot is armed with a cannon that shoots rubber bullets which can be replaced with any other weapon if necessary the robot is controlled by a person who has a separate cabin unfortunately the robot has several significant drawbacks primarily related to its sluggish movements the Giant’s maximum speed does

Not exceed 1 kmph or 25 cm/s after the presentation of the robots the Japanese military showed interest in them but unfortunately these machines have not yet found practical application in the near future these Giants May find a place in the Japanese Armed Forces but Engineers still need to work on

Improving the technical potential of the robots currently masaki nagumo rents out his robots for around $930 per hour and they are eagerly booked for various parties and events this is geminoid f another of the most realistic female robots created by the professor this gynoid designed to be a simplified and lighter version of

Shuro earlier Android geminoid hi has the appearance of a young Japanese girl with the goal of evoking greater sympathy from people this Android features remote autonomous control capable of serving as a telepresence device operated by a human or interacting with people independently under the control of artificial intelligence the robot has a metal

Skeleton with a plastic skull covered with polyurethane foam and realistic silicone skin to replicate facial expressions geminoid f is equipped with 12 facial pneumatic actuators additionally the device can perform certain movements with its hands and body geminoid f is primarily a research project aimed at studying the psychological aspects of interaction

Between humans and machines however this didn’t prevent it from becoming the first robot to act in both theater and film specifically in the post-apocalyptic play cyanara and the film inspired by it in these Productions the Android was operated remotely by an operator ishiguro is confident that the application of geminoid f is unlimited

For instance a female robot could be used as a mannequin or in the service industry we cannot predict how people will use robots we provide the technology but we do not control its application says the professor but can a robot become a close friend ishiguro believes it can according to him with

The right technology humanoid robots can be taught to think and experience human emotions the professor is also convinced that there will inevitably come a day when Humanity cannot immediately distinguish a real person from a robot Kobo mini is a small companion robot created by Japanese Engineers this

Robot is a miniature version of the original Kobo designed to work on the internet ational space station Kobo mini is designed for human interaction equipped with artificial intelligence and capable of recognizing voice and emotions its purpose is to serve as a companion for people developed by Toyota this robot represents one of the

Research directions in robotics aimed at creating Technologies for human robot interaction in everyday life standing at approximately 10 cm tall Kobo mini has been designed in a compact and portable format ensuring convenience for users when on the Move while not intended for complex tasks Kobo mini Dem demonstrates

Progress in robotics with the goal of creating more interactive and emotionally responsive robotic companions for people this project reflects current efforts towards integrating robots into everyday life fostering a closer connection between humans and technology engineers and designers from the University of Tokyo have developed the gai arms robotic backpack which can

Accommodate up to six controllable limbs the device attaches to the Torso with several straps and the hands are made interchangeable users can choose between human-like arms or grippers the backpack weighs quite a bit 4.1 kg without the robotic arms with them it weighs up to 14 kg movements are remotely controlled

Through a special setup which is a scaled down version of the device itself the length of the robotic arms was chosen so that when extended forward in front of the user they would be approximately equal in length to the user’s own arms the hands of the robotic arms are detachable and if necessary

They can be replaced with grips of a different type designers also attempted to give the robo limbs an anatomical resemblance to human arms controlling the arms is not as simple as it seems sometimes it requires the involvement of several operators simultaneously and wearing the backpack without their assistance is impossible this is the

Main problem that needs to be solved it is quite possible that in the future with the development of neuro interfaces it will be possible to implement control by thought power then users could manipulate the robotic arms similar to controlling their own a team of researchers from the

University of Tokyo has employed gp4 to guide a robot through various simulations such as taking selfies tossing a sword eating popcorn and playing air guitar previously each action required specific coding but integrating GPT 4 opens up new possibilities for robots learning through natural language instructions Direct Control is now possible by

Mapping linguistic expressions and human actions using programming code explained the scientists they described this achievement as a paradigm shift coding the coordination of such a large number of joints was a complex task involving repetitive movements thanks to the language model the need for iterative work has disappeared now researchers can

Simply provide verbal instructions describing desired actions and the language model generates python code that activates the robot alter 3 remembers actions and researchers can refine and adjust them leading to faster smoother and more precise movements over time equipped with a camera alter 3 can see people researchers found that alter

3 improves its Vision by observing human reactions the ability of robots connected to GPT 4 to learn could reshape the interaction between humans and robots opening new possibilities for more intelligent and adaptive robots Japanese scientists from KO University in Tokyo have created a robotic tail called ark designed to assist people

With poor balance the robo tail is attached to the wearer’s waist with special straps and analyzes the body’s position equipped with numerous sensors it detects which way the wearer is leaning and helps them maintain balance if the person leans left it turns right and if forward the tail Rises upward

This counteraction adjusts the center of gravity aiding in body balance correction the tail can be used by elderly individuals for additional support and by people working with heavy loads its future applications are also envisioned in the entertainment industry such as in virtual reality related attractions where the tail would

Simulate tactile Sensations and the external environment soon each of us will be able to teach a robot to make a sandwich without any programming or robotic skills Toyota Research Institute has announced the development of a groundbreaking generative artificial intelligence enabling quick and confident training of robots in new skills according to researchers this

This achievement significantly increases the utility of robots and marks a step towards creating large- scale Behavior models for robots similar to the large language models that have recently revolutionized conversational artificial intelligence robots created at the Toyota Research Institute can now interact with the surrounding World in various ways potentially allowing them

To assist humans in everyday situations and unpredictable constantly changing conditions with the new approach Toyota Research Institute has already trained robots in over 60 complex agile skills including pouring liquids using tools and manipulating deformable objects these achievements were made without writing a single line of new code the

Only change was providing the robot with new data building on this success Toyota Research Institute has set an ambitious goal to teach hundreds of new skills by the end of this year and 1000 by the end of 2024 it seems that a true revolution in the field of Robotics from Toyota is

On the horizon promising to integrate robots into the daily lives of people in Japan there’s also the model h a robot avatar for shopping and remote travel by the company toex existence the robot is operated using an HTC VI virtual reality headset and a pair of controllers the robot itself is mounted

On an autonomous wheel platform equipped with a pair of arms and a rotating head containing two cameras for stereo Vision with the help of the robot the owner can transport themselves to a chosen environment and interact remotely with people and objects the company Melton is engaged in the development of technologies that

Will help create cyborgs in the future this involves processing bios signals running through nerves in the human body and the development of robotic products that mimic human anatomy currently the company has two Avatar robots capable of accurately replicating human movements one of them is Melton Alpha whose hands

Precisely replicate the structure of the human hand taking into account the placement of muscles and tendons leading to individual fingers polymer elastic wires are used as actuators pressure sensors are also installed in the robot’s fingers and a feedback system provides Optical feedback the robot is very precise and strong capable of

Holding a 2 L water canister with just two fingers the signal transmission from the operator to the robot with a delay of only 0.2 seconds can be achieved even from a distance of 19,000 km the Melton beta is designed for interested customers for hazardous work in environments with high or low

Temperatures chemical biological or radioactive contamination and possibly even in Space the robot can still provide the operator with information not only about the gripping Force but also about the texture of the object Japanese robotics startup TMS UK in collaboration with a local dental school has developed the pedid robot

Capable of mimicking a real child’s reaction to dental procedures this allows students to prepare for the challenges they will face in the future through a tablet programmed with various medical conditions signals are sent to air cylinders installed in the robots joints and facial actuators simulating physical reactions and corresponding

Facial expressions according to TMS UK’s director of engineering the machine can simulate emergency conditions such as seizures and heart failure enabling trainees to gain important experience in such critical situations he emphasizes the importance of this training as there is currently a lack of acceptable clinical Dental preparation for treating

Children currently pedid is being sold at a substantial price of about $195,500 in various types of emergency situations junko chahira is a humanoid robot designed for customer service this lifelike robot developed by the Japanese company Toshiba has captured attention with its high level of realism and the ability to replicate human emotions and

Gestures junko chahira can interact with people provide information and perform specific tasks its design and functions are intended to make interactions with technology more natural and enjoyable for users junko chahira speaks and welcome Shopping Center Visitor in English Japanese Chinese and can also communicate in Sign Language toshiba’s speech synthesis technology is behind

Junko chira’s trilingual skills and further developers aim to give her speech recognition technology armed with speech recognition technology the robot will be able to respond to questions asked by the tourist at Tokyo’s Waterfront in Japan the future where robots will take over all the work for humans is becoming increasingly closer

Japanese Engineers have created the foodle Robot which currently works alongside humans to prepare food for visitors but in the future it will completely replace humans and perform all the tasks independently today Japan faces one of the most challenging situations related to the Aging population due to the significant number

Of retirees there is a shortage of the workforce as a result the country takes a leading position in the development of Robotics as robots will help the Japanese address the labor shortage for this purpose the RT Corporation has developed a robot called foodle designed to collaborate with humans in the food

Industry food food is a battery powered robot that does not require a power cord while in use foody’s flexible body control system allows it to continue working safely even if it comes into contact with people the robot’s joints are carefully structured to prevent human hands from getting caught in them

The design does not use screws so there is no risk of foreign objects entering the products of course since it’s a robot there is no risk of contamination by body hair microorganisms or viruses RT corporation’s press release in November 2022 mentioned that foodle would cost about about $69,000 per unit

With purchase lease and subscription options available food production processes especially the plating stage are considered highly difficult to automate because of the complexity of the work and the target object recognition that is why the current processes mainly rely on manual labor and need urgent efficiency improvements with foodly people can expect to see

Improvements in both productivity and hygiene dashu robotics has unveiled its latest humanoid robot development the xr4 the xr4 is a full-sized fully functional general purpose humanoid robot equipped with the Darin Cloud brain system and designed for use in various scenarios the robot stands at 165 cm tall and weighs 65 kg constructed

From lightweight and durable Composite Materials its diverse Gates and movements provide balanced posture and dexterity in its hands the robot features more than 60 intelligent flexible joints and a walking speed of 5 kmph the company envisions a future where the robot becomes part of our homes caring for the elderly and

Performing household tasks they also aim for these robots to be deployed in factories to replace assembly line workers the official release of the robot is scheduled for 20124 and the start of mass production for 2025 at the previous irx 2022 Kawasaki heavy Industries impressed visitors with its concept of a robo goat for

Transporting people in cargo this year the company brought a variety of robots mostly humanoid to the exhibition for instance the eighth version of the Kido robot was unveiled to the public for the first time the robot robot has become more stable and confident in performing various tasks including handling heavy

Objects Kido is mainly positioned as a rescue robot requiring the ability to navigate various surfaces climb stairs and perform any physical work with non-human agility despite its non-compact design Kido stands at 180 cm tall and weighs 86 kg it has 32° of Freedom throughout its body in contrast

To earlier versions the robot Now features a face in the form of a screen allowing it to express friendliness to better appeal to humans among the tasks the robot can currently handle are cleaning up debris scattered during natural disasters collaborating with humans to carry large items and transporting humanitarian Aid including

Unloading trucks it is interesting to note that Kawasaki has been developing Kido since 2015 on the other hand the current time is considered the best for humanoid robots in terms of technological maturity the world’s first emotional humanoid dancing robot introduced by species Corporation in 2017 is named

Kosaka kakona kosaka is the first robot in the world with human-like emotional gestures the robot stands at a height of 155 cm and can exhibits incredibly smooth and graceful movements thanks to 37 movable joints kasaka can be used to attract customers in stores and for corporate promotional events she can

Also move her eyes eyelids and fingers creating more expressive gestures the robot can be remotely controlled from a tablet or computer using Miku Miku dance software furthermore being a fixed to a platform allows kakona Easy Transport and versatile installation in contrast to autonomous robots she eliminates the

Risk of falling and can safely operate in proximity to people also at the exhibition was kido’s younger brother the robot friends it is built on kido’s Technologies but has a number of differences designed to work not Outdoors but in narrow corridors of homes hospitals and Enterprises the first distinction is a Slimmer profile

Giving the robot a more streamlined appearance to achieve this the company had to develop highquality and compact engines to reduce the over all weight thus the robot accommodates all components similar to Kido within a metallic body standing at 160 cm tall and weighing 55 kg according to the

Developers with the friends robot they managed to strike a balance between the quality necessary for industrial use strength and a more slender design moreover the robot can safely operate in proximity to humans and even assist and care for them kada robotics showed its latest collaborative robot next stage at the

Recent irx 2023 robotic exhibition in Japan next stage is designed to replace humans in monotonous tasks particularly in manufacturing according to the manufacturer the robot can collaborate with humans other machines and use specialized tools the robot’s head somewhat resembles a human head equipped with two cameras and having two degrees

Of freedom allowing for the adjustment of its field of vision the Torso features an LED display and the overall height of the robot can be adjusted depending on the task at hand the robot’s torso weighs only 29 kg while its base is a substantial 130 kg regarding height it is adjustable and

Can reach a maximum of 170 cm next stage is capable of lifting objects weighing up to 3 Kg the robot is designed for use in factories and other production lines it can be controlled using a tablet with specialized software that can be quickly configured for specific tasks and of course a Japanese robot

Exhibition wouldn’t be truly Japanese without anime characters this time the embodiment came in the form of hatsuki a character created as claimed through through the fusion of anime artificial intelligence and Robotics standing at a height of 145 CM the robot became a temporary Ambassador for the Japanese company Seno Deni specializing in

Electronics and components hatsuki is not a comic book character but rather a test platform for the technical Circle ceroid project enthusiasts in robotics used it to experiment with the generation of humanoid robot movements using deep learning human robot interaction artificial intelligence research and operational testing of the virtual YouTuber system the creators of

Hatsuki ultimately aim to break down the so-called fourth wall allowing users to interact with the character in reality the robot is equipped with a motion capture system can be controlled over the internet and can directly reproduce movements from anime additionally developers implemented the ability to engage in dialogue with the robot thanks

To the ubiquitous GPT Epson introduced its autonomous dual armed robot Works since w01 capable of seeing sensing thinking and working this intelligent robot with two hands is equ ipped with a variety of internal sensors such as cameras and force sensors and is designed for virtually autonomous Manufacturing in a variety of new and

Diverse applications the robot features four cameras on its head unit and two cameras mounted on its arms providing it with human-like Vision enabling precise determination of the position and orientation of objects in three-dimensional space the robot can perform delicate assembly transportation and other tasks requiring humanlike Force control to avoid damaging objects

The robot’s 27 AIS arms move like human hands operating independently of each other allowing it to perform tasks beyond the capabilities of a single arm robot such as tightening a screw in a component with one hand while holding the component in place with the other the robot named keeran at the

Exhibition left no one indifferent this Whimsical robot was developed with original character design and unique movements related to interacting with visitors it is based on the mascot robot technology developed by the meai creativity Center in collaboration with Toyota motor corpor ation in simple terms this robot friend reacts to what

You show it for example if you show it ice cream it will express interest but if you show it a broom it will show displeasure the robot stands at approximately 70 cm tall weighs 13 kg and is equipped with about 30 Motors throughout its body it uses an external

Camera system for recognizing people and objects and interacting with them its eyes are displays that allow it to express various Expressions the most interesting thing about a robot is that you never know what kind of trick it will perform in response to your specific actions here is a small cute robot that

Can mimic every dance move you make the Sony PlayStation team introduced their humanoid robot standing at approximately 30 cm tall it has 26 joints and 26° of Freedom it’s amazing how a bipedal structure can be compressed to such a small size and a relatively low powerered Servo motor can achieve this

Level of responsiveness motion and balance according to the person in charge of the company the system employs powerful stabilization control to quick track intense human movements and maintain balance so they can keep moving without falling this is one of the key aspects of researching this project he

Said the soles of its feet are equipped with sensors that determine the center of gravity instead of a simple Square sole a mechanism is used here that precisely recognizes weight distribution the Yugo company presented its new robot Yugo Mini at the exhibition with these robots the company aims to automate inspection tasks in

Commercial settings in simpler terms these are many inspector robots capable of reading data from meters and monitoring changes in the surrounding environment in a broader sense Yugo mini can be used for security inspections and Elderly Care while it sounds promising the actual capabilities of such robots are quite Limited in reality which can

Only be compensated for by a very low price interestingly the company previously focused on a more complex and functional system a wheeled humanoid robot with two arms and a drone on board the robot can move around the premises open doors check windows and if necessary launch the grown for aerial

Inspections the Japanese company Jinky itai used the Kido platform from Kawasaki heavy Industries to develop its robot the type01 Kido model is a controlled industrial system with Force control technology its purpose is to remove humans from hazardous environments when performing heavy physical work mainly in high altitude tasks in civil construction and energy

Sectors the company already has a giant robot for such purposes the space heavy work machine is already servicing railway tracks power line lines and can perform a wide range of tasks where deploying a crane is not possible one is insufficient or if it is dangerous to use the humanoid torso mounted on a

Truck can handle various tasks thanks to the precise replication of operator movements with the required Force meanwhile the operator can be remotely located inside a special cabin controlling the robot’s operations using VR headsets and controllers however this Behemoth is installed on work machines weighing 7 tons and its size and power

Are not always necessary for efficient operations that’s why a new more compact robot was developed combining the kaleido humanoid platform with Jinky iai’s remote control technology with Force control the control of the robot is intuitively understandable with the operator’s applied force becoming the driving force of the robot and the

Weight and reaction received by the robot being transmitted back to the operator this simplifies the learning of operating methods Karo is a humanoid robot created by researchers from the University of Tokyo that can do more push-ups than anyone else during its development scientists focused mainly on its muscular capabilities strength is a

Significant challenge for robots with articulated joints as the number of degrees of freedom and movement Precision increases their muscular Force decreases however Koro doesn’t face such an issue it can do push-ups engage in sports run and even play badminton the robot doesn’t require any remote control to perform these activities as all its

Movements are independent for example while playing badminton this humanoid executes all necessary movements determines the shuttle Cox’s dire ction and moves accordingly at its own will one of the secrets behind kingo’s capabilities is its built-in cooling system mimicking the human ability to regulate body temperature during certain physical activities the robot

Artificially sweats to cool its mechanism allowing it to operate more efficiently and for a more extended period the strangest robot at the Kawasaki heavy Industries Booth was perhaps the walking support robot robotic Nimbus this cushion on flexible legs with wheels can follow a person and mimic the movement of their torso or

Pelvis one might assume that the robot serves as lumbar support when a person is standing or leaning backward but the question arises as to why it replicates the Torso movement when leaning forward it would make sense if the person Were Somehow attached to the robot but there was no demonstration of such attachment

What do you think could be the purpose of such a robot the Japanese company shabara machine unveiled a prototype of the Dual arm robot conoid at the exhibition designed to support manufacturing this is the third generation of the robot intended to possess a high degree of autonomy and perform tasks without the

Need for training or programming the conoid 3 currently in development is suitable for tasks such as transporting and assembling parts as well as packing boxes it is equipped with two Sixaxis manipulators that can operate independently thanks to artificial intelligence-based Technologies each arm can move at a speed of 1 m/s and lift a

Load of up to 6 kg the robot accumulates and learns from its own experiences and can work alongside humans on a moving conveyor Japanese artist engineer and DJ djd Not only creates music and engages in production but also designs unusual accessories in the form of hyperrealistic human body parts he

Showcases his Creations for sale and buyers are easily drawn to them his first creation was an iPhone case covered in human skin along with a DJ controller made in the same format subsequently he introduced a mouth- shaped wallet available in several varieties djd shares videos featuring his new products on his Instagram

Account some of his models are known to respond to touch for example a leather cube with a human eye comes with a remote control allowing users to control the blinking frequency the width of eye opening and more the cost of such an item is around $5,000 currently there

Are about 30 types of Creations by the Japanese artist made from human skin and flesh the production of these pieces is handled by the company guro specializing in unique design and modeling for various films and commercials it is said that the production of such art takes between one to 3 months many well-known

Creative people in the west happily purchased these practical works of art from The Talented Japanese artist interestingly there is more demand for these accessories abroad than in Japan itself share in the comments whether you would consider acquiring such an accessory for yourself at the international robot exhibition irx 2023 in Japan fonu

Unveiled controllers for the R50 IIA and R50 IA mate robots for the first time in accordance with International cyber security standards the company stated that it has improved both control characteristics and remote servicing capabilities additionally the company introduced and showcase the robot jet V10 system featuring the ability to

Pre-check robotic systems in virtual reality collaborative robots were also presented alongside the industrial Giants m2000 m1000 and m950 the main attractions of any fanic exhibition stand designed for the automotive industry the Japanese company skeletonics has unveiled a new model of its own developed exoskeleton called fighter according to the description it

Features the most advanced motion synchronization system to date allowing seamless coordination between the operator and the robotic components theoretically this system could enable a person to engage in combat in a ring delivering strikes and evading them in a timely manner in practice however the skeletonics fighter appears fragile for

Real battles lacking any pilot protection raising doubts about the exoskeleton combat capabilities nevertheless the Japanese Engineers were truthful about the synchronization aspect as the mechanical suit indeed boasts an impressive number of degrees of freedom the speed and precision of the manipulators reactions to the Pilot’s actions are also remarkable

However concerns arise about the exos skeleton’s power questioning its ability to lift even a brick let alone handle real loads a notable characteristic of skeletonics products is their massive size standing at 2.5 M or more in height this distinct feature sets them apart and attracts attention contributing to

The successful appearances of the arrive exoskeleton model at Muse concert since 2020 on the other hand developers are consistently working on simplifying and cost reducing the constru construction their goal is to make exoskeletons readily available in stores as ordinary tools for use in gardening or the garage when we say that the future

Arrives faster in the Land of the Rising Sun than in other countries in the world these are not just words Japanese developers from the misso project once again showed their robots at a recent robotics exhibition the first robot involved in this project was created back in 2019 and named MSO a robotic

Anime girl the project was funded by the ministry of internal affairs and communic a of Japan initially MSO could only follow a person holding their hand over the years developers have taught her to serve food and drinks and move autonomously MSO is dressed in a maid outfit where she functions as the main

Waitress the robotic girl can identify faces using a built-in camera located on an elegant headband the mechanical waitress can move her neck nodding to guests and looking at them with her eyes which are represented by liquid Crystal displays a portable heater is integrated into the right hand of the robot girl

Designed to warm the hands of visitors in cold cold weather also with the help of her right hand MSO guides guests to an available table she can wave goodbye to customers and strike poses additionally MSO fulfills the main role of a waitress by taking orders through a

QR code provided to visitors upon entry MSO has two younger assistants developed by the Project’s creators a little later these are the anime twins C and CIA who entertain customers while they wait for their orders the anime twins can also recognize faces hold hands with customers and lead them to an available

Seat the developers state that serving Cafe customers with anime robots is just the first stage of the project it’s Creator’s dream of a world where every home has its own robotic made moreover the MSO team is actively working on teaching the robot girls to speak using neural networks Japan has developed hyper

Realistic 3D masks that allow people to try on another person’s face Tokyo bay store cinia OTE specializing in party props the atrical and film projects has started producing three-dimensional masks that mimic the human face these hyperrealist IC models allow people to literally try on the appearance of a stranger you can distinguish masks

Printed on a 3D printer from a real face only by Motionless lips and a frozen gaze thanks to a special technology a highresolution image of a person is evenly placed on the plastic surface of the model store owner shuai okaara mentioned that since the launch of the project he has received several thousand

Requests from people willing to provide their portraits for mass production the product appeared on the shelves of kmina OTE in the spring of 2021 and the cost of a mass is approximately $950 the Japanese entrepreneur is confident that despite the high price The Masks will be in demand as they have

Already generated significant interest among buyers in the future the store owner plans to diversify the lineup by using photos of people from different ethnic groups for model production the store owner clarifies that he is not the first to venture into creating hyperrealistic masks but is capable of establishing mass production producing

About 100 identical models per month many people want to have a copy of their own face and we receive financial support from them to develop the project says okawara he doesn’t find The Masks frightening and does not believe they pose a threat in the future facial replication could become a common

Phenomenon it would be interesting for example to preserve the appearance of one’s youth or change one’s face at will emphasizes the owner of CA OTE in the Japanese capital a strange Cafe H Cafe has opened where a robot prepares coffee for visitors it takes the robot named Sawyer from 2 to 4

Minutes to make one cup of coffee coffee Sawyer can prepare up to five cups simultaneously but in such cases it operates a bit more slowly visitors Place their orders through a special terminal receive a receipt with a QR code and show it to the robot the publication notes that Sawyer can

Replace four to five Cafe employees allowing a stablishment owners to save on salaries the cafe is owned by the Tokyo based tourism agency hisis the agency also owns a chain of hotels where some tasks are performed by robots we have studied customer feedback and plan to open such cafes through throughout

The country said a representative of the agency to the publication Japan’s population is aging and the automation of work is not just a whim of the most advanced part of the elite but a way to stimulate economic growth the Japanese family March store has introduced the wheel robots Model T

By telexistence capable of gripping moving picking up and placing bottles cans and other solid Goods on shelves the 2m system is equipped with cameras a microphone sensors and a three-fingered gripper Family Mart plans to deploy three robots in stores initially with future plans to introduce dozens of such

Devices in 20 company stores developers aim to make the Model T fully autonomous in the future currently the robots are operated by a human using a VR complex the robot operates more slowly taking an average of 8 seconds for one item compared to the 5 Seconds required by a

Human on the other hand one person can control several robots sequentially in different stores interestingly telexistence does not plan to sell its robots instead they will be provided to businesses for lease Japanese scientists have developed a robotic finger covered with living skin which according to their statements brings us closer to truly human-like

Robots the finger as demonstrated is capable of self-healing and is positioned by researchers as an achievement blurring the boundary between living flesh and machine previously scientists have created skin graphs sheets of skin that can be stitched together for example in reconstructive surgery the video shows that bending the fingers back and forth

Caused the appearance of natural wrinkles on the joints of the fingers and in the case of injury the artificial skin could self-repair like human skin with the help of collagen dressing and according to the scientists felt like normal skin developments are ongoing but researchers face the challenge of

Convincing the global population that a robot with real skin will not cause horror and disgust

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