First-time freedom for animals – Video

First-time freedom for animals – Video

Through this compilation of heartwarming moments, viewers witness the awe and amazement in the eyes of animals as they touch grass, trees, and soil for the very first time in their lives. From rescued chimpanzees embracing Jane Goodall to a startled deer finding new freedom, each animal’s unique journey to liberation is captured in this touching video.

From endangered condors spreading their wings to Florida panthers embracing their newfound freedom, each animal’s release is a momentous occasion. The video showcases the emotional reunions of animals with nature, including a mother bear guiding her cub and Siberian tigers sprinting into the woods.

The video also highlights the challenges and triumphs of releasing animals back into the wild, from the excitement of soaring bald eagles to the cautious exploration of bobcats and the joy of playful cows finally experiencing open spaces. These uplifting moments serve as a reminder of the importance of protecting and preserving the freedom of all animals.

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Video Transcript

For the longest time the idea of returning captive animals back to the wild was just off the table but many conservation organizations have been working to free them all in this video we will witness the heartwarming moments where animals experience freedom for the very first time from rehabilitated Wildlife to

Rescued pets here are the most emotional moments when animals were freed for the very first Time you can see the awe and amazement in the eyes of these chimps as they touch grass for the very first time in their lives these chimpanzees had never seen grass trees bushes or even set their foot on soil in their lives seeing them immediately Thrive reminds us why

Animals should never be caged against their Will a rescued chimp unexpectedly embraced Jane Goodall upon her release wound was a chimpanzee rescued from the bush meat trade but thanks to Jane Goodall Wuda was rehabilitated and Released this deer was startled at the sight of the outdoors after almost breaking its neck in an attempt to flee the deer instantly picked itself back up and headed into its new home just like the case of this Condor we’re always so excited to see endangered animals get their freedom it spread its

Wings and soared into the sky and we’ve never been happier for a condor this Florida panther nicknamed Logan couldn’t believe his his eyes when his cage was opened Freedom was right in front of him and after a moment of hesitation he took it without looking back Florida Panthers are an endangered

Species it’s good to see Logan join the ranks of survivors Mama Bear had been exposed to the wild prior to this day but her cub hadn’t her cub carefully took its first steps into the outdoor enclosure tenderly Guided by the watchful eyes of its caring Mother these four Siberian tigers were released into the woods you can tell by the way they sprinted into the bushes without hesitation that these cats had anticipated this day for a very long time Sinbad had lived the majority of his life behind bars on the day of his release he was stuck in a state of confusion because he couldn’t believe how much space existed outside of its cage poor thing the day these pigeons were set free Mark the beginning of the rest of their Lives Releasing an animal as massive as a whale is a lot of work the remarkable caretakers involved in this whale’s release deserve our deepest gratitude and Applause a troop of spider monkeys were set free to find new homes the last to leave his cage Bruce really stood out to us leaving one’s comfort

Zone can be scary but eventually he took the leap and embraced his new Reality after enduring over 40 Years of torture at biomedical research facilities testing these chimps experience what it’s like to be outside for the first Time even though what they went through was heartbreaking they got to experience the the freedom they Deserved in this clip a Bengal Tigress is allowed back into the wild after she had a few days of recovery she was found in a village and they caught her to avoid any issues with the folks there Watching a majestic bald eagle being released from captivity and gloriously fly away into freedom is such a Sight Flippa looked so scared as she peeped through the holes of her cage and saw an unfamiliar place that fear didn’t last long though because the second her cage was opened she ran like the wind she was the seventh Amore Tiger to be released by the same Rescue Foundation this woolly opposum clung to a tree after being granted its freedom it’s definitely an upgrade from its cage and it won’t be letting go anytime Soon cages can be so uncomfortable for big birds which explains why this bald eagle flew many meters away immediately after its cage flung Open pigeons being released into the is always so aesthetically pleasing aside from the fact that it is the right thing to do we can’t help but focus on the way they all fly in unison this leopard was nothing short of wild as it witnessed the outdoors for

The first time after recovering from a serious injury a gray fox was released from its cage into the wild and its Natural Instincts made him adapt almost Instantly we take you to Australia where two women decide that day was the day of this Gala Bird’s freedom there he Is clearly this coyote was tired of living a cage life the moment he saw the grass and trees he sprinted out of the cage and eagerly explored its new Abode for the first time in over 400 years a beaver was released into forter Valley in Plymouth the release was a highly anticipated event and it ended up being such a magical [Applause] moment cows are usually released from barns after the cold winter it’s so nice to see them bask in the Sun and prance around the open Space the cutest orphan baby bears were set free and our hearts can’t help but melted the Sight The crow Clinic decided to release numerous Red Knot birds into the wild not a single one of those birds will ever know the feeling of being Caged after spending 30 years in a windowless confinement these chimps were finally granted freedom as they roamed around the space their new reality quickly began to Dawn on Them hope Apple Blossom and her six piglets were given the opportunity to explore the Wild for the first time without a doubt all seven pigs had the time of their lives Imagine the exhilarating feeling of running through an open field after being confined to a cage for years years these zebras are now living their wildest [Applause] Dreams as this koala was crawling toward a tree from its former cage it became became evident to it that the day of his freedom had finally Come kazianga national park has welcomed two new rhinos as permanent residents the Rhinos grunted an approval as they roamed around their new home carried and gently assisted into the ocean this sea turtle wasted no time diving in it swam away with joy ready to begin its new Life on this day many baby chimps that had never been out in the sun were Released from the sounds they were making we can tell they are excited for their future in the wild [Applause] When his cage was opened this ocelot took a bit of time to take in his Surroundings it finally dawned on him that it was his day of freedom and he happily ran off into the woods You can feel the joy through your screen as these monkeys are being released into the wild as soon as the door of their cage was opened they all ran out and gushed at the sight of their improved living space after proper treatment and Care Timberwolf the koala was released into

The woods he climbed onto one of the trees and immediately started shuffling through them wanting to know how good they felt too At night this slow loris was introduced to his forever home it quickly crawled out of its cage and into its new [Applause] Home off the coast of South Norwest Florida and surrounded by Lush foliage and beautiful fresh water santel island is home to adorable creatures but none more adorable than these otter released in the santel river watch as they begin their Journey Into the Wild after being rescued from a Romanian

Zoo this family of lions were released into a South African sanctuary where they can live out the better parts of their Lives with the help of his caretakers Yoshi the turtle was released into the ocean look at him effortlessly enter into the water and gracefully swim Away Gulliver is one of the most adorable animals we’ve ever seen he lost his mom when he was only 14 months old she’d be proud to see him climb up his first tree on the day of his Release when four orangutans were set free Into the Wild For The First Time two of them adjusted smoothly the third one however seemed upset and even flipped his cage over his frustration spilt over to the fourth cage where his brother was still inside fortunately things settle down eventually it’s a reminder that

Releasing animals can come with its own set of Challenges overwhelmed by the unfamiliar sight of so much Greenery this Bobcat cautiously emerged from its transport crate and eventually fled into the bushes for the first time in their lives these Tigers experience what it’s like to swim one of the Tigers is completely in love with the concept and can’t help but

Splash around the Pool On this day Mystic Aquarium decided to release a gray seal and an audience was present as the seal approached the water the audience shouted words of encouragement until it finally submerged itself into the Ocean it takes a large number of people to be able to release an animal as large as a dolphin back into the ocean as the dolphin swims away with Glee we can’t help but commend its caretakers uku Conservancy recently received six new giraffes into their care when these giraffes were released

All six of them happily galloped into the sunset eager to explore their new home two brown Pelicans were finally granted their freedom immediately after their cages were opened they waddled into the ocean and didn’t hesitate to enjoy the feel of the Water after emotionally bonding with an animal it can be hard to let them go two dolphins were released into the ocean and we can tell how hard it was for their care Caretakers as soon as E8 cage was opened it soared high into the sky its caretakers made sure to tag him just in case they ever found found him injured and we think that is the most thoughtful thing this crowd gathered in South Africa to see thousands of penguins being released as anticipated the

Penguins joyfully waddled their way into the ocean creating a heartwarming spectacle there we go this bald eagle couldn’t believe its eyes as it stepped out of its cage there was more to life Behind Bars and it was definitely ready to explore this gray fox wasted no time and

Immediately sprinted into the bushes as soon as his cage was open on the day of his awaited release to ensure a comfortable life for this grizzly bear Kim and her team had to release him into the wild the grizzly bear couldn’t help but roam around the

Area and we could tell that he loved what he saw a white pelican was transported away from its cage for its release when its transport crate was opened the bird took some time to survey its Surroundings evidently the Pelican liked what it saw and headed to the ocean for its very first Swim oh that one’s swimming right away look at that somewhere in Virginia some opossums were released some some headed to the water to swim right after While others enjoyed the open space they were witnessing for the first time in their [Applause] [Applause] lives one of the cutest things we ever seen is a herd of cows jumping around Excitedly these cows were granted their freedom and they couldn’t help but mooo in Excitement don’t click off yet if you love our videos subscribe now and hit that Bell and wait there’s more videos for you right here on the screen just click on the one that grabbed your interest and enjoy see you there

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