Looking Beyond Modern: Examining CES-2024 in Las Vegas | AI-Powered Robots and Cars | Pro Robots – Video

Looking Beyond Modern: Examining CES-2024 in Las Vegas | AI-Powered Robots and Cars | Pro Robots – Video

The Consumer Electronics Show 2024, known as CES, just concluded in Las Vegas, showcasing the latest and most groundbreaking advancements in technology. The show featured a myriad of futuristic gadgets and innovations, from smartphone replacement gadgets to new humanoid robots from China. Artificial intelligence was a prevalent theme, with various companies integrating AI into their products. The concept cars on display were nothing short of incredible, including Xong Ack’s impressive concept car transformer which promises ease of operation.

One of the most talked-about innovations was the introduction of flying cars, with X1 Arrow Iito capturing attention for its sleek design and impressive capabilities. The announcement of the land aircraft carrier was also a major highlight, combining a passenger aircraft with a three-axle electric vehicle. Beyond transportation, Enchanted Tools and Augmen Robotics introduced service and companion robots, respectively, targeting applications in healthcare and pet care.

Other notable products showcased at CES included the Miroi mobile service robots from Enchanted Tools, the Oro companion robot from Augmen Robotics, and the hypershell mountain exoskeleton designed for outdoor adventurers. LG also unveiled its pet robot AI agent, aiming to be a real assistant in everyday tasks and a control center for smart home systems.

The show also featured advancements in home robots, with Samsung unveiling an upgrade of its Bali home robot and CircuitMess showcasing its Robo Constructors, including a NASA-licensed replica of the perseverance Rover.

Overall, CES 2024 delivered on its promise of showcasing cutting-edge technology and innovation, leaving attendees and tech enthusiasts excited for what the future holds. The exhibition highlighted the ongoing advancements in robotics and artificial intelligence, shaping the way for a future filled with groundbreaking technological advancements.

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Consumer Electronics Show 2024 world’s largest technology exhibition CES for short just wrapped up in Las Vegas that’s where biggest tech companies make their loudest announcements and startups bring their most incredible gadgets VY for a share of attention and funding how did CES surpris us this year well with smartphone replacement gadgets new

Humanoid robots from China artificial intelligence everywhere incredible concept cars for air and land just to name a few the most comprehensive review of the show right here right Now xong ack a subsidiary of Chinese electric car manufacturer xun brought its impressive concept car transformer to to the show ease of operation is really important as you don’t have to take a full pilot training course and learn what all those buttons and levers on the airplane Style flying cars dashboard

Mean however when the eve tall flying car will go on sale remains unknown so this is X1 Arrow iito flying car in the driving mode it looks super cool just like a super car and then when it’s in the flying mode the propeller is going to spread out from the car body

And then the steering wheel is going to fold under the dashboard so when you take flights you only need to use the gear stick to control the flights and it’s very cool cuz the door and everything is just transparent so you can see through the a very wide view of

The of the scenes um and the chases and the screen that are transparent so it gives you a sense of super futuristic you know but the company has announced that by the end of 2025 it will start production and launch sales of another concept the land aircraft carrier it’s a

Large 3 axle electric vehicle remotely resembling a mix of a minivan and a pickup truck with a compact passenger aircraft that’s right in the trunk the car was not shown at the show however though pre-orders will become available later this year Enchanted tools brought its miroi mobile service robots to the playground

As well the robots which are native to France are trying to stand out from the competition with their design inspired by either anime or Pixar characters what do you think moroi is designed to be used in hospitals nursing homes and hotels to help move objects the developers say staff will only need to

Issue a command like hey robot move this to another room or bring this tray here every morning and the robot should do just fine the robots have four fingers on each hand with one of them opposable just like humans but instead of legs moroi has a ball so it’s it definitely

Won’t cope with stairs but on flat surface the robot moves quite fast keeping their balance on turns and balancing and carrying stuff in their hands the development of the robot has so far cost the company $17 million but that doesn’t let Enchanted tools get all depressed since moroi is currently being

Tested on six experimental sites and in three Research Laboratories the company also has a contract with brokel Hospital in Paris where the robots are expected to start working this year Augmen robotics presented its companion robot at the exhibition the main feature of the Oro robot is that it’s a companion for pets it can autonomously move around your house play with animals and spoil them with goodies as well as feed the medicine if necessary the developers assure that the robot is safe

For pets and it’s designed with their mental stimulation in mind but you’ll have to take their word for it here additional features include creating video stories for social networks and health monitoring though it wasn’t specified exactly how that’s done Oro robot also integrates with smart accessories like callers and voice

Assistants as well as third-party pet care services do you think your pet would like to play with this robot does 800 bucks sound too expensive leave a comment and let us Know Hello from Las Vegas and welcome to CES 2024 here at hypershell we’re shaping the future of outdoor adventure with our Advanced exoskeleton technology we’re dedicated to helping users transcend physical limits and confidently Venture into new territories and now we’re excited to introduce the hypershell mountain exoskeleton designed for both

Entry level and advanced users this 5lb exoskeleton with a powerful 800 wat output and an AI driven motion engine offers smooth adaptation to varying terrains it supports your adventure for up to 10 Mi on a single charge and stand strong in harsh conditions with an ip54 rating visit our booth for a firsthand

Experience and share your thoughts thank you for joining us at CES 2024 we’ll see you there LG meanwhile has expectedly unveiled its pet robot or rather AI agent this is another attempt to create a robot that should be not just an accessory but a real assistant in

Everyday tasks as well as the control center of a smart home system the concept itself is pretty straightforward LG is offering an idea of home with zero labor where artificial intelligence and The Internet of Things free your time up from the daily routine as well as

Control your health and the mood of your pets however to make it all work according to LG CEO William show the AI agent will first collect all the information about you process it and then start guessing your wants and needs adjusting to your schedule the robot recognizes faces and users relying on

Machine learning to understand context so its responses and communication are tailored to each family member it’s equipped with Technology based on large language models so you can communicate with it freely while going about your daily activities the robot will meet you at the door recognize your mood ask you

How you’re doing remind you to take your medication and tell you if a light has gone out somewhere we only have one question is anyone going to want to even have a pet after this it seems that many large companies thought okay 2023 was the year of Chad

GPT then 2024 will be the year of wearable devices and robots with generative artificial intelligence Inside Samson has been showing robots at CES for several years now and sometimes quite interesting ones of that this year however instead of developing last year’s projects it showed an upgrade of an older concept the Bali home robot now the seriously grown and strengthened Bali is a mobile projector with built-in

Artificial intelligence capabilities it can handle phone calls smart home requests and even feed your pet it’s also capable of responding and following you around like a puppy telling you what to cook based on the foods the robot recognizes in your fridge the projector itself takes into account where and how

You stand or sit adjusting the angle of the projection and its placement so that you’re comfortable watching it the robot has built-in front and rear cameras to detect and analyze its surroundings and can even learn the user’s repetitive actions to automate various functions however it’s disconcerting that bal’s

Work is only shown in a video whereas its predecessor from 2020 scurried around the stage responding to the speaker commands so the question is Samsung when are we finally going to see your home robots on Sale circuit mess the startup brought its Robo Constructors to CES this year which the company is trying to crowdfund through Kickstarter the most interesting model in the lineup is an exact replica of the perseverance Rover which has been licensed by NASA circuit mess is a team from Croatia that already has a number

Of successful electron ICS and coding kits but the space themed series is the most ambitious thus far the soldering assembly and coding kit is available in different options in terms of hardware and even programming languages it looks really cool any flat earthers out there would you like to build yourself a r like This Chinese company Kepler exploration robot presented a new Droid of the Kepler 4Runner series at the exhibition I according to the manufacturer the robot will focus on embodied intelligence a concept aimed at creating systems that can interact with the physical world in a humanlike manner

Kepler 4Runner is 510 or 178 cm tall and weighs 187 lb which is 85 kilos it has 12° of freedom in its arms and a total of 40° of Freedom throughout the body this design allows it to perform demanding tasks such as navigating difficult terrain avoiding obstacles and lifting heavy load

It features technology similar to the Tesla Optimus utilizing planetary roller screwdrive and rotary Drive technology for complex movements and control the patented nebula system enhances its cognitive abilities providing accurate environmental awareness and adaptability the robot is designed for Industries such as manufacturing Logistics education and more however it can be

Seen in action only in the presentation video but at the exhibition well let’s just say there were a couple of cables sticking [Applause] out square mine demonstrated its Flagship product a robot for skin cancer detection the robot conducts autonomous skin screening collecting a large amount of data processed with the help of artificial Intelligence Robo Rock unveiled a dream Robot vacuum cleaner at the show the S8 Max V Ultra understands and follows voice commands can set up a video call and most importantly it has an arm that extends when cleaning difficult to get to spots other features include 3D scanning using structured light coupled

With artificial intelligence which allows it to avoid obstacles and recognize various objects on the floor and after analyzing it the robot will decide what to do with what it’s found remove or stay away let’s hope at least this vacuum cleaner will not throw dirt around the apartment if it goes all Kooky Cooler Master once again brought its shark computer to CES we talked about it in our review of last year’s show which you can check out in the description below Hyundai presented not one but two Novelties at CES this year one of them is a new air cab superal sa2 this is an

Electric vertical takeoff and landing airplane which is scheduled to be launched in 2028 sa2 was an improved version of the previous model that’s right sa1 the aircraft is capable of reaching speeds of up to 120 M or 200 kmph and is designed for short flights in the city the superal sa2 is equipped

With a distributed electric propulsion system and eight rotary main propellers it has a low noise level of about 65 D for vertical takeoff and landing and 45 D for horizontal flight the company said it doubled down on safety environmental friendliness and passenger Comfort the airframe design meets Global safety

Standards and includes robust components Reserve systems and key functions such as transmission flight controls and avionics the cockpit with landing gear under the nose and behind the wing has a three-point contact Zone whose concept is cooler Hyundai or X Punk let us know in the comments below also Hyundai’s part supplier

Division Hyundai Mobis woed the audience with the mobian concept which danced and spun in place thanks to its EC Corner steering system the articulated independent steering provides up to 90° of steering angle for all four wheels allowing the mobian to move sideways into a parallel parking space Glide

Diagonally in tight spaces and perform 360 turns with a zero radius in place what do you think of these Innovations for one we can’t wait for these systems to show up in regular cars Hyundai Please also at the exhibition was a new subsidiary of Hyundai RC lab mobin it brought to CS a delivery robot mobin which can climb stairs and change its height for easy loading and unloading for now it’s a research project with no Market release date so stay Tuned probably one of the quirkiest gadgets at the show was the $200 rabbit R1 it’s a pocket sized AI assistant that can navigate your apps for you without having to pick up your phone the developers were driven by the idea that people are already lazy enough to interact with apps through their phone

For example to hail a cab you have to take out your phone unlock it find the app go into it wait wait till it loads enter your address and only then hail the cab oh the difficulty of life so rabbit R1 is apparently going to save us

All this time now you can just take out your device and tell it a command and natural language over 10,000 units of R1 were sold within a day after the presentation how do you like this idea the startup skyed presented its anonomous voice capture masks which

Absorb 80% of the noise and allow you to communicate for example in public transportation so that others can’t hear you the masks synchronized with a smartphone app that also shows the user’s voice level skyed masks are made of a sound absorbing material developed by acoustical engineer Frank Simon the

Company advertises The Masks as a way to play games in even has a section on its website dedicated to defense and Military applications the gadget will cost approximately $300 and honestly I get one and just carry it around so I can put it on some people’s faces in public [Applause] [Applause] transportation pivotal a company backed by Larry Page announced at the show the start of sales of its Light Electric aircraft Helix which among other things does not require a pilot’s license to fly although this doesn’t mean that you just shell out $190,000 and that said go

Ahead you can fly no each owner of the device will still have to undergo some training so check it Out time Kettle announced at the show the X1 interpreter Hub a new realtime interpreter designed for meetings the developers call it quote the world’s first multilingual simultaneous translation system the system works out of the box without the need to download a separate app in face-to-face meetings two devices connect together to initiate

Translation of the conversation the handheld devices include headphones similar to previous time K products in total the X1 can support up to 20 people simultaneously in five different languages that’s really cool we could have definitely used one of these at the world robot conference trade show in

China for for review of that show from last year check out the description Volkswagen’s big new feature at CES was the addition of Chad GPT to its Ida or intelligent driver assistant the feature has only been announced and has yet to be implemented when will adding GPT to your product become P by

The way how often do you guys use Chad GPT in your daily life [Applause] Honda unveiled two concept models of its upcoming zero series electric vehicles the sedan and space Hub inste the first commercial model in the zero series electric vehicle lineup will launch in North America in

20126 Honda’s first zero series model is apparently based on the saloon concept a low slung roomy but sporty electric car that looks a bit like the computer Graphics from Blade Runner sequel meanwhile the vanike space tub appears at first glance to be a little less dystopian and more family oriented the

Company says the models differ from other electric vehicles in that they are quote thin and light and are made of sustainable materials inside and out details about them aren’t really being disclosed Honda’s zero series sedan will have a spacious interior and latest technology including an autonomous driving system the space Hub is a

Multi-purpose vehicle the space Hub is a multi-purpose electric vehicle that can be used as both a truck truck and a passenger vehicle it will also be equipped with the latest tech including an autonomous driving system and a next gen lithium ion battery the company plans to produce 30 electric vehicle

Models by 2030 including the electric prologue which will be released this year the company plans to produce 30 electric vehicle models by 2030 including the electric prologue which will be released this year Israel’s Pavilion at CES has stay its claim on a manicure robot the developers claim that Nimble is the

World’s first device that combines artificial intelligence and sophisticated robotics to flawlessly color nails the robot resembles a printer refilled with nail polish its main advantages are no appointment necessary and speed Nimble can polish all 10 nails and dry them in just under 25 minutes the device uses highres micro

Cameras and 3D imaging to determine the shape size and curvature of the nails a small robotic arm arm controlled by artificial intelligence then applies three coats of nail polish the robot is scheduled to start selling in March priced at $600 girls who wants to get themselves one of These Mercedes decided not to emphasize concept cars but intelligence Solutions instead to help and entertain drivers among the presented products was a new virtual assistant embu running on the new Mercedes-Benz operating system emboss developed from scratch by the companies’s engineers it uses generative artificial intelligence and advanced 3D

Graphics to make interactions with it more natural human intuitive and personalized more immersive navigation is also claimed by the developers the lad is planned to be realized by overlaying what the car sees on the digital gauge of the car in the animation you’ll see digital images of

People other cars or cyclists all with route guidance superimposed on top of them the main goal of emboss is somewhat ambitious which is to make the Driving Experience hyper personalized so much so that the car would become not just a birdie for the owner but in general have

A chance to replace his family and friends all together wow Mercedes wow CES was also the venue for the North American premiere of the CLA class concept based on the future Mercedes-Benz modular architecture otherwise known as MMA it’s a coupe style electric four-door sedan with a

Range of more than 460 Mi or 750 Km South Korea had a fairly large Pavilion at CES this year the Catra booth in particular showcased mandro Robo arms the startup specializes in creating affordable and functional prosth thesises printed on a 3D printer there were also solutions for urban farming from hexago the company offers three TurnKey Solutions an

Ecosystem of smart Gardens educational software that is an AI farming assistant and finally an urban farming community that should foster social connections between urban Farmers French company DTA aircraft manufacturer also brought its first fully flight ready eveall today private flying Transportation has become as mainstream as humanoid robots which of

These Technologies do you think has more potential in the coming years bet place your bets and leave your comment down Below hey so we’re here at catmine this is a virtual office the way you’re looking at here is actually our office uh we focus on really putting you in a 3D environment with your webcams and that’s live video live audio and not an avatar of you so we think there’s more

Uh culture and connectivity by actually having you there with other people uh it’s a place for a company or a remote team to gather all in one place accessible via a browser nothing to download loads quickly uh has different privacy features you pop in and have a

Tent meeting close the door and have a private conversation have a group meeting share screens um really is an excellent way for a fully remote company to all really be together in one place while attempts to bring work and communication into the metaverse are somewhat me we’ll see if such an idea

Takes off and keep you posted ducon robotics unveiled its new dart Suite robot ecosystem at CES which makes it easy to integrate artificial intelligence into cobots even for those who are are not professional developers or integrators this makes it easier to deploy robots especially in Industries such as manufacturing Logistics and

Medicine in other words you can buy a docson robot and configure it to work the way you want it to work using easy to understand interfaces similar to a typical mobile app at the same time the robot will operate with a high degree of autonomy and will be completely safe for

Humans and the artificial intelligence system will be continuously trained and updated automatically downloading new modules as Needed Chinese company horwin has unveiled futuristic concept motorcycles of the Senti series at CES 2024 interestingly in the US the models are categorized more like scooters due to their form factor including wheel size handlebar height and its position relative to the seat the closest to launch is the s m0o the electric

Motorcycle or scooter if you prefer has a 98 horsepower engine goes 0 to 60 Mi or 100 km in 2.8 seconds has a top speed of double that and can travel up to Triple that on a single charge the model is compatible with most home charging stations and the battery charge is up

80% in just 30 minutes what else will centy owners enjoy a 7-in TFT display four riding modes heated steering wheel and seat and safety features like abs and front and rear cameras Additionally the company promises to personalize each Rider’s experience but exactly how this will be implemented is yet to be

Revealed so stay tuned also what new products from CES did you like the most leave a comment to let us know subscribe to the channel and like this video more coming soon from the world of high-tech I

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