GPT 3.5 Chat vs GPT 4 – Should You Invest in GPT 4? – Video

GPT 3.5 Chat vs GPT 4 – Should You Invest in GPT 4? – Video

The latest language model, GPT 4, from OpenAI has been creating quite a buzz in the artificial intelligence community. This video aims to compare Chat Gpt 3.5 with GPT 4, analyzing their features and evaluating their efficiency. With over 1 trillion parameters, GPT 4 is trained on newer data and can consider over 1 trillion parameters, offering improved linguistic abilities and more accurate responses. Additionally, GPT 4 has an enhanced capacity to process information from different sources, making it well-equipped to answer complex questions and properly cite sources, making it more reliable and ethical.

Furthermore, GPT 4 has a longer short-term memory, extending to around 64,000 words, and can process both text and image data, making it a multimodal model. This enhanced version has also been proven to be more accurate in producing factual responses. While GPT 4 is a subscription-based service, it offers valuable resources for developers, including the capability to generate code snippets and debug codes more efficiently. Despite some limitations, such as occasional blunders and the need for a subscription, GPT 4 has been praised for its advancements.

The video encourages viewers to consider the benefits and drawbacks of both models to determine if upgrading to GPT 4 is worth the investment. Ultimately, GPT 4 is positioned as a smarter, more reliable, and efficient language model compared to its predecessor, which could prove to be valuable for both developers and general users. As the AI industry continues to evolve, the video aims to provide insights to help viewers make an informed decision.

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Video Transcript

Have you heard of GPT 4 it’s the latest language model for open ai’s natural language chatbot and it’s said to be much better than GPT 3.5 which is available on chat GPT but how much better is it and what makes it different let’s delve into the key differences

Between these models and explore the unique features of chat GPT 4 let’s start with number one one GPT 3.5 was trained on data that ultimately gave it the ability to consider 175 billon ion parameters depending on the prompt it receives that gave it some impressive linguistic abilities and let it respond

To queries in a very humanlike fashion however gp4 is based on a lot more training data and is ultimately able to consider over 1 trillion parameters when making its responses gp4 was also trained through human and AI feedback for a further 6 months beyond that of

GPT 3.5 so it has had many more Corrections and suggestions on how it can improve two GPT 4 is also trained on newer data while GPT 3.5 was limited to information prior to June 2021 GPT 4 was trained on data up to September 2021 with some select information from Beyond

That date which makes it a little more current in its responses three GPT 4 is designed to answer even complicated questions by synthesizing information from different sources on the flip side gpt3 .5 features May struggle to find the appropriate sources for instance if asked about the connection between the

Impact of global Agriculture and the declining B population GPT 4 can bestow a more comprehensive answer before going through several sources and studies four unlike GPT 3.5 GPT 4 includes a feature that can properly sight sources while generating texts this means the final output becomes easier for readers especially es when verifying the

Accuracy of the information provided five the programming capability of gp4 has taken social media by storm interestingly it can generate code Snippets and debug existing codes more uniquely than the previous version artificial intelligence gp4 is the New Age language model platform that offers a valuable resource for many software

Developers taking help from GPT 4 loads of tasks can be completed within a few hours with without compromising the results gp4 can write code to train a with data set B fix errors within a data set improve the performance implement the data set in a GUI six GPT 4 has a

Much longer memory than previous versions while GPT 3.5 short-term memory is around 8,000 words GPT 4’s short-term memory extends to around 64,000 words additionally GPT 4 can pull text from web pages when you share a URL in the prompt seven gp4 is a multimodal model which means it can process both text and

Image data for instance it can accept an image as part of a prompt and provide an appropriate textual response here’s an example gp4 can view an image of your refrigerator contents and provide you with recipes using the ingredients it sees however chat GPT plus will only

Answer you with text so if if you ask it for pictures like the Mona Lisa you’ll be told about similar works but you won’t see any images8 gp4 implements mechanisms to minimize undesirable results thereby increasing reliability and ethical responsibility for example gp4 is less likely to generate politically biased

Offensive or harmful content making it a more trustworthy AI companion than GPT 3.5 nine while chat GPT 4’s llm is still limited to training data up to September 2021 you can instruct it to also search the internet with Bing this capability helps you get more timely answers but

This beta feature is far from perfect chat gp4 can still make blunders often referred to as hallucinations but if you’re looking to get some smart answers to some challenging questions chat gp4 is useful for help the net result of these improvements is that GPT 4 is smarter than it predecessor for example

Gp4 has achieved higher scores on exams including the elsat SAT uniform bar exam and gr open AI claims that GPT 4’s answers are 40% more likely to produce factual responses than GPT minus 3.5 but here the million dooll question arise is chat GPT 4 worth it to buy GPT

3.5 is fully available as part of chat GPT but it’s entirely free GPT 4 on the other hand is a little harder to come by you can use it through the open AI website as part of its chat GPT Plus subscription it’s $120 a month now that’s all about today’s video If you

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