ICRA 2023: Revolutionary Robots Set to Transform the World | Future-Proof Robots | Advanced Robotics – Video

ICRA 2023: Revolutionary Robots Set to Transform the World | Future-Proof Robots | Advanced Robotics – Video

The ICRA 2023 robot exhibition in London showcased some of the most groundbreaking inventions and developments that are changing our world today. From the humanoid robots of 1X to the impressive abilities of the Amica robot, the event gave us a peek into the future of robotics.

1X, a Canadian startup, has caught the attention of OpenAI with its humanoid robots that could revolutionize the job market by combining AI with robotics. Amica, designed by the British company Engineered Arts, boasts remarkably realistic facial expressions and body language, making conversations natural and interesting. And Deep Robotics unveiled their newest intelligent dog robot, Light 3, designed for educational and scientific research with advanced mobility and functionality.

The event also featured competitions, including quadruped robot challenges and social robots for public spaces. Moreover, performances by renowned artists and presentations by companies like Shadow Robot Company and AI Institute left visitors in awe.

The ICRA 2023 exhibition served as a platform to witness the convergence of technology, art, and innovation. It’s clear that these robots are not just changing the world; they’re shaping the future. The possibilities are endless, and the impact of these robots is just beginning to be realized. As we look ahead, the future of robotics is certainly an exciting one.

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Video Transcript

The incredible icra 2023 robot exhibition took place in London especially for you we took a trip into the world of the future and prepared a report about the most interesting developments and inventions that are already changing our world today see a full review of the most interesting

Robots from the exhibition in one video fasten your seat belts Let’s Roll The Thai cr8 2023 Canadian startup 1x’s humanoid robots burst onto the scene and there’s an interesting story behind them open AI known for its Chan GPT language models has invested a hefty sum into 1X to combine its artificial intelligence with humanoid robots which could revolutionize the job market although

Openai head Sam Albert claims that no one in the world today has a common AI he apparently still wants to prepare in anticipation of a new breakthrough in technology and create a suitable body for future intelligent robots 1X formerly halody robotics already has an eve robot on a mobile wheelbase the

Company even tried to launch an office security project with it but its fate is still unclear perhaps the reason was that a robot on Wheels in the real world would not be able to move around universally in an environment created for humans a robot on legs on the other hand can so we’re

Waiting for a new robot with the original name Neo with legs and a brain in the form of chat GPT or a new model from open AI how about it Elon Musk and by the way who do you think will be the first to release a universal intelligent humanoid robot Tesla or open

AI foreign the humanoid robot Amica once again proved its appeal to humans at icra 2023 designed by the British company engineered arts and equipped with language models based on generative artificial intelligence Chachi PT the robot communicated freely with visitors and surprisingly Drew however its artistic abilities unlike facial

Expressions in speech so far leave much to be desired Amica boasts 32 degrees of freedom of the upper half of the body and in the head of the robot alone there are 17 actuators he already understands and communicate in several languages including French German Chinese and Japanese but what is still most striking

About him is his amazingly realistic face facial expressions and Body Language engineered Arts founder will Jackson emphasizes that amica’s goal is to mimic human communication making conversations interesting and natural for example a robot will never say sorry I didn’t stand please repeat the question instead answering in a human

Way huh the current Amica model is available to everyone for about a hundred thousand dollars but more interestingly a full-size version that can walk and grab objects is in development we’re really looking forward to it how much do you think a walking version of the robot will cost foreign

Robotics unveiled its newest intelligent dog robot light 3 at icra 2023 At Deep robotics we are very excited to Showcase light three’s Advanced mobility and functionality particularly its agility and balance when performing movements such as forward somersaults said Zen Chu Chief control engineer at Deep robotics light 3 is designed for educational and scientific research using the latest proprietary joints control systems and advanced algorithms

Deep in the cloud it has stronger more flexible and more reliable motion capabilities light three’s open modular structure and interface make it adaptable and scalable allowing it to develop Advanced perceptual abilities such as autonomous navigation visual positioning and environmental reconstruction also on display was the X20 robot the

Latest version of the deep robotics Julie Ying series which has already been deployed for industrial use tasks and performs include power inspections emergency rescue work public safety inspections tunnel Mining and Industrial site inspections as well as construction site reconnaissance we are committed to implementing Automation in areas of work that involve

High risk but repetitive manual tasks especially in extreme winter hazardous conditions and natural disasters said Zen Chu There were several competitions during the show including quadruped robot challenges during the event Engineers demonstrated how to control the robots from a special station with a first person view and the autonomous movement of robots on difficult terrain there were other challenges that the robots handled with varying degrees of success

Although robot dogs have become something almost commonplace robot Engineers see great potential in them both for training new Personnel experimentation and research and for developing really useful applications from industry to the service industry how do you feel about four-legged robots write in the comments also sported at the show with a social

Robot Arie from pal robotics for public spaces the robot Thiago from the same company the robot avatar ibotics from the University of Bourne and the humanoid robot from the Italian Institute of Technology Japanese Professor Hiroshi ishiguro’s geminoid robot also appeared at icra 2023 an exact replica of the professor

Himself ishiguro’s robots are considered to be the most realistic in the world by the way geminoid even gave lectures instead of the professor at Osaka University the highlight of icra 2023 was a performance of the artist known under the pseudonym of stellarc among them it combined human anatomy Robotics and art

The basis of the performances was a mechanism with 11 degrees of freedom called extended arm and a sensor bracelet the extended arm which mimics primate proportions is pneumatically actuated and operated by a series of pre-programmed finger switches a sensor wristband worn on the left hand provides another dimension of acoustic

Interaction manipulating volume notes and even pitch modulations with a set of rotating pressure rings in this way each movement of the stellarc from hand to hand creates a unique sound from which to build a composition foreign foreign unitary robotics brought its consumer and Industrial robots to the show and

The largest high-capacity model the B1 was presented in a version with wheels on all four legs interestingly unitary recently announced the completion of a b financing round worth several hundred million yen the company now has three consumer robots the A1 the go1 and the Ben Ben the most popular of these the

Gohan robot is equipped with an intelligent side tracking system and a super sensor system it has a top speed of about 4.7 meters per second and an Adaptive payload of about three to five kilograms and the price starts at just four thousand five hundred dollars good afternoon my name is Rich Walker

And I’m from the shadow robot company at Shadow we’ve spent over 25 years building hands for robots why do we want to build a hand for a robot that seems crazy after all humans have hands right so why do robots need them well because if robots are going to do the kind of

Classes that humans can do they need the same fine dexterity and manipulation skills that humans have and so we get the shadow robot hand 20 degrees of freedom 24 movements position sensing joint sensing both sensing as close as we could make it to the same physical

Shape and size of a human hand with still the ability to do robotic manipulation tasks it’s used all over the world in robotics r d when we first built them we thought we’ll build a robot and the people will be able to use it what we didn’t realize was how much

Work it would be to be able to use robot hands today we’re seeing deep learning Technologies make robot hands really really capable it’s a very exciting time in this field we think it’s possible to unlock the potential of robot hands to do really interesting tasks in the world

Interestingly Mark ryboo is seen who was touching the company’s robot with interest recall that the atlas robot is just now in the need of nimble hands by the way raybert came to the conference to tell his journey from the first bouncing robots to Atlas spot and

The AI Institute and at the same time to show a Tango performed by a couple of spot robots foreign direct drive Tech unveiled its new Teeter robot at icra 2023 so I would like to introduce our new robot Theta so for Tita robot we have eight dots on

This robot so that we’re not only making it as a bipedal wheel robot but also a bipedal robot or a real robot we can let the robot stepping and going through all the obstacles and make the robot to go everywhere we want also we do we also

Have perceptions on the robot we have ultrasonic infrared and cameras so that the robot can not only have scan all the terrains we want but I also like let the robot to do a better decision making and make it to overpass all kinds of obstacles and also

With our batteries we can hot swap our batteries which means that when the robot is running we can change our batteries at the same time and so that it can walk to everywhere forever so compare with the first version of our first version of our robot we not only

Enhance the payload of the motors we make it to have a payload at about five kilograms to 20 kilograms but also we we enhance the speed we upgrade the speed of the motors we we can let the robot to run from 1.5 meter per second and from

1.5 Mill per seconds to 5 meter per seconds as we wanted and also we have a a more abundant SDK interfaces so that all the customers can use our interfaces to do their own second development foreign researchers from Imperial College London and Emperor brought to the show their cutting-edge development of 3D drones

Dubbed aerial additive manufacturing or aerial am for short taking inspiration from bees these drones work together to autonomously print and repair various designs two types of drones build drones and scan drones perform the tasks of placing materials in flight and measuring print quality respectively they dynamically adjust their methods

Based on a real-time assessment of the geometry of the printed structure maintaining impressive manufacturing accuracy of up to five millimeters the drones use four specially formulated cement mixes Engineers anticipate that such autonomous drones will reduce future construction costs and risks especially in hard to reach or hazardous locations foreign College Engineers also unveiled a robotic arm with a proprietary rgbd Machine Vision system it allows the robot to work accurately and methodically on any objects that are chaotically placed in front of it the system can accurately estimate the location of multiple objects using real-time multi-view Vision the robot then moves and rgbd accumulates

Estimates of the object’s positions from different positions and combines them foreign ERS of the crazy fly quadcopter showed a fully decentralized drone Swarm at icra 2023 in this Dynamic demonstration crazy fly drones autonomously flew along random trajectories avoiding collisions and charging wirelessly using the QI deck system positioning calculations are

Performed on board using the lighthouse system peer-to-peer communication allows each drone toward just its trajectory based on the position of the others also at his Booth bicquace presented a novelty a small and inexpensive drone called flapper Nimble with an original structure and wings similar to a bat or a butterfly foreign Twenty three exhibit in London you could see the French developers from pollen Robotics and their robots Richie with a traditional pinstripe paint and an unnamed robot prototype Avatar with eight degrees of freedom and a tablet instead of a face by the way everyone was able to play the latter something

New was that Richie got a wheelbase lidar and other sensors for mapping its surroundings and free movement it also reported that the robot was programmed with Ros based python which allows you to manipulate objects and communicate with people previously Richie was controlled only remotely and served as a research platform for roboticist and

Psychologists she tried not only to interact with objects but also to evoke emotions mainly tenderness foreign [Applause] [Applause] twenty three we saw humanoid robots robot dogs mobile robots robot avatars and even flying 3D construction printers watching the rapid progress of high technology it seems that there are no limits to what humans can achieve what do you think subscribe to the channel to keep up with

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