The Best Next-Generation Humanoid Robots Already Among Us in Winter, Part 2 – Video

The Best Next-Generation Humanoid Robots Already Among Us in Winter, Part 2 – Video

The field of robotics is constantly evolving, with new advancements in humanoid robots being made every day. In a recent video titled “All Next-Generation Humanoid Robots That Are Already Among Us | Best Of The Winter | Part 2,” various humanoid robots were showcased performing a range of tasks.

One interesting scene featured engineers at Westwood Robotics testing the capabilities of their robot teams walking other robots or dogs. This peculiar and amusing display showcases the potential applications of humanoid robots in various tasks. One of the robots featured in the video is Bruce, a versatile dynamic robot developed in collaboration with Romela, a robotics lab actively supported by Bill Gates.

Another highlight of the video was the demonstration of the Atlas robot by Boston Dynamics, a well-known robotics company. The latest abilities of the Atlas robot, such as unpacking and moving automotive shock absorbers, show its potential for real-world industrial applications. This could be a significant development in the field of robotics, especially in sectors like automotive manufacturing where precision and reliability are crucial.

The video also featured an incredibly realistic robot created by Gamer Holt Productions, which mimics the facial expressions of Abraham Lincoln. This hyper-realistic robot showcases the advancements in creating lifelike android robots that could find applications in museums and theme parks.

Additionally, Disney Imagineering specialists have developed a cute robot that moves like a living creature, potentially for use in Disneyland or special effects for movies. The video also touched on the Moonwalker X robotic shoes by Shift Robotics, which promise significantly faster movement for workplace environments.

Furthermore, researchers from Barcelona have created nanorobots that show promise in reducing bladder cancer tumors by 90% with just one injection. This breakthrough could revolutionize cancer treatment and reduce the cost of care for patients.

In sum, the video highlights the incredible advancements in humanoid robots that are already among us, showcasing their potential in various industries and applications. These robots demonstrate the cutting-edge technology and innovation that is shaping the future of robotics.

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Video Transcript

People walk their dogs but who do robots walk it could be other dogs or perhaps another robot engineers at Westwood robotics presented such a peculiar and amusing scene in their new video currently they are testing the capabilities of their robot temas for various tasks although there are no

Details yet on its autonomy and technical specifications watching another humanoid robot in action is still interesting as for the little one on the leash that happens to be the already available Bruce a versatile Dynamic robot this open platform for research and education was developed in collaboration with another robotics lab

Romela which is currently actively supported by Bill Gates the moment has come when Boston Dynamics robots which we are accustomed to seeing in exciting dances and tricks are beginning to approach real world industrial applications the latest abilities of the atlas robot which can now unpack and move Automotive shock

Absorbers could be a turning point in its career the automotive manufacturing sector where Precision reliability and the ability to handle heavy components are required seems like the ideal place for humanoid robots specialized industrial robots are already widely used here but complex and multifaceted tasks requiring a human touch have so

Far remained beyond their capabilities Elon Musk has already expressed his intention to use Tesla Optimus robots at Tesla factories while the startup figure plans to test its developments in BMW production now Boston Dynamics owned by hyundi could make its contribution by offering its Atlas robot for automotive manufacture ufacturing work although

Atlas is still an experimental project it demonstrates tremendous potential among humanoid robots and its application in the commercial sphere could be a significant step in the development of Robotics justifying years of academic research the robot of Abraham Lincoln is frightening people with the realism of its facial expressions this robot

Created by gamer Holt production may not be an exact copy of Abraham Lincoln but it is still a significant step forward in the creation of hyperrealistic Android robots in a few more years it might be possible to order a realistic copy of oneself or a family member gamer

Holt production is known for providing animatronics used by Walt Disney Studios over its 35e history the company has built thousands of animatronic items for theme parks the latest achievement from the company is an extremely realistic artificial head mimicking the first US President Abraham Lincoln with approximately 40 unique movements and a

New type of artificial silicone skin developed by the company the effect is astonishing Robo Lincoln is intended for use in museums and theme parks and it is expected to become part of an ex exhibition titled living faces of History the Breakthrough in realism at the company is attributed to the

Introduction of new Servo Motors that allow for increasingly subtle movements of the Android’s facial muscles share in the comments would you like to own such a hyperrealistic robot friend Walt Disney imagineering Specialists have developed an incredibly cute robot that moves just like a living creature in the future such robots could

Entertain guests at Disneyland and their advancements might find applications in the field of special effects for movies the main feature of the machine is its AB ability to replicate the movements of various characters to make the robot appear more friendly and appealing they Incorporated some traits of dogs for

Instance the antenna on its head serve as a kind of tail allowing it to express curiosity and other emotions the Technologies employed in the robot will enable the creation of others that closely resemble animated and film characters by accurately mimicking their movement Styles it has also been revealed that Disney is developing a

Special system that uses machine learning to transfer the movement style from animators to robots this approach makes robots friendly and close companions to to humans helping them adapt more quickly shift robotics has announced an updated version of its robotic Roller Shoes the Moonwalker X enabling significantly faster movement than

Regular Footwear in 2022 shift robotics introduced the initial version of its Moonwalker dubb the fastest shoes in the world these were specialized robotic shoe attachments with 10 wheels allowing for significantly accelerated steps the company proposed the use of its Innovation primarily for workplace environments benefiting people required

To take up to 30,000 steps daily such as warehouse and Logistics workers the new version features reduced weight improved maneuverability and safety and the ability to adapt to smaller sized Footwear the company claims that Moonwalker shoes accelerating normal walking to 11 km per hour have doubled the efficiency of warehouse workers and

Saved 400 hours per year on employee movements mass production of moonwalkers X is scheduled for the first half of 2024 with prices to be announced at that time shift robotics has allocated a limited number of moonwalkers X for companies seeking Priority Access and the product will be showcased at CES

2024 researchers from Barcelona have created nanorobots one injection of which reduces a bladder cancer tumor by 90% Studies have already been conducted on mice and the results obtained during the trials are simply astonishing these tiny nanom machines consist of a porous silicon sphere and operate on Uria another important component is

Radioactive iodine a radioisotope commonly used for localized tumor treatment the nanor robots move along the walls of the bladder accumulating in tumors and providing effective drug delivery with one dose of nanor robobots proving more effective than conventional treatment bladder cancer has a high incidence worldwide requiring constant monitoring and repeated treatment making

It one of the most expensive types of cancer researchers believe that the new method will reduce the cost of treatment but additional testing is needed to assess the potential recurrence of the disease it appears that in the near future we may witness a revolution in the treatment of such a formidable disease as

Cancer Los angeles-based startup rabbit has unveiled the Revolutionary R1 device with real art artificial intelligence that can fit in a pocket and handle virtually any task for a person the R1 performs a wide range of digital tasks and simplifies user interaction with the device for instance it can book tickets

Or assemble a grocery Basket in an online store all these functions are packed into a portable compact device resembling a tamagachi with a small touchscreen and a camera rabbit attracted $30 million in Investments and is now showing its product at CES 2024 the R1 is designed to streamline digital

Tasks by Bridging the Gap between human intentions and device actions it is the first device equipped with the rabbit OS operating system aiming to change the way people interact on the internet through efficient navigation across multiple applications using natural language commands we are entering a new era of human device interaction where AI

Not only understands natural language but also takes actions based on users intentions to complete tasks said rabbit CEO Jesse Lou While most voice assistants in Smart Homes and portable consumer devices handle only simple requests like turning on lights or checking the weather rabid OS can handle

Most digital tasks the R1 operates as a standalone device equipped with Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity a mediatech helio P35 processor 4 GB of memory 128 GB of built-in storage and a USBC Port user privacy is prioritized in its design with the microphone and Camera activating only when the user initiates

Interaction the R1 is already available for pre-order and shipments are set to begin in March at a cost of $199 before you is the robot Han which represents a humanoid robot whose appearance closely resembles that of a human the Hansen robotics team is responsible for its creation Han was

First introduced to the public in 2015 during a technology exhibition initially the development of this male robot was planned to enable the implementation of high-tech communication components in medicine according to the developers the uniqueness of the robot lies in its ability to reproduce a wide range of emotions and interact quite accurately

With the surrounding environment during conversations hand can recognize people’s faces their moods ages and genders current currently the developers are focused on popularizing the robot as an employee for customer services as it has the ability to communicate with each person Han has three cameras that allow him to see everything around with high

Precision and object recognition in 2017 debates took place between Han and the popular robot Sophia during which the robots attempted to determine what the future holds for Humanity technology has advanced so far that now on a 3D printer you can print anything not just realistic body parts

You can even print food that is indistinguishable from natural Israeli company redefine meat has introduced 3D printers for the industrial scale production of plant-based meat in appearance and properties this product is no different from natural meat according to the developers the meat printed on the 3D printer evokes the

Same Sensations as a good steak a tasty piece of animal meat but without using an animal the product is made from a plant-based composition including beets peas chickpeas soy and coconut oil along with nutritional yeast the printer forms a replica of muscles fat and blood from this composition and then combines them

To create meat the printer is a equipped with settings allowing the production of meat with varying levels of firmness it is noted that such a printer can produce several tons of product daily at present eight printers have been created six are operating in Israel and two more have

Been sent to the Netherlands where a factory for the production of artificial meat is set to open would you be willing to try meat printed on a 3D printer insect cyborgs have existed in Laboratories for many years and scientists are gradually bringing radio controlled arthropods closer to practical applications a recent

Breakthrough in this field involves a novel remote control device for a live Madagascar cockroach developed by scientists from Japan and Singapore unlike existing counterparts this device is solar powered and minimally restricts the movement of the animal marking a significant step toward the era of insect cyborgs unfolding before our eyes

The concept is simple embed electrodes into the insect’s nervous system and send commands through them to turn the living arthropod into a compliant human tool however practical implementation has its challenges according to data from 4 years ago typical insect cyborg inaccurately respond to about half of the commands nevertheless This research

Is not aimed at directly controlling the insect’s brain but at ensuring that the control device does not interfere with movements and has sufficient power researchers powered the device with a Lithium Polymer battery which in turn charges from an organic solar cell this pair generates a power of 17.2 M

Sufficient for the control system the battery enables the device to operate in the dark and a brief exposure to sunlight for about half an hour allows the cyborg to recharge however to transform a toilet like cockroach cyborg into a useful assistant additional payloads such as cameras or sensors are

Necessary they also require electrical power and space on the cockroach’s back therefore the current development is a prototype for potentially useful devices if the miniaturization of electronics continues at the current Pace we may witness radio-controlled cockroaches in action the question is whether this development should be welcomed insect cyborgs could become reliable assistant

Not only for Rescuers and Engineers but also for intruders if a cockroach can carry a sensor to inspect pipes why not equip it with a microphone for eavesdropping tracking devices can be made miniature today but to install them in someone else’s apartment or office one needs to infiltrate it’s challenging

For a person to do so without being noticed but what about an insect that’s when the term bug may take on a literal meaning ultra realistic Japanese robots are getting closer to humans meet actroid F A lifelike robot developed by the Japanese company kakuro one of act’s

Primary tasks is to care for severely ill patients and replace a caregiver but developers plan to use the robot for much more ambitious goals in the future to achieve this actroid has been endowed with the ability to recognize human emotions using artificial intelligence it will monitor the patient’s facial

Expressions 24 hours a day if the system detects a Grimace of pain through a dozen sensitive video sensors a live doctor will be urgently called to the room moreover actroid can itself display emotions using a variety of robotized facial muscles the robot can operate autonomously speak gesture and interact with people developers demonstrated

Improvements to the control system of the actroid sit robot making it appear even smarter with behavior adopting Vivid social traits bringing it much closer to humans the motion parameterization system allows the actroid robot to adapt all its gestures and movements to the interlocutor’s location making people feel that the

Robot is genuinely paying attention to them and no one else even though the actroid sit robot does not yet possess advanced intelligence that would allow it to engage in a natural conversation on various topics researchers note that the enhancements made have played a significant role in making the robot

More appealing to people however with the rapid development of neural networks soon every humanoid robot will be able to freely communicate with people on any topics of Interest meet fobot a robot that literally grows its way towards you as it can 3D print its own body while reaching its final destination according

To the developers the robot is designed for exploring other planets it has the ability to grow upwards towards a light source but it can be configured differently the device has a conical head on top a power source a base station at the bottom and a stem-like structure between them as fot grows it

Pulls a thread of thermoplastic from a spool on the base station to its head the thread then passes through a heated extruder in the head which slowly rotates relative to the body allowing the robot to 3D print its body depending on light sensors gyroscopes and other built-in head Electronics parameters

Like temperature orientation and the speed of plastic deposition constantly change moreover the robot automatically wraps around vertical supports if they are nearby allowing it to spend less time and energy reaching its goal if there are no supports the RO robot makes its body stiff and strong to support itself it’s a remarkable and

Simultaneously a inspiring development the new Smart Home Companion welcomes users at home manages household chores replays key events of the day and shares weather information Samsung Electronics unveiled an upgraded version of its AI powered home robot Bal at a press conference ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2024 first

Introduced at CES 2020 Bali has enhanced functionality to help users manage their lives more intelligently operating as a personal assistant Bal autonomously moves around the house to perform various tasks by connecting to home devices and controlling them Bal can assist users in many situations continually learning daily routines and

Habits to offer personalized Services the AI robot B provides Peace of Mind by sending video reports of pets to users devices when they are away from home furthermore B can set the mood for any scenario whether it’s exercising working or relaxing from projecting workout videos to playing favorite music and

Answering phone calls B makes home life more productive and comfortable jeny itai a robotic startup from kusatsu Shiga Prefecture recently unveiled a rather unusual but highly intriguing type of heavy machinery exemplifying the integration of human and machine the metal humanoid robot with a head torso and two arms protrudes

Upward from a cabin resembling that of an excavator designed for technical maintenance tasks in various Fields such as Railway track repairs or road sign replacement and repair the robot can replace a team of workers and thus reduce the risk of of serious accidents in the workplace it can lift and move

Heavy loads such as steel pipes plates or wires and perform its tasks as effectively as a human because it is operated by a person the operator wears special glasses connected to the robot’s eyes allowing precise control of the robots arm movements using technology developed by the company this is one of

The strongest arguments in favor of human operated robots as the founder of Jinky claims that creating technology capable of sensing the required Force for various types of interactions and controlling it using electricity is extremely challenging at the moment Chinese Aerospace company ehang is gearing up to launch sales of its

Unmanned electric vertical takeoff and Landing aircraft the eh 216s starting April 1st this year sales of this Innovative device will begin in China the evall capable of carrying two passengers has a flight range of 30 km and a maximum speed of 130 km per hour equipped with 16 rotors the Drone

Operates entirely autonomously this unmanned aircraft has already already been granted permission for man flights albeit only within China for now the eh 216s is proposed for sightseeing at low altitudes and other Urban tourism purposes the drone’s development is not new the first Trials of this air vehicle

Were conducted by ehang in 2017 and 2018 with more than 4,000 test flights completed since then eh- hang’s move to launch sales of its UAV is accompanied by successful tests of the Archer Air Taxi as mentioned in our previous issue Archer has also completed its first

Phase of flight testing these de Vel Ms paved the way for the emergence of a new mode of transportation expected to begin commercial operation in 2025 R1 is a humanoid robot designed to assist people in various situations developed by the Italian Institute of Technology the R1 robot features an Innovative design and built-in

Artificial intelligence allowing it to recognize people and objects made half of plastic and half of carbon fiber and metal the R1 humanoid stands at 1.25 M tall but can extend its torso by 20 cm M when needed and has wheels instead of legs the robot weighs around 50 kg

Approximately 10 lb its use will involve assisting elderly people or people with disabilities the robot is equipped with 28 Motors that enable hundreds of different movements in full autonomy in the future the robot is planned to be equipped with an artificial membrane that will function as Skin allowing the

Robot to sense touch the robot can understand and interpret language as well as respond independently depending on the situation all thanks to its brain containing state-of-the-art sensors two cameras and special 3D sensors R1 is one of the most complex and advanced robots to date Robotics are everywhere we use them

To cut our grass vacuum our floors and even take videos of our roof therefore it is logical to assume that robotics can play a significant role in building our homes a mule material unit lift enhancer is a lift assist device used to handle and lift heavy materials on construction sites professional Masons

Employ mule technology to maximize productivity gains and handle heavy materials with increased safety the equ equipment also reduces fatigue and injuries in a physically demanding industry it can be set up in just 10 minutes and attached to construction scaffolding or lifting platforms mules also come with various attachments and

Can be customized according to the conditions of construction sites this technology has the potential to alleviate labor shortages and attract more people to the construction industry it offers safety and health benefits and may reduce workers compensation claims additionally the equipment may contribute to extending the careers of individual Masons by mitigating the

Physical impact of masonry work developers of the moly robotic kitchen continue their efforts to refine the idea moving away from incredible Concepts and super expensive Solutions requiring complete reconstruction they have shifted towards more traditional approaches however making these Solutions Universal and adaptable for the consumer sector or at least for

Cafes and restaurants is still challenging ideally the company envisions the final product as a robot capable not only of preparing full-fledged dishes but also of notifying when ingredients need replenishing suggesting recipes based on available items learning your preferences and even cleaning surfaces once the robot is perfected the company

Plans to start Mass sales at a price starting from $113,000 it’s worth noting that this price includes not only the manipulators but also the kitchen stove sink working surface and cabinets a recent study by the times revealed that nearly half of Americans spend between $6,000 and $25,000 on kitchen Furniture so it may

Not be such a high price for a robotic kitchen how soon do you think Chef robots will appear in our kitchens the synthetic hand V8 is the latest iteration of the Clone robotics humanoid hand series and it’s got some seriously cool features thanks to artificial muscle fibers and special

Valves this Ono one scale replica of a human hand can move almost as eerily as the real thing the most fascinating feature of this hand is its ability to be teleoperated by replicating the movements of a real hand it can even be trained using internet videos showing human hand movements however this raises

Concerns given the unpredictable nature of Internet content who knows what kind of hand gestures it might learn from online sources the 0.75 kg hand and forearm offer 24° of freedom and 2 hours of battery life clone robotics say they plan to sell these synthetic hands for about $2,800

Each continuing the theme of futuristic Fabrics Adobe has unveiled its latest creation a monitor dress that changes color and patterns at the touch of a button this Innovation is made possible by a special fabric with multiple layers by pressing the button users can access five new designs change the color make

The dress monochromatic or add patterns the technology is named project Primrose unlike other similar inventions the monitor dress has a textured form and can modify colors and patterns across its entire front surface currently the chameleon fabric changes only in silvery tones but it can potentially serve as camouflage allowing for entirely

Different applications project Primrose is still in its early stages of development but it has the potential to have a major impact on the world around us it is a glimpse into the future of fashion technology and wearable Computing a team of researchers from the University of Tokyo has employed GPT 4

To guide a robot through various simulations such as taking selfies tossing a sword eating popcorn and playing air guitar previously each action required specific coding but integrating GPT 4 opens up new possibilities for robots learning through natural language instructions Direct Control is now possible by mapping linguistic expressions and human

Actions using programming code explain the scientists they describe this achievement as a paradigm shift coding the coordination of such a large number of joints was a complex task involving repetitive movements thanks to the language model the need for iterative work has disappeared now researchers can simply provide verbal instructions

Describing desired actions and the language model generates python code that activates the robot alter 3 remembers actions and researchers can refine and adjust them leading to faster smoother and more precise movements over time equipped with a camera alter 3 can see people researchers found that alter 3 improves its Vision by observing human

Reactions the ability of robots connected to GPT 4 to learn could reshape the interaction between between humans and robots opening new possibilities for more intelligent and adaptive robots this car is sure to cause a stir in the automotive sector as it is designed for waterports these incredible

Vehicles combine the speed and style of racing cars with the thrill of riding the waves waterports cars feature an incredible racing car exterior with the latest engine Advanced GPS navigation systems sound systems and modern safety measures together these Technologies provide a smooth immersive experience that allows drivers and passengers to

Fully enjoy participating in water activities while feeling safe and secure initially exclusive to billionaires in Dubai this product is now available in the United States although the price has not been disclosed yet and these Craftsmen from the YouTube channel garage lab managed to turn an ordinary bicycle into a true allterrain

Vehicle capable of moving on any surface and even on water as the creators themselves stated the bicycle was assembled from ordinary junk stored in the garage the off-road vehicle was assembled literally from parts of everything that came to hand this epic transformation exceeded all our expectations the engineers declared but

They were even more shocked when their off-road vehicle literally went on water now that’s real craftsmanship write in the comments how you like this invention the robot figure has learned to independently perform tasks by simply observing humans general purpose humanoid robots are expected to carry out various actions using tools devices

And methods employed by people they need to be flexible and adapt to Dynamic work environments robots that require constant programming commands to perform new tasks are impractical the American startup figure has claimed that their robot figure 01 can now observe how people perform tasks analyze them and then autonomously carry out these tasks

For example after 10 hours of video learning the Android could independ make coffee the Android responds to verbal commands opens the top compartment of the coffee machine places a coffee capsule inside closes the compartment and presses the button the person who requested coffee then retrieves the finished beverage independently the key

Aspect here is not not the task itself but the fact that the robot spent 10 hours learning from videos and can now perform tasks autonomously a new autonomous action has been added to its Library which can be transferred to another figure Robot Operating in the same system through group learning if

This learning process is applied to a wide range of tasks figure could learn to do everything from peeling bananas to using a wrench humanoid robots have the potential to be a revolutionary technology if deployed on a large scale the rapid growth of GPT and other language-based AI models has clearly

Demonstrated that human intelligence can be surpassed and the parallel growth of humanoids is capable of ending physical labor it is not excluded that humanity is on the verge of a technological and social Revolution more extensive than the agricultural or industrial revolutions Chinese company Lim X Dynamics showcased the capabilities of

Its latest humanoid robot named cl1 in the video cl1 demonstrated tasks such as ascending and descending stairs the robot is also capable of free movement both indoors and Outdoors limex Dynamics anticipates deploying its humanoid robots in business business to business and business to Consumer applications the company plans to focus on scenarios

Involving hazards high-end customer service Automotive manufacturing and inhome services limex Dynamics highlighted its use of advanced motion control artificial intelligence and proprietary actuators and Hardware to enable Dynamic stair climbing based on real-time perception the company emphasized that environmental perception technology is an important aspect of the evolution of its humanoid robots

Engineers at the company stated that their main goal is to create a general purpose humanoid robot they expressed their ambition to develop a human oriented humanoid robot in the coming years that could replace humans in virtually any field and perform tasks as effectively as humans do Disney has decided to showcase the

Hollow tile smart floor which as they stated will solve a significant issue with VR headsets according to the demonstration video each cell of the smartmat can rotate independently of the others allowing people to move in different directions while staying in place the company did not provide details on how the technology works but

Demonstrated that the unique flooring allows for remote control of objects placed on it Disney engineer Lanny Smoot mentioned that he is not sure where the technology will be applied but he believes it is best suited for VR projects dance and theatrical performances the video illustrates the first application where friends can

Interact with the mat recognizing two people and enabling them to move in different directions the hollow tile system is modular and expandable meaning it can be customized to fit various spaces and scenarios at the CES exhibition duen robotics introduced the new dart suit robot ecosystem which makes it easy to

Integrate artificial intelligence into the operation of cobots even for those who are not professional developers or integrators this simplifies the implementation of robots especially in Industries such as manufacturing Logistics and Healthcare in other words you can purchase ducon robots and configure their operation as needed using userfriendly interfaces similar to

A regular mobile application the robots will operate with a high degree of autonomy and be completely safe for humans the artificial intelligence system will continuously learn and update itself automatically loading new modules as needed additionally duen robotics showed its latest projects at CES including the award-winning Oscar the sorter an autonomous robot that

Learns about products and sorts them even recognizing shredded items without human intervention they also presented Mixmaster Moody a bartender cobat that uses artificial intelligence for autonomous operation Engineers from the robotic systems Lab at the Zurich University of applied sciences have introduced Barry a versatile Towing robot with a payload

Capacity of 90 kg the developers decided that the world has enough four-legged pet and inspection robots so it’s time to focus on the functions that people initially envisioned for such machines it’s worth noting that one of the first quadraped robots was Boston Dynamics LS3

Developed not as a dog but as a mule for accompanying humans and carrying heavy loads unlike LS3 Barry is Compact and relatively quiet the robot weighs 48 kg and it doesn’t need to know the size weight or mass distribution of what it carries making Barry’s payload capacity genu genuinely useful as it doesn’t

Require adjustment for each load moreover it can operate with a payload for more than 2 hours and cover almost 10 km the developers hope that the robot will quickly find applications on construction sites among rescue teams and as an unconventional option for a walking wheelchair Canadian YouTuber from the

Ibuild stuff channel has created something incredible a handleless wireless umbrella essentially it’s a flying umbrella drone that is controlled by a remote control for this unique project the YouTuber used a regular umbrella a flight controller a GPS module a soldering iron metal pipes Motors and of course a 3D printer to

Print the drone’s body after assembling all the components purchased on Amazon the YouTuber attached an umbrella hat to the Drone turning it into a quadcopter umbrella currently this prototype can only fly based on commands from the remote and cannot autonomously follow the user but a second version with

Special sensors that will track the user’s head and automatically control the umbrella is already in the works the YouTuber has not disclosed the cost of creating this Wonder umbrella yet but if the experiment is successful he plans to launch his invention on crowdfunding platforms it is worth noting that the

Umbrella has a couple of drawbacks it cannot be folded for convenience and it is not yet clear how it will behave in strong winds meet emo a tabletop artificial intelligence companion with personality and ideas constantly exploring the surrounding world through a dozen built-in sensors and Advanced Technologies the robot can independently

Investigate the environment and remember more than 1,000 people and movements thanks to artificial intelligence as a loyal companion emo uplifts your mood with music dance moves and online games emo is also an excellent assistant waking you up turning on the lights taking photos and answering your questions making it a true Home

Companion on your desk emo makes decisions independently and its personality evolves based on its surroundings and your interaction if you try to interrupt what it’s doing it might even get a little irritated the average price of the robot is $500 we have previously shared with you videos about the popular footage from a

Factory in Korea showing the mass production process of humanoid robots using the latest 3D printer but we couldn’t skip including these robots in our compilation according to forecast the humanoid robot Market is expected to experience significant growth in the coming years estimates suggest that this Market will increase from 1.8 billion in

2024 to $3.8 billion in 2028 with a compound annual growth rate of 50.2% this growth is attributed to the increasing demand for humanoid robots in the medical sector and advancements in developing robots with increasingly sophisticated functionalities Korea is one of the leading countries in the field of Robotics development Koreans

Are already establishing entire factories for the production of humanoid robots one such Factory as Glock where the first batch of ultra realistic Androids was recently released using their Fleet of large format 3D printers the humanoid robots are planned to be employed as interactive salespersons and storefront models all the robot parts

Were 3D printed with an exceptional photorealistic surface finish and a polyurethane coating was applied to ensure the durability of the polymer 3D printed components in the future the company plans to introduce a metal 3D printing line allowing them to produce more functional and reliable models meet rooy a humanoid robot

Capable of riding his bicycle and selling ice cream at the current stage of development roboy can already recognize people and engage in simple conversations soon he will be able to play the xylophone a particularly challenging task for robots due to the required Dynamics roboy expresses his emotions through laser projections on

His face he can smile frown Express surprise or be shy stereoscopic cameras are responsible for the robot’s Vision the neck has three degrees of freedom the body consisting of 18 modular motor blocks contains eight microphones for listening to people and numerous LEDs the roboy robot was built using EOS 3D

Printing technology and the project researchers continue to develop its muscles joints and electronics striving to improve the models until their agility reliability and flexibility become comparable to humans further developments are being carried out in the laboratory in Frankfurt where the the rooy team is working on functional

Legs that will allow him to walk as well as on artificial intelligence so that one day he can engage in meaningful conversations with the development of society and Technology people’s demand for robotic arms has become more and more strong to adapt to the complexity intelligence and flexibility

Requirements of the tasks the Dual arm compound robot is developed the Dual arm compound robot is an intelligent and Universal platform based on RM Ultra lightweight humanoid robotic arm the robot stands at a height of 1.35 M and weighs 80 kg the Dual arm compound robot is equipped with two robotic arms each

Having 7even degrees of freedom which can work freely like human arms it has the ability of single arm independent operation and dual arm Cooperative operation the bottom is the mobile robot or chassis which has the ability of movement navigation and obstacle avoidance besides the Dual arm compound robot integrates voice module and deep

Vision giving it the capabilities of voice interaction and visual perception autonomous robots pick pixel have started cleaning Moscow on a regular basis since January 2024 10 pixel robots have been regularly cleaning walking paths in several Moscow Parks the robots are equipped with Lars Radars sensors and Machine Vision for

Safe navigation and can work year round in any weather clearing snow in winter and sweeping and washing paths in summer the electric battery provides 16 hours of continuous operation additionally the cleaning robot is quite agile its maximum speed reaches 10 kmph pixel robots are planned to enter mass

Production by the second half of 2024 the Moscow authorities increased the number of robots to 12 and the number of cleaning areas to 5 when the robot encounters an obstacle in its path it quickly recognizes it and acts according to a predefined algorithm for example if

There is a person in front of the robot it will stop and resume its work when the person leaves it will also carefully bypass parked cars strollers or scooters thanks to its electric power pixel contributes to Environmental Protection moreover it is almost silent so so it can clean the streets even at night

After completing its work it autonomously returns to its base YouTuber Allan pan created an exoskeleton for arm wrestling and challenged athletes and bodybuilders to compete the Blogger introduced an interesting invention to the world an exoskeleton for arm wrestling armed with his device pan challenged regulars at Muscle Beach a popular spot among

Bodybuilders in Santa Monica for his exoskeletons brackets pan constructed them from scrap metal found at home and to make the device move he attached a Harbor Freight winch with a lifting capacity of 900 kg to them the winch is controlled by a controller powered by a lipo battery intended for radio

Controlled cars the device is attached to the body with an aluminum frame that is worn on the back to test the exoskeleton pan headed to Muscle Beach where he challenged passers by offering to pay $100 to anyone who could defeat him in arm wrestling several people accepted the challenge but no one could

Overcome the mechanical Power of the exoskeleton until the device broke down after several matches the winch cable twisted leading to overloading and the motor breaking down this allowed the last participant in the unusual competition to defeat pan and earn the well-deserved $100 pan is known for his playful inventions for example in the

Summer of 2022 he introduced a set of robotic legs for snakes when any other animal has deformed legs Humanity comes together and we create amazing new cyborg legs for that animal pan said at the time but nobody loves snakes so much that they build robotic legs for them

Nobody except me snake enthusiast pan studying the legs of a three-toed skink and a SE raspberry pan came up with an exoskeleton consisting of a transparent plastic tube with four motorized legs attached to it on the fringes of each and every CES there are products worthy of attention

Even if they can’t be called consumer electronics a prime example is atom x a medical simulator that takes the idea of a CPR mannequin and turns it up to 11,000 atom X reproduces the skeletal and anatomical structure of a human with distinctive characteristics in features it is hum sized and has an exceptionally

Realistic skin unlike traditional dolls atom X is a fully functional robotic patient used for various medical training scenarios it possesses distinctive and unique human characteristics and features enhancing the realism of training atom X is durable and suitable for training in any emergency situation with injuries under any conditions making it ideal for

Teaching emergency response to both military and civilian Personnel atom X is a wireless system a fully functional wireless computer allows the instructor to control control and make adjustments during the training session the holoc connect company brought to the exhibition a hollow box device similar to a telephone booth

Inside of which there is a realistic hologram of the interlocutor or a pre-recorded digital Avatar journalist ZDNet tested the Innovation and shared impressions in a video format the hollow box Booth powered by artificial intelligence algorithms displays a hologram of a person on each of its ends of the wire to achieve a high-quality

Image the user must be well lit and stand against a white backdrop an 86in display with an anti-glare coating is responsible for projecting the Hologram while a pair of speakers provides the audio Hollow box only requires a power outlet and internet access to operate according to the developers

Organizations such as UNICEF the United Nations BMW Nike Vodafone and T-Mobile are already using the device the price and Retail availability date of the device have not been announced yet

Video “All Next-Generation Humanoid Robots That Are Already Among Us | Best Of The Winter | Part 2” was uploaded on 02/24/2024 to Youtube Channel Carros Show