The New “Memory” Feature of GPT-4 is Impressive (ChatGPT Memory) – Video

The New “Memory” Feature of GPT-4 is Impressive (ChatGPT Memory) – Video

The release of the new “Memory” feature in GPT-4 is setting the stage for a major revolution in AI conversation. This secret update is a lot bigger than most people realize, and the implications are far-reaching. In a recent tweet by Testing Catalog, they mentioned the personalized aspect of ChatGPT, highlighting the enhanced personalization tab. This feature is currently available only to a select few users but promises to tailor responses to user preferences and details.

The “Manage Memory” feature allows users to visualize the details and preferences ChatGPT remembers from their previous conversations. This brings a new level of transparency to the interactions with AI systems, allowing users to review, edit, and even delete the information ChatGPT has retained about them. This is a groundbreaking development that allows users to ensure the accuracy of the information the AI system has gathered.

Additionally, in an interview with Bill Gates, Sam Alman, an OpenAI employee, stressed the importance of personalization and customizability in the upcoming years for ChatGPT. This indicates that the recent updates, including the new “Memory” feature, are part of a larger plan to make ChatGPT more reliable and responsive to individual users. As we wait for the next model release, be on the lookout for more exciting features and improvements in AI conversation technology.

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Video Transcript

There has been some several secret features that have been added to chat GPT that many people haven’t actually realized in today’s video we’ll do a quick Deep dive on these features and why you should be paying attention because this secret update is a lot bigger than most people do realize and

When you hear Sam alman’s conversation you’re going to understand exactly why so one of the tweets that I saw recently that was fascinating was this tweet by testing catalog. e and essentially it tweets about the personalized ation aspect of chat gbt now if you’re familiar with this you’ll know that

Previously there was a slightly different user interface for this and it was a different text box but there is also a new text box where you can see in the personalization tab now I must add that this personalization is only rolling out to a select few because when

Open ey tends to test things they test out in certain batches and they do it randomly so I don’t think there’s a specific way you can sign up sometimes s they do have the ability for you to test beta features but features like this that are quite rare and haven’t fully

Been fleshed out yet do randomly appear in some people’s accounts and of course do appear in sometimes in other accounts so you can see here that you it says improve responses with your chats chat gbt will become more helpful as you chat picking up on details and prefer to

Tailor its responses to you to understand what chat gbt remembers or to teach it something new just say remember that I like concise sponsors I just got a puppy and what do you remember about me and where did we leave on my last project now if you remember recently

There was a new update after the GPT store launch and there was a very small blog post about this feature now I can’t find the exact post but essentially what they are doing is they are actually rolling out this feature because there were tweets by like Greg Brockman and

Some other open ey employees that do confirm that this is 100% a real thing so it’s not something that is is going to be going away because some of the comments made by Sam Alman in a recent interview with Bill Gates prove that this is the gradual update that they

Were talking about and this is where they’re going to be leading towards now something additionally that I did see you know from the screenshot that I will leave a link to in the description below is of course the manage memory feature so you can see right here that it says

As you chat with chat GPT the details and preferences it remembers will be shown here so it seems like we’re going to be able to see exactly the details that chat gbt is managing to pick up on us and that means that we’re going to be able to see just how much information

Chat GPT is remembering from our conversations and what kind of things it thinks about us because if it does get some things wrong we could then go ahead and delete them and of course edit them so I think being able to visualize what this AI system knows about you is very

Very good because it allows you to see if it’s working correctly if it manages to remember certain things based on certain comp conversations or if it manages to even infer certain things from your conversations and I think that would be an interesting concept as well now if you’re confused about this memory

Thing and you’re thinking wait a minute I’ve seen this before I’ve actually seen the memory thing before this is because likely what you’ve seen is an earlier iteration of this screenshot so I have this tweet from Tia blaho and this was a SC a video recording of what we saw from

An early iteration from openi in terms of this memory management system I’m not sure they’re using this at the same time now but in November we did get to see something like this and you can see that there are several things that the user is currently able to do from this system

Now like I said I think I did have this for a moment but it has now disappeared and we’re now starting to see this different user interface rolled out but of course you can see this personalization area has you know been changed a little bit and I think this is

Why you know we’re still getting delays on the next model whether it be DPT 4.5 or gbt 5 because certain things like memory that we currently are seeing on screen now are currently being you know just weighted out and we’re seeing what is of course the most effective method

Of doing this because there are many different you know things that we can do with the system so I’m guessing they’re waiting to see what is the more effective and of course you can see right here the temporary chat not in history blank State and no model training is something that was there

Before now this was kind of fascinating because even before this leak there was essentially someone that just viewed the source code of the web page and then we were essentially able to see that and I think that that is kind of interesting that chat gbt and open AI do kind of add

These things in but one thing that I do want to show you guys before I continue talking about all of these new memory updates is this interview because in this interview and you may have seen this interview but there is a specific clip in which Sam mman talks about the

Next two years of chat GPT and the reason this video is really important is because this shows us where we’re going for chat gbt and at the time I didn’t connect the dots in this interview that he did with Bill Gates but now it makes more sense because in this interview he

Basically says that look we’re leading towards personalization where it’s going to remember stuff and be much more customizable and then of course we do have things like personalization being rolled out so it’s clear that although the name might not be changed from GPT 4 to GPT 4.5 just yet it’s clear that

Smaller and smaller iterations are being loaded onto this system as a graduate update but take a listen to this clip because I think it’s really important for us to listen to Sam and then of course I will show you guys um some more features you know when you look at the

Next two years what what do you think some of the the key Milestones will be multimodality will definitely be important we start which means speech in speech out speech in speech out images eventually video clearly people really want that we launched images and audio and it had a much stronger response than

We expected we’ll be able to push that much further but maybe the most important areas of progress will be around reasoning ability right now gp4 can reason and only extremely limited ways and also reliability you know if you if you ask gp4 most questions 10,000 times one of those 10,000 is probably

Pretty good but it doesn’t always know which one and you’d like to get the best response of 10,000 each time so that’ll be that that that increase in reliability will be important customizability and personalization will also be very important people want a very different very things out of gp4

Different styles you know different sets of assumptions we’ll make all that possible and then also the ability to have it use your own data so the ability to know about you your email your calendar how you like appointments booked connected to other outside data sources all of that those will be some

Of the most important are so you can see here that that is pretty much exactly what we’re seeing and I think now that we’ve seen that you know the personalization is being changed and it’s being upgraded to you know having your memory being managed and of course

You say these very simple commands and it’s able to remember them this shows us that openi are moving very quickly now one thing that you might need to understand from the new releases from open ey is that I do think that these updates and these changes need to be

Paid attention to because what most people are doing with open ey and their services and in terms of you know looking at the updates is that people will wait for an entirely new model to be released but I think that what openi are doing is very smart because they

Know that if they release gbt 5 and it’s a shocker in terms of capability it’s going to cause some I guess you could say potentially some societal unrest but what Sam outman has talked about was the fact that they need to release things very very gradually and of course adding

Things like you know managing your memory and the personalization is a very good way to do that so this is where samman talks about the fact that you know we’re going to be basically gradual kind of updates one of the things that we believe very deeply is that society

And this technology have to co-evolve um it it we believe in iterative deployment a lot for the obvious reason which is that people need time to gradually update and think and figure out what the rules should be but there’s another part which is it’s it that you can’t separate

The technology from the world you can’t just even if you get everything magically right you can’t build it in secret and then put it in the world all at once because the world is going to keep changing with each iteration which means on those middle cases I don’t know

What the right answer is yet nor does anyone because no one has really like thought through and seen how the the institutions and the world and Society shift and reshape in in response to this so there will be a lot of things that we’ll have to start slowly on and

Iterate as we go and there will be a lot of middle cases but we do want to support the US government and other governments too and like I find yeah you can see that this is why we know that the iterative deployment is going to be

A thing so one thing that I’m going to be doing now is I’m going to be making sure that I do take a look at every single thing that is going on with gbt in terms of these small updates so one way that I’m going to be doing that is

I’m going to be making sure that I scour Twitter and Reddit to see if there are any instances of new things just slowly being rolled out because this stuff is fascinating in terms of you know it shows us the entire direction that we’re moving because like I said before it was

Very evident that the track GPT system was just a base test for a very larger AI system and ecosystem that we’re going to be moving into so I think using the gp4 system as it is in the future is going to be a thing of the past and in

Fact we’re going to have completely personalized versions and that’s what we’ve had a little bit with you know this GPT system and I think this is also going to be um quite similar to M GPT which is essentially a personalized AI with infinite context windows and essentially mem GPT was something that

Was devised to enhance the performance of large language models by introducing a more advanced management scheme in terms of the memory hoping to overcome the challenges posed by fixed context windows and essentially it was basically you know giving the AI system the ability to manage its own memory having

A virtual context management and having Interruption handling so I think something like this has inspired the next wave and of course like I said before with how you know systems are revolving and the kind of reception that we did see rabbits R1 device get I think we all know that personalized AI systems

If they are done correctly will be even better than a simple chat bot that we can just you know talk to and then just get a simple response out from so now if you do want to be able to test out these features when they do go live what you

Want to be able to make sure is number one that you are subscribe to chat gbts plus tier so you want to make sure that you upgrade your planet to the $20 a month tier because that is the only tier where you do get access to experimental

Features that may change for example if you then go into your settings and then you go to Beta features you’ll see this tab and essentially this tab says that as a plus user enjoy Early Access to experimental features experimental new featur features which may change during development and I think that’s what

We’re seeing so I likely think that the road map for open AI is to Simply test out all of this stuff and I guess to add a more balanced output in terms of you know the memory and in terms of the personalization to test these things before we do get a future release

Whether it be gbt 45 or whether it be gbt 5 I think that that you know memory aspect is where we’re going to be heading towards overall in this Niche now for those of you who are familiar with mgpt you’ll understand and know how the system works but for those of you

Who aren’t familiar with this new style of update that we’re going to be getting with chat gbt I think it’s important for me to cover some of the demonstrations of how this system updates its memory and how it you know changes its interactions with the user based on this

Memory GPT paper so in the paper we can see that mgpt says hello Chad welcome I’m excited to embark on this journey with you as a PhD student in computer science I can only imagine the fascinating ideas you’re juggling can you share what you’re currently working

On I’m all is and and then you can see I took the day off today my mom Brenda beged me a birthday cake it was my favorite chocolate lava and then you can see it updates its context to say birthday 11th October its favorite cake is chocolate lava made by its mom and

Brenda and of course you can see that it you know it just continues on the conversation trying to get out some small information and I think this is likely where these AI systems are going to go in terms of being much more useful because the very big problem that we do

Have with these AI systems is that every time we have to get a conversation out we have to tailor it specifically to our user interest and that is going to make these AI systems so much more powerful because the only limitation that I’ve truly seen from these models in terms of

You know getting the maximum output that you can from these current systems is the fact that people don’t know how to prompt them properly and they don’t know how to give it all of the correct information that gives it the context that will provide you with the type of

Information that will help you succeed and whatever it is you know whatever kind of task you’re doing and then of course you can see here it says hello Chad it’s a pleasure to finally have a conversation with you I understand that you’re studying computer science and

Have a keen interest in in Dynamic areas like Formula 1 and sailing what draws you to those interest and it says speed of course and thrill and the adrenaline and then here he says the conversation history will soon reach its maximum length and be trimmed make sure to save

Any important information from the conversation to your memory and then of course um it actually manages to do that so it says key personality trait enjoys High speeded Adrenaline Rush activities likes Formula 1 racing and intense gaming sessions in CS:GO and another thing you can see here is that this is

How it actually updates so for example it says welcome back Bia chat about horror movies and he says actually I don’t like horror movies I’m more into romantic comedy and then the system essentially says it’s going to update its memory saying I watch horror movies replace this section with I like

Romantic movies so system is able to learn about how you change over time and it says you know apologies for the mixup earlier yada y y so you can see here that mgpt is essentially you know conversation like agents are virtual Companions and personalized assistants aim to engage users in natural long-term

Interactions potentially spanning weeks months or even years and I think this kind of paper really goes to show us what we’re going to be getting from these future models and I think everyone is overlooking this personalization feature because it’s not some big announcement but I think track GPT and

Open AI know that whilst the GPT store is very good personalization is just something that you can’t get away from because the personalized nature of our friends is what makes the connection so good because we have all these unique shared experiences and memories in a personalized AI system that’s able to

Get deeply ingrained in terms of remembering key details about your life like your birthday is going to be something that is far more valuable to you

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