Google’s Bard AI Receives Significant Upgrade, Outsmarts OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4 – Video

Google’s Bard AI Receives Significant Upgrade, Outsmarts OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4 – Video

Google’s Bard AI has just received a major upgrade, making it even more intelligent and versatile than before. With the ability to answer complex questions involving calculations, formulas, and even code, Bard is revolutionizing the AI chat bot landscape. This update, powered by the new Palm 2 language model, enhances Bard’s logical reasoning skills and mathematical capabilities, setting it apart from other AI chat bots on the market.

The integration of traditional language model functionalities with code-based computation in Palm 2 allows Bard to generate responses that are both informative and conversational. Moreover, Palm 2 can perform implicit code execution, detect mathematical or coding questions, and respond in a tabular format, making it highly versatile and practical for a wide range of tasks.

While other AI chat bots like ChatGPT 4 have made strides in mathematical encoding competencies, Bard still maintains a slight edge in math reasoning. Google reported a significant improvement in Bard’s accuracy for computation and math problems, showcasing its potential as a leader in the AI-assisted search space.

Despite its impressive capabilities, Bard is not without limitations. Google acknowledges that Bard may still have flaws in its code and could produce misleading or false information. Users are advised to double-check Bard’s responses and use their own judgment before relying on them.

Overall, Google’s Bard AI represents a significant advancement in the field of AI chat bots, with the potential to revolutionize how we interact with technology. With ongoing updates and improvements, Bard is poised to become even more helpful, reliable, and conversational in the future. As the AI landscape continues to evolve, it will be fascinating to see how Bard compares to other emerging chat bot technologies.

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Video Transcript

Google has just rolled out a major update for its AI chat bot Bard and it is getting smarter with logic and Mathematics Bard can now answer complex questions involving calculations formulas and even code which is pretty awesome in this video I’m going to explain what this update means how it

Works and how it compares to other AI chat Bots out there alright let’s get started but first let me give you a quick recap of what Bard is and why it matters Bard is an AI experiment by Google that lets you collaborate with generative AI it was launched in early

2023 as a way to boost your productivity accelerate your ideas and fuel your curiosity you can use Bard to ask questions get tips brainstorm ideas outline blog posts write cover letters and much more it is powered by a large language model llm specifically a lightweight and optimized version of

Lambda which stands for language model for dialogue applications Lambda is Google’s breakthrough technology that can generate natural and coherent conversations on any topic Bard was initially available only in the U.S and the UK but it has since expanded to more than 180 countries and languages so what’s new with this update well Google

Has announced that Bard has migrated to a new and improved language model called Palm 2 which stands for programming aware language model 2 and it is a game changer for AI chat Bots why because it gives Bard enhanced logical reasoning skills and the ability to answer mathematical and coding questions this

Means that Bard can now solve problems that require computation formulas or code generation for example you can ask Bard to calculate the area of a circle with a radius of 5 centimeters or to write a python function that prints for example hello world or to explain the

Difference between a list and a tuple in Python and Bard will not only give you the answer but also show you how it got there honestly I think this is one of the most impressive features of bards so far it makes Bard more powerful in context of learning teaching and

Creating imagine how useful this could be for students who need help with their homework or teachers who want to create engaging lessons or developers who want to prototype new ideas basically you can use Bard as your personal tutor assistant or collaborator how does it know how to solve these problems well

This is where palm 2 comes in Palm 2 is a novel language model that combines the functionalities of traditional llms and code-based computation traditional llms are great at predicting text based on probabilities and patterns learned from large amounts of data can generate fluent and coherent sentences on any

Topic they lack deep reasoning and formulaic problem-solving skills often struggle with questions that require logic or math code-based computation models are the opposite they can execute code and perform calculations accurately they are not very good at generating natural language they often produce dry and robotic responses that are hard to

Understand or follow Palm 2 solves this problem by integrating both types of models into one unified framework it uses a hybrid encoder decoder architecture that can process both natural language and code tokens simultaneously it also uses a dual attention mechanism that can attend to both textual and computational contexts

Separately or jointly this allows Palm 2 to generate responses that are both informative and conversational one of the coolest features of palm 2 is that it can perform implicit code execution this means that it can detect when a prompt requires computation or code generation without explicitly being told

So for example if you ask Bard what is two plus two it will automatically infer that this is a mathematical question and execute the calculation accordingly similarly if you ask Bard how do I print hello world in Python it will automatically infer that this is a coding in question and generate the

Appropriate code accordingly another cool feature of palm 2 is that it can respond to questions in a tabular format and Export that to Google Sheets for example if you ask Bard what are the top 10 countries by population it will generate a table with the country names and their population numbers and give

You the option to export that to Google Sheets this is super handy for data analysis and visualization so how does this new approach to solving logical and mathematical questions compare to other AI chat Bots out there well to be honest it blows most of them out of the water

While chat GPT 3.5 struggles with basic math not to mention coding or intricate mathematics chat gpt4 based on gpt4 has recently improved aligning more closely with Bard’s mathematical encoding competencies although it’s a close call I’d argue that with this latest update Bard still has a slight Edge over chat

Gpt4 in terms of math reasoning but let’s save that debate for another day Google has reported that Bard has improved its accuracy by up to 30 percent for computation and math problems in their internal data sets they have also shared some examples of Bard’s responses to these questions on

Their website and blog and they are pretty impressive you can check them out for yourself and see how Bard handles these problems of course Bard is still far from perfect Google has also acknowledged that Bard may still have some flaws in its code or may not

Generate any code at all in some cases they have also warned that it may still produce inaccurate misleading or false information while presenting it confidently this is because board learns from a wide range of information that reflects real world biases and stereotypes sometimes those show up in

Its outputs so you should always double check Bard’s responses and use your own judgment before relying on them despite these limitations it is still an amazing AI chat bot that has a lot of potential Google has stayed that their ambition is to make Bard a leader in the AI assisted

Search space they want to make Bard more helpful more reliable and more conversational over time they also want to get feedback from more people who use Bard so they can improve it further all right now meta has also announced that they are developing new chat Bots for their popular messaging apps messenger

And WhatsApp these chat Bots are designed to help users with various tasks and services such as booking flights ordering food or getting news updates they are powered by a new language model called blimp which stands for bilingual language model for personalization blimp is a multilingual model that can generate responses in

Different languages and dialects and also adapt to the user’s preferences and personality for example if you prefer to use slang or emojis in your messages blimp will do the same if you like to be formal or polite it will respect that if you have a specific interest or hobby it

Will try to late to that meta claims that blimp can create more natural and engaging conversations than other chat Bots and that it can also handle complex requests and follow-ups for instance if you ask blimp to book a flight for you it will not only find the best options

For you but also ask you about your preferred seat luggage meal and payment method it will also send you a confirmation email and a reminder before your departure meta plans to launch these chat bots in early 2024 and they are currently looking for beta testers who want to try them out if you’re

Interested you can sign up on their website we’re still a bit in the dark about the whole thing but as always I’ll share any updates as soon as they’re out and honestly I think these chat Bots sound pretty cool and useful but I wonder how they compare to Bard or chat

GPT what do you think let me know in the comments below I hope you found this video enjoyable if you did feel free to hit that like button and consider subscribing to my channel for more content like this thank you for watching and I’ll see you next time

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