Strange Phenomena Observed by CERN Scientists After Activation of Large Hadron Collider – Video

Strange Phenomena Observed by CERN Scientists After Activation of Large Hadron Collider – Video

CERN Scientists Announced Something Weird Is Going On After They Turned On The Large Hadron Collider

In a recent video, scientists at CERN have reported some strange occurrences after the Large Hadron Collider was turned on. The experiment conducted by certain scientists has put the Earth’s magnetic field under immense pressure, leading to unexpected outcomes. The focus of their research is on magnetic monopoles, objects that could potentially have a significant impact on the universe.

The quest for magnetic monopoles dates back to the 19th century when scientists first discovered the asymmetry between electric and magnetic charges. While theoretical physics supports the existence of magnetic charges, known as monopoles, experimental evidence has been elusive. Scientists at CERN have been dedicatedly searching for monopoles using the Large Hadron Collider, the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator.

The recent discovery of a crack in the Earth’s magnetic field, due to a co-rotating interaction region from the Sun, has raised concerns about space weather and the potential impact on our planet. The loss of the Earth’s magnetic field could have catastrophic effects, not only on humans but also on animals that rely on the magnetic field for navigation.

Overall, the research at CERN continues to push the boundaries of scientific understanding, shedding light on the mysterious world of magnetic monopoles and their implications for the universe. The quest for answers continues, as scientists strive to unlock the secrets of the cosmos.

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Video Transcript

Scientists get into a lot of stuff that can easily get out of hand and put us in trouble or many movies exploit the scientific experiment gone wrong creating monster or herot Trope how a magnetic field has actually come under pressure by an experiment conducted by certain scientists the Earth’s magnetic

Field was cracked open days after the large handron the lighter was turned on leading to a totally unexpected outcome magnetic monopoles may not mean much the average person but scientists are deeply interested in them because of the effect they could have on the universe this is why scientists spend a lot of time

Looking for these weird objects but where did the idea of monopole come from and what could be the effect of monopoles on the universe to understand and appreciate why scientists devote much of their time to it let’s start at the beginning we go back to the turn of

The 19th century when a little was known about electricity and magnetis it was widely accepted that there was such a thing as an electric charge that came in two types where like charges repelled and opposite charges attracted and that electric charges in motion created currents what we call electricity today

We also knew about permanent magnets which had one side but acted as a North Pole and the other as a South Pole however no matter how small you chopped up a permanent magnet you’d never end up with a North Pole or a South Pole by themselves in other words magnetic

Charges only came paired up n dipole configuration several discoveries made during the 1800s helped us make sense the electromagnetic Universe we learned about induction which is the process by which moving electric charges generate magnetic fields and how changing magnetic fields in turn induce electric currents we also discovered electromagnetic radiation and how

Accelerating electric charges can emit light of varying wav laps and when we combined all of our knowledge we discovered that the Universe was not symmetric in terms of electric and magnetic fields and charges Maxwell’s equations only have electric charges and current there are no fundamental magnetic charges or current and all

Magnetic properties that we observe are actually caused by electric charges and currents mathematically or from a theoretical physics standpoint it’s very simple to modify Maxwell’s equations to include magnetic charges and currents simply add in the ability for objects to also possess a fundamental magnetic charge an individual North or South Pole

Inherent in the object itself when you add those extra terms Maxwell’s equations change and become completely symmetric induction now works the other way around moving magnetic charges generate electric fields and a changing electric field can induce a magnetic current causing magnetic charges to move and accelerate within a magnetic current

Carrying material but for a long time all of this was merely speculative thought until we began to recognize the roles that symmetries play in physics and the quantum nature of the universe it’s possible that electromagnetism is symmetric between electric and magnetic components at some higher energy level

And that we live in a low energy broken symmetry version of that world although Pierre curri was among the first to recognize the existence of magnetic charges in 1984 it was Paul dur in 1931 who demonstrated something remarkable that if there was even one magnetic charge anywhere in the universe

It quantum mechanically implied that electric charges should be quantized everywhere this is fascinating because when it comes to quarks not only are electric charges quantized but they are quantized in fraction amounts one of the most powerful hints we have in physics that new discoveries are on the way is

The discovery of a mechanism that could explain why the universe has the properties we observe it to have however none of this proves the magnetic monopoles exist whover it merely suggests that they might but scientists have not given up on looking for monopoles and it’s important they don’t why whenever scientists consider a

Theoretical idea one of the things they look for are pathologies that is reasons that whatever scenario they’re investigating would break the universe in some way when a to polyakov monopoles were first proposed one such pathology was discovered magnetic monopoles would do something known as overclo the universe in the ear Universe things are

Hot and energetic enough that any particle anti-particle pair you can create with enough energy will get created when symmetry is broken you can either give a previous ly messless particle a nzero rest mass or spontaneously rip a large number of particles or particle antiparticle pairs

Out of the vacuum the first case is what happens when the higs Symmetry breaks the second case is when the Pache Quin symmetry breaks allowing axons to escape the quantum vacuum in either case this could have disastrous consequences the universe normally expands in cools with the overall energy density closely

Related to the rate of expansion as any given point in time if you either give a large number of previously massless particles a nonzero mass or add a large number of massive particles to the universe suddenly and spontaneously the energy density increases rapidly with more energy present the expansion rate

Into energy density is suddenly out of balance there is simply too much stuff in the universe this causes the expansion rate to not only fall but in the case of Monopoly production to fall all the way to zero before Contracting in short order the universe collapses resulting in the Big Crunch this is

Known as overos the universe and it can’t accurately describe our reality we are still here and nothing has Recaps this conundrum is also known as the monopole problem and is is one of the three primary drivers of cosmic inflation in the same way that inflation St stretches the universe from whatever

Its geometry was previously to a state indistinguishable from Flat solving the flatness problem and imparting the same properties everywhere to all locations within our observable universe solving the Horizon problem it can solve the monopole problem as well as long as the universe never Heats back up to above the grand unification scale after

Inflation ends how have scientists been looking for magnetic monopods in 1981 experimental physicist Blas cabera built a cryogenic experiment involving a coil of wire explicitly designed to search for magnetic monopods he reasoned that by constructing a coil with eight Loops if a magnetic monopole ever pass through

The coil he would see a specific signal due to the electric induction that would occur passing one end of a permanent magnet into or out of a coil of wire induces a current but passing a magnetic monopole through that coil of wire should induce an electric current that

Corresponds to exactly 8 times the theoretical value of the magnetic monopoles charge due to the eighth Loops in his experimental setup however if a dipole passed through there would be a signal of cl8 followed by a signal of minus 8 allowing the two scenarios to be distinguished now on February 14th 1982

No one was in the office monitoring the experiment Cabrera returned the next day and was astounded by what he saw the experiment produced a single signal that was nearly identical to what a magnetic monopole should produce this sparred a lot of interest in the project did this imply that inflation was incorrect and

That we hat lived in a universe with Magnetic monopoles did this imply that inflation was correct and that the one monopole that should have persisted in our universe happened to pass through Cabrera’s detector or did it imply that this was the Pinnacle of experimental blunders a

Glitch a prank or something else that we couldn’t explain but was clearly erroneous a slew of CopyCat experiments followed many of which were larger ran for longer periods of time and had more Loops in their coils but no one else ever saw anything resembling a magnetic monopole but the searge for monopoles

Has been heartily taken up by CERN and his scientists the large hyron cidor LHC is the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator located at CERN the LHC is comprised of a 17 M or 27 km ring of superconducting magnets these series of accelerators that fire high energy

Particles through the apparatus like a bullet through a gun the collider which is located 328 ft or 100 M below ground blasts a beam of protons in One Direction while another beam travels the opposite direction at maximum speed the particles Collide at 99.999999 1% the speed of light every

Time that protons Collide a complex spray of other particles is produced many of these particles have a lifetime of less than a second but they leave the trail of subatomic breadcrumbs that scientists can follow scientists rely on two highly complex detectors to follow that trail which allows them to see the fundamental

Building blocks of our universe Atlas is one of these detectors the machine which is about 148 ft or 45 M long and 82 ft 25 M tall assisted in the discovery the Hicks Boon Atlas is half the size of NRA Dame the cathedral not the university

And twice the weight of the hyle tower the one in Paris not Las Vegas certain scientists use Atlas and other detect Alice CMS lhcb lhcf to investigate topics that are only discussed in science fiction such as whether other dimensions exist what type of unifying force exists in the universe and whether

There is evidence of Dark Matter Atlas and CMS were the only detectors dedicated to solving the higs bozone mystery all experiments at the LHC are unique and are run by a global collaborative team of scientists it’s one thing to smash particles together at nearly the speed of light

It’s quite another to interpret the data generated by those collisions particles Collide nearly 600 million times per second in the LHC the information emitted by those crashes can tell us a lot about the inner workings of the atom and the forces but hold it together but we can’t record everything from the

Detectives Atlas for example could fill 100,000 CDs with data every second if CERN did instead Atlas like the other detectors can only record a smidgen of data equivalent to about 27 CDs per minute during Reconstruction scientists tested their theories about how particles behave they contrast computer simulated collisions with real world

Collisions a difference between the two could indicate new science something previously unknown every day the data center processes one p petabyte of data to hold all of the information in a petabyte 223,000 DVDs would be required domain matters worse scientists sift through 30 babyt of data each year making new

Science extremely difficult to find and now a new class of experiments of a large hron collider at CERN first envisaged by Imperial physicists have created conditions more likely to produce monopoles despite the fact that no monopoles have yet had been discovered the new experiments allowed researchers to fine-tune the likely

Properties of monopoles directing the course of futurx while physicist’s ability to draw conclusions from previous experiment of the LHC and elsewhere has been limited these new experiments which use a different production mechanism allow us to definitively rule out the existence of certain types of monopol and have given

Us a much better idea of where the search for monopol can go next in 201 2018 the LHC smashed together a different kind of particle heavy ions in the form of lead nuclear because these particles contain hundreds of protons and neutrons they can only Collide or lower energies than single proton

Collisions however if these lead nuclei clip or pass very close to each other the interaction can produce something spectacular the universe’s strongest magnetic field to a million times stronger than those found in Neutron starts these exist for a very short time but they provide a different mechanism for producing magnetic monopoles the

Theory is based on a mechanism for producing electrons and their antimatter equivalent pitops the electrical equivalent of monopoles according to the Schwing mechanism which was proposed in the 1930s a strong electrical field will interact with Quantum fluctuations in a vacuum producing electrons and positrons a strong magnetic field should also

Produce North and South monopoles although evidence of monopoles was detected the organization made a very strange announcement a crack in the Earth’s magnetic field appeared and remained open for nearly 14 hours a rare phenomenon known as a co-rotating inter Direction region cir from the Sun caused

The crack in the magnetic field cir is a large scale plasma structures formed when fast and slow-moving streams of solar wind interact in the Helios speres of low middle latitude regions which include the solar magnetic field and the solar winds cirs like coronal mes ejections seames are flung out from the

Sun towards Earth and can contain shock waves in compressed magnetic fields resulting in stormy space weather which usually manifests as beautiful roaring coronal mass ejections like solar flares are caused by the twisting and realignment of the sun’s magnetic field they process known is magnetic reconnection when magnetic field lines

Tangle they produce strong localized magnetic fields that can break through the sun’s surface ad active regions resulting in cenit CMEs typically occur in their Sunspot groups and are frequently accompanied by a solar flare though the two do not always occur simultaneously CMEs like solar flares the most common dring solar maximum a

Period in the sun’s 11e cital activity when the star is at its most active CMEs swell in size as they travel away from the Sun after they’re released larger CMEs can fill nearly a quarter of space between Earth and the Sun by the time they reach our planet if a CME is large

Enough and travels faster than the solar wind it generates a shock wave in which accelerated charge particals travel ahead of the CME disrupting space weather conditions and intensifying geomagnetic storms and while CMEs produce beautiful auroras it can be destructive large CMEs can cause technological malfunctions which are especially Troublesome in today’s world

For example the Carrington event in 1859 disrupted the global Telegraph system there are even reports of operators getting electric shocks and Sparks from Telegraph machines igniting papers and according to Nessa a CME accompanied a solar flare that hit Earth in 1989 causing electrical black hamper lasted 12 hours the entire province of goodback

Canada the event caused at least $10 million in damage to Quebec’s utility company hyro Quebec but how exactly do CMEs cause all of this Havoc CM can cause electrical current surges that overload power grits resulting in widespread blackouts and that is in addition to jostling the Earth’s magnetic field impairing radio

Transmissions and increasing radiostatic in the ionosphere GPS systems are especially vulnerable to ionosphere disturbances and GPS coordinates have been known to Stray by tens of feet during a CME event GPS uses radio signals to relay information between a satellite and a gmed receiver which causes the disruption the radio signal

Passes through the ionosphere layer which contains charge plasma that bends the path with the GPS signal in the same way that lenses bend light normally GPS systems can compensate this bending of the radio signal preserving a GPS accuracy during a CME event however the ionosphere can be so severely disrupted

That GPS models are unable to keep track of such changes receivers are unable to calculate an accurate position also Earth orbiting satellites are vulnerable to CMEs particularly those in hog geosynchronous orbits which is where the majority of communication satellites are located satellites can be struck by a high current discharged into the

Satellite or damaged when high energy particles penetrate the satellite mme causes a geomagnetic storm as a result vulnerable satellites can be put into safe mode to prevent electronic damage SpaceX saw firsthand a Devastation that space weather can cause last year n geomagnetic storm destroyed up to 40 star length satellites worth more than

$15 million in February the magnetic field protects us against solar storms caused by the sun it was previously thought that they opened and closed quickly but we now know that they stay open for hours sanstar our magnetic Shield is drafty like a house with a window left open dur in a storm the

House deflects a majority of the storm but the couch inside the house gets destroyed similarly our magnetic Shield absorbs the brunt of space storms but some energy escapes causing problems of satellites radio communication and Power Systems and the Sun is near in its most active period in the solar cycle around

July 2025 and is already unusually active for this early in the cycle all this means is that your chances of seeing the Aurora are now excellent and they will continue to improve over the next 3 years now there are valid reasons to be concerned about the effect of something happening to the Earth’s

Magnetic field perhaps the most terrifying effect of losing the Earth’s magnetic field might be losing the air we breathed and the culprit would be the solar wind once again the sun’s natural wind is so powerful that it can easily W gases from a planet’s atmosphere until

There is no gas left in fact that is most likely what happened to Mars Mars was most likely once similar to Earth with oceans of water and a dense atmosphere but unlike our planet its magnetic field vanished billions of years ago its atmosphere was completely unprotected and it was ripped away into

SP space when its atmospheric pressure fell low enough its water began to evaporate and was carried away by the solar wind too it’s entirely possible that without our geomagnetic field our atmosphere oceans and life on Earth would perish in the same way but before atmosphere is Stripped Away animal life

Would be affected on our planet humans aren’t the only animals that use the Earth’s magnetic field to guide them many birds ET Turtles lobsters honeybees salmon and even fruit flies of biological compasses known as Magneto receptors built into their bodies during the winter birds use this ability to

Migrate to warmer climates while sea turtles use it to navigate the open ocean and find beaches to lay their eggs scientists believe that most female sea turtles return to the same beaches year after year thanks in part to their natural Composites many animals that rely on Compass navigation could be in

Serious danger if the Earth’s magnetic field vanish it sea turtles can become disoriented at Sea migratory Birds may fly in the wrong direction endangering their lives honeybees may become disoriented or searching for their hives affecting flower and plant pollination these and many other organisms May face Extinction as their navigational

Abilities deteriorate let’s hear what you think of the Earth’s magnetic field in the comment section below

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