Robots that resemble humans are being used in Chinese factories | Exhibition showcasing the latest technology in Barcelona | Toyota introduces its newest robot – Video

Robots that resemble humans are being used in Chinese factories | Exhibition showcasing the latest technology in Barcelona | Toyota introduces its newest robot – Video

Humanoid robots are becoming more prevalent in factories around the world, including in China where they are being used alongside human workers to increase efficiency and productivity. In a recent technology exhibition in Barcelona, Toyota unveiled their new robot, Puno, which is designed to hug and carry objects with its whole body, similar to how a human would. The robot is equipped with tactile sensors and inflatable pads to help it feel and grip objects accurately.

At the same exhibition, Figure Robotics showcased their robot 01, which is currently being used in BMW factories to move containers from one place to another. While this may not seem like the most exciting task, it is an important step in building and training humanoid robots for more complex and responsible tasks in the future. The robot is capable of autonomously locating, grasping, and moving containers at a speed equal to that of human workers.

Overall, the exhibition in Barcelona showcased the latest advancements in robotics and artificial intelligence, hinting at a future where robots will play an increasingly important role in various industries. From humanoid robots working alongside humans in factories to robots designed to assist the elderly, the possibilities for robots in the future are endless.

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Barcelona is popping this time of year folks why because a major Tech event just ended there and boy do we have something to show you also in this episode figure robot at the BMW Factory versus Chinese humanoid workers who done it best and if you ever feel like you

Want to be cuddly Dudley then Toyota got your back I’m Nick and today we’re looking straight into the Future Let’s Get It but first if you watch our videos regularly you know we do giveaways with awesome prizes watch this video to the end to find out if you are the winner of

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Miss out on Mobile World Congress Barcelona miss out on the next 12 months that’s what mwc 2024 Prides itself on the largest and most influential event for connectivity ecosystems and guess what as always we got our eyes on the prize you might ask what do robots have

To do with a connectivity event well without robots and artificial intelligence no exhibition can be considered high-tech agreed or agreed there’s plenty to go through from the event so much so that we’ll tell you about Samsung’s smart rings in the next video but for now the star of mwc 2024

Was the amama robot that recently learned to copy voices of celebrities and earlier it was able to speak several languages and translate what was said thanks to built-in Chad GPT I’m having an excellent time sadly I’ve been bolted to the ground which means I’m not able

To wander around and look at all the amazing things also on display was techno dnamic 1 robot dog a virtual assistant based on generative Ai and in an interesting physical embodiment hod doll robot dolls for supporting the elderly I bet someone is going to order that in Chucky and then of course a

Flying car concept from Alf Aeronautics which according to the company spokesperson is due to go into production in 2025 and this was probably the most unusual exhibit at the show the Model A can drive on the ground and fly through the air looking exactly like the futuristic vehicles of the future from

Fifth Element multipass the electric C takes off using two propellers located instead of the hood and the trunk this design in fact adds the functionality of a giant drone to the electric car and according to the developers controlling the car in the air is as easy as a

Regular commercial drone the car is 16 ft or 5 m long and 6 ft or 2 m wide it’s only 850 lb pound or 385 kilos as the body is made of carbon fiber a full battery charge should be enough for 200 M or 320 km on the ground and 100 m or

170 km in Flight unfortunately the model A’s air speed is limited to only 100 Mil or 170 km per hour while on the ground to only 35 M or 60 km per hour this restriction had to be imposed so that the car can be legally classified as an

Ultr light low-speed vehicle the company has already taken pre-orders for the two-seater which cost 300 large ones let’s take a vote in the comments is it yay or nay for model a post them and let us know what you Think and if you haven’t heard Apple car is cancelled the company has shut down its La delayed project jumping back and forth between unmanned vehicles and electric car Concepts am I the only one who thinks Steve Jobs would have solved this like a sow biggie Tesla and whmo

Wouldn’t have stood a chance lest we forget the Newton message pad that sat on the shelf for 20 years until voila it became the iPad so in the words of Crystal Method there is Hope Electric Sheep unveiled a fun artificial intelligence gardening robot called verie at least it was intended to be fun as it design was inspired by the likes of Wall-E and R2-D2 robots the main advantage of verie is its brains developers say upon slight modification it can work with any Garden power tool

As for the robot’s brain the ES1 AI model is responsible for it thanks to this brain the robot undergoes preliminary training in unusually photorealistic modeled parks where the same conditions and potential problems lurk as in the real world the system continuously adds to its pre-trained knowledge pool by learning from real

Outdoor scenarios as for the robot’s specific abilities it sees its surroundings thanks to a map created with a stereo camera detects and avoids all obstacles in its path and maintains its balance in any situation while continuing to perform its tasks Nick’s personal take on verie Golf Course owners are going to love

It Toyota Research Institute unveiled their newest robot this soft humanoid Toyota oo is designed to gently hug and carry bulky objects with its whole body as a human does really cute and friendly looking robot is dressed in a big cozy sweater made of specialized materials filled with tactile sensors these help

Puno feel exactly what he’s hugging whether it’s a person or an object he’s carrying the robot has large soft paws as the engineers themselves call them consisting of 13 air filled Chambers with adjusted pressure they end in inflatable pads with a DOT pattern inside controlled by the chambers when

The robot touches something the pattern deforms and puno understands what it touched Engineers are training puno to handle a number of different large objects using teleoperation sometimes the robot needs to lean forward to pick an item sometimes lean backwards and sometimes throw it over its shoulder developers

Also tested out putting things in the robot’s hands and watching it rearrange them to hold them better in September of 2023 Toyota was one of the first companies to demonstrate robot training through a demonstration the robots were given several examples of how to perform dozens of different cooking tasks the

Robots then try to replicate human actions in a simulated environment for several hours afterwards they demonstrated the Learned skill in real life puno uses the same learning process but with an added element a Twist if you will Engineers rank variables for the robot prioritizing accuracy speed or

Efficiency in different Tas asks what do you think of the Japanese robot and which robot would you be more likely to let into your house Optimus Tesla or Puno folks just a side note feel free to write comments we regularly hold giveaways with small but nice gifts among those who leave their opinions under our videos because we read through all of them and that’s how we get better so subscribe to the channel and get all

The latest releases from the world of high-tech the company figure rolled out two pieces of news at once first they’ve revealed exactly what their robot 01 will be doing in the BMW factories and it’s somewhat disappointing because we expected more than just dragging containers from one place to another we

Were hoping for more responsible and interesting tasks on the other hand it’s probably the first thing every humanoid robot should actually learn figure trains its robots using two methods tele operation followed by additional training in a simulation and demonstration the skills of which are also processed in a simulation using

Demonstration the company taught a robot how to brew coffee but production tasks including dragging boxes are taught using the former and so far more reliable method the robot in the video acts completely autonomously what does that mean once the robot has been switched on it locates the container

Decides how best to grasp it picks it up and moves it to the right place it does all this at a speed equal to 1 16 of a human speed another thing worth mentioning about this video here the robot receives information about its environment from cameras around it in

The future all perception of the robot should be contained within its body then if you throw a bowling ball into its basket the robot will simply drop it and most likely fall on top and maybe even break its fragile fingers the company’s Engineers do not hide any of this but

They assure us that gradually bit by bit old robots will learn to perform a large enough range of tasks especially since they’re helped by the constantly developing Ai and the principle of collective learning where the scales of one robot immediately spread to the whole group kind of like hundredth

Monkey effect but you know robots this contributed to the second piece of news from the company namely that figure has just received a whopping 675 million doll injection from investors such as Microsoft open AI startup fund Nvidia Jeff Bezos Intel capital and others the money will be used to expand AI training

Produce robots increase its engineering staff and ramp up efforts on new commercial applications and all this to please Factory owners with cheap labor force that doesn’t need vacations and six days guess what we got our crystal ball out looked into the future to see where this is going and we’ll tell you

In our following videos go Figure four-legged robots are used more and more in a variety of scenarios from inspections to rescue operations but to extend its functionality of a machine like this it often needs an assisting arm a grapple attached to the bot’s back however this complicates design and control increases weight and makes the

Machine more expensive therefore Engineers from robotic systems lab decided to see what their robot dog can perform with its own legs it turned out quite a bit the developers used a reinforcement learning policy see and demonstrated the robot’s capabilities for example it can open doors and carry

Bags judging by the video we perhaps somewhat underestimated four-legged robots so that you don’t have to if you’re looking to buy yourself a robot for any type of occasion check out our website in the description below and let us know which one you like meanwhile in China The Walker s

Robot created by UB Tech robotics is already working at one of the factories of an electric car manufacturer Neo and it’s not just dragging empty boxes but also performs quality control tasks the robot checks the quality of door locks seat belts headlights and also attaches

Name plates to the hood of the car so far it looks more like initial testing or training than serious work Chinese manufacturers unfortunately do not like to reveal the background of their research therefore specs wise we can only guess for example the basic Walker model which has been around for several

Years now is 5 ft or 14 5 cm tall and weighs 170 lb or 77 kilos it’s positioned as a domestic helper and can work autonomously for approximately 2 hours the robot has quite Advanced perception and handling capabilities however its training and autonomy remains a mystery but once we know you’ll

Know Uber Eats delivery robots have made their way to Japan they’re expected to appear on the sidewalks of Tokyo as early as end of March this year and this is the first International expansion of Uber’s autonomous delivery service the six- wheel robot couriers are developed and manufactured by carten a company

Based in Oakland which is also responsible for the robots intelligence while Mitsubishi Electric will overse operations in Japan Hy researchers from Kow University in China have developed a touch sensor for smart robot skin that will allow them to recognize objects from a distance of 4

In or 10 cm the secret is the materials hyper sensitivity to Electric Fields the future skin for robots is printed on a 3D printer it’s a composite film that scientists have combined in the form of a grid graphite carbon nitride with polyethyl siloxane these materials are characterized by high dialectric

Permitivity the ability to store electric energy in an electric field at the same time the composite has a low permeability and therefore the sensor is sensitive to Electric fields in a series of experiments the sensor was able to see the fingers of the engineers themselves from a distance of 2 in or5

Cm to 4 in or 10 cm recognizing not only their shape but also the movements scientists then created the smart skin Itself by integrating the sensors into printed circuit boards it seems that such a skin could help robots recognize objects and avoid obstacles what do you guys

Think the world’s first inner city air cab flight took place in China the flight from Shenzhen to zai via the Pearl River delta took only 20 minutes for auto flights five-seater by comparison a similar trip by car would have taken 3 hours Chinese media emphasized that the flight took place in

Difficult conditions near several international airports as well as Den densely populated areas with over 86 million residents that live there the flight path is one of 100 eall aircraft routes that local authorities are developing as a part of an extensive low altitude economy quote unquote strategy interestingly the flight was unmanned

And fully autonomous however official certification of crude Inner City passenger flights in China is only expected in two years low altitude application scenarios will include passenger Transportation tourism Logistics and emergency services in the short term the PRC is developing plans for 300,000 cargo UAV flights in the region per year Bezos your

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