Apollos’ Latest Humanoid Robot Demo Amazes Everyone! (Featuring Apptronik Upgrade!) – Video

Apollos’ Latest Humanoid Robot Demo Amazes Everyone! (Featuring Apptronik Upgrade!) – Video

Apollos NEW HUMANOID Robot DEMO STUNS Everyone! (Apptronik Upgrade!) is an exciting video showcasing the latest advancements in humanoid robotics. The video features the Apollo robot from Apptronik, a company dedicated to developing humanoid robots for various industries. The demo displayed in the video is truly impressive, showcasing the robot’s abilities in multimodal understanding and speech.

The CEO of Apptronik, Jeff Cardinus, makes some fascinating points about the future of humanoid robotics. He envisions a future where everyone will have a humanoid robot in their homes, much like how we all have smartphones today. The goal is to make robots affordable, with the price point of the Apollo robot set at under $50,000, making it accessible to a wider audience.

Cardinus compares the current state of robotics to the early days of the personal computer revolution, where robots are becoming more versatile, affordable, and accessible. He also addresses the fears surrounding AI and automation, emphasizing that robots can complement human workers by taking on the more mundane and repetitive tasks, allowing people to focus on more meaningful and fulfilling work.

Overall, the Apollo robot demo and Cardinus’ insights shed light on the exciting advancements in humanoid robotics and the potential for a future where robots play a significant role in various industries. It will be interesting to see how these developments unfold and how they impact the way we work and live in the years to come.

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Video Transcript

Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome Apollo the robot hello people how how is Austin treating you are you digging South by so this is going to be a video on the new Apollo robot this is abtronic a company focused on developing humanoid robotics for a variety of industries use

Case and this was something that I found to be absolutely incredible because they recently did a very very impressive demo in which they showcased exactly what this robot can do now I think you should all take a look at this because there is a lot of information on the future of

Humanoid robotics not just from the CEO getting up on stage to give talk which I’m going to break down in the next 20 minutes but there was also a really cool demo in which they showcased just how crazy this robot is and exactly what it could do in terms of its multimodal

Understanding being able to speak now one of the things you’re going to see at the start is that this robot demo did actually seem quite similar to figure’s recent demo but I’m going to let the presenter take it away for the next 2 minutes and then I’m going to break down

Some of the key features of optronic as well as some of the CEO’s new statements good job yes amazing thank you that was that’s a that’s a good one so so also Apollo uh has his own hero and he picked two that he’s going to try to do with so

Apple are you ready in case there are any direct directors in the room this is my first public acting performance hello I am bayac your personal healthcare companion I was alerted to the need for medical attention when you said robotic nurse on a scale of 1 to 10 how would

You rate your pain physical or emotional I will scan You Now scan complete you have a slight epidermal abrasion on your forearm I suggest an antibacterial spray wo wo wo wo wo what’s in it exactly the primary ingredient is Basra oh I’m allergic to that it’s a bummer you are

Not allergic to basraon you do have a mild allergy to peanuts what makes you think there are settlements over there don’t get technical with me what per Mission what are you talking about I’ve just about had enough I’m saved over here heyy hey hey help please help good

Job was I good was I good did you like it great job you were amazing that was super fun YY thanks job hope you enjoyed my performance all right so this is Apollo the robot so essentially if you aren’t familiar with what you just watch there the robot was actually imitating a few

Famous movie scenes from popular culture now I think that this was really really cool because we got to see the adaptation of really really interesting characters onto our new humanoid robot figure and I guess that Apollo’s new robot form is really really fascinating in terms of what he’s able to do now one

Of the things I really really liked about this uh robot was of course the way how the mouth moved and just the humanness that this robot seems to have I don’t know whether it’s the voice the way it moves the way it faces is just so

Simple um and inviting but I do think that this robot is a little more pleasing than some of the other ones that just have simply a complete glass head because although I might be anthropomorphizing this robot I do think that it does actually play into how people will perceive your humanoid

Robots and thus how they will perceive your company I think it is rather fascinating because whilst robots might not have emotions in their current state due to rhf or whatever fine-tuning that some of these companies may have opted to do I think like I said before it will

Be important for some of them to look and act in a certain way whatever their target market may be now of course if this just is just you know a robot for the warehouse which it’s just going to be completely dark there’s just going to

Be no walls or whatever um I guess these robots don’t really need faces but I think in public demos like this where they are going to be in human places giving them a face like this one isn’t that much of a disadvantage now this super super really cool demo here it

Does seem as if it was rehearsed in fact the robot actually does say that they’ve been practicing this demo for quite some time so I’m not entirely sure if it was some you know teleoperated demo that was previously done before and even if this

Is the case and even if that was I still think that it is a very very impressive feat on what we have here because a lot of the robots that we do have they do lack the capabilities of this robot and I do think that the fluidity of this

Robot and once it’s able to start moving as it can do as shown in other demos it’s going to give us a really really good look into the future of what is capable with AI systems I mean one of the things that I was you know asking

Myself after watching this demo was that if this robot was fully autonomous and responding so quickly within real time then we would have a very very shocking demo that I’m sure people around the world would start to realize that whoa we are moving into a very very

Interesting era so what I’m now about to show you is the moment that the actual CEO managed to get up on stage and the CEO is called Jeff cardinus and he actually makes a lot of fascinating points about robotics that I think you should all know because there is a lot

Coming that most people haven’t also realized so take a look at this first point the first point that he makes here is that he thinks that everyone will have a humanoid robot in the future quite like how people have phones the question will be you know what that

Robot looks like um I think there will be a Cambrian explosion of robots in the future and you know in the ’90s I think Microsoft was saying you know there will be a computer on every desk in every home uh I think in the future there’s

Going to be a robot in every home our Target for Apollo is the price of a car so sub $50,000 is sort of the price point uh that we’re targeting uh the company that I was most inspired by growing up was Apple um you talked about

This in your talk sort of leading in but this idea of the connection of technology and Humanity I want to create products that uh make people feel excited to be alive and make people feel hopeful for the future now whilst future predictions are very hard to do especially considering that according to

Some we might be moving towards many what many would call a technological singularity I think his claim of everyone potentially having a robot isn’t that far-fetched if we can factor in economies of scale the potential of AI and then after artificial super intelligence providing we don’t kill

Ourselves El and we managed to align it successfully we could definitely get a lot of different Technologies and robots I think would be a very very basic technology that might become as simple as a standardized household item that just does all of the tasks in our home

For the price of a small car now of course a small car isn’t something that most people could easily access depending on where you stand in the financial hierarchy but I do think that the future where robots are readily available in maybe 20 to 30 years and

When I mean 20 to 30 years I mean mass production and I’m talking about they’re literally everywhere this could be a future that isn’t out of the scope of possibilities I mean we’ve seen some crazier things be said and we all know as well that the future can change very

Very quickly as long as technology is adopted as such I mean if we do look back in time we can see 20 years ago the way how the internet was and the way how certain Technologies were the amount of progress we’ve achieved in such a small amount of time is really really

Fascinating and I think that that just goes to show how fascinating the future be now he also makes another point right here and he said that of course the timelines have shortened job the the fact of the matter was when we got started you know you get a lot of

Different advice when you start a company maybe the only consistent thing people told us was do not do humanoid robots you know get a real job that’s going to take you 50 but we had these dreams about what the future could look like and what we thought a special group

Of people could do if we put our minds to it the way I kind of view life is like a relay race and you get the Baton and you just run like as hard and as fast uh for as long as you can until you

Get tired and then you you know pass the Baton off to the Next Generation and so I I’m still up for the race I’m still willing to run and um we’ll see how far we get yeah in this interview clip he was basically being told that he shouldn’t be pursuing humanoid robots

Because it would allegedly take around 50 years to get done and that is of course like I said before a testament to just how quickly technology can change the landscape of what is actually possible with the numerous inventions that do come remember once technology is invented it accelerates everything

Across all bounds and it’s just this exponential form of acceleration across all industries that you do get that allow for things to move this quickly so I think him stating that you know at first people were stating that this is 50 years away 100 years away why are you

Starting this company it’s pointless and then in a relatively short amount of time due to certain technological breakthroughs the company is standing at the precipice of the singularity in which his company could be worth a sizable Fortune provided that humanoid robots are the main form factor of AI

Systems in the future this goes to show how quickly things will move now let me know if you do think that that is going to be in the near future because with timelines there is actually quite a lot of debates going on around whether or not this will happen whether or not that

Will happen and I’m more on the side of humans aren’t going to be able to predict what will happen and I kind of think that it will surprise most of us considering that Sora even surprised me and some of these a systems have done so already now here’s where he actually

Talks about the Industrial Revolution well the way to think about what’s happening in robotics is think of this like the early days of the personal computer revolution industrial robots like mainframe computers there the they’re you know somewhat versatile but they’re these infrastructure heavy machines uh they’re very difficult to

Program um only a few people can afford them and what we want to do in robotics is we want to shift into uh the PC era where we have general purpose platforms that can do a whole range of things that are much more versatile than they were in the past the

Reason that I think people are excited about it right now is because of AI and because now it’s possible to have all of the components that we needed to actually generalize the robot and make them affordable so Motors are cheap enough batteries are cheap enough dense

Enough good enough and I think we built one of them here in Austin so that is another point that he does talk about okay talks about you know if you think about this not like some different technology but of course if you think about it as the early days of the

Computer Revolution when they did say that you know computers are pretty much going to be in every single house a lot of people did state that this was just a passing fed or passing fancy whichever you may have that you know people would eventually give up on and of course this

Is something that we’ve seen to be not the case we’ve seen that technology once it is very very effective and once it is you know widely adopted it can be spread like wildfire so this is why I do think that whilst there yes there is a lot of

Hype about human robots I think we still need to take an open mind to this kind of future because I wouldn’t be surprised that you know if for example AGI does get solved let’s say it’s able to be put into certain robots and I know that might sounded like a foreign

Concept A couple of years ago but with figures recent demo with some of the recent demos that are coming out I do think that you know if AGI does get achieved it does unlock a bunch of different things and of course humanoid robots in that form of factor would be

One of the key things that would really change the world because can you imagine a world where we have you know just hundreds and hundreds of humanoid robots doing many different HKS the economy is literally going to speed up by maybe even 100x I mean AGI exh humanoid form

Factor that could be a really really really big game Cher in how much progress we’re able to make as a society because that is going to be an entirely new labor force that pretty much Works non-stop 24/7 and does it with remarkable accuracy and doesn’t need any additional

Training so that is going to be you know something that is quite hard for people to conceptualize but every year the rate progress will increase because things will get more efficient they’ll get better they’ll get faster and of course they’ll get cheaper and that’s what we’ve seen previously with other

Technologies so that’s why I think thinking about this like the in industrial revolution is actually a very important thought exercise because it allows you to conceptualize just how crazy these robots could be if they do materialize across the globe people were afraid of trains there was these uh my

That if you went too fast you could like scramble your brain people were afraid of electricity and people were certainly afraid of computers um this whole sort of jobs question was a big topic around computers and people really fought them in the early days we’re facing major labor

Shortages um where if every unemployed person got a job tomorrow we’d still be short millions of jobs and that’s not something that’s going to get better that’s actually something that’s continuing to get worse I have these dreams of Star Wars where um you know the robots help to support life and I

Don’t I think if you look into the future maybe 10 20 years from now I think it will be hard to imagine your life with yeah this is where he actually discusses fear because at the start many people were in fact afraid of trains they were in you know pretty much afraid

Of planes afraid of helicopters people really do fear change especially if it’s a Monumental piece of change that is happening in their Lifetime and it’s not like we haven’t seen some people fear AI now whilst I do think that artificial is a completely different reason because of course artificial intelligence could

Potentially replace some humans in certain roles and shift the economy to where certain people don’t particularly have status anymore which is quite unnerving and quite confusing and quite worrying for many people including myself I think that this kind of change is a little bit different in the sense

That if it is deployed correctly and it is managed effectively it does have the possibility to provide abundance for everyone however it is much easier said than done and if history does repeat itself it seems like we could be heading towards a detrimental future unless there are some strict strict policies in

Place to ensure the benefits are widely redistributed and done so in an effective manner so it will be interesting to see how this future is shaped and of course like I said before this is something that you know many of us are going to struggle to predict even

If we do take a lot of our time staring at these pieces of information and keeping up to date with this stuff problem is is that a singularity nobody literally nobody knows what comes next and that is even some of the greatest technologists biggest problem now in

Addition to here he talks about the NASA robot that they did work on and they talk about the pricing of The Valkyrie robot Valkyrie was a $5 million robot it weighed 300 lb it was 6’2 and the goal was to get to an affordable sub $50,000 robot that could

Go from the lab out into the real world and so we started the company we had no money uh we just had big dreams about what we could do uh and we were willing to work hard for it and so um we’ve done 13 iterations of robots we’ve done

Humanoid robots Iron Man suits mobile robotic arms we’ve done eight iterations of humanoid robots 40 iterations of electric motors all to get towards uh Apollo and um we have about 100 person team here in Austin and it feels like we’re really just getting started yeah you can see here that he basically says

That they are just getting started and he talks about you know using economies of scale to eventually reduce thees and yeah this is where he talks about how the pricing of the original first gen robot was rather very expensive and I think it just goes to show how crazy

This level of technology is because one thing if you do know about human robots and you’ve been looking into them and if you’ve been looking to acquire one you know that they are very very expensive there’s recently a humanoid robot I think that was on the market for

$250,000 around $80,000 on the cheap end and that actually is the price of you know know a mid-engined sports car or a very high-end super car and that’s not something that your average everyday person can drive especially if you just wanted to you know lazily do a few tasks

Around the house I’m sure there’s a better way for you to spend that much amount of money now Amazon have actually been spending $250,000 per agility robot to you know help their companies move more effectively in the warehouses and apparently that is somehow cost effective I’m not sure of the economics

Of that I’m guessing since it works 247 nonstop and can have replaceable battery packs on them I’m guessing that a 247 employee must somehow be more efficient than the one needs toilet break I have no idea the point is is that the pricing of course will come down and this is

Going to be something to look forward to Future Gerardo poured his soul into this robot and um he died before he was was able to have and so she said you know this will enable him to live on we’re pouring our hearts into these robots and

We’re trying to make them good and we’re trying to really think intentionally about what the robots are going to do how we should design them um How we’ll communicate with them in the future Apollo will start in the supply chain and that spans every industry and I think everybody experienced this during

Covid uh is that we’ve got major challenges in our supply chain but then working in retail and where my dream is where Apollo ends up and I talked about this at the beginning but is in healthcare I think you know we’re going to be sure millions of nurses the question is what is

Driving people out of these industries what don’t they like about their work and how can you pair a robot with a person so the robot does the worst part of the job and then you can Elevate people to do new types of work and new

Types of way so I think this one as well was one of the best parts of his entire statement because this most L quells many people’s fears and theories about AI taking away your jobs now whilst yes that might just seem like something that the could say in order to quell people’s

Fears I think it is an important discussion to start because of course many people are unsure about their role in the post AGI economy and that’s something that I actually talk about quite a lot on my second Channel called post AGI economics and I think it’s really important to talk about because

If the future is is going to change quickly and you know it’s very hard to predict it makes sense to at least do some kind of planning so you aren’t left you know in the desert just standing out in the rain just in a very confused

Position but the point here is that he talks about how Apollo will most likely be put into Healthcare and if not Healthcare it will likely help in Supply chains and it’s going to be essentially a robot that is going to be doing the worst part of a job so it’s going to be

Automating parts of manual labor that people most likely find and I think it will be interesting to see how these robots actually start to get implemented and if these robots do start to shift the economy in a meaningful and an impactful way and of course if they do

Start to increase productivity I mean we’ve all seen movies of robots that are able to do crazy crazy things and we’ve seen like robot factories where there’s these humanoid robots that are able to run the economy being shopkeepers do just a million different things but it will be interesting to see when these

Economic benefits start to you know I wouldn’t say recursively self-improve but that cycle of accelerating returns start to really really really ramp up and of course I do think it is at the level where AGI does get discovered and widely voed now let me know what you

Think about the Apollo robot do you think that this robot is just a fad are you worried about this robot taking your job and potentially leaving you out of a spot in the post AGI economy or do you think that this is something that is very very very far away from actually

Working and this is just another hype train I for one I’m truly excited for this technology because I believe that if we do get it right the possibilities for an abundant future are really great right now of course we do have to manage exactly

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