New ‘A.I PIN’ Shocks the AI Industry with its Innovation! Announcement Inside! – Video

New ‘A.I PIN’ Shocks the AI Industry with its Innovation! Announcement Inside! – Video

Humanes New ‘A.I PIN’ Stuns The ENTIRE AI Industry! (Now ANNOUNCED!)

The video titled “Humanes New ‘A.I PIN’ Stuns The ENTIRE AI Industry! (Now ANNOUNCED!)” introduces a groundbreaking product – the Humane AI Pin. This wearable device is one of the first AI wearables to be deployed on the market and offers a range of innovative features and capabilities. The AI Pin is a standalone device and software platform built specifically for AI, offering all-day battery life and advanced technologies such as Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, ultrawide RGB camera, motion sensors, and a special speaker for immersive sound experiences.

One of the key highlights of the AI Pin is its privacy and security features, including a Trust Light indicator for sensor activation transparency and a dedicated privacy chip for protection against exploitation. The device integrates seamlessly with the Humane Network via T-Mobile connectivity, offering on-demand AI experiences without the need for apps. Users can interact with the AI Pin through voice commands, touch gestures, or the laser ink display.

With features like real-time language translation, object recognition, health and nutrition tracking, and seamless shopping experiences, the AI Pin aims to revolutionize the way we interact with AI technology on a daily basis. The video also addresses some criticisms and concerns about the product’s steep price point and potential for external developer experiences. Overall, the AI Pin represents a significant advancement in AI wearables and has the potential to transform the way we engage with technology in our everyday lives.

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Video Transcript

So a very interesting product was just announced SL relased and essentially this marks one of the first AI a wearables that we will be seeing deployed on the market now I want you all to watch this product demonstration because it is very interesting because there is a lot that we do need to

Discuss about this very interesting product as there are many points that people are bringing up need to be talked about so here we have human’s first AI pin welcome to Humane this is the Humane AI pin it’s a standalone device and software platform built from the ground up for AI it comes

In three colorways got a Clips lunar and Equinox there’s two pieces a computer and a battery booster now the battery booster Powers a smaller battery inside the main computer and this is how we achieve our all day battery life so if you ever exhaust the booster you just

Reach into your pocket or bag and hot swap it this is a Perpetual power system that allows you to use your AI pin for as long as you want there are no wake words so it’s not always listening or always recording in fact it doesn’t do anything until you engage with it and

Your engagement comes through your voice touch gesture or the laser ink display it also comes with its own connectivity built right in our own Humane Network connected by T-Mobile we were able to pack a lot of Technology into something really small it runs a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset and that means it’s

Really fast which is crucial for AI it’s got an ultrawide RGB camera depth sensor and motion sensors and it’s got this really special speaker that creates this bubble of sound it can be really intimate or it can be really loud it has an indicator that we call the

Trust light that is built directly into the AIP pin’s Hardware Via a dedicated privacy chip the trust light indicates when his input Optical or audio sensors are active ensuring full transparency and data security the aiin Privacy chip also protects it from being exploited which means if it’s ever physically tampered

With it will require service from Humane to restore operation the AI pin comes with a beacon that lets you know when it has something for you like messages from trusted contacts or services like cars or food as they come available online in the future we don’t do apps Humane OS

Runs AI experiences that are on device and in the cloud the OS understands what you need and picks the right AI in the moment what this means is that you no longer have to search for download or manage apps these AIS are streamed on demand at the speed of thought let’s

Play some music Play the song how music makes you feel Better we partnered with title which you get out of the box and you can do some amazing things really cool things driven by AI like play music written by Prince but not performed by Prince or play songs from famous sci-fi films got my music controls if I go to

The left I can go back if I go to the right I can skip if I was to go down I can pause and to get back to my home screen I just close my hand okay got my clock weather the date if I tilt my hand up got nearby it

Tells me everything that might be around me and where I am at the same time I can also use it to ask questions like when is the next eclipse and where is the best place to see it this is an AI browsing the web or grabbing Knowledge from all over the

Internet the next total solar eclipse will occur on April 8th 2024 best places to see at our exmouth Australia and eore I can use it for messaging either by voice or laser tell Andrew I’ll be there later tonight your message to Andrew says I’ll be there later tonight okay to

Send make me sound more excited your message to Andrew says I’ll be there later tonight can’t wait okay to send yes one of the things I like most about messaging is getting caught up my AI summarizes what’s important so I don’t have to go back and read every message catch me

Up yanir asked if you want to get hookfish with Sam this week Michelle sent some notes about today’s design sync Andy and Adam are on their way over or using AI to search through messages what’s the gate code that Andrew sent me the gate code that Andrew sent is

7361 before I’d have to scroll through a long text chain to the last time I went to Andrew’s house of course you can make a phone call call yanir hey hey an can you help me with this demo be right there thanks now of course you can also use Bluetooth headphones at any Time we are almost ready to ship the final version great I can’t wait thanks so so Much so what happened there is the AI autodetected Spanish interpreted to English and replied back to yanir in Spanish with my intonation I can also force it into any language I’d like to speak or understand with computer vision the AI can recognize objects and we’re starting with health and nutrition

I’ve got goals that I’ve set up in my AI that I no longer need to think about how much protein these almonds have 15 g of protein great I’m going to eat it enjoy it and later I can ask how much protein have I had

Today you have had 22 g of protein today it’s really cool when it comes to retail the AI pen allows you to shop in the real world hold up an item to learn more about it and transact seamlessly on the go without relying on screens how much is this online this is $28

Online great buy it when you want to take a photo just double tap or video staying in the moment capturing the whole scene and generating a gorgeous image it’ll remember everything you input into notes and then recall what’s relevant where should Kon I grab dinner tonight here are some recommendations

For you Sushi Ron shisen and elephant sushi now how did it know because I had input a note a while ago that Ken likes Sushi to manage and access all your data including photos videos and notes Humane provides a central Hub called humane do Center this platform is designed to

Simplify your interaction with the AI pin from setup through daily use when you purchase the AI pin you’re asked to onboard with Humane via a privacy protected portal by sharing information with the AIP pin up front you’re ensuring that by the time you take your personal AI pin out of its box the

Device knows you and your preferences let’s take a look at accessories we’ll start with our clip that we’ve designed that allows you to wear the AI pin on any large article of clothing and attach it onto handbags as well it has a clip that can extend and

Really get onto any kind of thickness I’m going to take this one and attach it like so it’s magnetic just like all of our accessories and I’ll put it on bethney so you can see how it works so I’m extending the arm and then I can rotate it however Bethany

Wants wants it to go we’ve also got this latch which is a lightweight adapter that is really great for wearing it on thin or delicate clothing like a silk blouse or workout apparel where you want it to be really low profile the other thing that we’ve designed here are some

Shields these shields come in different colorways and they allow you to Simply configure and protect the AI pin in a completely different color and one last accessory we’d like to show you is our charge case this charge case can hold your entire AI pin along with a battery

Booster in it for travel but also for charging it has a built-in battery that allows you to slip in the AI pin and it’ll charge it for more than one charge it’s USBC powered and super easy to carry and very rugged at the same time okay so the details the AI pin

Starts at $6.99 for the complete system system this includes an AI pin charge pad cable and adapter along with a charge case and an extra battery booster you’ll also get the syncing and storage of all your photos and videos full access to our growing Suite of AI

Powered services with no limits on the number of queries you can pose along with unlimited talk text and data with a dedicated cell phone number for your AI pin via the Humane Network all for just $24 a month we are so excited to finally unveil the AI pin and can’t wait for you

To begin trying it for yourselves it is our aim at Humane to build for the world not as it exists today but as it could be tomorrow one where we can take the full power of AI everywhere and have it weave seamlessly into our everyday lives

For us the AI pin is just the beginning isn’t life about what we experience what we smell can I eat this yes dragon fruits are low in sugar what we hear hey what should I get here what we see capture this and what we feel what if we build more memories what

Are some fun things to do nearby share more moments play songs from the last time we were here what would happen if we ReDiscover our senses what if devices went the experience catch me up Lucy called and your flight is at 7 a.m. tell Lucy I’m on my way what if life Was a okay so I’ve seen that this product has received quite a lot of hate and it’s understandable so when there was a new technology deployed a lot of the times what we tend to do is we tend to reject that technology until it does become mainstream because of course we

Are pretty skeptical as humans now here is one tweet that I did find that pretty much sums up the net positive that this you know technology is going to be bringing it says value here is spending less time on your phone you can create more special moments in life with

Technology and this is the beginning of spatial Computing slowly disappearing in the background and I can agree more we have to understand that a lot of the times many people have complained about in society how so many of us even when we’re outside with our friends we are

Just simply glued to our phones and although we are social with our friends we’re more so glued to a different social world and that is definitely quite incredible because as you know with the rise of social media it was meant to be an invention that actually

Gave us more social connection but in a sense it actually on some ripped it right away because as you know sometimes in public people are on their phones they’re not engaging and I think with technology like this that is quite handsfree and has a range of capabilities I think it’s also going to

Be something that does work especially since it’s one of the first Technologies to incorporate this new GPT technology which means it’s going to be more effective than the past Technologies then of course we do have another cost here and I do want to break this down to

People understand one of the things that is of course pretty interesting is the price the price of this is very very steep now they’ve priced it at around $700 which means that this is not priced at the average consumer so your average consumer is not going to be able to buy

This but at the same time understandably so because anytime new technology is introduced it’s usually pretty expensive you know this is essentially an aura ring and it’s something that is another piece of wearable technology trust me when I say there’s not that much wearable Technologies out there that

Actually Mak sense to have and for those of you who don’t really know about wearables this is actually something that is pretty common in the wearable space many wearables do have a subscription so you can see right here this is whoop this is another wearable it’s a fitness wearable and you can see

That 12mon membership is around you know $20 per month and then of course with the aura ring and of course with the aura ring it starts at around $300 going all the way up to $450 and I think there’s around a $6 a month membership

That you can have so the pricing of this while it does start out to be pretty steep it isn’t something that is completely insane and this tweet response here is just a really good one it says $700 plus a minimum of 300 additional per year is a to ask for

Spending less time on your phone and you know the person says if I save this much time every day for example 2 hours a day times 365 days a year 403 hours a year go on your phone settings and look up how much time usage you save if you save

About 20% of your time and that’s true we do waste a lot of the time on our phones how many times are we in public we have to pull out our phones to do something I think it definitely will be interesting because this technology is in its first iteration what we are

Seeing is we are seeing the first iteration of this model I mean it’s easy for people to say that oh you know the phone is so much better yada y y but this is the first iteration you know imagine their 10th iteration of this model how much faster it’s going to be

How much better the Vision capabilities are going to be and how much cheaper it’s likely going to be I think if successful if this product does prove to be successful which it might not for everyone but for a select view I I really do think it will I think what

We’re going to have is not not not as so much as a revolution but an interesting Dynamic to where you know the phones aren’t going to be a thing of the past but we’re going to be less using them in public and another thing I do think that

People are glossing over is of course the vision capabilities I mean for an AI app to be able to have Vision capabilities I’m not sure if this is hooked up to the dpt4 API Vision API which I think it is but the vision API is pretty expensive so I’m not entirely

Sure about that but if it is it would be really cool because being able to use that Vision to be able to Simply know exactly what’s going on around you at all times is definitely very interesting and of course I do think that the part where the guy spoke to him in Spanish

And it auto translated that we’ve seen so many times Technologies try to do that and fail so if this actually does work and it actually does execute effectively I think this is going to be something that is a complete Game Changer because breaking down those language barriers is something that AI

Is able to do in real time and with this technology I think that’s going to be something that is really really cool I mean imagine you’re a tourist you’re in another country you want to use this seamlessly integrate with other communities and I definitely think it makes for a greater experience now of

Course some people are wondering is this going to be worth $700 yada y y I mean it’s not worth it to you that’s completely fine just don’t buy it see the reviews see the tech people like Marcus brownley review it see what they say and of course in a couple of years

We’ll see if this product still is around or if there is a demand SL product fit for this now there was one thing that people were saying was that there was some small inaccuracies where they were saying 15 gr of protein in those almonds that sure doesn’t look

Like 60 60 almonds um where 60 almonds is 15 g of protein of course I understand that yes accuracy is something that you do want to prioritize this always does happen in demos we’ve seen this happen a million different times the demos don’t perform right but

I guess like I said we’ll have to wait for the official user reviews to come out to see just how effective this is and of course remember it’s only going to get better since this is their first iteration of this technology I don’t think that this is going to be their

Worst version ever as Vision models improves as apis get faster and cheaper I think this technology is going to get just better and more efficient now one thing that I do think and this is something that didn’t get enough tweets but this is a really really really good

Question and a really good part okay it says can developers build external experiences on this version without being a major brand and I think that this is one of the most important things that this company should try and do we know that the creativity doesn’t always lie within the company there are going

To be some people out there who just make absolutely creative experiences using the Humane pin if possible and that could open up a different complete way than they think because a lot of the times when people deploy products they think okay our users are going to use it

In this way and then what ends up happening is some of the users find a creative way to use that product and then it’s just completely used in a completely different way but it’s still a net positive so I think that could potentially happen I did actually just

Ask chat GPT for some examples of where technology gets transformed into different ways and this isn’t technology but it is just just a simple example just to illustrate how the things happen you know playdoh was a modeling compound that started as a wall player cleaner

But of course as you know it’s now the thing that kids use to make those small little squishy creatures but point I’m trying to make is that I think if they give developers to be able to build experiences on this without being a major brand that’s going to be huge for

The company because people’s creativity is absolutely insane we’ve seen chat GPT being used in insane ways once they’ve given API access to a bunch of people with a vision API only a couple of days ago if you watch our previous video you’ll know that the vision API is absolutely stunning what people have

Been able to do with that so I think that will be the very very next stage in Evolution for Humane and I really do want that if that is possible overall I think this product is a net positive I don’t think it’s as bad as people are

Making it out to be but like I said time will tell to see if this technology sticks on I personally think that AI is around to stay AI assistants are also definitely around to say this product does continue to gain traction and momentum I think it’s going to be a big

Competitor and I do think that a large company may buy them out I would say apple would buy them out but what’s funny enough is that this company was actually founded by like the majority of people that left Apple so I’m not sure if they’re going to sell back to Apple

That would be an interesting Dynamic if that actually does happen if this product does take off we’re about to see a new infusion of tons of AI wearables and different devices but like I said AI assistants have always been here whether it’s been Amazon’s Alexa that’s been in

Your home a vision model now is definitely going to be something that’s really interesting and really cool so let me know your comments in the description below because I think this is one of the most interesting products of the decade

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