The AI Boom Revealed: Surprising New Report Shows Potential Benefits for You – Video

The AI Boom Revealed: Surprising New Report Shows Potential Benefits for You – Video

Surprising New Report Shows You Can Benefit From The AI Boom

A recent report from McKenzie and Company has revealed the staggering impact of generative AI on the economy. The report suggests that generative AI could add trillions of dollars in value to the global economy annually, with estimates ranging from 2.6 to 4.4 trillion dollars. This presents a wealth of opportunities for individuals interested in AI, as early investors could reap significant benefits in the future.

One company that is already benefiting from the AI boom is Nvidia Corporation, whose stock price has soared over 200% in the last year. Employees at Nvidia, particularly middle managers, are making substantial sums of money due to the company’s success in AI technology. This is just one example of the potential financial gains that can be made from investing in AI.

Furthermore, a platform specializing in AI investments is now offering early access to investments in innovative AI companies. One such company, Cerebrus, claims to be able to train neural networks in minutes, a feat that previously took months. This kind of technological advancement has the potential to disrupt the market dominance of companies like Nvidia.

As the era of generative AI begins, it is clear that there are significant opportunities for financial gain. The impact of AI on various industries presents an exciting future and it is crucial for individuals to pay attention to the potential benefits and advancements in AI technology.

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Video Transcript

So there was a recent report and I probably shouldn’t say recent but this report is rather important on AI and the impact on the economy and you really do need to pay attention to this because the ramifications are quite staggering so right here you can see that there was

A report from McKenzie and Company and essentially they said that generative ai’s impact on productivity could add trillions of dollars in value to the global economy that’s trillions with a tea they also said our latest research estimates that generative AI could add to the equivalent of 2.6 trillion or 4.4

Trillion annually now I don’t know about you guys but $4.4 trillion every year in the economy is absolutely incredible from one advancement okay and the crazy thing is is that there is so much to go on okay and this is what they’re saying is going on every single year now of

Course with this it means that there are vast amounts of opportunities for people like yourselves who are interested in AI because you’re paying attention to the next advancement that many other people just aren’t which means that if you’re one of the early investors you could be looking at a sizable sum for the

Foreseeable future especially something that we do want before AGI arrives now what’s also important to note is that this is just beginning the era of generative AI is beginning this is more said excitement before you guys is powerful and early Pilots are compelling but a full realization of the

Technology’s benefits will take time and leaders in business and Society still have considerable challenges to address these include managing the inheritant risks and of course determining what new skills and capabilities the workforce will need which is why you have to understand that right now this $1.3 trillion you know Market by 2032 is

Going to present some serious opportunities and if you don’t believe the claims I’m making just take a look at this so if you don’t know what this is currently what I’m showing you guys right now is of course the chart of Nvidia Corporation now if you aren’t familiar with Nvidia they are the

Company that makes graphics cards now with the graph cards they essentially the backbone of AI because you know the system like chat GPT and you know Google’s Gemini in order to make those AI systems they have to go through a training run in which they are trained

And fine-tuned with lots and lots of data now in order to do that they need nvidia’s chips and Nvidia is the world’s L largest producer of these graphics cards and you can see that their company has skyrocketed going over 200% last year now you might be thinking okay so

AI happened a stock price went up What on earth does that have to do with me well you should be taking advantage because some Nvidia employees are taking it as a semi-retirement mode and even middle managers make $1 million a year or more remember guys middle managers

Making a million a year or more and that is due to the fact that their compensation is in stock and with the stock price so high these guys are making an absolute killing now you might be thinking okay now I didn’t invest in Nvidia before I probably should have I

Missed out and I’m not a middle manager at an company so how on Earth am I going to take advantage of this new generative a opportunity considering that I don’t own an a business and I’m not currently invested in anymore well this is where this comes in now this platform was

Something that I found and I decided to do this video because it is a really really really effective platform because what they actually do allow is unlike traditional platforms like where you can invest like these guys actually allow Early Access to Investments and they have a speciality in AI this is link to

As in your link to private Equity this is actually a sponsored video but I wouldn’t just do sponsored videos about any of them I really did vet these guys because I wanted to make sure their claims are accurate and after doing more research I can’t tell you guys how eager

I am to be investing in some of these things because this is one of the only platforms that directly allows you to invest in some of these Innovative AI companies that people are just starting to realize so if you’re thinking about signing up to this platform why not take

A look at some of the Innovative companies that exist on this website that are really put in a position for explosive growth come the next couple cple of years based on industry projections when I’m talking about Innovative companies the reason I understand that these companies are Innovative because I’ve actually looked

At the research that goes in into companies like this so what you’re seeing on screen right now is a company called cerebrus okay and essentially what WS2 as you guys can see compared to the latest GPU claims that it can train neural networks that previously took months to train in just minutes okay

They are saying okay that they could literally train systems in minutes now think about this guys okay how crazy would it be for a company to be training chips that you can literally train AI systems in within minute okay or even days that would be absolutely incredible

Now we know there’s going to be tons of advancements and tons of new new companies but companies like cerebrus ones that are making the technology that will be the backbone of you know this Innovative technology era are going to be very very important that’s a a huge

Difference just a quick example the the the the most efficient GPT 1 billion parameter model it takes about 1,200 lines of code to get that on a single GPU now if you want to run uh a 40 billion parameter model on a thousand gpus it’s going to take 28,000 lines of

Code right so you you have to write a new 27,000 lines of code now for us if you want to run a billion parameter model on our system it takes about 1,200 lines code but if you want to run a 40 or 100 billion parameter model on 12 16

32 64 of our systems you don’t have to write any more code at all and so not only is the machine faster to run the model it’s faster to get your model on the Machine by avoiding all that distributed compute time and of course they actually have

Set records for training the largest AI models ever on a single device which actually show the capability now of course it is pretty hard to take on a behemoth like Nvidia but you have to understand guys companies that have such a dominant market share are always going to be susceptible to Market disruption

By Innovative makers like cerebrus and I think that’s definitely what we’re going to be seeing here and they challenge Nvidia by offering offering unprecedented computational power memory capacity bandwidth tailored specifically for AI and HPC applications so it will be an interesting future and that is

Going to be a company that I will be paying attention to and even if you’re not investing even if you don’t sign up to the platform you should definitely be paying attention to these companies and how they’re going to be changing AI because a company making a chip like

This where you could literally you know train AI in within days or in minutes is going to be an absolute GameChanger now here’s the thing okay new technology is needed this is a Blog from a website that makes a crazy crazy chip that I’m going to show you guys why in a moment

Okay so this right here is electricity demand and if you don’t know okay AI training runs are very very demanding okay the comp cute needed the excy needed the you know energy needed for AI is something that is really really you know becoming an issue because of course

We’re trying to remove to Renewables and of course right now there’s an increased demand for electricity for training these generative AI systems so it says here humanity is dedicating a significant amount of power to this development of AI this energy consumption is increasing rapidly and it’s getting worse computer check

Technology has reached a point where even the latest advancements can’t solve this problem and light mats Technologies offer a solution to reduce the environmental impact of AI so we have another company which you know you can only really invest on on this platform which is why I like this platform so

Much because like I said traditional platforms you can’t invest in these companies you can only invest in companies after they’re worth billions of dollars which is always a larger risk of course there’s risk with any investment no risk is going to be risk-free but the point is is that this

Technology company is essentially at a very unique Point okay this company is called light matter and essentially what they do is they make ships that are way more efficient than the traditional ones okay um and there’s so many different AI companies like I could sit here for

Hours and hours about the like the amazing number of AI companies that are there but I do think it is important to at least try and capture some of the economic gains made by journ AI because you know like we do know with AGI and all this stuff ramping up we know that

Many people are going to be out of jobs and with Ubi you definitely want to be at least someone that benefits from it a little bit so essentially with these chips what they’ve done is they are you know photonic computer chips now if you’ve never heard of these before it’s

Because they’re a new style of Chip and it’s essentially what they do they are 10 times fasted they reported to be 10 times faster than the fastest Nvidia AI GPU while using 90% less energy guys that is absolutely crazy and that could reduce the environmental impact of AI which is becoming increasingly important

As ai’s energy demands grow and you know okay that the AI energy demand is going to keep going as these systems get more powerful and essentially their photonic chips perform calculations at the speed of light which could leave TR traditional transistor-based chips behind even even in terms of performance

And these chips can potentially scale performance by adding more wavelengths of light for every color added and throughput can be increased by that number with the possibility of scaling up to 64 colors in the future so I think guys this environmental impact we know that everything is becoming more energy

Efficient like this company is positioned in such a crazy crazy way and they reinvented you know how these chips do that now like I said there are many different companies that you can invest on and I found a clip from the CEO in which he’s actually talking about you

Know how crazy this environmental impact is because even guys even after I’m going to show you this clip I’m going to show you guys Sam Alman even saying that he needs to build some kind of energy company because the energy demands are pretty crazy what impact is this going

To have on what we’ve already seen in terms of language models being built and and you know the the number of uh or the amount of data being processed by them yeah um there’s an interesting story here so we’re kind of bound by power usage and cooling at this point not

Light matter but the world um in terms of data center deployments when things are heating up yes yeah I mean that is that is the key right is that this creates a bit of a heat issue no absolutely and if you look at that heat issue part of it is that the

Interconnect bandwidths how many bits per second are leaving these chips is growing very very fast and so uh if you look at what we’re doing with passage it’s about 10 times better Energy Efficiency so 18 PJs per bit for the typical type of inside the Box communication that you would see with an

Nvidia server or an AMD server take that down to two PS per bit and I know this sounds quite technical P per bit but the point is 18 two it’s it’s a big difference what is a p of Jewel 10 to the minus 12 Jewels jewel is a unit of

Energy right yes so you can massively reduce the amount of energy which then gets rid of the Heat and the cooling then you can put more compute in the rack and all that real estate that you build out is now more useful uh if you didn’t want to add more compute the

Power bill went down so that’s nice and by either the way the power bills about 50% of the cost for running the de and for those of you guys who don’t think a lot of these AI companies are needed and you probably shouldn’t be investing in

Them I mean I’m not trying to give you guys investing advice I’m trying to tell you guys that you need to take advantage because a lot of these companies are going to be growing so here’s Sam Alman even stating that during Davos okay we still don’t appreciate the energy needs

Of this technology which is expected to consume an enormous amount of electricity as it matures and he said there’s no way to get there without a breakthrough we need nuclear fusion or we need some radically cheaper solar Plus storage or something at a massive scale and Sam mman of course as you guys

Know is the CEO of open Ai and even he’s talking about the fact that you know we need technology like this that actually allows for the vastly cheaper and faster production of AI so I mean guys this stuff is pretty crazy okay this platform allows you access to so many different

Things and this is why guys I’m talking about this platform so much it’s because one of the things I realized when looking at AI is that I was eager to try and invest in some of the companies but I noticed that companies like openai are private these guys are private companies

Like if you’re trying to buy openi stock you won’t be able to and I’m sure many of you guys were probably early on in the AI space looking at openi thinking man if I could just invest in a company like that I’m sure I’d be able to reap

At least some of the benefits some of the economic and financial benefits of AI but of course it’s a private company and other companies out there like Claude and all these other generative AI companies they’re just simply private you know you’re not allowed to invest in

Them but guess who is that’s people who are actually in the private space now of course many of us don’t have the connections and the networks to be able to get in and invest in a kind of seed round which is why platforms like link 2 are actually really really necessary for

The standard investor because they allow you to invest in these companies that you traditionally really can’t so you can invest in leading startups and essentially it’s really easy access to private investment and I genuinely wish that I found this earlier because if I had found this earlier guys this would

Have been such a good thing at the start of the generative AI boom because it would have meant that you know I would have gotten in earlier and probably already reaped some of the benefits from majority of these companies you can see here we’ve got snap logic spark

Cognition light matter the company I just talked about and of course Lambda Labs of course we’ve got cerebrus which I just talked about guys this is a crazy crazy opportunity and essentially all you have to do is open an account with the link in the description add your

Funds and then of course you can begin investing you can see there exactly how it is and it’s a really simple platform it’s not absolutely crazy or anything there’s nothing to hard and I really do love this platform there was also a very fascinating video that they made and it

Only got 500 views now you might be thinking why’ the video get only 500 views that’s because most people don’t really know about these AI companies which is why I’m glad I managed to find this investment platform because I’m now going to be one of the early ones being

Able to benefit from such a remarkable opportunity and AI literally was you know the global AI chip Market was $14 billion in 2022 then it grew to $383 billion in 2032 that’s what they’re expecting it to do and of course you know they’re saying that based on history history during the five Optics

Boom related companies saw huge growth and this company experienced 10x growth in one year so there’s going to be so many companies that do benefit and of course light matter is one of those companies that they’re talking about and essentially they’re talking about this easy access platform so I think this

Platform is really cool let me know if you guys think so as well I’m definitely going to be signing up and doing some Investments with this platform because I really do not want to miss this opportunity and I definitely feel like this is the last Industrial Revolution

And as some are speculating that these AI Technologies are going to fuel the four Industrial Revolution I definitely don’t want to miss out on any opportunities that there might be so that being said you can click the link in the description to sign up and hopefully you guys have enjoyed today’s video

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