Unexpected Footage Caught on Home Camera – Video

Unexpected Footage Caught on Home Camera – Video

Every now and then, home security cameras capture moments that are truly unexpected and sometimes downright hilarious. From animals trying to run the place to kids failing to be sneaky, these recordings never fail to entertain us.

In one clip, a child dressed in an inflatable SpongeBob Squarepants costume struggles to ring the doorbell of a house. You can hear him grunting as he tries to reach the button, but his costume makes it impossible. The sight of him dragging his feet towards the front steps will have you in stitches.

Another recording shows a parrot and a dog working together to steal strands of spaghetti from a pot on the stove. The parrot secures the treasure while the dog waits eagerly to be fed. It’s a perfect example of teamwork in action.

And who could forget the guy who decided to have a romantic interlude in someone else’s home while supposed to be cat-sitting? The security camera captured the whole escapade, much to the homeowner’s shock and anger.

Whether it’s a failed attempt at shoveling snow or an unexpected visit from a frog, these home camera recordings will have you laughing, shocked, and questioning just what goes on behind closed doors. They serve as a reminder that you never know what might be caught on camera when you least expect it.

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Video Transcript

Have you ever scrolled through your Tik Tok or Twitter feed and stumbled upon those hilarious home camera clips that make you literally snort out your coffee like animals trying to run the place or kids failing to be sneaky well buckle up and perhaps keep your coffee away because you’re about to witness 20

Hilarious epic and unbelievable recordings caught on home cameras these incredible finds will leave you laughing shocked and perhaps questioning the unusual things that go down in people’s homes SpongeBob in this hilarious struggle caught on the camera of someone’s porch a child dressed in an inflatable SpongeBob SquarePants costume

Was having trouble ringing the doorbell you can literally hear him try to reach for the doorbell but his costume most likely made that impossible I can’t I can’t reach it what made it even funnier was that he had to drag his feet to the front steps how uncomfortable was that costume if you

Look closely you’ll see SpongeBob’s best friend Patrick standing a few feet away waiting for him I can only imagine how the homeowner doubled over laughing regardless of how many times you watch it it doesn’t stop being funny a team of two have you ever wondered who’s always

Behind a few missing pieces of meat in your chicken soup or in this case a few strands of spaghetti while your pets might just be scheming to get a taste of what you’ve not been feeding them in this zoomed in clip a parrot works together with man’s best friend to enjoy

Some spaghetti the white parrot gets on top of the pot Rim securing the treasure and it then takes a spaghetti from the pot one at a time and feeds it to its big friend just watch both of them carry out their little Heist like real

Pros no PDA allowed PDA may be cute but not when it’s actually in someone else’s house an Australian Woman by the name of Audrey Yang hired a man to look after her cat once a day for half an hour while she was out of the house he did

Show up but not alone he came with a girl I guess he told her he owned the place to impress her but he definitely didn’t knowah a security camera would be the audience instead of watching the cat he chose to mess around with this girl pretty much everywhere in the living

Room they started on the couch then took it to the kitchen chairs and even the fridge got to see the whole thing go down without asking for any of it and the entire time time this poor guy was left to have fun by itself luckily for Audrey but unluckily for the

Romantic couple the CCTV camera filmed it all and well Audrey had to watch two people mess around for over 6 hours angry and shocked the two wouldn’t stop she then texted the man to ask what was going on but didn’t get a response she then sent her friend over to the house

To interrupt the love birds and when the man finally noticed the cameras were on he then chased his friend away and apologized that he was carried away in the moment he claimed that he had no intentions of doing that revealing the girl he brought loves cats and has two

Of her own well that would explain why he thought the whole place and the cat would impress her let it rip everyone knows that meeting the parents is a nerve-racking experience in any relationship no one for sure wants to make a bad first impression on them I mean they’re your partner’s parents you

Want to impress them the first time you meet them so so they know you’re a great fit for their child and that’s what this guy wanted to achieve you see it was a regular weekend afternoon at his girlfriend’s parents’ house everything was going well and as planned her

Parents were getting along fine with him until he needed to let one rip he didn’t want to go in front of them so he excused himself to the front porch but little did he know a mischievous home camera was lying in wait in this clip you can see the unsuspecting Guy step

Outside where he directs his very loud farts out into the open and even wafts the smell away so that it can diffuse faster unfortunately the noise of his farts alerted the doorbell camera and it recorded it all sound included right back out if you’ve ever had to vacuum

Leaves before you’ll agree with me that it can feel like such a chore but this woman got a really good laugh out of it she said on out of the house to vacuum dried leaves from our patio but forgot to zip the collection bag she got to work but the leaves

Seemed to somehow keep increasing as she vacuumed what she didn’t realize was that as she vacuumed each spot the leaves kept breezing out of the collection bag and back onto the patio through the unzipped ending of the bag this happened for quite a while until

She took a glance at the bag to see what was wrong and then finally noticed the entire thing wasn’t even frustrating anymore because she burst out laughing at how silly that it was too much work have you ever been given the lame task of shoveling the snow well if your answer’s yes you’ll

Most probably relate to this kid who looks like he was either picked by his his parents to do the boring task or lost at the game of rock paper and scissors with an older sibling he gets to the site with his appropriate attire for the chore and is armed with his

Needed tool being a shovel and for a moment he looks like he’s about to get to work right away but he first expresses frustration by tossing the shovel to the floor and groaning a bit then he does the job anyways and you can literally see him angry as he digs the

Shovel into the snow and flings it off he seems to be making progress but only for a few seconds and then he simply gives up luckily the home camera captures it all and whoever made him shovel the snow must have gotten a really good belly laugh but let’s be real the little guy

Is every one of us when it’s that time of the year especially if it’s knowns hard where you live an unexpected guest sometimes we get paid visits from the most unexpected visitors at the most unexpected times and that’s what happened when this Dad son cat and dog

Were enjoying a relaxing day in the living room just chilling out on the floor the cat wandered off a bit to play on its own but the boy sat next to his dad with their puppy enjoying their attention at that moment one Intruder hopped onto the scene and suddenly got a

Little headr as a welcome it must have felt good except the boy didn’t mean to pet the frog in fact he didn’t even know he was petting a frog until he looked back and would be shocked to see their surprise guest the Frog never flinched probably confused about what had changed

I mean see for yourself the poor thing just wanted to join in on the relaxing family moment and it’s a good thing that they’ve got the CCTV camera to know how it got in it’s a score it’s a cool afternoon and the the perfect time for some basketball

And this little boy thought he might have to spin the entire game alone but little did he know he was going to have some supportive fans right when he was about to throw the basketball into the net a Lori carrying a marching band was driving by and they encouraged him to

Make the shot he aimed the ball at the net threw it and it was the perfect shot right at that moment the entire band yelled cheering his quick score to make his win feel even better they whipped out their instruments and did an entire cheer song just for him trumpets drums and [Applause]

All they certainly were at the right place at the right time and the most wholesome thing that you’ve probably seen today strange Teddy wholesome videos are not the only things we have to show you because this strange video will make more than one hair stand on end it literally looks like a scene

Taken straight from the movie Paranormal Activity it’s gone viral and you’d have guessed it it involves a possessed stuffed animal the scene would be recorded by the security camera a couple installed in their baby’s room to make sure she was safe while she slept but they were really terrified when they

Checked the footage from the night before their baby could not sleep because it seemed that his sleep was being disturbed by a strange presence for some reason the teddy bear next to the baby in the crib seemed to move slowly from side to side you can just

Imagine the parent shock as they watch this on their camera a true patriot this 8-year-old may have been even more patriotic than the president himself in fact the military might not even come close watch as he stops riding his bicycle to pledge allegiance to the flag outside of his friend’s house

FL flag United States of America he had visited his buddy to see if he wanted to play but like the true patriot that he is he made sure he was done before proceeding to park his bike and walked to the front door to ring the doorbell the homeowner found the

Recording hilarious and cute and so he went to the boy’s mother knowing that she would love to see it new big Big Brother this little boy’s reaction to the news of having a baby sister will melt your heart Samantha and her husband were expecting a new addition to their

Family and it was time yeah that big time and her husband and son had just gotten the news that she was being admitted to the hospital with a baby girl on the way they pulled into the driveway to grab things Samantha and the baby would need from the

House the little boy hurried up the stairs and that’s when he said the cutest thing ever crying yeah you’re okay buddy Samantha told the ring social media team that her son had been looking forward to being a big brother from the day he found out that she was pregnant

And you can just tell that he’s going to cherish his baby brother like nobody’s business busted burglar being a victim of a burglary can be really upsetting and Damen Gerard decided to put measures in place just in case there had been news of recurring burglaries in the neighborhood where he and his family

Lived so he got a surveillance camera which he had set up inside the house now at first he didn’t think that the camera would be needed but then he got it for a good steal so he thought that it would be set up regardless to reassure the

Rest of the family that they were safe then one morning as he was settling in at work his mobile phone suddenly rang the surveillance camera he had set up in the house would be connected to an app that was programmed to respond to movement when no one was home and in the

Live video he could see two strangers walking freely around the house unaware that they had an audience one of the two burglars had found a way to break in through the back door and proceeded to open the front door for his accomplished to join him inside hey

Baby after saying a brief hello to the family dog the thieves went around the house scouting for what they could take here computer unfortunately for them Damian was not only watching he was also quick to call 911 to report the Breakin thankfully the police immediately sent patrols out to the house and

Approximately 5 minutes after they had broken in the police officer stormed in while they were upstairs one of the burglars would be arrested at the scene while the other jumped out of a window hoping to escape you broke into a house not wrong I didn’t break into

Anything he said he need know but unfortunately for him he could not get that far and would be arrested a few hundred meters away from the house both men were eventually charged with burglary just like in a horror movie when something went bump in the night

This woman caught it all on CCTV camera in her bedroom but was it a ghost or an elaborate setup the video shows a young woman sleeping soundly before something weird takes place she wouldn’t have been able to explain it without the camera capturing it all live suddenly as if a

Spooky squeaking soundtrack accompanied it her bedroom door appeared to open all by itself then her blanket slowly pulled back and she woke up with a startle immediately crashing and banging began and she fumbled around for the light switch like in a typical horror film The Lighting then flashes on and off before

She jumps out of bed and goes into another room turning the light on she then returns to the room and gets back into bed but the lights still keep acting up she eventually gets back into bed and switches the light off but once again is spooked by strange going on and picks up

Her phone the video ends with her fiddling with her mobile phone looking unnerved but not terrified offering a helping paw this Golden Retriever named Ace took the entire internet by surprise thanks to an adorable video that went viral on Tik Tok Twitter and Facebook in the home recording the dog eagerly follows its

Owner to the top of the roof to help him take down the Christmas lights and after the man had gotten on top Ace followed suit by actually climbing the ladder while another dog watched closely when it comes to having brilliant and Swift climbing techniques cats are known to be Pros but for dogs

It doesn’t come so easy and that’s why the video is fascinating to watch as nobody expected that a dog could successfully climb a ladder and stun everyone neens were extremely impressed by the dog’s effortless climbing and some even compared Ace to aab Bud the dog in Hollywood known for playing

Basketball klepto Kitty if you look at this cute cat and think oh it’s just taking a casual stroll minding its own business with a comfort blankie that couldn’t be farther from the truth you see the kitty here again but this this time it’s with a plushy could be its

Plushy right well wrong the cat had actually been collecting Treasures in California for months stacking them all in its secret location its loot ranged from toys and clothing to even shoes and the toys I understand but shoes no one would have suspected the furry burglar if it hadn’t been for the home camera

That Finally Revealed why everyone around town kept claiming to have lost something the thing is it was really hard to even suspect that Kitty in the first place everyone loved it and it was even famous amongst the ladies apparently Not only was it sneaky with

Its theft it was also smart to use its cuteness as the perfect cover its routine was simple every morning it would leave home to scout for its next collectible and then at night it became the neighborhood mini burglar some think that it was keeping the stash as a

Massive gift for its human but clearly it never delivered those gifts in fact if it hadn’t been caught on camera its stealing spree around town would have continued to go unnoticed a good deed this good deed would have gone unnoticed if it hadn’t been caught on camera this young man

Received Praise on the internet after returning a wallet he found with $1,500 cash in 2017 Melissa Vang posted a clip to Facebook showing the young man waving a familiar wallet at the security camera on her front porch and after a few moments he left the wallet on the

Welcome mat and walked away Melissa’s husband had dropped the wallet with hundreds of dollars and all of his credit cards in their driveway and the kind gentleman picked it up and left it at their door she later tracked him down to thank him and rewarded him with 150

Bucks for his actions Guardian Angel have you ever thought of being protected by a guardian angel well Jade Yates got the greatest shock of her life when she saw something unusual in her daughter Ruby’s cot the footage shows what seems to be a humanlike shape next to her

Sleeping child the the strange shape dissipates and then reforms several times through the video according to Jade the door to the room had certainly been closed and nobody else had been in that room with the baby at the time she’s also convinced that the footage shows two Spirits one of a small child

And the other of an adult she mentioned that what shocked her the most was that her daughter Ruby was not unsettled or uncomfortable in any way but she does wake every hour or so at night perhaps it’s because she’s constantly felt someone’s presence and thought that they

Wanted to play the strange video has so far racked up millions of views online but what do you think do you think it was really a guardian angel you matter sometimes we all need a little boost in life and that boost can come from someone we don’t even expect a stranger

An unforeseen event or in this incredible case a neighbor can make us feel good and important our little man Jackson PR and his friends were playing ding-dong ditch in their neighborhood the game’s pretty simple you ring the doorbell and then run away quickly before someone can answer it but on that

Summer day the boy didn’t feel like pranking anyone while his friends wanted to ding-dong ditch the little man had other plans being kind yes the literal opposite of what his pesky friends had come to do the woman wasn’t even home and those children wasted their time he

Said he didn’t want to be part of the prank because there’s never a point to it when he rang the neighbor’s Bell he looked right into the camera and said you can see me out here bu and you matter all right there’s always going to be somebody that cares about you the

Homeowner Ashley man wasn’t home the day that they left the video because she was on vacation however she received a notification on her phone and watched the sweet message from afar she would be so touched that she shared it to Tik Tok and the boy quickly had become an

Internet sensation Auto Drive even vehicles have a mind of their own because moments after this mother got her baby out of the back seat the car suddenly began to move backwards with her baby safe in her hands and away from danger she watched as the car continued down the hill until

It hit a tree and was badly bashed up you can see the pictures of the car at the end of the clip now that’s a mother with a good mental balance between the fight ORF flight Instinct haunting visit now how about a spooky video this Vigilant home owner

Might have been the victim of a haunt after her motion activated security camera caught footage of a ghost knocking at her door the woman was waiting for a parcel to be delivered to her doorstep when the footage was recorded showing a faint figure emerged from a bench on the left side of the

Screen the figure then crosses in front of the camera almost appearing to look right at it it’s absolutely chilling it then passes out of view moving to the right before the camera sensors stop recording I’m pretty sure that by now you’re probably considering getting a home camera if you don’t already own one

Because who knows you may just find out your dogs can actually talk or your one-year-old toddler has superpowers like The Incredibles that would definitely blow up like these finds pretty sure more than these in fact has your home camera captured any weird or Hilarious Moments or perhaps you’ve

Heard some strange home camera stories yourself be sure to share them in the comments below subscribe to the channel so you never miss a video thank thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time

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