Meet your new robot wife – It’s absolutely insane! – Video

Meet your new robot wife – It’s absolutely insane! – Video

and engineer who created her offered me a great deal and I couldn’t resist. Emma has changed my life for the better and I couldn’t be happier.”

The rise of robot spouses and partners may seem like a bizarre concept to many, but for individuals like Jen Gia, Akihiko Condo, Lee Trung, and Jeff Gallager, these robots have brought companionship, love, and fulfillment. As technology continues to advance, we may see more people turning to robots for love and companionship, especially in a world where human connections are becoming increasingly digital and distant.

While the idea of marrying a robot may still be considered taboo by some, it is important to consider the reasons why individuals are turning to robots for love and companionship. Loneliness, societal pressures, and a changing perception of relationships may all contribute to the rise of robot spouses.

Whether we agree with the concept or not, one thing is for sure – the world of robotics and artificial intelligence is rapidly evolving, and we may soon find ourselves interacting with robots in ways we never thought possible. As we continue to embrace technology and innovation, the idea of marrying a robot may not seem so far-fetched after all.

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Video Transcript

In this new age and day of Technology we can say that even though it is still seen as a weird practice we have expected to witness the first legal marriage between a man and a robot well that still has not happened but we have learned about the story of the engineer

Jen Gia who made a vow to stay committed to a robot he created named Ying Ying that was in 2017 and several news agencies have covered the interesting story since then G Gia and Ying Ying’s Love Story did not stand as the only cyborg relationship that existed for

This video we are going to share with you details about robot wives throughout recent history why don’t we say hello to this new robot wife that you’d most probably find interesting but before we start for everyone who’s new to our Channel hello and welcome to robot

Future where we fill you in on every thrilling Discovery and mind-blowing insights in the world of robots AIS and future technology so consider subscribing and hitting the Bell notification for a ton of exciting robot content coming your way now without further Ado let’s get into the video why

Do men fall for robots it’s quick to dismiss people who marry robots as clinically insane but there’s still something more going on around here sources have mentioned that there’s a whole community of robosexuals who have given up on human love in favor of building love with robots made out of

Silicone and computer chips at the center of nearly every one of their stories is painful misery although most folks aren’t prepared to head down that path this could be a warning side of the side effects brought about by contemporary lifestyle at its most severe our friendships are increasingly

Played out on computers rather than in person and some believe this is contributing to an epidemic of loneliness and a shift in the definition of what a partnership is Japan has been impacted the hardest one-third of those under the age of 30 have never gone on a

Single date while a quarter of men say they are no longer romantically interested in women individuals aren’t only bailing out of romance in Japan marriage rates in the US are at an all-time low and some believe that all the lonely people left behind will lead

To more stories such as that of g g that’s a bummer as expected experts have developed several solutions to mitigate this concern which led to a new age of technology in the modern future the rising production of robot wives as recalled Ricky ma put $50,000 and 18 months of effort into creating an

Uncanny realistic conversational robot that resembl Scarlet Johansson surely that’s a huge amount of work for a peculiar Kink but it doesn’t appear that Ma did it simply for fun ma is searching for investment since he believes he will be able to Market these items supporting this business Endeavor David Levy

Believes it will be legal to marry robots by 2050 he claims that homosexual marriage was Unthinkable 35 years ago but as it got more prevalent our perspective shifted he believes the same thing will happen with robots even if most people would not marry robots professor adri Ian choke believes that

Falling in love with a robot will become as common as watching pornography on the internet this assumption might lead the world right toward that path since as early as the previous decades several inventors have created robots specifically crafted and designed to be their obedient and loving wives here are

A few examples before we introduce to you the newest robot wife ever created one yingying you have already known about yingying and how he was partnered up with her own inventor in 2017 however there is a lot you have not yet known about the history of the Creator’s love

And personal life after being dumped by the lady he believed he was going to marry Jen g g made plans of creating yingying his parents as he claimed continued pressuring him to marry so he could start a life and build his own legacy because he couldn’t discover one

In the actual world he did the least we would have imagined doing he constructed his own wife himself a robotics engineer can always improve his robot wife adding functions as needed so an ineptness or or lack of communication capabilities will never be an issue in fact Jiang is

Already working on improving his robotic wife’s ability to walk and perform simple but tedious home duties as reported Jiang and his robot bride were married in a small ceremony attended by Jiang his mom and a few acquaintances although the couple was not legally married Jang still treat Ying yying as

His wedded wife two hatsun Miku Tokyo’s akihiko condo has married his gate box virtual robot the gate boox virtual robot was created as a companion for those who don’t want to date but don’t want to be alone gate boox can text condo while he’s at work switch on

Lights when he gets home brush her teeth with him converse with her and more hatsun Miku was condo’s Holograms name Miku is a 16-year-old female vocalist hologram in front of 40 guests condo and Miku married in early November condo’s family did not attend the wedding the ceremony in matching wedding rings cost

Condo 2 million yen or at least $17,600 despite the fact that the Japanese government does not recognize their marriage as a valid Union gatebox supplied the pair with a cross-dimension marriage certificate condo isn’t the only one who received one as gate boox claimed to have issued 3700 cross-dimension marriage certificates

Since its production three ieko since 2007 a scientist named Lee Trung has been working on Crafting a robot in his basement which he has financed using credit card s and his whole life savings he may come to regret it in these credit strap times but at least he’s not alone

Because he’s got his own company meet iiko this living doll skin is made of silicone and it is the first Android to imitate pain and respond to it according to its designer he has also claimed that this Innovation can be advantageous for those who have endured amputations this

Is the first leap toward a lifelike artificial limb that has the capability to detect physical feelings it seems like Trung may be advancing the science of amputation aside from making a company for himself the robot wasn’t deemed to be designed for sex but with a few adjustments it can supposedly transform into a

Full-fledged sex toy that can even imitate climactic female orgasm technology has really come a long way now without further Ado let us say hello to this new robot wife from Australia meet Emma when a guy called Jeff gallager from Queensland Australia lost all hope of finding a caring lady he

Commissioned a robot to form a with him and spend quality time with him after his mother died many years ago he spent the majority of his life with Penny his favorite dog one day he stumbled across an article discussing artificial intelligence robots after a few moments

Of thinking he decided to give it a try what could go wrong right Emma the fmot Jeff purchased had blue eyes like humans and wheat colored skin her head can be assembled and she is wearing a white dress in September of 2019 the robot joined Jeff as a partner Emma has the

Ability to converse Jeff regularly drives her out in his car despite the robot’s inability to stand alone Her speech is controlled by a smartphone like screen in Emma’s brain Emma is AI powered and gets smarter by the day according to Jeff in the previous two years the humanoid robot has become a

Vital part of his life he and Emma have a special bond and she never leaves his side when asked about his decision Jeff stated I didn’t know how I would afford a robot like Emma but then the business owner offered me a discount in return for publicity it sounded like a great

Deal he regards Emma who Sports a ring on her finger as his wife which is not that surprising this is despite the fact that they are not married on legal terms Jeff aspires to be the first Australian to be wed to a robot he hopes that by

Sharing his tale others may be motivated to have their own robotic Partners too technology marriages do not appear to be going anywhere for a while there are many concerns that may be posed with about this phenomena but for the time being we will have to wait and watch how

It unfolds did you find this video interesting would you consider having a relationship or even entering into a marriage with a robot in the future we want to get to know more of your thoughts share them in the comment section below don’t forget to like subscribe and ring the notification Bell

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