The Latest Chinese Revolutionary Technology will Make their Robot Army Unbeatable – Video

The Latest Chinese Revolutionary Technology will Make their Robot Army Unbeatable – Video

The latest advancements in Chinese technology are revolutionizing the capabilities of the country’s robot army, making them virtually unstoppable on the battlefield. Scientists from China have been working on cutting-edge technologies that blur the lines between humans and machines, with the goal of creating a more efficient and powerful army of robots.

One of the key developments is the creation of a human brain that can be connected to a computer, allowing for complex tasks to be performed with ease. This breakthrough has paved the way for the emergence of biocomputers, which combine the strengths of the human brain and computer processing speed.

Additionally, Chinese researchers have been working on developing invisible military suits, giving their army a strategic advantage on the battlefield. By creating devices that can shatter and bend light, objects behind them can become invisible, providing a new level of stealth and protection.

With these innovations, China’s robot army is on track to become a formidable force in the future of warfare. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in Chinese technology by subscribing to the Carros Show channel.

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The boundaries between humans and machines are gradually fading scientists have created a human brain that can be connected to a computer researchers from Indiana University in Bloomington USA have successfully grown a living human brain that can be connected to a computer this discovery could lead to the development of new technologies that

Will change our lives the grown brain consists of neurons and cells that form a complex Network it was created from stem cells taken from a human embryo stem cells can differentiate into various types of cells including neurons to connect the brain to a computer scientists used electrodes the

Electrodes input data into the brain cells and read the results of its subsequent activity researchers conducted several experiments with this brain they demonstrated that it can learn and perform complex tasks for example the brain was able to recognize voices and solve complex equations the group of scientists predicts that within

The next 10 years Humanity will see the emergence of the first biocomputers biocomputers will combine the advanc vantages of the human brain and computer they will have high processing speed and learning ability this discovery has tremendous potential for the development of new technologies biocomputers can be used to create new types of artificial

Intelligence robots and medical devices however scientists still face many challenges first and foremost methods for growing larger and more complex brains need to be developed additionally ways to connect bioom computers to the human body need to be devised if scientists can overcome these difficulties bioom computers will become

A reality in the coming years this discovery will change our world and make it more advanced Chinese social media reports the arrival of the first thousand invisible military suits in the people’s Liberation Army of China there is no official confirmation but it is known that 2 years ago Chinese scientists came

Close to creating this revolutionary technology the idea of an invisibility coat may seem more like magic than science but researchers are diligently working on creating devices that can SC shatter and bend light making the objects behind them invisible previously such devices attempted to be made based on meta materials these materials have

New properties not found in naturally occurring substances or in individual particles of material but working with them is difficult so the decision was made to use malum trioxide this material could become an excellent platform for controlling energy flows thanks to its unique properties modeling results showed that rolled up sheets of malum

Trioxide would replace metam materials it already demonstrates nearly perfect invisibility in Japan a replica of the famous writer has been created in the form of a robot an Android of the writer natsume soseki was created for the 100th anniversary of his death a group of scientists from niss gakusha University

And Hiroshi ishiguro’s team the most famous creator of humanoid robots in Japan from Osaka University worked on it to make the Android resemble Natsu moseki as closely as possible his photographs height and weight data cous mask and even the voice of his grandson were used the Android will be used for

Educational purposes particularly for reading Natsu mosi’s Works allowed to children as well as for developing speech abilities and dialogue skills in this type of robots this is the humanoid robot Toro originating from Germany it was created at the German Center for Robotics and mechatronics DLR assembly of this robot

Began as far back as 2009 at that time developers only created Creed the legs of the DLR biped but now the roboticists have decided to present its upgraded version which received a new torso and the name torque controlled humanoid robot or Toro now that the robot’s body

Is ready we can start testing its movements for smoothness Speed and accuracy says the lead project developer Christian a take for example a person opening a heavy door several Dynamic precise actions are involved in this process simultaneously our robot should also be able to handle this task the

Next step for us is climbing stairs here we need to teach Toro how to lift itself up and simultaneously balance like a Human another development from the German Center of Robotics and mechatronics is the humanoid robot Roland Justin as the name suggests the robot moves on surfaces using Wheels development of this type began in 2008 and over time the team of Engineers has significantly improved it Rand Justin is used to explore robotics applications in

Domestic and Industrial settings as well as in space it can catch balls brew coffee and even learn to repair satellites the robot is also capable of manipulating both solid and soft objects equipped with compatible weaponry and collision detection it can be operated autonomously or remotely in China a 3D bio printer for

Mass production of tissues and organs has been released Chinese company Regin noo biotechnology company LTD presented the country’s first 3D bio printer for mass production of human tissue samples the device is called bio architect X it was unveiled at an exhibition in hongo the 3D bio printer uses an Innovative

Microcomputerized tomography system it is reported that the novelty is capable of printing a wide range of tissues and organs it is expected that the bio architect X system will play an important role in the medical field in China primarily in medicine testing and development programs company Representatives expect that the 3D

Bioprinter will stimulate the production of new medicines when presenting the bio architect X at the exhibition experts from rein noo printed a fragment of cartilage tissue during the demonstration experts selected a 3D model of cartilage and simply started 3D printing with the Press of a button the 3D printer immediately began working

Dispensing hydrogel with human cells from the print head and depositing it according to the model the cartilage fragment was ready in less than an hour the hydrogels themselves are also developed by rein noo Specialists they are bioin for liver cells blood vessels and other tissues the company emphasizes

Is that the cell survival rate in Regin noo materials is 90% And they function for up to 4 months this is the humanoid robot David with variable stiffness actuators in the joints capable of operating a drill like a professional David can pick up a drill drill through a concrete block and

Handle impacts the robot is equipped with end affector tracking using its head and uses both hands to perform complex tasks the weight of the robot is 55 kg recently David demonstrated Advanced manipulation skills with the seven degree of Freedom arm and fully articulated FiveFinger hand using a pet

To localize the object the company combined multiobject tracking with proprioceptive measurements together with path planning this allows for controlled inhand manipulation David is designed to approximate its human archetype in terms of size weight and performance the main focus during development is on reliability High Dynamics and maneuverability one of the earliest examples of

Interaction between robots and humans is Aiko Chira this humanoid robot developed by Toshiba greets visitors at a department store in Tokyo Aiko has been hired at the major mitsukoshi department store in Tokyo Aiko closely resembles a human with the help of 43 moving mechanisms the robot can move its eyes

Head and arms the robot recognizes human language and can answer questions in English and Japanese Aiko can blink and squint her eyes move her lips and open her mouth when speaking the management of the department store believes that the female robot is an effective tool for attracting customers essentially she

Can display almost the entire range of emotions typical of humans looking at her it is indeed difficult to determine whether she is a robot or a living person write in the comments which of the robots shown in this video impressed you the most subscribe to the caros show

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