Creating Faceless Videos with AI Voice Cloning – Video

Creating Faceless Videos with AI Voice Cloning – Video

The advancements in AI technology have truly revolutionized the way we create content, and one of the most recent shocking developments is the ability to clone your own voice for faceless videos. Imagine being able to sit back on your couch, relax, and watch as AI generates a video with your own voice narrating it, all while you make money from faceless YouTube videos.

With the help of InVideo AI, you can now upload a sample of your own voice and have AI replicate it in all your future videos. This means that you can create humanlike videos that not only look like they were created by you but also sound like it too. Gone are the days of hiring voice actors or spending hours recording your own voiceovers – AI does all the work for you.

By simply providing a prompt and uploading your voice sample, AI can generate videos that match your style and personality, making the content creation process easier and more personalized. You can even edit the videos to add your own personal touch, such as shooting b rolls or adding subtitles.

This new feature from InVideo AI opens up a world of possibilities for content creators, allowing them to create high-quality videos with their own voice in a matter of minutes. So, if you’re ready to take your content creation to the next level, give AI voice cloning a try and see the amazing results for yourself!

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Video Transcript

This must be one of the most shocking things that AI has generated this year I’ve shown you before how to generate humanlike videos with AI that you can use them to create income through faceless YouTube videos well now it’s becoming even better you can generate the same videos but now clone your own

Voice and replicate it again and again in all your future videos by just writing text so AI is generating the script adding footage to match the script and narrating the video with your own voice while you are sitting on your couch relaxed and making money with faceless videos so if you’re ready to

Learn how and start doing it yourself I’m ready so let’s do [Applause] it so let me show you how easy it is to generate faceless videos that sound and look like they were created by human and now they will sound like they were created by you narrated by you so we’re

Going to go to inv video AI where as you remember we can create videos like we do on TBT by just prompting there’s a brand new feature that you’re going to see right here which is called voices where you can upload a sample of your own

Voice so if you click the plus icon you’re going to see the instructions record a video ideally with a mic of at least 30 seconds of you talking pause between sentences mention the disclaimer right here I give in video AI the permission to use my voice I’ve already

Recording I have it right here I will upload and as you see invido is adding the voice in the library of different voices that it has already so take all these options and when you’re done you have your voice sample right here I’ve named it Conant Doos sample now you can

Go and create a new video that we’re going to do right away or go in one of the existing videos that we have created before like for example this one let me play so you can remember what it is all about have you ever wondered how money came into

Existence picture a world long before the invention of coins and notes a time when the BST so this is a 5minute video talking about the history of financial markets it’s being narrated by a British voice I want to make it more personal I wanted to sound like it was created by

Me so I can create a faceless YouTube video ideally around the needs let’s say that it’s all about Finance giving Financial tips educating people about the history or the things they can do moving forward to make money and the great part about this is that you can

Edit the videos that you generate with a prompt like can you edit the existing voice over adding my sample conados sample voice over he generate and and as you see in video is changing the voice over for the entire video Let’s sit relax have a sip of coffee and

See the final outcome and now let’s watch it together money came into existence picture a world long before the invention of coins and notes a time when the barter system reigned Supreme this was a simple system where goods were traded directly for other Goods you

Had a cow your neighbor had grain and a trade could be made I’m socked the barter system had its limitations for one it relied on what we call a coincidence of once now this is shockingly good right I mean probably it has a bit better accent than me but it’s

Like 90% like I listen to myself I really can’t believe it let’s try to create a new video from scratch so we can check how it works in a brand new video so I will go to inv video in the main screen hit clone on your voice

Right here use the sample and now you have the settings right here so you need to add your prompt like create for me a long YouTube video with the theme marketing Trends pay attention 2 for 2024 I will add my settings right here that will be to change the narrator to

Voice one which is my sample and make the video landscape style up to 5 minutes long you generate and let’s see what we going to have so here we go the video is ready let’s watch it together what if the future of marketing is not what you think it is what if it’s

Already here picture a world where marketing Trends morph and evolve at the speed of light where staying ahead of the curve is no longer a luxury but a necessity imagine the year 2024 what could be the top marketing trends that that will shape what is hyper personalization imagine marketing so

Fine-tuned that it feels like a one to one I mean this is crazy right imagine how many things you can do with your voice using amazing videos that match your style like this one and the best part you can edit so you can further personalize it why not for example

Create your own b rolls by shooting Clips outside or whatever you want to do to add a personal flare a personal note if you click edit right here you’re going to see all the video blocks all the footage videos that inv video has selected based on the script that has

Generated for you and you can edit both both the chapters both the footage or the clips right here upload your own media and of course edit like we did before on my existing videos with just a prompt like for example add subtitles you generate and in video is

Going to create a new version for your video adding subtitles check it out what if the future of marke is not what as easy as this video editing humanlike video editing with just a prompt crazy stuff happening I want you to create your own video and share the link from your YouTube channel

Your Facebook YouTube channel in the description so I can check it myself and give you feedback because as I say always in my videos I show you the path you need to walk it so the comment section is a great way for me to see if

You’re walking the path do we have a deal Hustlers I see you in the next One

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