The World’s 12 Most Frugal Individuals – Video

The World’s 12 Most Frugal Individuals – Video

In a world where saving every penny is a priority, there are some individuals who take frugality to a whole new level. The YouTube video titled “12 Cheapest People in the World” showcases some of the most extreme examples of penny pinching that you will ever see.

From reusing paper towels to making their own wipes out of kitchen towels, these individuals have mastered the art of saving money in every aspect of their lives. Take Kate, for example, who sleeps on a stack of old yoga mats instead of buying a real bed. She also rummages through trash bags outside of supermarkets to find her meals, saving hundreds of dollars on food every month.

Then there’s Apple, a mother who borrows breast milk from friends and makes homemade diaper wipes out of cut-up kitchen towels. She even collects toys left behind at playgrounds to bring home to her children, saving money on toys.

These extreme cheapskates may seem outrageous to some, but to them, saving money is a way of life. And while their methods may be unconventional, there’s no denying that they have mastered the art of living on a dime.

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Video Transcript

I don’t use toilet paper I just use water and soap to clean myself off after going to the bath of every food and drink that we have in this house by reusing I’m a floor guy I sit on the floor and it’s very comfortable we live in such hard times and spending money

Seems to be the hardest part but some people take saving extremely seriously I’m drying off can that I washed clean so I keep them and reuse them you can reuse the paper towel many times for those people it goes beyond only saving money because their frugality is mixed

With absurd creativity with bubble wrap and then this is a tablecloth and it makes a perfect bet from resourceful mothers orchestrating budget friendly family hacks to solo adventurers mastering the art of living on a dime here are the top 12 cheapest people in the world who have turned saving every

Penny into their everyday habit I never buy toilet paper now you would think that it was impossible to extend being a miser into toilet paper but this woman has proven you wrong hi my name is Kate Hashimoto and I’m an extreme cheap skate meet our first extreme cheap Skate Kate who’s about to

Take us through her super cheap lifestyle in New York City and the Shocker she literally works as a certified personal accountant to kick things off we begin with her living conditions Furniture can be crazy expensive in NYC so instead of paying hundreds of dollarss for a real bed in

Her apartment she prefers to sleep on a stack of old yoga mats that she luckily found in the street this is my bed where I sleep and these are actually yoga mats that somebody was trying to get rid of so I took them I do consider my bed

Comfortable and I don’t really have a need for a real bed beds cost hundreds of dollars and that is absolutely outrageous her dining table is just a pile of old magazines storage area and I also have some magazines here to um use it as a Table this certified personal accountant has also made a makeshift couch in her living room which is basically a small bed frame and a thin padded sheet that she got out of a pile of trash just outside of a school dorm this is my makeshift couch I found this in the

Trash outside a school dorm and of the school year it’s also my guest bed when people visit but it isn’t only money for furniture that she loves to save she’s also not gotten any new clothing in over 8 years I normally don’t spend money on clothes I haven’t bought any clothes in

Probably 8 years the last time I bought underwear was 1998 I don’t think I’ve ever bought socks and she absolutely loves free samples I’m subscribed to many different mailing lists and I also keep my eyes on freeb sites whenever I hear of any free sample offer that for

Something that I would actually use I would go and faill it a form here are some free samples of sanitary pads and tampons regarding the toilet paper situation she believes there’s no point in buying it in the first place when you’re just going to throw it away right

After using it instead she recycles paper towels that she uses in public bathrooms to dry her hands if I use a paper towel in the public restroom I’m drying off hands that I wash clean so I keep them and reuse them you can reuse the paper towel

Many times might pay to throw something away especially when I can get it for free this Jeep skate also makes sure to avoid paying for food at all costs after graduating from college she found that she was spending about 20 to $25 on food every week and that sums up to about a

100 a month so that’s when she devised a so-called smart plan after work each night she disguises herself as a bum and rummages through trash bags outside of supermarkets eateries and restaurants in big neighborhoods Kate told TLC her creative cost cutting skills help her to spend just $200 monthly on living

Expenses and that’s an insanely low expenditure considering the average cost of living for a single person in the Big Apple at the time was $1,341 without rent so she only pays real estate and condo fees as she owns her apartment to Kate no saving measure is wiser than hers free breast milk

Suddenly I stopped producing breast milk so now I collect breast milk for my friends that’s right this penny pinching mother named Apple has gone to very extreme links to keep her living costs as low as humanly possible even if it means she has to borrow breast milk from

Women that she knows she claims that in a year she could save more than $1,000 equivalent to 718 British pounds at the time from getting free breast milk making homemade diaper wipes and collecting other baby furniture and items from people here she mentions that she stopped producing breast milk and

She really doesn’t want to buy formula from the retail store for her daughter her alternative would be simple it would be from her friends proud of her stash she flaunts the bags of breast milk marked with different names and we get to know whose breast milk that it

Is Amy is from my yoga class uh Jessica is actually one of my now she even knows the baby’s prefer es Chloe prefers Jessica’s milk over anyone else’s breast milk I mean this is her fave she’ll drink the others but this is more her preference she claims

Having a baby made her a miser but with the other things that she Penny pinches with besides breast milk it’s got to just be a cheap skate kind of thing have you ever heard of reusable homemade wipes well this stingy mother has a routine of cutting a kitchen towel in

Half soaking half of it in water and then storing it in a tin for later people buy baby wipes moist tallettes but instead I like to make them at home okay there you go you have moist tallettes I used this to wipe my hands with it and or wipe the tables that’s

The height of recycling if you ask me I bet that recycling companies were mortified when they heard that the homemade wipes hack saved her 50 cents a day which which is about six diaper changes Apple also mentioned a great deal that she had as you guessed was

Free and she said that she got herself a baby changing table for free from a gas station that was going out of business a changing table is one of the most expensive things that a new mom has to buy so instead of spending $200 on a changing table I got mine for

Free at a gas station that was going out of apple took the cost Effectiveness even further but by making reusable diapers out of old t-shirts why not use t-shirts to make reusable cloth diapers you cut the sides and cut the sleeves off then fold the flaps and there you go

And she even added that whenever she finds toys left behind by owners at a playground she takes them home with her wow clo what is that oh look kids leave toys all the time if they’re unclaimed Why not pick them up and take it home with you cuz they’re free you

Would think that’s helping you to keep the environment clean and not allowing toys to go to waste but she said it doesn’t matter if they’re missing parts it’s perfectly fine we just wash it off and it’s clean she missing two wheels she can still play with it Vic I

Mean I get that the economy is kind of bad right now but come on hair floss Kia Cambridge is as cheap as the car that she was named after like most people she likes to chew gum and drink coffee but she chooses to Rew her gum

For several days I keep my chewed piece as of gum in the freezer because it helps preserve the flavor I usually chew one piece every 3 days see I start with a SI piece on Sunday ride that out till about Tuesday then we get to Wednesday that’s when I treat

Myself with a whole new piece of gum and she rations her coffee for three days all while drinking it from the same Cup by rationing out the latte over 3 days I’m able to enjoy the latte for a third of the cost the lipstick marks indicate

How many times that I’ve had to reheat this cup of coffee on maybe the third day seems like you get this little this film on top that you got to take off that part’s disgusting but there’s good stuff underneath that her coffee moment are probably the most absurd coffee cups

Like all stained and has lipstick all over it and it’s just kind of gross that’s actually kind of disgusting Kia also tries to save more on food costs so she and her son eat only one meal a day at a buffet food can be a distraction to

Other things that we need to get done I like that crab it’s good Alex and I will eat the buffet every day once a day I grew up going to buffets a lot and she would really make sure I had a lot to eat and have that last us we eat one

Time a day and we just pile it in the most absurd saving method that she has is using a strand of her hair as dental floss even though you can easily pick up dental floss at the dollar store I like to use hair over dental floss I know it sounds gross but this

Just works as a great system cost doesn’t cost me anything her son Alex had to leave for college and and well I was expecting to leave with my whole bedroom but instead all I got was my computer an air mattress and some clothes right after Alex left the house

She sees the opportunity to lease out his room I’m really glad that Alex made the sacrifice to leave his things behind cuz now I’m able to rent this place out unfortunately a lot of potential tenants backed out because of her absurd rules did not sit right with them now

We’re coming in here what is and uh that’s that’s a sheet the other things on the other side of the sheet are not included unless you pay for them so the washer and dryer they’re on the other side of the sheet the common area the bedroom and the bathroom well this is

Kind of like an inconvenience for me in the end though she was able to find a suitable tenant are you uh leaning towards a yes here here yeah I’m goinging toward great rant is exactly the tenant I was looking for exactly now I found him I can accept the

Curtain as long as it’s quiet on the other side of the curtain I’m okay we got to give it to her though she got a big win out of the whole thing mobile light bulb Stephanie Bennett tries to save money but a ton of her methods are

Actually far from ideal take her laundry process for instance she believes eyeballing detergent to do laundry is a waste so she uses a syringe for a particular precise measurement of her detergent she’s got just one light bulb which she takes around the house to save even more than $60 a month on her

Lighting Bill Stephanie has countless money saving tactics by using just one light bulb that she moves from room to room she saves more than $60 a month on her electric bill St has a good job she works at a doctor’s office she does have a lot of money saved up she doesn’t want

To spin nothing now I know what you’re thinking she could literally just turn off the lights when they’re not unus but the issue with her idea is that not only does she risk the bulb getting broken and hurting herself but she could get electrocuted if she accidentally touches

The socket our boyfriend Patrick never takes a proper shower because he only bathes for two minutes I mean it kind of ruins the purpose of bathing if you can’t even clean yourself but what do I know she has a way to make sure that he sticks to that 2-minute shower Ru turn it

Off right now Patrick okay yep that’s right a baby monitor I wish that it was only that but there is more Stephanie does a lot of unhygienic stuff like recycling the water used to to boil her pasta several times over this is my reusable boiling water

Yes I know it may be a little chunky but it saves me from spending more money on my water bill by cutting on the water and putting more water in the pot dumping it and then doing it all over again so that save my water she also collects leftover food from dishes after

Each meal and puts it right back in the container including the saliva and bacteria as added spices and if it doesn’t get all drunk up I pour it back if it doesn’t get all slopped up I put it back in its container going to save this pasta sauce for the next spaghetti

Dinner she’s very intentional about sticking to a strict $400 food budget for four people and gets pissed off at her boyfriend when he wants to host football parties because it means more mouths to feed and more money to spend and that’s not all during commercials you best believe the television’s turned

Off until the show’s back on all right all right all right come on hey this is this is second time you did that I got to save money for electricity I’m sorry I have to I have to turn it off when it’s a commercial no we they having

This I’m sorry no we a having this not having this at all she makes each guest use a candle when they want to use the restroom and cooks her lasagna in the dishwasher might put these dishes in here while the lasagna is in the dishwasher and it’s cooking the nasty part of that

Lasagna is it always comes out quite watery and it really embarrasses Patrick and I feel bad for him because I’d be embarrassed as well just get out of there Patrick you’re being abused one tub of water this next one is so ridiculous that it sounds like something

Out of a comedy movie Melody gravit from Oklahoma is an extreme cheap skate and she really really doesn’t mind sharing tips from her penny pinching lifestyle she lives with her two sons Brandon and Ronnie and her husband Ron who are also very frugal with tissue paper so it’s a

Match made in heaven they actually never ever use tissue paper she keeps a stash of newspapers on a rack in the toilet and whenever each person is done the used newspaper sheet is thrown into a nylon containing the used ones it gets hilarious though because she unrolls the

Piece that she crumbles up for the demonstration and put back on the fresh pile because she hadn’t used it yet and didn’t want to waste it I don’t buy toilet paper I use newspapers that we give free in town pick up one sheet you don’t need more than that you crumble it

Up you use it and then you put it when you get done into this bag and when this bag’s full we take it out and burn it but I’m not going to do this one cuz I haven’t used it and I don’t want to waste it her unusual bathroom habit had

Not gone unnoticed by family and friends because sometimes they’d offer toy buy tissue paper for the family but she declined each time because it’s not that they couldn’t afford it they just didn’t want to spend money on it Melody Prides herself on the fact that she’s smart for

Example she sometimes gets caught short when someone in the house forgets to replace the pile of papers but she’s got a cunning trick up her sleeve she insulated the window with newspaper and while this keeps the light out and also helps with the heating and cooling

According to her the best part is that it saves her if she’s on the toilet and realizes the stash is out of newspapers all she has to do is lift the window and she’s got a backup in a bid to keep cost down even further the family never uses

Electricity instead they carry around a rechargeable lamp inside the house we do have electricity see it’s on that’s it I’m not going to waste anymore I we have electricity in this house I don’t use it I use a lantern I’m not going to run up no $100 electric bill that to me

Sometimes makes me have a heart attack they also never use their washing machine handwashing their clothing outside is their best bet we just want the smells and the dirt Out looks like got all the soap out of it squeeze out the red one the red one’s clean R out again don’t you give me another shirt in here oh but it does get worse Melody who simply describes her family as hillbilly cheap skates has also admitted that they all share one

Tub of water every day she rationed shampoo and shower gel and with just one bottle lasting about 6 months in her household the coin man from only ever using coins to pay for everything and I’m I’m going to need $20 on pump number 12 and okay that’s one to switching the

Power off at 10 p.m. every night 3 2 1 I cut the lights out from the breaker box this extreme cheap skate has his family in his miserly habits Tony is a dedicated cheap skate but his wife Angela and their daughter Sierra are getting fed up with his penny pinching

Ways he prefers to collect free lemons sugar and water from waiters at restaurants and make his own lemonade right then and there rather than paying for the lemonade the restaurant serves it only cost $1.50 to vacuum his car at the car wash so he’d rather pay that

Than the tens of dollars to get the car washed properly Bae how long is going to take you know I got to go back to work just a second you need to come on come on with the new card and of course he’s right back to

The coins to pay for cheap meals 30 40 we going to be day hey she got other people to wait on I got you I got you give me cheap millionaire dub the world’s cheapest millionaire Amy Elizabeth is worth over $5 million but spends as if she earns minimum wage she insures ures

That she spends less than $1,000 every month as an entrepreneur who also has rental property Amy can very comfortably afford pretty much any Essentials or wants but she’d rather live like a popper to start with she restricts her electricity use and doesn’t buy anything new interestingly enough her ex-husband

Michael is still in her life and routinely helps her to clean the house Amy won’t pay anyone to clean her home so her ex-husband volunteers to do it for free saving her $400 a month he maintains the yard because she won’t pay anyone to do it yard work I drive her to

Her appointments some once in a while and he also helps drive her to meetings because she wouldn’t pay a personal driver what’s outrageous but hilarious is that instead of thanking Michael for his kindness she thinks that she’s doing him a big huge favor because those activities give him good exercise she

Tops that off by giving him a tuna fish sandwich made out of cheap cat food tuna fish for people 89 cents cat food for cats 59 I just saved 30 that’s good while most would get luxurious or at least more comfortable cars with the kind of money she has Amy drives a

Beater a 1996 Ford Mustang during a visit to a car repair shop the mechanic pleads that her car is not in any way way safe to drive because it has too many problems saying she has a slight vibration from the steering wheel going at all speeds wow yeah you’re just completely

Bald on there wow but the repair bill is going to cost $1,000 and Amy’s not about to spend that kind of money unfortunately under Nevada state law the mechanic cannot let her leave the shop with the car because it’s unsafe so she retaliates by threatening to sue him

Amy’s logic is hilarious because the $1,000 is literally literally cheaper than hiring a bunch of lawyers and filing the case in court besides what’s the point in Saving a thousand if she kicks the bucket in an accident fstar garbage hey neighbor how you doing doing

Good how are you good good can I get some ice from you I have water you don’t have ice no okay all right bye-bye this cooking instructor and self-proclaimed Foody would rather get ingredients for free from his neighbors than to buy them Ron strongly believes that any dollar

Spent on anything besides food as a waste exhibit a he has no couch I got the apartment a few years ago I don’t see the need to spend money on furniture I’m a floor guy I sit on the floor and it’s very comfortable now you notice there isn’t even Furniture in the living

Room or dining area Ron says that they’re all a waste one time for students in his cooking class he decided to use some Lobster that he had found oh yeah lots of lobster look at this yes he found it in the garbage and there’s a catch though he didn’t tell his students

Where he’d gotten the lobster from until after they had eaten it very good very good wow I enjoyed this dinner actually a lot it didn’t have no strong fish taste to it it didn’t taste like tuna at all Yes you heard that right he added that the cooking was all sanitary but that

Doesn’t excuse his sourc were nasty and unnecessarily cheap strangely his students Lov the meal and were quite impressed that it tasted nothing like weeds and leftovers from the trash a true cheap five-star meal shower and laundry in one go 29-year-old Greg from Ohio appeared on a reality show called

Extreme cheap skates on a mission to find love but he completely shocked a woman he took on a budget date by wanting them to share a kid’s meal are you real hungry uh I’m not starving or nothing oh so like you want to like share meal

Maybe yeah we can do that okay Greg is a Zumba dance teacher who believes there’s no point at all in paying for anything that you should actually get for free in life he revealed on the show how he never spends money on condiments and just takes home the free satchets from

Restaurants whenever he visits them he shows off his collection which contains a variety there’s no point in paying for anything that you should get for free in life I never spend money on condiments anytime you go to a restaurant just take extra when you’re there Greg does not own any plates

Instead he eats off of small animal themed paper plates that he took from his young nephew’s birthday party three-bedroom condos so I knew I’d be able to take my roommates with me and uh charge them rent even though I’m living for free and if you visit the guy forget

About drinking water out of cups because his cupboards are full of old yogurt cups he labels each cup for the person in the house and even had a special one for guests this is the kitchen um all right where to begin there’s no point in pain for anything

That you should get for free in life I never spend money on condiments while you’re trying to catch the light in the fridge go off as you close the fridge door Greg thinks that having a light in the fridge is a waste to begin with so

He removed it and saves an estimated $15 a month there’s no point in having a bulb inside a refrigerator I took the bulb out of the refrigerator it saves me almost $40 a year in electric and now on to his hygiene his most peculiar habit is showering with his clothes on in

Order to wash them without a machine another killing two birds with one stone moment showering and doing your laundry at the same time by washing my clothes in the shower with me uh I’m saving at least $15 a month cuz I don’t have to use a washer a dryer soap Greg managed

To save rent money because the house he lives in belonged to the grandfather of one of his students and when the old man passed away he was invited to stay in the house for free but his roommates didn’t know he actually charges them for rent hi y’all hi welcome to pit to Plate

Barbecue awesome how about something to drink can I have a with all of that I really do hope that Greg will eventually find love coupon diva this coupon addict is proudly showing off the Staggering $30,000 stockpile of supplies that she has amassed in her home from her

Obsession with cheap Bargains this is my stock Pile in the family’s Pantry they have 200 boxes of pasta 400 boxes of dryer sheets and more products that have been purchased in Crazy massive bulk despite 200 boxes of pasta 400 boxes of dryer sheets and a freezer full of savings Katherine’s most treasured collection is her massive Supply of paper

Products Katherine collie from Rochester New Hampshire calls herself the princess of paper products because of her particularly abundant stores of paper towels napkins and toilet paper top napkin toilet paper 60 boxes of tissues and up here this is my most prized possession is my paper towel the mom of

Two spent the previous year and a half learning about coupon clipping and got addicted to using them she applies the discounts offered in stores at every opportunity while shopping her husband Tom is not exactly happy about her obsession with using coupons for everything instead of just paying outright he voiced his concerns about

The family Surplus groceries as their home was rapidly losing free storage but Catherine was not going to pass up on any cheap or free offer you know we’re running out of space honestly I know I’m going to stock up on things that hey let me guess paper towels in one shopping

Trip she saved almost 98% on an $882 grocery bill ended up covering the cost with a single $20 bill all thanks to her coupons and yes that is a huge amount of savings but the coupon thing it might just be going a little too far cheapest gem hack Justin Woodhouse is

And his brother claims that anytime he goes to work out at the gym as a member he doesn’t use the hand sanitizer so Justin just has more to take dumpster gifts Sarah grel has to be the world’s cheapest gifter regardless of the Season she Penny pinches even during the

Special giftgiving months the presents that she gives members of her family during Christmas are basically things she’s taken from them so she’s just really giving back what they’ve been looking for the entire year as a gift I got these nice shades that I got from Nisha throughout the year she’s gonna be

So happy to get him back when she’s feeling fancy she puts in a little effort at packing the gifts from a dumpster she even recycles the gift wrapping paper from the previous year and in total she spends only $20 on Christmas not to mention her Nativity display it’s literally just random toys

And stuff that she’s put together and named Jesus Mary Joseph and the Shepherds along with the wise men Sarah what do we have here okay so I got Mary and Joseph found them around the house um I have my barn animals well while most of the family is

Annoyed by her choice of presents for Christmas at least her grandmother enjoyed her dumpster Christmas gift that is Huge colors that one oh now what y I got to say well that’s a wrap on our hilarious cheap skate ride I do hope our coupon superheroes and budget Warriors will stop the penny pinching because let’s be real it’s kind of outrageous let me know what you think in the comments section

Down below do you have your own cheap skate genius moves because I’d love to know about them as always subscribe to the channel so you’d never miss a video thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time

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