The Shocking New Robot Army of Russia – Video

The Shocking New Robot Army of Russia – Video

As the world enters a new era of warfare, the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence has given birth to a whole new breed of weapons platforms. Russia, in particular, has unveiled its own killer robot which has left the rest of the world feeling uneasy. Named Fedor, this humanoid robot was originally designed for space exploration but has since demonstrated its ability to perform autonomous actions including shooting with both hands, among other remarkable feats. Russia has also introduced a robot dog armed with a grenade launcher, but allegations have been made suggesting that it may be a knockoff of a Chinese counterpart.

Not stopping there, Russia has plans to create an avatar robot within the next decade, which may potentially replace soldiers on the battlefield. The country has also developed the uran 9, one of the most powerful ground-based drones in the world with unmatched firepower. While there are still doubts and suspicions surrounding Russia’s advancements in robotic innovation, it’s clear that they are playing catch up and have made significant strides in the race for robotic supremacy. With countries like the United States and China also working on similar technologies, it’s clear that the world is on the verge of a new era of warfare with the emergence of lethal autonomous weapon systems.

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Video Transcript

Tonight military strategists are trying to get inside Vladimir Putin’s head it’s voice activated it’s got the ability to carry anti-armor rocket launchers and do all kinds of stuff to support troops as they go into battle Humanity finds itself teetering on the edge of a bold New Era of warfare and it’s not because

We finally perfected laser guns or developed the cloaking device no the game changer this time is the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence which has given birth to a whole new breed of weapons platforms these bad boys can not only identify and Target human beings but they can also make the

Decision to end the life all on their own officially these autonomous killing machines go by the rather ominous name of lethal autonomous weapon systems laws but let’s be real Killer Robots has a much better ring to it now a whole bunch of countries including the big players

Like the United States China and Russia have been pouring buckets of cash into developing these high-tech Horrors none of these countries have actually Unleashed their Killer Robots into battle just yet well except for Russia Russia has just proudly unveiled its very own killer robot and let’s just say

It’s got the rest of the world feeling a little uneasy so what’s the big deal with Russia’s killer robot and how might Russia’s killer robot affect the balance of power in the world especially in Ukraine join us as we take a look at Russia’s new robot army the use of

Autonomous drones in the war in Ukraine has certainly stirred up quite a commotion both Moscow and Keef have been using these uncrewed weapons to take aim at enemy soldiers and infrastructure sparking intense debates among experts activists and diplomats worldwide the emergence and deployment of such machines have led to a flurry of

Discussions about the potential benefits and risks of using robots as well as the pressing question of whether and how to put a stop to them now if drones are causing this much of a stir among activists and diplomats just wait until they get a load of Russia’s latest announcement Russia has just unveiled

Its first robot army and it’s claiming that these robots can win Wars without any human casualties it’s like something straight out of a sci-fi movie except this time it’s real the name of this robot is Fedor also known as Fodor the robot this Russian humanoid robot was originally designed for space

Exploration but it turns out that it’s got some other tricks up its metallic sleeves not only can Federal replication the movements of a remote operator but it also can perform such actions autonomously and when we say some actions we mean that it can actually shoot with both hands no less this

Revelation led to the imposition of sanctions as foreign companies supplying components for the robot decided to cease their cooperation gears sensors engines cameras and computers were no longer flowing into fedor’s Workshop leaving its creators in a bit of a bind however the resilient developers of Fedor have taken matters into their own

Hands transitioning to domestic Alternatives and ensuring the evolution of their creation continues unabated the Journey of Fedor began in 2014 and it made its Grand debut in 2016 since then this remarkable robot has been busy mastering an impressive array of skills from using a key to open doors operating

A fire extinguisher and wielding a saw to driving a car and even demonstrating its prowess at crawling on all fours Fedor has certainly come a long way not content with these accomplishments the robot has also managed to achieve the extraordinary feat of Performing both Traverse and longitudinal splits thereby

Setting a world record Standing Tall at 180 cm and weighing in at a sturdy 105 to 106 kilg Fedor is truly a force to be reckoned with but Fedor is not the only one making waves in the world of robotic Innovation at the recent army 2022 arms exhibition in Moscow a new Contender

Emerged in the form of a Rob robot dog armed with a grenade launcher developed by the Russian company intellect machine this K9 inspired creation boasts impressive capabilities and shooting accuracy and weapons transportation in non-military settings it can be deployed for tasks such as reconnaissance navigation through debris and delivering

Much needed medical supplies during emergencies on the battlefield the robot dog is equipped to handle Target designation patrolling and security duties with equal aone however not everyone is convinced of the original ity of this Russian Marvel the United States has raised eyebrows suggesting that the robot dog with a grenade

Launcher is nothing more than a knockoff of a Chinese counterpart the resemblance to the unry A1 robot from unry robotics is uncanny and suspicions have been further fueled by the fabric draping used to conceal the m81 true Origins as one publication boldly asserts it seems entirely obvious that the robot was not

Developed by a Russian manufacturer Russia has also set its sights on creating an avatar robot within the next decade this futuristic machine is not just an old robot it’s designed with a potential to replace soldiers on the battlefield this Avatar robot set to make its debut within the next 10 years

Can be designed in either anthropomorphic or non-anthropomorphic form in layman’s terms that means it could either resemble a human or look like something straight out of a sci-fi movie The developers aren’t stopping there this robot is set to possess functional capabilities comparable to humans we’re talking about a machine that can independently interact

Effectively with human infrastructure Traverse rough terrain provide first aid and even operate a vehicle move over MacGyver there’s a new handyman in town that’s not all in 2015 Russia introduced the first development of a humanoid robot capable of shooting and driving Vehicles a manipulator arm controlled by

An operator nearby is used for firing now before you start picturing an army of these Avatar robots marching into battle hold your horses while these robots could potentially replace live soldiers in the future it’s more likely that other countries such as the United States or China will be the first to

Implement such groundbreaking Technologies globally sorry Russia but it looks like you’ve got some competition on your hands but of course Russia has other tricks up its sleeve the uran 9 which is one of the most powerful groundbased drones in the world this unmanned combat vehicle holds the

Top position globally when it comes to Firepower it’s like the Terminator of the Drone World Unstoppable and and packing some serious heat visually resembling an infantry Fighting Vehicle the uran 9 measures approximately 4.5 m in length and 2 m in width with a total combat weight reaching 10 tons this bad

Boy is equipped with a 30 mm automatic Cannon 2 a72 paired with a 7.62 mm machine gun but wait there’s more launchers with 9 m120 ataka anti-tank missiles are installed on both sides of the turret and if that’s not enough to make you quiver in your boots these can

Be replaced with eaga anti-aircraft missiles if needed providing air defense capabilities six reactive flamethrowers schmell are positioned at the rear of the turret that’s right folks this drone means business in the world of unmanned combat Vehicles the uran 9 Stands Tall boasting Firepower that leaves its Western counterparts in the dust this

Combat robot has even stred its stuff in real Combat operations in Syria where it reportedly showed off its skills while the nitty-gritty details of its performance and the Syrian conflict remain a mystery it’s clear that this machine is no slouch of course like any cuttingedge technology it’s not without

Its quirks while the US UK France and other countries are busy tinkering away with their own combat robots to minimize human casualties on the battlefield Russia has been playing catchup in this Arena however with the introduction of the uran 9 they’ve certainly closed the technological Gap it’s like they’ve gone

From a leisurely stroll to a full-on Sprint in the race for robotic Supremacy and let’s not forget about the armored tracked vehicle cernic this bad boy is designed for all sorts of tasks from reconnaissance and patrolling to Dem Mining and guarding territories it’s like the Swiss army knife of combat

Robots with three control modes to boot plus it’s no slouch in the speed Department hitting up to 40 km an hour that’s faster than your average rush hour traffic this armored robot isn’t just a one-trick pony it can do everything from providing fire support to evacuating the wounded it’s like the

Ultimate multitasker but with armor that can withstand gunfire up to 7.62 mm caliber talk about tough and if that wasn’t enough it comes with interchangeable combat modules that can be armed with everything from machine guns to anti-tank missiles it’s like a customizable action figure but way

Cooler you can mix and match to your heart’s content whether you’re in the mood for some heavy artillery or fancy taking down some pesky tanks you can also slap on a high-speed 30 mm Cannon and anti aircraft missiles for good measure it’s like the cherry on top of an already impressive robotic Sunday

Russia has also introduced the ncta and marker both of which are designed to carry out a wide range of tasks on the battlefield without endangering the lives of human Soldiers the ncta combat robot is a group of robotic systems that operate under a single control system which can be remotely operated by a

Human operator or accompanied by the operator on the front line This versatile robotic platform is equipped with a combat module and can be operated from a command post located anywhere including in a separate armored vehicle or at a stationary point before engaging in battle the ncta robot is loaded with

A map of the area and grids of key landmarks to be eliminated during combat Special Forces can simply select a task and the robot will execute it whether it’s reconnaissance operations adjusting fire on enemy positions or delivering ammunitions and supplies to hotspots on the other hand the marker combat robot

Is a small track ra robotic platform that boasts impressive capabilities it can travel up to 1,000 km carry heavy loads and Evacuate the wounded designed for military operations in both Battlefield and urban environments marker has been tested in exercises and actual combat proving its Effectiveness it can be operated remotely or

Autonomously with a claimed autonomous operation time of 50 hours or a 1,000 km CrossCountry Journey on just 30.5 L of fuel now with all these Advanced robotic systems at its disposal Russia has the capability to wreak havoc on the battlefield without putting its soldiers In Harm’s Way this development poses a

Significant concern for Western military Powers as it signifies a shift in the balance of power and raises questions about the future of warfare now before you start picturing a dystopian future where we’re all at the mercy of robot overlords let’s take a moment to consider the implications of this

Technological advancement on one hand having robots do the Dirty Work of War could potentially save human lives after all if robots are the ones on the front lines then that means fewer soldiers are at risk of getting hurt or worse it’s a compelling argument who wouldn’t want to

Minimize the human cost of conflict but on the other hand there are some pretty significant concerns to address for starters there’s the issue of accountability when human soldiers make decisions on the battlefield there’s a level of moral and ethical responsibility that comes with their actions but what happens when it’s a

Robot pulling the trigger who takes the blame if something goes wrong and more importantly who ensures that these robots are making the right decisions in the first place then there’s the whole question of escalation if one side starts deploying robot armies what’s to stop the other side from doing the same

It’s like a high stakes game of technological one-upmanship and the consequences could be catastrophic we could find ourselves in a NeverEnding cycle of robot Warfare with each side trying to outdo the other with bigger batter and more advanced robots it’s like an arms race but with robots

Instead of nukes and let’s not forget about the potential for misuse it’s one thing to have robots programmed for combat in a controlled military setting but what happens if those same robots fall into the wrong hands imagine a scenario where terrorist groups or Rogue States get their hands on Advanced

Military robots it’s a chilling thought to say the least so where does that leave us how do we navigate this Brave New World of robot armies and autonomous weapons well for starters we need to have some serious conversations about regulations and oversight we can’t just let the technology run a muck without

Any checks and balances in place there need to be clear guidelines about how and when these robots can be used as well as mechanisms for holding someone or something accountable when things go arai what do you think about this let us know in the comments section

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