“Tesla Bot News: Humanoid Robots Are Already a Reality, Optimus vs Atlas and Other Robots” – Video

“Tesla Bot News: Humanoid Robots Are Already a Reality, Optimus vs Atlas and Other Robots” – Video

The Tesla Bot has been making headlines recently, as the concept of humanoid robots performing everyday tasks moves closer to reality. Humanoid robots have been a dream of mankind for centuries and have been a reality in various forms throughout history. However, the advancement of artificial intelligence and its potential to revolutionize the way we live and work has brought the idea of humanoid robots to the forefront of technological innovation.

The idea of robots working alongside humans may seem like a concept from a science fiction movie, but the reality is that robots are already a part of everyday life in industries such as manufacturing, warehousing, and hospitality. For example, the Pepper humanoid robot has been used in hospitals and nursing homes, while the Canadian startup X1 has developed an entire army of robots called Eve, trained to perform everyday tasks.

The advancement of humanoid robots, such as the Optimus and Tesla Bot, promises to bring robots even closer to our everyday lives. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has expressed his vision for integrating humanoid robots into various industries, including using them in Tesla’s factories. The potential uses for humanoid robots in various industries are vast, and the development of artificial intelligence will further expand their capabilities.

However, the development of humanoid robots also raises questions and concerns about their impact on the workforce, as well as ethical and safety considerations. Elon Musk has addressed these concerns, expressing his intention to develop humanoid robots with careful consideration for safety and usefulness.

The advancement of humanoid robots and artificial intelligence represents an exciting new frontier in technological innovation. As progress continues, the potential for humanoid robots to enhance our lives and revolutionize various industries is becoming increasingly evident. The future with humanoid robots such as the Tesla Bot is rapidly approaching, and it promises to be a fascinating and transformative journey.

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Did you know who first predicted the emergence of intelligent robots it was T dun Aristotle in 350 BC he wrote that one day slaves would be replaced by automatons many a great thinker have built on aristotles philosophy since then thus some might say the development of our civilization in terms of

Automation was predetermined so why does this scare us mainly because we’ve been watching movies and TV shows like Terminator in Black Mirror for a while now and we constantly hear scientists and Tech leaders Proclaim that artificial intelligence is dangerous and then we wonder why we imagine dangerous

AI as a robot with a weapon in its hands but progress cannot be stopped and we have long been living in reality when robots work next to us in factories warehouses restaurants and roads all this doesn’t scare us because these robots are nothing like humans but 2024

Will change all of that robots aren’t going anywhere and soon figure one and Optimus and even possibly Atlas will be right next to humans in everyday life and will start performing tasks that were previously only reserved for humans interesting fact pepper humanoid robot boasts about 40 successful Integrations in Germany they’re actively

And successfully used in hospitals and nursing homes and Canadian startup X1 recently showed off an entire Army of Eve robots training to perform perform everyday tasks so you could say that the quiet revolution of humanoid robots is actually already taking place but whilst pepper functions are limited to Fitness emotional support and entertainment

Robots like Eve Figure 1 and Optimus are shooting for the Stars so how advanced is the Tesla bot as of today what is Tesla doing in robotics and artificial intelligence that others are not where does Optimus outperform its competitors and what will the world be like with thousands of intelligent humanoid Rob

Robots all around us we’re about to find out in this Video firstly mankind has always dreamed of robots and first examples already appeared in the Renaissance for example Leonardo da Vinci’s mechanical Knight but will not dwell on it here as the evolution of humanoid robots can be found in our other video in the description below secondly Elon Musk as

Well as heads of other Giants such as Amazon Walmart BMW are sure that if we don’t fill the shops and warehouses with robots soon there’ll be no one to work there at all Staffing problems is already a sore spot for thousands of companies and this trend will only

Continue in the future industrial and Warehouse Bots have been working for a long time and currently clocking in millions around the world but the problem is that they don’t cover all the needs of all the industries many operations are still only available to humans that’s why musk says Tesla’s

Future is not in the super stylish and competitive electric cars or even a post-apocalyptic cyber truck but specifically inh humanoid robots with artificial intelligence imagine you can buy a cool car or a robot that can do your work for you and your neighbor I.E generate income for you what would you

Choose let us know in the comments although we’re almost sure that many will choose the car robot in this situation looks like quite an interesting investment especially for Tesla itself which can teach its robot how to assemble other robots plus the company as many experts believe at least

In the beginning will not sell the droids as the price of Optimus will be much higher than the announced $20,000 instead Elon Musk May well decide to rent or leas robots but the main thing is to use them in his factories True musk’s unpredictability may damage the joyful Prospect for example Elon recently said that he’s not comfortable developing Robotics and artificial intelligence within Tesla until he owns a 25% stake quote enough to have influence but not so much that I cannot be overthrown end quote that’s what the

Entrepreneur wrote on his X Network musk now has about 133% of the stock and before buying X he had about 22% that is Elon sold some shares to buy X and now he wants them an even more back threatening otherwise to develop robot and AI projects in another company given

That Tesla’s stock has rallied nicely in recent years on news of the robot its loss will be quite painful for shareholders especially now that interest in artificial intelligence is growing exponentially and in fact Tesla could become the world’s leading AI company According to some experts this

Opinion is based on the fact that Tesla has everything in place to train neural networks a source of huge data sets in the form of sensors and cameras on their cars and the internal infrastructure to process them including the Tesla Dojo supercomput quote I see a path to building an artificial intelligence and

Robotics giant with truly enormous capabilities and power end quote that’s what musk said in January this year also noting that the company has a good chance of shipping some number of Optimus robots units to customers as early as next year and that’s really exciting the robot is indeed progressing

At a rapid pace and the other day it was revealed that Tesla has 61 additional job openings for its development among other vacancies the company is looking for systems and process Engineers mechatronics actuator manufacturing and data acquisition operators as well as Python and reinforcement learning Specialists apparently Elon is not

Completely satisfied with the robot’s design but it’s in the area of our artificial intelligence that major progress is still Needed the brains for the robot are being developed by the same team that creates the software for unmanned driving in Tesla cars that said Optimus can operate autonomously although the current version of its autopilot for vehicles requires active control from the driver this is understandable as

Optimus has not yet left the lab while Tesla are everywhere that said it looks like Optimus can interact with humans at least in one of the videos we see a human trying to confuse the robot by Shifting the blocks at sorting so what about the robot’s capabilities to

Perform its tasks Optimus uses video encoders and joint position encoders which help it understand where its limbs occupy space all information from sensors is fully processed on board the robot in its Central Computer located in its chest interestingly the robot robot gets information about the world around it

Just like Tesla cars only from cameras no radar or liar it also has a visual navigation system controlled by fully trained endtoend neural network and some sources say it’s also loaded with a library of benchmarks of natural human movements optimized and adapted for Optimus but it’s not infinite and to

Learn to act like humans it’s not quite there just yet Tesla is developing neural networks for autopilot by capturing and analyzing images from the cameras of its Vehicles it collects information from millions of cars in real time to share data for object detection and depth estimation the company’s cars are literally watching

How people drive how they behave on the road in different situations the neural network processes this information and learns to drive the same way could the company use the same approach for robots well theoretically yes for example figer recently showed how it used a demonstration to train its humanoid

Robot to refill a coffee machine with capsules moreover Google has a very interesting project that aims to collect as much data as possible on how to perform certain actions and how to generalize them and apply them to a wide variety of robots that is robots with different designs the project by the way

Is massive Google is doing it its own style for the great goal of making robots smarter 25 Labs total have come together but back to Tesla the company has a lot of robots in its factories and Optimus is supposed to start working in those same factories too but can data

From Industrial Assembly robots teach a humanoid anything well it’s hard to imagine right now and even if some of the data turns out to be applicable where to get the rest to teach the robot everything else the answer to these questions is probably what the company

Is looking for right now in 20123 Elon Musk said quote we’re going to continue to invest heavily in developing artificial intelligence Ence because it’s really a massive GameChanger and I mean success in that regard in the long term I think it has the potential to make Tesla the most valuable company in

The world today if you have fully autonomous cars on a large scale and fully autonomous humanoid robots that are really useful it’s not clear what your limit is end quote as for Optimus physical capabilities the robot can now walk like a severely fatigued human and perform an unknown number of operations

With its hands more recently the robots fingers have developed sensitive sensors that help it determine how much force will be enough to pick up and hold an object including fragile things like eggs that said Tesla bot’s arms are strong enough to hold tools such as screwdrivers and metal Parts weighing up

To 44 lb or 20 kilos the design and functionality of the robot arms is roughly comparable to humanoid competitors the advantages of Tesla robots include a compact and Powerful battery with a capacity of 2.3 kwatt hours which should be enough for about a full day’s work interestingly in the

Future Optimus should learn something extraordinary namely to squat and lift that’s something we’ve never seen in any humanoid robot before we’re not saying Optimus is like Sam silic but the only bot that currently squats is digit and it has a completely different leg design will Tesla Engineers be able to apply

This functionality in Optimus what do you think leave your comments below Meanwhile describing the competitive landscape mus claimed quote I don’t think anyone can do it better than Tesla Boston Dynamics is impressive but their robot lacks a brain or something end quote incidentally it’s Boston Dynamics Atlas robot that is often compared to Optimus although this comparison is not quite correct sure Atlas can do

Somersaults and parkour but that doesn’t carry any value to a potential buyer unless of course he’s going to use the robot in a circus or as a cat burglar and yes its Mobility isn’t as impressive but it will be able to perform a number of operations on its own that Atlas

Wouldn’t even have the capability to dream of and what if we’re not comparing Optimus to Atlas well we don’t know much about the eve robot the company claimed years ago that its robots could perform human tasks but for some reason we still haven’t heard anything about integrating these robots into real world enter

Prises and yes open aai recently invested in the company the funds were supposed to be used to develop legs for the robot but in the latest video the robot still riding on Wheels and nothing groundbreaking since has been reported above the robot’s AI Optimus most famous competitor though is the figure robot

The company’s development is progressing at an impressive rate but what do we really know about the robot yes it learned a simple action from demonstration and earlier Brad adok the startups founder blurted out that the the company uses different approaches to learning among them demonstrations and teleoperation teleoperation with

Feedback is also used by startup Sanctuary AI which aims to create a universal humanoid robot but here again it comes down to the simple fact that it’s impossible to show at every useful action in the world Tesla is also apparently taking different approaches in the company’s videos we’ve already

Seen how the robot follows the movements of a human wearing sensors and how operators use tele operation to have the robot fold t-shirts and the robot was obviously not assisted in sorting the blocks in any case it’s too early to draw conclusions about which team of humanoid robot developers is clearly in

The lead but Tesla definitely has every chance to be first or best or perhaps both interestingly musk confident of his success is already taking care of the robots revolting Tesla is reportedly working on building in security measures to ensure that artificial intelligence doesn’t take over Humanity specifically

Elon said quote now obviously we need to make sure that there’s a good place for humans in the future we’re going to put a lot of effort into localized control of the humanoid robot so essentially anyone will be able to turn it off locally and you won’t be able to change

That even if you install for example a software update end quote in other words the Tesla bot will obey when ordered to stop any activity the end result mus claims is a fundamental transformation of civilization that will help achieve a future of abundance a world without poverty where you can have anything you

Want in terms of products and services an Optimus or other intelligent humanoid robots will be at the center of that future many experts roughly agree with this point of view though with a tiny caveat in mind that this is just one possibility Universal robot technology will have implications for Humanity that

Are too great to be accurately predicted if anybody really knew what do you think they would bet on post your comments below like and share this video And subscribe to our channel to keep your eyes peeled for more news from the world of high-tech

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