The most dangerous military robots that can decimate any army – Video

The most dangerous military robots that can decimate any army – Video

The development of military robots continues to advance, with revolutionary technologies being implemented to create the most dangerous and destructive robots ever seen. These robots, designed to annihilate any army they face, are a testament to the evolving landscape of modern warfare. From China’s massive military bionic robot Yak to Russia’s humanoid robot Fodor, these machines are changing the face of the battlefield.

One of the key features of these military robots is their versatility and adaptability. From reconnaissance missions to combat operations, these robots are equipped with advanced sensors, weaponry, and mobility capabilities. They can navigate through various terrains, engage with enemy targets, and even perform complex tasks autonomously.

With the development of exoskeleton technologies like the Guardian XO and Onyx, soldiers are now equipped with superhuman abilities, enhancing their endurance and mobility on the battlefield. These exoskeletons provide vital support in carrying heavy loads, traversing challenging terrains, and reducing fatigue during combat operations.

The integration of artificial intelligence in military robots, such as the SGR A1 Sentry robots and the Marker combat platform, further enhances their capabilities and effectiveness in the field. These robots can autonomously navigate, engage targets, and provide valuable support to military personnel.

Overall, these military robots represent the cutting-edge of technological innovation in warfare, offering new capabilities and strategies for modern military operations. As developments continue in this field, we can expect to see even more advanced and sophisticated military robots that will further revolutionize the way wars are fought.

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N in China the largest military bionic robot Yak has been created it is intended to be used as a courier for delivering ammunition and supplies as well as for reconnaissance missions the Chinese engineered mechanical Yak is enormous powerful intelligent and fast the state-owned China central television presented this robot to the public while

Its robotic counterpart is less than half its size it can carry up to 160 kg of cargo and achieve a speed of 10 kmph this model is originally designed for military tasks capable of navigating through any terrain including snow deserts and Rocky terrain the robot can jump run move diagonally and make turns

In addition to Advanced sensors it is equipped with 12 sets of modules that allow the machine to perceive the surrounding world the bionic robot can gather tactical information on the battlefield and be utilized for logistical tasks the yak robot is expected to become a strategic tool for conducting operations in the most

Challenging and inaccessible areas and under any weather conditions including deployment in Border territories in front of you is the Russian humanoid robot Fodor who can shoot with two hands developed by Russian Specialists Fodor final experimental demonstration object research is designed for extreme situations and space exploration the robot can operate autonomously or be

Controlled by an operator using a specialized control suit the robot is intended to perform two main tasks rescue people in extreme conditions such as from collapsed buildings and undertake space missions recently it was revealed that Fodor faced sanctions after it was discovered that the robot can not only shoot but also shoot with

Both hands upon learning this foreign companies ceased supplying components including gears sensors engines cameras and computers nevertheless Fodor continues to evolve with the robots developers transitioning to domestic Alternatives work on the robot began in 2014 and it was first presented to the public in 2016 according to its

Specifications the robot can already use a key to open doors operate a fire extinguisher and use a saw in addition Fodor can drive a car and even crawl on all fours furthermore the robot has mastered doing both transverse and longitudinal splits setting a world record the robot stands at a height of

180 cm and weighs between 105 and 106 kg the EOD robot is a specialized device designed to support operations related to diffusing explosive devices this high-tech device is equipped with Advanced Technologies such as cameras sensors and explosive detection systems enabling it to safely detect locate and neutralize explosive devices the robot

Is actively used by the Chinese military enhancing the safety of military personnel during operations involving the handling of explosive materials an important asset in China’s Arsenal this robot significantly reduces the risks associated with military operations providing reliable protection for both military personnel and civilians as a testament to its significance the robot

Remains an indispensable tool in the Chinese military strategic assets underscoring it commitment to minimizing potential risks and saving lives during complex operations these robots can be quickly deployed from bomb disposal vehicles and can provide operators with a first-person view of the mission via real-time video feeds relayed back to the EOD

Vehicle this robot from Google is not as well known to the general public as Atlas or Optimus from Tesla but it has been recognized as one of the best in the world shaft an android robot created by shaft Inc a Japanese company owned by Google became famous after reaching the

Finals of the the DARPA robotics challenge a humanoid robot competition during the competition the robots had to perform eight tasks to drive a car bypass Rubble obstacles clear a doorway from a pile of debris climb a ladder open doors build a passage in a plaster board wall using tools close pipe Valves

And find and connect hoses the shaft robot perform best on all tasks scoring a total of 27 points out of a possible 32 it weighs 95 kg and stands 1 M 48 cm tall the robot agility allows it to reproduce almost all the movements available to humans at the end of the

DARPA robotics challenge eight teams of designers reached the finals all of them received a prize of $1 million the DARPA project is directly linked to the US Department of Defense so in fact we can say that this robot was originally created for the military needs of the US

Army the US Army research laboratory has initiated collaboration with army engineers and several Industrial Enterprises the ultimate outcome of this partnership is expected Ed to be a line of autonomous mini robots designed for use in urban environments mountains and caves one such robot potentially is an autonomous reconnaissance spider robot

This minic scout will be equipped with various sensors for autonomous navigation and obstacle traversal along with standard and thermal cameras robotic reconnaissance platforms will enable gathering information in conditions that are potentially lethal for humans the US Army continues to expand its humanoid Workforce a new addition to

The ranks is the Petman robot which will initially be used for testing uniforms protective suits and other means of sustaining the viability of military personnel however the creators note that after some enhancements the robot may be capable of actively participating in combat on the side of the US Army Petman

Is a unique invention matching average human Dimensions precisely it has the same four limbs but no head replaced by a red flashing Beacon the Android can move at varying speeds jump squat perform push-ups and maintain balance even under external influence its physiology also mimics human characteristics at least to the extent

Necessary for testing military wardrobe items in real conditions with the maximum possible level of realism for the machine the development involved the expertise of the top professionals from Boston Dynamics closely collaborating with the Pentagon the company refrains from commenting on whether their Creations can engage in combat against

Humans and wield weapons what is known is that the current version is definitely incapable of such actions unlike potential future developments Specialists from ihmc Robotics and Boardwalk robotics have joined forces to create a robot named Nadia who judging by the published video is already improving its boxing skills

It is designed to perform tasks in places dangerous for humans such as participating in rescue missions or space exploration according to developers Nadia is currently one of the most complex humanoid robots in terms of design with 29 joints in its body it can perform a wide range of different

Movements such a sophisticated mechanism is designed so that the operator controlling the robot does not have to think about how to use the manipulators correctly but acts intuitively yes Nadia cannot work independently yet so according to its creators there is no need to fear a machine Uprising ihmc robotics hopes that their development

Will become a prototype for future robots and may also be useful for military purposes the company explained that in complex situations humans act much faster so it is better to entrust robot control to them rather than artificial intelligence algorithms Pentagon Specialists closely monitor this development and it is quite

Possible that in the near future the robot Nadia will become part of American Military programs and join the ranks of the US Army’s military robots Russia plans to create an avatar robot within the next 10 years with the potential to replace soldiers on the battlefield the robot can be designed in

An anthropomorphic or non-anthropomorphic form resembling or significantly differing from a human in the latter case the operator would feel for instance a leg functioning as a Caterpillar Track according to the developers the robot should possess functional capabilities comparable to humans the goal is to create a machine capable of independently interacting

Effectively within human infrastructure traversing rough terrain providing first aid and operating a vehicle in 2015 the first developments of a humanoid robot capable of shooting and driving Vehicles were introduced a manipulator arm controlled by an operator nearby is used for firing in the future such Avatar robots could potentially replace live

Soldiers however it is more likely that other countries such as the United States or China will be the first to implement such groundbreaking techn techologies globally rather than Russia in Korea the first humanoid robot pilot in the world has been created capable of operating any human Transportation Specialists from the

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology unveiled the world’s first humanoid robot pilot what sets the PBO robot apart from other similar projects is its replication of the human body allowing it to sit in the seat of any human Transportation without modification the robot can pilot planes

And cars and cabins and seats designed for humans this promises to exped Transportation automation across various sectors in the simplest way possible for the military such a robot would be a real breakthrough if placed in a combat fighter thanks to its built-in artificial intelligence system revolutionizing the military sector and

Creating the ideal Soldier robot the robot can react faster to emergency situations retain all navigation maps and instructions and remain unfazed in complex physical environments such as encountering air pockets and potholes on the road additionally the robot will gain experience through artificial intelligence the robot’s capab abilities were tested on a flight simulator

Performing taxiing takeoff cruising Maneuvers and landing in the near future the development team intends to test the robot on a re light aircraft the developers plan to complete the research project by 2026 and then proceed with the commercialization of pyot Africa also has something to surprise the global defense industry the

Technological Center of advanced developments katonka a subsidiary of the katonka group has introduced its latest Creations an armored vehicle and unique combat exoskeletons despite their somewhat clumsy appearance and almost complete lack of smooth lines the katenka exoskeletons not only protect the shooter’s body but also allow firing without touching the weapon with their

Hands however for these purposes special drives are installed on the solders backs to which an automatic rifle is attached at least that’s what the developers claim and the fact that soldiers and exoskeletons move very slowly is probably due to these being the very first versions of the device

That haven’t been refined yet hence the angular appearance of the development katus is the first genuinely combat ready robot in Japan it is a robotic exoskeleton standing about 4 M tall running on diesel and is offered at a price of $1.35 million it was first demonstrated in 2012 the inventors of

The robot decided to turn their dream into reality by establishing the company SW obashi heavy industry and creating their first product the katas robot this project proved to be so impressive that it attracted serious interest from the Japanese military currently in its present form it may not be suitable for

The Japanese military due to its Limited maneuverability delivery issues and the robot’s off-road capabilities however with appropriate upgrades the first deployment of combat robots might become a reality in the near future at present the robot is equipped with two rocket launchers and two rotary machine guns the machine guns can fire 6,000 rounds

Per minute it moves on wheels at a speed of 5 mph approximately 8 kmph for the civilian version while the military version can move twice as fast the driver controls the mechanism from inside the cockpit using a touchscreen and two joysticks responsible for the movements of katus arms additionally

Katus can be controlled remotely not just from the cockpit in Russia a student from The Faculty of control systems and Robotics at itmo University Alexi lukov has created an exoskeleton capable of lifting up to 80 kg in the future despite its lifting capacity the suit itself is quite lightweight allowing for

Active movement and even running Russian military has already expressed interest in this development and testing is underway at military training grounds the primary frame of the exoskeleton is made of carbon fiber aluminum and steel Pistons with all other components 3D printed this exoskeleton offers numerous advantages including Mobility compact dimensions and importantly cost

Comparable robots of this kind typically cost about $110,000 while the production cost of this exoskeleton is approximately six times lower the developers plan to introduce a new more technologically advanced version of the exoskeleton later this year the upgraded model will be significantly lighter while maintaining strength here is a development from the South

Korean company hanuk Mirai technology specializing in robotics called method 2 the method 2 robot Mech weighs around 1.5 tons with a height of almost 4 M each arm has a mass of 130 kg the company claims to have spent about $200 million on creating this robot method 2

Was developed with the involvement of Hollywood visual effects specialist Vali bulgarov known for his work on robots for movies like Transformers Robocop and Terminator the Developers state that method 2 is designed to work in hazardous conditions where humans cannot be present without protection in the future such robots could be used in

Manufacturing loading and unloading operations and Military missions millions of people have seen similar robots in science fiction movies work on the robot is not yet complete and the creators still need to address various challenges related to its balance and Power Systems in early November 2022 at an aviation and Aerospace development

Exhibition in China a Chinese manufacturer unveiled a robotic combat dog equipped with an automatic gun on its back mounting an automatic gun on a Chinese robot poses a serious technical challenge due to the weight of the weapon and The Recoil effect during firing however the people’s Liberation Army of China continues to show

Significant interest in using this type of military technology with heavier Weaponry capable of Performing combat tasks through remote control or in fully autonomous mode according to the Chinese news Outlet Sina China’s military robot industry is notably benefiting from the current Global tensions considering China’s leadership goals to complete the

Technical modernization of the Armed Forces by 2035 transforming them into a technologically advanced Army the Chinese defense industry is entering a new period of Rapid development it is claimed that the robot carries a 14 kg gun and is controlled through an application on a military tablet additionally it features built-in

Cameras with a 360° field of view this robot is designed to carry out tasks either in fully autonomous mode or through remote control however detailed technical specifications of the development are not disclosed the Japan hand ground self-defense Force acquisition technology and Logistics agency unveiled a research prototype named High Mobility

Powered exoskeleton this Japanese military exoskeleton is a device powered from the hips and knees with a remote wireless interface it is reported that this wearable robot can reduce the perceived weight by up to 30 kg for example a total load of 50 kg would feel like carrying only 20 kg to achieve this

The wearable frame extends to the ground although apparently there is no Drive in the shin except for a passive mechanism interestingly the Prototype reportedly reaches a walking speed of 4 kmph and a running speed of 13.5 kmph making it one of the fastest exoskeletons in the world

For us residents this is a walking speed of 2.5 mph and a running speed of 8.3 mph a tablet is used to adjust the control parameters of the wearable robot the military exoskeleton prototype is powered by four batteries located on the user’s back providing 2 hours of operation at a normal walking pace

Megabots company has created the giant combat robot Eagle Prime which will represent the United States in duels between similar machines while initially developed as an entertainment project the US military took notice of this creation and it is possible that such Advanced robots may be adopted by the US

Army in the future this 12-ton robot standing at a height of 5 m is propelled by a tracked platform it is equipped with a 6.2 L V8 LS3 gasoline engine with 430 horsepower a cannon and a claw the robot will be operated by two two operators who demonstrated its skills on

A small obstacle course the project cost amounted to $2.3 million the Russian State Corporation rosc has unveiled an unusual protective suit capable of withstanding even explosive ammunition blasts wearing such a suit it is not frightening to walk through a mined field and this is not just a hypothesis Victoria kolesnikova a

Member of the testing group at the central scientific research institute of mechanical engineering walked through a mined area on a range amidst explosions and Fire fire resembling the Terminator and emerged unharmed and alive during a thorough medical examination after the experiment no injuries were detected in

The employee except for a bit of dirt unfortunately it was not possible to determine the explosive power this development can withstand and the information might be classified the blast resistant suit developed by rosc is expected to be adopted by the Russian Ministry of Defense soon one of the most significant

Military developments in robotics is the American remotely controlled tracked robot for military purposes the t360 M2 mut which essentially serves as a multi-functional tactical vehicle with a hybrid Drive the machine is produced in two versions wheel and tracked after a series of successful tests the robot was adopted by the United States Marine

Corps the robot’s platform is versatile and can be equipped with several types of machine guns or a 60mm mortar it can also serve as an unarmed transport version which in addition to transporting equipment can be used for evacuating wounded from the battlefield reconnaissance or launching drones the

Robot’s payload capacity is 4 33 kg its autonomous operation time reaches 72 hours and during this time it can cover over 100 km the humanoid robot DRC hubo is also directly related to the DARPA project and thus to the US Army DRC hubo also became known for its participation in

The competition organized by the Pentagon DARPA robotics challenge but this robot is not just a participant but the winner of this competition the South Korean team C which created the DRC hubo robot will take home the $2 million Grand prize as the winner of the DARPA robotics challenge this robot did the

Best job of navigating the obstacle course but far more important than the money is the feeling of Triumph winning the prestigious DARPA competition which lasted more than 2 years the Pentagon announced the competition back in early 2013 after which there were two preliminary rounds of competition during

The two days of the final competition each robot was given two attempts to complete an obstacle course that included eight challenges of the 24 participating robots 12 were from the United States five from Japan three from South Korea two from Germany and one each from Italy and Hong Kong but the

Wind went to South Korea’s hubo robot which particularly impressed with its ability to work on its knees it has special wheels on its knees so the robot can even drive in the desired Direction hubo has been in development since 2002 and weighs 80 kg at a height of 180 cm

Sensors and software allow it to form a three-dimensional map of the terrain and recognize objects for the competition version of DRC hubo the Developers completely remade the walking algorithm and made the robot more stable DRC hubo can reach objects above it while maintaining its balance the upper part of the robot rotates

180° while the lower part stays in place it took hubo 44 minutes to complete all the tasks during this time he managed to score a maximum of eight points South Korea began presentations of new unmanned ground Vehicles developed by the local industry unveiling the unmanned transporter Arian

Smat at a US military base near soul Aran Smet is a compact unmanned transporter measuring about 3 m in length and 1 and 1/2 m in width performing tasks typical of unmanned vehicles of this type the main features of the Korean transporter include a range of at least 100 km with the

Manufacturer claiming it may go even further depending on external factors the maximum speed ranges from 34 kmph to 43 kmph depending on the type of terrain it travels the payload capacity is 550 kg the hanoa Aerospace project aims for Aran to transport wounded personnel and military cargo such as ammunition

Medical supplies consumables and more developers have designed it for tasks like reconnaissance surveillance as well as remote search operations flying and walking drones May no longer surprise anyone however the United States Marine Corps is currently working on creating a drone capable of moving both on water and on rough

Terrain guardbot is a unique robotic system designed for comprehensive surveillance and detection of improvised explosive devices it features a sealed spherical Construction housing observation cameras and sensors last year the Drone underwent testing in water and on land where it was deployed into a water body executed plan

Movements on both water and land and returned guardbot has a movement speed of approximately 6.5 kmph on water and up to 35 kmph on land with a surface incline of no more than 30° inside the Drone stabilization mechanisms and a movement system are located Shifting the Drone forward by moving the center of

Gravity back and forth the sphere is powered by reliable Eagle Peacher batteries and can operate for up to 18 hours without recharging guardbot operates in two modes remote where it can be controlled by an operator and autonomous it moves almost silently and can wait for a command to execute a task

For some time a mobile sensory platform guardbot is designed for covert surveillance providing remote inspection and identification of various objects including chemical substances using an onboard combination laser it can also be used as an observation robot explosive substance detector and a transportation vehicle for carrying bombs this is the joint development of NASA

And DARPA the robosimian spider robot Robo Simeon a robot designed to work in challenging environments has four limbs with multiple joints the robot was also developed as part of the robotics challenge competition organized by DARPA robosimian can easily overcome various obstacles and even open doors in the first stage of the DARPA robotics

Challenge in which 16 teams participated Robo Simeon took fifth place and reached the finals the robot is capable of removing debris climbing ladders and working with construction tools all of this can help in disaster relief particularly in situations where people’s work involves lethal risks the developers have equipped robosimian with

Four robotic arms with each limb segmented at the end is a manipulator with several degrees of freedom this manipulator can rotate Bend as well as grasp objects and even work with construction tools among other skills it is able to climb ladders for which the shape of its body and overall design are

Just perfect the robot can perform some movements autonomously but it is designed for remote work in the future this robot can be used both in the military needs of the US Army and in NASA space programs in late October 2022 in China a robotized dog with a machine gun was

Unveiled which can be transported via a drone in the video a robotic dog is dropped from a drone onto the roof of a building after the UAV departs the robot dog equipped with a mounted machine gun on its back stands up and begins to survey the landing area for potential

Threats such drones can be used for attacking vulnerable enemy positions in the rear or for occupying rooftops enabling a three-dimensional assault the weapon employed by the robot dog is the lightweight Chinese machine gun qbb 97 the qbb 97 is capable of firing up to 650 rounds per minute at an effective

Range of up to 400 m the weapon is designed in a Bullpup configuration and uses the new Chinese 5.8 mm intermediate cartridge in its base version combat robots Encompass not only anthropomorphic devices that partially or fully replace humans but also those operating in the air and water environments as of October 2022 the

Majority of combat robots are telepresence devices with very few models having the capability to perform some tasks autonomously without operator intervention the new combat robots of the Chinese Army are adapted to various terrains and can substitute soldiers in particularly hazardous missions and increasing number of warrior robots are

Being incorporated into the Arsenal of the Chinese Armed Forces at the idef exhibition the Chinese company Zeon showcased its helicopter type drone bomber Blowfish A2 and its new development the helicopter type strike UAV Blowfish A3 the Drone can be equipped with air to ground missiles with radar guidance or

Precision guided bombs with laser guidance weighing 6 kg along with machine gun Weaponry this electrically powered drone operates silently making it ideal for reconnaissance missions and stealthy approaches to the enemy Beyond radar detection Blowfish A2 can be launched with a single button press and is fully capable of autonomously

Executing complex combat tasks including fixed range reconnaissance Precision strikes and more Zeon is also developing a new unmanned helicopter the Blowfish A3 with a length of 2 m and a width of 0.5 M the Blowfish A3 drone can be armed with a machine gun or a 40 mm grenade

Launcher the detachable tail structure of the helicopter UAV makes transportation and storage highly convenient it can take off and land in a small area making it perfect for operations in confined spaces such as ship decks with a payload capacity of 15 kg it is designed for various payloads

It can be equipped with an artificial Vision module for automatic Target detection and trajectory planning one of the most powerful groundbased drones in the world is the uran 9 in terms of Firepower the unmanned combat vehicle uran 9 holds the top position globally the Russian military robot visually resembles an infantry Fighting

Vehicle measuring approximately 4.5 m in length and 2 m in width with a total combat weight reaching 10 tons the robot is equipped with a 30 mm automatic Cannon 2 a72 paired with a 7.62 mm machine gun launchers with 49m 120 ataka anti-tank missile are installed on both

Sides of the turret these can be replaced with eaga anti-aircraft missiles if needed providing air defense capabilities six reactive flamethrowers Schell are positioned at the rear of the turret currently there is no unmanned combat vehicle in the west that can match the Firepower of the urine 9 importantly this combat robot has

Already participated in real Combat operations in Syria where according to the developers it demonstrated its Effectiveness details of the uran 9 application in the Syrian conflict are unknown but the machine’s testing in a combat environment revealed several issues inherent to such technology while the United States the United Kingdom

France and other countries are actively developing combat robots to reduce human casualties on the battlefield Russia had faced some technological lag in this field however the introduction of the uran 9 has significantly reduced this technological Gap Vision 60 by ghost robotics is a midsized high endurance four-legged robot intended for use in defense

Homeland and Enterprise applications the robot is agile and durable enough to survive all weather conditions in a wide range of environments the ghost robotics V60 ugv has a rugged design which enables it to quickly adapt to new environments using a blind mode control core the legs and arms of the system can

Be interchanged the ugv weighs 51 kg and can carry payloads weighing up to 10 kg the system can be assembled and disassembled within 15 minutes the V60 is controlled by an operator using a control pad which looks like a gaming controller the robot can walk it up to 3

M/ second and run for 3 hours or travel 10 km on a single charge cameras are fitted on the front rear and sides offering 360° views and enhancing the situational awareness which is important for users to plan effective strategies here is chimp the first rescue robot tank he was developed by a

Team from Carnegie melon University for the same pentagon’s DARPA robotics challenge the robot has the following Dimensions 145 cm in height 69 cm in width and 25.4 cm in thickness its weight is almost 200 kg chimp can operate both in autonomous mode and under human control six video cameras

And the lar module an active Optical Rangefinder provide the operator with a full 360° view the robot’s shoulders are slightly angled forward a design that allows the robot to squeeze through narrow doorways despite its humanoid lower limbs chimp does not walk but rolls around on rubberized tracks like a

Tank this reduces the risk of tipping over however in difficult conditions the robot can get down on all fours for greater stability with its computer vision chimp is able to IND independently determine the purpose of an object or tool and then use it as intended thanks to motion planning

Algorithms chimp is also statically stable meaning the robot doesn’t need to expend energy to balance itself it also locks articulations that are not engaged in the task another giant combat transformer robot created in Japan with potential military applications in the future is arax arax is a piloted humanoid robot

That can transform into different modes the mech robot ARX stands at a height of 4.5 M and its weight reaches around 3.5 tons the robot features a control cockpit four legs each equipped with a wheel to Aid in movement moreover it can transform by pressing a button the pilot

Can easily expand or contract the platform’s wheelbase the actual mechanism is made from an alloy of iron and aluminum while the outer shell is crafted from fiber reinforced plastic the robot can be controlled using two joysticks three large monitors and various pedals inside the cockpit equipped with a total of 26 cameras for

Navigation it is reported that in a standing position arax can reach a maximum speed of 2 kmph while with the wheelbase extended it can achieve speeds of up to 10 km per hour the mechanism is equipped with functional arms with articulated fingers that the pilot can

Use to lift objects weighing up to 15 kg it is worth noting that arax has been tested by Japanese Regulators who deem the system safe enough for potential buyers and the robot is available for purchase at a price of $2.7 million Ron has demonstrated its second generation exos 2 exoskeleton according

To the creators the exoskeleton transforms an ordinary Soldier into a superhero endowing them with exceptional superhuman abilities the suit significantly accelerates and simplifies the activities of soldiers one soldier in the exoskeleton can perform the work of at least two or three soldiers without it the exo suit is highly mobile

And does not restrict the movements of the person wearing it it allows for activities like playing football climbing stairs and accommodating additional armor and weaponry that were previously only installed on lightly armored vehicles I Les the only drawback is its power source a lithium ion battery which currently lasts only for 4

Hours of operation which may be insufficient for a forced March or real Combat research and development of exoskeletons and robots are actively ongoing worldwide and in the near future they are expected to significantly enhance our physical capabilities The Hope remains that scientists will not delay their development for too

Long the armored track vehicle sernik is designed for reconnaissance and relay patrolling guarding territories and important objects demining and delineation this robot operates in three control modes manual automatic and Direct Control the complex weighs no more than 7 tons and can reach speeds of up to 40 kmph with remote control and

Direct visibility the machine has an operational radius of up to 10 kilm the armored robot can also be used as a fire support vehicle transporting ammunition and fuel evacuating the wounded and providing guard Duty it has an armored Hull capable of withstanding gunfire up to 7.62 mm caliber the robot is equipped

With interchangeable combat modules which can be armed with 7.62 and 12.7 mm machine guns various types of grenade launchers and cornet anti-tank missile there is also the option of installing a high-speed 30 mm Cannon and anti-aircraft missiles at the Army 2022 arms exhibition in Moscow an advanced Russian

Development was shown a robot dog armed with a grenade launcher the design resembling a dog belongs to the Russian company intellect machine specializing in robotics weaponry and art artificial intelligence according to the developers the robot dog is capable of accurate shooting and weapon transportation in civilian applications it can be used in

Emergency situations for reconnaissance navigating through debris and delivering medical supplies in combat scenarios the robot dog can also engage in Target designation patrolling and security tasks however the US believes that the Russian robot dog with a grenade launcher is a copy of a Chinese counterpart the dog closely resembles

The unitri yushu technology dog from unitri robotics available for purchase at $2,700 in online stores the m81 is draped with fabric to conceal its origin the assertion in a publication suggests it seems entirely obvious that the robot was not developed by a Russian manufacturer share your thoughts in the comments about this Russian

Development big dog is a quadraped robot developed by Boston Dynamics this robot represents an advanced solution in the field of Robotics and was created for carrying loads and traversing challenging uneven terrains an important characteristic of big dog is its ability to maintain stability during movement thanks to Dynamic stabilization the

Robot has an impressive payload capacity making it valuable in situations requiring transportation of equipment or materials in hard-to-reach places big dog is equipped with a system of flexible and Powerful legs enabling it to overcome obstacles like rocks or snow this robot can move at a considerable speed and is equipped with sensors and

Cameras for environmental perception approximately 50 sensors are located on Big Dog these measure the attitude and acceleration of the body motion and force of joint actuators as as well as engine speed temperature and hydraulic pressure inside the robot’s internal engine lowlevel control such as position and force of the joints and highle

Control such as velocity and altitude during Locomotion are both controlled through the onboard computer China is developing its first mass-produced humanoid robot with artificial intelligence intended for military applications 48 intelligence a Chinese company unveiled the humanoid robot gr1 at the world artificial intelligence conference in Shanghai in

Late July of last year the company plans to to commence mass production of the robot in 2024 and release thousands of units into the market including for military applications the humanoid robot gr1 can move on two legs at a speed of 5 kmph and carry a payload of up to 50 kg

Development work on the robot started in 2019 and by 2022 the developers successfully enabled the robot to stand on two legs and walk fora intelligence’s humanoid robots can be used not only for military purposes but also for caring for the elderly educational purposes and Hospitality experts interviewed by scmp

Noted that companies developing humanoid robots face challenges in consumer Market implementation such robots are mainly used in Laboratories and can cost millions of un the Russian Venom term crawler robot is a compact and Universal machine that can be used to Showcase products in a unique and interactive way this robot

Was created as an illustration rather than a real combat robot however the Russian military did become interested in it and started using it to demonstrate what the modernized robots in the Russian army can do equipped with advanced technology it can move freely demonstrating the features and benefits

Of the product in an attractive and entertaining manner the Venom term robot is also used by not linked with Department of Defense advertising companies it can be programmed to display products and messages in creative and attractive ways for example it can be equipped with a large screen to display product features benefits and

Key features or programmed to perform a series of movements that emphasize key product features in addition to its unique capabilities companies can choose the color design and Graphics that match their brand image and message making it a powerful tool for brand recognition and promotion who knows perhaps real

Development is now underway based on this Universal and unusual Venom term robot and we may see an army of similar killing machines in the near future engineers at Rin metal have tested the latest combat robot mission Master SP the autonomous platform was directed through challenging terrain for several days to assess its Battlefield

Capabilities developers and Military representatives from 20 Europe countries who attended the tests were satisfied with the capabilities of the robotic platform the mission Master SP from rhin metal is part of the mission Master Series this robotic platform exists in a primary cargo version designed for evacuating casualties from the battlefield or remotely delivering

Ammunition or medical supplies to combat units however various combat modules can be installed on the platform turning the Silent Partner into a potent weapon capable of engaging enemy Vehicles the vehicle operator collaborates with reconnaissance which provides enemy coordinates or independently guides missiles to detected targets previously the platform successfully underwent

Testing with the rhin Metal Field Ranger multi- remote controlled combat module equipped with two 7 tube 70 mm rocket launchers from phes with laser Guidance the Rockets can engage targets at distances of up to 7 km while the testing was not a competitive event military personnel noted the high autonomy with minimal driver

Intervention in the system’s operation effective obstacle avoidance technology high speed and maneuverability in Estonia the latest robot tank called Type X has been developed the tank is designed to support mechanized units and can accompany main battle tanks this allows forces to break through enemy defensive positions with minimal risk Type X can

Be equipped with cannons or anti-tank missiles and it can also be joined by a drone for remote reconnaissance the company notes that the tank provides equal or Superior Firepower compared to traditional infantry fighting Vehicles it can be used for Target localization engagement and flank support Type X significantly enhances troop

Survivability and reduces es the risk of casualties by increasing the standoff distance from enemy units during recent exercises the typex robot tank demonstrated its combat capabilities in engaging vehicles and armored vehicles as part of the Nordic robotic wingman project the machine was designed by Engineers from milm Robotics and kbur

Defense they were tasked with creating a combat robot that meets the requirements of NATO and northern European countries exoskeleton Technologies can provide new capabilities to military forces and enhance endurance and safety in industrial settings Lockheed Martin continues to refine Next Generation Industrial Products with a primary focus on electrically powered exoskeletons the

New Lockheed Martin exoskeleton called Onyx for the lower body has demonstrated its ability to enhance mobility and reduce user fatigue by reducing efforts during walking and climbing this technology can significantly assist soldiers and rapid response services in carrying the necessary Mission equipment Onyx conforms to the human body sensors

Located on the exoskeleton communicate speed direction and angle of movement to the onboard computer which activates electromechanical actuators in the knees the exoskeleton provides the necessary torque at the right time to Aid in bending and straightening the knee ultimately Onyx reduces the energy required for traversing terrain squatting or kneeling these benefits are

Most noticeable when ascending or descending stairs are moving on inclined surfaces American company sarcos robotics has unveiled its powerful exoskeleton the guardian XO which allows for effortlessly carrying heavy loads weighing up to 90 kg meanwhile the operator feels like they are carrying no more than 5 kg the US military quickly

Expressed interest in the exoskeleton as such technology could significantly enhance a soldier’s Effectiveness on the battlefield the sarcos Guardian XO is a robotic exoskeleton with 24° of freedom and a walking speed of 1.3 m/ second the system is equipped with a battery with a run time of about 2 hours when the

Battery is depleted it can be quickly replaced according to the manufacturer it takes just seconds to put on and activate the exoskeleton and learning to use use the system requires only a few minutes the guardian XO is a robot that uses a real person as its control system

Essentially it is not the operator carrying the exoskeleton it is the exoskeleton carrying the operator therefore despite the system appearing bulky and weighing around 70 kg the person practically doesn’t feel the weight of the robot and the carried load the American company Harris has developed a new EOD robot the t7 along

With a feedback control system the robot’s control system provides tactile feedback to the operator aiming to give operators a dexterity similar to that of a human hand when controlling the robot manipulator through the remote control joystick the t7 is compatible with standard EOD equipment and weaponry Harris’s unmanned ground vehicle is

Equipped with highresolution cameras Lightning Fast data transmission channels an adjustable manipulator and robust allterrain tracks allowing it to neutralize a wide range of explosive threats the t7 interface ensures userfriendly operation for operators offering unparalleled control and monitoring capabilities it its control precision and maneuverability reduce task completion time enhancing Mission

Efficiency while the robust track system provides exceptional mobility and maneuverability needed for challenging terrains in case the manipulator encounters or hits an object the operator feels it through vibrations and increasing resistance on the robot control joystick this robot was developed by the American company vcna Technologies to rescue soldiers wounded in combat zones

However this robot can be used not only for military purposes the robot can not only lift a significant weight of up to 270 kg but also tirelessly carry it over long distances using high-powered hydraulic drives the robot’s High Mobility is also noteworthy as two pairs of tracks help it overcome various

Obstacles in its path the initial versions of the bear were remotely controlled by a human operator who was able to see and hear through the robot sensors developments to the Bear’s artificial intelligence have given the robot the ability to process higher level commands given by an operator such

As go to this location or pick up that box if the robot is unable to execute the operator’s command it asks the operator for assistance to complete a task the latest version of the bar robot has infrared night vision and Optical cameras as well as a microphone the US Army has procured 350

New Flur Cobra robotic systems under the crsh program at a total cost of $110 million developed by Endeavor robotics the multi-functional flare Cobra robotic system is a remotely operated tracked platform weighing 150 kg it has a maximum speed of 8 mph and a runtime of up to 10 hours the

Robot is equipped with multiple High defition cameras a manipulator weighing 60 kg and a remote control system with claimed enhanced cyber security and interference protection the robot is suitable for Missions such as explosive detection explosive ordinance disposal bomb disposal persistent observation and checkpoint or vehicle inspections it can

Also be used to detect and identify chemical biological radiological and nuclear materials from a standoff distance in front of you is the TRX Shore ad robotic tank which is positioned as a drone killer TRX is the designation for the category of 10-ton tracked robots developed by General Dynamics a platform

Capable of carrying various payloads including cargo and weapons Shad stands for short-range air defense a military acronym encompassing the search and destruction of threats such as drones helicopters low-flying aircraft and more the TRX is designed to bring a new dimension of combat power to shad italion and provide autonomy in a

Multi-layered air defense environment the robot tank offers multi-layered protection featuring onboard ammunition for destroying small drones projectiles for larger and faster threats and sensors for detecting and tracking aircraft movements TRX can accompany soldiers trucks armored vehicles and heavier equipment like tanks offering an additional line of defense in Modern

Warfare the main feature of these machines is the ability to autonomously navigate and engage enemy targets without the intervention of operators of robotic systems military robots are being developed at the Korean Institute of industrial technology aiming to replicate the mobility stability and endurance of the Boston Dynamics big dog robot this robot

Is powered by hydraulic actuators and is designed to navigate to specified coordinates autonomously assess the terrain and adjust its gate accordingly additionally The Institute is working on a robot tank capable of serving as border patrol reconnaissance and security Personnel in unmanned mode the robot is equipped with cameras a

Microphone and a Seer for communication and identity verification of potential Intruders it can also be equipped with a machine gun and a wide range of other weapons the robot tank reaches speeds of up to 50 kmph and can cover 20 to 30 km in a shift depending on the complexity

Of road conditions interestingly all six wheels of the robot can rotate 360° there are real world examples of artificial intelligence being used for military purposes the northern borders of South Korea are guarded by sgr A1 Sentry robots automated machine gun Towers developed by Samsung and controlled by artificial intelligence

This system is considered the first of its kind integrating observation tracking shooting and voice recognition capabilities British company gravity Industries continues to test its jet suit jetpack in 2022 gravity Industries tested the jetpack and NATO search and rescue exercises in the forest of Slovenia during the exercises the company’s founder Richard Browning flew

Along a mountain trail and delivered a blood plasma to a soldier in a ravine simulating a wounded man the jet suit is a equipped with five gas turbine engines with a total power of 1,50 horsepower and a Thrust of 144 kg the jet suit can

Cover a distance of 5 km in 3 to 4 minutes the suit allows speeds of up to 137 kmph and can lift the pilot to an altitude of up to 3,500 M according to Browning the suit is suitable for various terrains he flew along a mountain trail between trees gravity

Industries founder believes that this feature of the design can be useful in emergency situations and hard-to-reach places such as mountains gorges and forests gravity Industries introduced the jetpack in 2017 and it is available for purchase at $438,000 in 2021 the British Royal Marines in collaboration with gravity

Industries tested the use of the jetpack for military personnel to board a ship from boats Engineers from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology in collaboration with rainbow robotics have developed the mobile humanoid robot FX2 when it comes to piloted humanoid robots it is usually implied that the pilot

Will be in a cabin at a sufficiently high height Korean Engineers took a different approach in their development opting for an open seat design instead of a closed cabin the mobile humanoid robot FX2 is equipped with a pilot seat that is not enclosed by a safety frame apparently the developers decided that

Due to the low height of the seat Which is less than 2 m above the ground a helmet would be sufficient at the moment FX2 is unlikely to serve as a fully-fledged widely used means of transportation however as shown in the video it is capable of moving together

With a person sitting in it the robot also has two arms with a degree of Freedom comparable to human arms featuring joints in the shoulders elbows and wrists as well as all the fanges on the Five Fingers of each hand the pilot controls both the robot’s movement and the manipulators using two joysticks

Including the movement of individual fingers of the robot’s hands the combat robot marker is a robotic platform that resembles a small tract robot the developer boasted that marker can now travel 1,000 km carry loads and Evacuate the wounded the robots are designed for military operations not only on the battlefield

But also in urban areas they have been tested both in exercises and actual combat where they performed well marker can be used either as a remote controlled machine or carry out some functions autonomously according to the developers the combat platform can operate in autonomous mode consuming

30.5 lph sufficient for a 1,000 km cross country Journey or 50 hours of autonomous operation the robots developers also claim that marker can be used for automatic delivery and unloading of car cargo additionally with the help of a hydraulic manipulator the system is capable of autonomously extracting cargo containers from

Storage Safir shipboard autonomous firefighting robot is a remotely operated Android developed for the United States Office of Naval Research standing at 178 cm tall and weighing 65 kg approximately 143 lb Safir is designed for firefighting on ships using a fire hose under real world conditions such as uneven surfaces or smoke filled

In environments the choice of a humanoid robot was made due to the challenging conditions it may encounter on the ship’s deck and interior narrow corridors hatches and stairs make it impractical to use a wiel robot carrying water or fire extinguishers currently Safir has modest capabilities Vision

Through smoke is provided by a pair of infrared cameras and a lar sensor and it receives Action commands from the operator’s console the engineers plan to achieve full autonomy for Safir completely relieving the ship’s crew from firefighting duties the combat robot ncta is a group of robotic systems United under a single

Control system subordinate to a human operator the operator has the choice to stay behind and control remotely or be with the robot on the front line to execute tasks the robotic platform with a combat module is operated from a command post which can be located anywhere even in a separate armored

Vehicle or at a stationary point before the battle the map of the area and grids of key landmarks to be eliminated are loaded into it in combat Special Forces do not need to control every movement of the telet tank it is sufficient to press a button and select one of several tasks

The nerea combat robot as a platform is designed for reconnaissance operations adjusting fire on enemy positions and the rapid delivery of ammunition and supplies to hotpots the Russian robotic complex platform m is a remotely controlled robot on a track chassis it is an armored robot remotely operated armed

With a grenade launcher and machine gun system for engaging in combat without direct contact with the Enemy according to the developers the complex is designed for reconnaissance detection and engagement of stationary and moving targets providing fire support for units as well as for patrolling and guarding important objects the latest combat

Complex includes means of differentiated armor for the chassis and weapon platform the complex can enable conducting combat operations at night without revealing factors German company mailor protection in collaboration with Canadian experts from mawashi science and technology has created a true Masterpiece for the French jeary the bulletproof tactical exoskeleton exom the armor plates

Enveloping exom comply with protection class vp8 according to the European Standard this means it can withstand three hits from an AK-47 rifle at a distance of 10 m with the steel plates measuring a robust 12.5 mm in thickness however the strength of the suit is not its only important feature the titanium

Frame of this exoskeleton redistributes around 70% of the load from the wearer’s shoulders notably exom is a passive exoskeleton meaning it operates without a motor this implies no concerns about heavy and cumbersome batteries that could run out at the most inconvenient Moment

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