“AGI Robot Powered by ChatGPT Amazes the Entire Industry” – Video

“AGI Robot Powered by ChatGPT Amazes the Entire Industry” – Video

The recent unveiling of Figure 01, a humanoid robot from Figure.ai, has left the entire tech industry stunned. Backed by top companies like NVIDIA, Microsoft, OpenAI, and Amazon, Figure.ai has raised an impressive amount of funding to further develop their AI-powered robots. The Inc article titled “Bezos Nvidia joins $675 million funding round for startup making humanoid AI-powered robots” highlights the massive support that Figure.ai has garnered.

Despite some criticism for showcasing a seemingly simple task of making coffee, the demonstration of Figure 01’s self-correcting AI capabilities is undeniably impressive. The futuristic design and advanced AI technology used in Figure 01 set it apart from other robots in the market. The potential for affordable robotics in households is also on the horizon, as seen with open-source hardware projects like the $200 robot arm trained by Alexander Kooch.

With the rapid advancements in reinforcement learning and the development of robots like Tesla’s Optimus, the era of robots taking over various tasks is fast approaching. From mining robots controlled through video games to Amazon deploying humanoid robots in warehouses, the future of robotics is exciting and full of possibilities. The year 2024 is shaping up to be the year of robots, and the industry is abuzz with innovation and groundbreaking developments. Subscribe for more updates on the latest in AI and robotics.

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Video Transcript

So what you just saw there is a humanoid robot from a company called figure. and they just raised a ton of money from top companies throughout Silicon Valley Amazon Microsoft open AI Nvidia all of these huge Tech compan companies are putting money into figure let me talk

About why so first here’s the Inc article Bezos Nvidia joins $675 million funding round for startup making humanoid AI powered robots now figure raised from Microsoft Amazon Nvidia who added nearly $300 million and open aai and Intel both committed money as well now I’ve been talking a lot about robots

Lately I’ve shown off the 1 X Robot in a previous video but now we have another humanoid robot and remember one of my 10 predictions for 2024 is that robots are going to take Over hey figure one can you make me a cup of Coffee Thanks Now let me break down this video a little bit a lot of people are criticizing it because they basically take the easiest to make coffee machine put it right in front of the robot put the cup in the position to actually get the coffee and there the robot is

Actually picking up the capsule putting it in the coffee maker pushing it down and then pushing start I still think this is super impressive and not only that the robot itself looks really futuristic I love it but yes of all the demos that we’ve seen of robots this is

One of the more simple ones but they are using Ai and it is self-correcting AI which let’s take a look at that so here in these videos what we’re seeing is the robot places one of the pods in the curig doesn’t get it right and then

Fixes it itself so that part is pretty darn impressive so they must be doing something right to get so much funding from such top tier investors but that robot looks very expensive it’s not actually out yet and when it does launch it probably is going to come with a

Hefty price tag but robots don’t need to come with a hefty price tag if you remember the Aloha robot that entire thing was built for basically I think it was around $30,000 and it used completely open-source hardware and software if you read the GitHub page you can buy all of

The hardware they provide you with all of the software and you can put that whole thing together but it can get even cheaper here is Alexander kooch And he says early results from my AI training runs I’ve trained my $200 robot arm on a simple picking task using imitation

Learning it has learned to control the robot arm using only camera imag and Joint States now when you combine this with the work that Dr jiman and Nvidia are doing with their robotics Innovations the potential for really inexpensive robotics in everybody’s household we can see can become reality

Sooner rather than later let’s take a look at this video and extending on this we have another example of a robot in an office setting and this looks very familiar to the Aloha robot except this is called Universal manipulation interface in the wild robot teaching without in the wild

Robots what that basically means is anybody can teach the robot how to do something by simply taking a video of it and using that as training data very similar to the work Dr Jim fan is doing with mimic genen let’s take a look at this video so check this out this is a

Bipedal robot learning agile football skills with deep reinforcement learning now that’s the key principle here all of the robot advancements that we’re seeing how they are becoming so good yet not needing a ton of extra Hardware is because of reinforcement learning let’s watch this Video Now back to Alexander kooch he posted another video just a week ago and he said added more arms the entire setup is now about $600 so he is able to actually teach this robot using teleoperation and again look this looks like a Raspberry Pi all of this looks to be very open- Source

Hardware but don’t count Tesla out of the game yet Optimus is looking incredible Elon Musk just posted this a week ago look at this robot walking around the Lab it is looking more natural every week let’s say you don’t want to use AI you have a more complex task that humans can do pretty easily well check this out now we can have remote control of a robot using video games and here it says

This is how you solve the mining labor crisis millions of gen zers playing video games all day can finally put that into good use give them a joystick and $100,000 base salary can move Rock from the comfort of their home technology is amazing So very very cool not putting any humans at risk and another incredible robot in a form factor that I have never seen before let’s take a look at this video it is basically a drone inside of a metal ball cage type thing and it’s actually able to roll the ball and then

Well let’s take a Look absolutely incredible so the ball is rolling on the ground rolling up the rocks and then all of a sudden it takes off it’s so cool and last of course Amazon the biggest Warehouse owner in the world has been deploying humanoid robots in their warehouses let’s take a

Look at what those look like Amazon has already started testing digit in its Seattle robotics research and development facility potentially adding to the company’s Fleet of more than 750,000 robots the fact that it can enter places that were designed for humans um and solve those challenges that exist without having to rebuild uh

The environment for Automation and doesn’t quit and it doesn’t quit so 2024 is the year of robots I am more confident in my prediction than ever I’m going to keep collecting all of these amazing examples of robots so I can show you if you liked this video please

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