Why Brazil is allowing GMO mosquitos to be released in the wild? – Video

Why Brazil is allowing GMO mosquitos to be released in the wild? – Video

In a world filled with groundbreaking scientific discoveries and technological advancements, one question that arises is why Brazil is releasing GMO mosquitoes into the wild. These engineered mosquitoes, armed with bacterial shields, are being unleashed to combat tropical diseases like Zika and Dengue. The World Mosquito Program aims to produce billions of these disease-fighting insects to protect millions of people from these deadly viruses.

While this unconventional approach has shown promise in reducing mosquito populations in field trials, concerns have been raised about the potential risks of releasing genetically modified insects into the environment. Scientists are closely monitoring these developments to ensure they do not have negative impacts on human health and the ecosystem.

Despite these concerns, Brazil is pressing forward with plans to release billions of lab-grown mosquitoes in 2024 to combat infectious diseases. With ongoing research and advancements in genetic engineering, the use of weaponized mosquitoes could prove to be a valuable tool in the fight against deadly diseases. As we delve deeper into the realm of science and technology, it is crucial to stay informed about the potential impacts of these innovative solutions on our world and our future.

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We’re living in an exciting time right on the edge of uncovering some of the biggest mysteries out there questions like what dark matter really is how life began and what AI can truly achieve are right on the brink of being answered so let’s jump in and see what groundbreaking discoveries the world of

Science has in store for us this year what exactly will scientists discover what research projects might deliver groundbreaking results and when will they happen let’s see what science has in store for us and also find out why Brazil has Unleashed swarms of weaponized mosquitoes into the world

This is new nature and in this video we’re exploring all that’s going to shape the scientific landscape of this year and we are going to explore what these advancements mean for Humanity and and the World At Large science has been the backbone of human progress from life-saving Medical Treatments to the technological Marvels

That Define our Modern Age We owe countless Innovations to the rigorous methods of scientific inquiry whether it’s the development of antibiotics that have saved millions of lives or the invention of the internet or smartphones that connect us globally science has touched nearly every aspect of our daily

Lives shaping the world we live in today before we discuss mosquito Wars let’s talk about the space missions due to launch and leave Earth this year we find ourselves on the brink of an exciting new chapter in space exploration 2023 was the year with the most orbital rocket launches in history

And 2024 is set to beat that record again these upcoming missions are offering an opportunity to answer some of the biggest questions about the universe and redefine what we know about our place in it first in line is NASA’s Europa Clipper mission that sends a probe to

Jupiter’s moon Europa which is set to launch in October 2024 this bold Mission seeks to explore beneath europa’s icy exterior and into its mysterious oceans to find hints of possible alien life by closely examining its surface subsurface and thin atmosphere scientists hope to reveal hidden secrets such as the existence of liquid water

And the chemicals that could support life it’s an expedition that could change the way we think about life beyond our planet another exciting launch in late 2024 is Viper NASA’s volatiles investigating polar exploration Rover which is getting ready for its Journey To The Moon South Pole it’s goal is to

Find water and other valuable resources hidden under the lunar surface the findings could help future human missions to sustain a moon base and explore beyond our planet and then there’s the maiden flight of blue origin’s massive new Glenn rocket targeting a launch window early August 2024 but before that we will likely see

More flight tests of space ex’s Starship once operational its immense size and reusability promp to drastically reduce the cost of space travel making ambitious missions more feasible than ever before a variant of Starship that is being developed right now will also be serving as a lunar lander for NASA’s Artemis missions

Starship will not only facilitate the buildup of sustainable lunar infrastructure but it could also pave the way for future crude missions to Mars and Beyond these missions hold immense potential benefits for Humanity spanning from technological progress to groundbreaking discoveries but it’s not just outer space that’s fascinating scientists are

Also diving deep into understanding our own minds this year scientists are diving deeper into understanding how our brains create Consciousness think of your brain like a big complicated circuit board always buzzing with electricity to make you aware of the world around you researchers are on a big project to

Figure out how all these electrical signals come together to make Consciousness happen one interesting approach scientists are developing is finding new ways to track changes in Consciousness States turns out Consciousness is more nuanced than previously thought and there are more than just the two states of conscious and unconscious research is ongoing that

Will help some scientists understand these nuances this could be super helpful for treating people with sleep issues or those who are trapped in a coma AI is evolving rapidly promising endless new possibilities for the future this year big advancements are expected like open ai’s gp5 set to revolutionize various

Industries when it releases in the summer of 2024 AI also accelerates medical research by rapidly analyzing vast data sets identifying patterns and predicting outcomes accurately AI can uncover insights from genetic data medical records and imaging studies and so improve the understanding of diseases the development of treatments and personalized care

Moreover AI can and probably will facilitate drug Discovery by simulating biological process CES and predicting treatment interactions it is on track to revolutionize medical research so expect scientific breakthroughs in medicine sooner or later another area worth paying attention to this year is the world of supercomputing the US is gearing up to

Introduce two new supercomputers Aurora and elcapitan each with its own unique purpose Aurora will be employed to chart the intricate ner Pathways of the brain similar to creating a detailed map of a vast and complex City elcapitan on the other hand will become the world’s fastest supercomputer research performed on

Elcapitan will help with important things for National Security like securing the US’s nuclear stockpile finding new materials studying high energy physics and designing weapons these supercomputers are no ordinary machines they are capable of performing a mindboggling quintilian computations per second which is equivalent to a billion billion computations to put this into

Perspective it’s like having a Workforce of a billion people each carrying out a billion tasks every second such immense computational power is essential for tasks like simulating the human brain the most complex and least understood organ in the human body on top of that the US Department of

Energy has granted access to these supercomputers for various high impact projects one such project focuses on machine learning and disease understanding its goal is to use supercomputing to accelerate the discovery of new treatments another project looks into simulating astrophysical thermonuclear explosions to test theoretical models these advancements in supercomputing

Will also help create higher resolution climate models and other hyperscale data projects expect a paradigm change in the near future in the way we approach such complex problems about time if you ask me now let’s talk about the weaponized mosquitoes mentioned earlier in the video researchers have found an

Unconventional approach for t Ling tropical diseases like zika and Deni they are turning mosquitoes into engineered Warriors these bugs aren’t just buzzing around normally they’re on a mission armed with bacterial Shields that make them the Avengers of the insect Kingdom so to speak these insects are designed to be disease fighting

Mosquitoes and are infected with the wakia bacterial strain that prevents them from transmitting the zika or Deni viruses the world mosquito program a nonprofit organization owned by the manash university in Melbourne Australia is set to produce up to 5 billion of these mosquitoes which will help protect

Up to 70 million people from these dangerous diseases in another project researchers released genetically modified male mosquitoes Into the Wild to mate with wild type females and pass on a gene that ultimately knocks down mosquito populations in Brazil researchers conducted a fascinating field experiment to see if genetically modified

Mosquitoes could help control wild mosquito populations the idea was pretty clever release modified male mosquitoes to mate with regular female mosquitoes and pass on a gene that would basically put the brakes on mosquito numers numers they’re basically having infertile children and are unable to procreate but is it safe to release

Genetically modified insects into the wild when scientists checked the genes of mosquitoes in the area they found out the modified genes had spread Beyond just the released mosquitoes and into the general mosquito population this unexpected turn of events has raised questions among researchers prompting more research on the possible risks of releasing modified

Mosquitoes into the wild to fight diseases now despite these concerns Brazil isn’t backing down they’ve got big plans in 2024 to release billions of lab grown mosquitoes in the second quarter of the year to battle infectious diseases but this is not the first time genetically engineered mosquitoes will be released the effectiveness of

Weaponized mosquitoes in combating diseases like zika and Deni has been demonstrated in various studies and field trials for example in 2020 the release of 750 million genetically engineered mosquitoes in the Florida Keys resulted in a significant reduction in the local 80s egypti mosquito population a known carrier of zika and

Dena plus there there have been trials in Brazil and Indonesia that have shown a drop in Deni infections and hospital visits hinting that these methods might actually work but scientists are keeping an eye on things to see how they’re affecting local People’s Health and the environment another area of research to

Watch out for in 2024 is the quest to measure the elusive nutrino Mass but what are neutrinos nutrino are tiny invisible particles that are all around us they’re one of the fundamental building blocks of the universe what makes neutrinos unique is that they hardly ever interact with other stuff like atoms or particles

Which makes them very tricky to detect neutrinos are produced in various natural processes like nuclear reactions in the Sun or when stars explode and they’re constantly zooming through space adding incredibly high speeds despite being so mysterious neutrinos play a crucial role in understanding How the Universe works and now scientists are

Closing in on determining their mass at the Forefront of this exploration is the Carl Rua tridium nutrino experiment at the Carl Rua Institute of Technology in Germany its mission is to uncover the true mass of these elusive particles shedding light on their role in shaping the the cosmos the catran experiment

Uses a clever method to figure out how heavy neutrinos are I won’t go into the complex details here but think of it a bit like looking at the results of a car crash to find out how heavy the cars were in overs simplistic terms scientists measure the energy spectrums

During the decay of particles to then deduce the mass of neutrinos yet catarin is just one chapter in The Grand Saga of nutrino research scientists around the world are collaborating on various projects exploring new models and theories to deepen our understanding of these elusive particles the implications of these findings could reshape our

Understanding of the universe at the most fundamental level expect to hear exciting news this year scientists estimate that approximately 80% of the universe’s matter is composed of Dark Matter yet direct detection has remained elusive leaving its exact nature largely unknown this year two significant experiments are underway in search of

The theorized axian particle a leading candidate in the Quest for dark matter the detection of axians would provide groundbreaking insights into Dark Matters nature and the universe’s Mass content axians are so far only hypothetical particles proposed to solve specific Quantum puzzles at the German electron synchrotron scientists are in the

Process of conducting a sensitive experiment that tries to observe axians focusing on detecting light particles the discovery of axians could have far-reaching implications for cosmology astrophysics and our overall comprehension of the universe’s composition and evolution in fact finding axians would represent a significant Leap Forward in our quest to unravel the mysteries of

The cosmos will it happen this year only time will tell ocean temperatures are warming at an unprecedented rate with 40% of global oceans to global temperatures hitting new records in September and we should expect more Extremes in 2024 this Year we’re facing the possibility of even hotter global temperatures than last

Year’s record highs our world is seeing more intense heat waves storms and wildfires all fueled by the increase in greenhouse gases but there’s hope Innovations like solar panels and electric vehicles are becoming more common and nations are committing to significantly boost renewable energy use by 2030 moving moving away from coal and

Oil last year steps were taken to embrace cleaner Technologies a trend that set to continue despite this progress there’s a long way to go to curb fossil fuel pollution and we’re bracing for a challenging year ahead potentially one of the warmest we’ve ever experienced with unknown impacts on our planet our

World is our shared backyard it’s up to all of us to take care of it holding polluters accountable and making sure it remains vibrant and healthy for everyone today and Tomorrow if you found this fascinating please consider subscribing and one more thing did you know that China is drilling one of the deepest holes on Earth why are they going deep and what will they find watch this video to learn more

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