The Latest Humanoid Robots and Inventions Set to Revolutionize the World – Video

The Latest Humanoid Robots and Inventions Set to Revolutionize the World – Video

are EloiDa, a hyperrealistic female robot from Central Europe, who is being programmed to study human reactions to robots; Walker S robots from China’s UB Tech robotics, which assist with car quality checking; Loom robots from the beauty industry, which apply individual eyelashes quickly and consistently; a living human brain connected to a computer, developed by researchers at Indiana University; and the potential resurrection of mammoths and possibly dinosaurs by Colossal Biosciences.

Other notable inventions include the Blinket wireless charging device for electronic eye lenses and implants; the Phoenix robot from Sanctuary AI for household tasks; and the Chapea 2 mission by NASA to simulate missions to Mars. Additionally, Clone Robotics is developing ultra-human-like hands for their humanoid robots, while Nissan has introduced Bot Uyo to entertain babies.

Overall, these advancements in robotics and technology are paving the way for a future where humans and robots coexist and collaborate in various industries, from healthcare to entertainment and beyond. The potential for these inventions to change the world is vast and exciting, with endless possibilities for innovation and progress.

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Video Transcript

This meet eloida a woman from Central Europe at the Technical University of darst this unique robotic creation is currently being programmed and scientists are conducting research on the impact such hyperrealistic robots can have on people the initial Impressions upon meeting the robot are Fascination and discomfort

Eleno stands at a height of 170 cm and wears a size 36 dress her medium length hair hair reaching her shoulders is partially real the hyperrealistic female robot can move her face arms fingers and hips elanoides this robot models are designed to study how people react to the environment of hyperrealistic robots and

Whether they are willing to interact with them during the presentation many people experienced both Fascination and discomfort some took selfies with the female robot some people avoided her trying not to pay attention to the robot and there were those who simp simply watched afraid to approach an

Interesting feature of the robot is its warm silicone hands this is a special feature of this model which allows the robot to be closer to humans as the creators claim a cold mechanical handshake repels many people additionally eloida Converse and engage in conversation this humanoid robot from China has already started working in

Full swing it operates at the factory of the Chinese company Neo which is engaged in the production of electric Vehicles The Walker s robots presented by UB Tech robotics assist in quality checking of door locks seat belts and headlights as well as attaching logos to cars unfortunately there are no exact details

About the characteristics of the new robot but its predecessor was 145 cm tall weighed 77 kg and was equipped with a lithium iron phosphate battery providing only 2 hours of autonomous operation although Neo has not yet made an official statement regarding the pilot program for the use of humanoid robots ubtech robotics enthusiastically

Assesses the potential use of robots on Electric Vehicle Assembly lines to increase productivity the company claims on its website that the future of humanity lies in the coexistence of humans and robots it seems that robots are making significant strides even in the beauty industry robots from the company Loom

Equipped with computer vision and artificial intelligence Technologies are already operating in beauty salons in California the robot individually applies each eyelash to the prepared eye doing so in 15 minutes although the robot’s setup takes 50 minutes overall it is still onethird faster than a human would accomplish the task developers

Claim that this process is super fast comfortable and very consistent for clients the boundaries between humans and machines are gradually fading scientists have created a human brain that can be connected to a computer researchers from Indiana University in Bloomington USA have successfully grown a living human brain that can be

Connected to a computer this discovery could lead to the development of new technologies that will change our lives the grown brain consists of neurons and cells that form a complex Network it was created from stem cells taken from a human embryo stem cells can differentiate into various types of cells including neurons

To connect the brain to a computer scientists used electrodes the electrodes input data into the brain cells and read the results of its subsequent activity researchers conducted several experiments with this brain they demonstrated that it can learn and perform complex tasks s for example the brain was able to recognize

Voices and solve complex equations the group of scientists predicts that within the next 10 years Humanity will see the emergence of the first biocomputers biocomputers will combine the advantages of the human brain and computer they will have high processing speed and learning ability this discovery has tremendous potential for the development

Of new technologies biocomputers can be used to create new types of artificial intelligence robots and medical devices however scientists still face many challenges first and foremost methods for growing larger and more complex brains need to be developed additionally ways to connect biocomputers to the human body need to be devised if scientists can

Overcome these difficulties biocomputers will become a reality in the coming years this discovery will change our world and make it more advanced in the USA the husband of a woman who died due to malfunctions of a robot during surgery has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer Da Vinci the

Incident occurred a couple of years ago when during a surgery on the intestines the robot controlled by the surgeon accidentally burned the small intestine despite undergoing a second operation the patient did not recover from the injury and died at the time everything was attributed to an unforeseen malfunction of the robot however before

The surgery patients are informed that such a procedure may lead to Serious consequences and even death so the manufacturer absolves himself of responsibility using disclaimer of liability nevertheless the husband of the victim claimed that he and his wife did not receive all the information regarding the danger of the procedure so

Far the company has ignored the lawsuit and has not appeared in court we are waiting to see what will happen next and what consequences this will have for the industry one of the most well-known Russian Android robots is Alisa zeleno grova she appeared in the company neur

Robotics in 2012 this robot looks like a 25-year-old woman initially the mechanical Beauty learned to move her eyes and then gradually mastered facial expressions the Advent of 3D printers in the company signific ific anly accelerated the process of creating and improving the robot Alisa is a gynoid

Robot named after the suburb of Moscow where she was created the Alisa robot has a wide range of sensors including stereo microphones in her ears cameras in her eyes and a speaker inside her mouth when fully realized on a mobile platform infrared sensors are added as a safety bumper and a Microsoft connect

Sensor for navigation and additional interactive communication capabilities currently Alisa’s eyes skull with a movable lower jaw pneumatic arms and some mounting elements are printed on a 3D printer of course Alisa’s capabilities are still far from those of the Toshiba Android or other Japanese models but Alisa can already simulate human

Emotions American scientists from colossal biosciences have made a breakthrough and announced that they will be able to recreate mammoths Additionally the scientists revealed when they will be able to recreate dinosaurs but first about mammoths the closest living relatives of mammoths are currently Asian elephants which could be gen gentically modified to Bear a

Greater resemblance to mammoths colossal biosciences scientists have successfully reprogrammed the skin cells of Asian elephants into an embryonic State this success paves the way for creating elephants with features similar to extinct woolly mammoths scientists have created four lines of specialized stem cells that can differentiate into various types of animal cells

Representatives of the company also stated that in the near future in addition to mammoths they plan to resurrect representatives of two more extinct species the dodo bird and the Tasmanian Tiger the company Representatives also addressed the main question can dinosaurs be brought back to life after all all the mentioned

Creatures became extinct relatively recently and the oldest DNA sample is only about 1 million years old whereas dinosaurs went extinct 66 million years ago however red blood cells and other soft tissue elements have been preserved in dinosaurs offering potential avenues for obtaining DNA in the future undoubtedly DNA is easier to extract

From the soft tissues of animals such as blood vessels nerves and muscles from dinosaurs only fossils remain and soft tissues have been decomposed a lot of time ago obtaining material from fossils is very challenging as DNA molecules degrade over time studies show that It ultimately takes about 7 million years

For their Decay the last dinosaur died at the end of the Cretaceous Period over 65 million years ago this means that even with the use of new technologies available to scientists today resurrecting a dinosaur from its DNA is impossible among the alternative methods being explored is r engineering

Manipulating the genetics of birds to create something resembling a dinosaur since birds are considered direct descendants of dinosaurs unfortunately recreating dinosaurs in the near future is unlikely even if scientists managed to restore fragments of dinosaur DNA creating a fully functional animal is not possible researchers would have to combine fragments of prehistoric

Creatures with some other animal to obtain a living organism in other words it would be a hybrid not a dinosaur however with the development of Technologies the likelihood Ood of resurrecting prehistoric monsters increases every day as the imminent appearance of mammoths demonstrates share in the comments if you would like to see live

Dinosaurs it seems that those who believe that robots will eventually take away jobs from Ordinary People are correct previously the discussion was focused on machines taking over specific production cycles and replacing humans in certain positions however now the talk is about the complete replacement of humans Boston Dynamics showcased a

Video on their YouTube channel Channel where the humanoid robot Atlas transfers automotive parts from Factory packaging to a rack from which they will be taken by an automated production line the automotive manufacturing sector where Precision reliability and the ability to handle heavy components are required seems to be an ideal place for humanoid

Robots while specialized industrial robots are already widely used here complex and multifaceted tasks requiring a human touch have remained beyond their capabilities until now Boston Dynamics owned by Hyundai now can contribute by offering its Atlas robot for work in auto manufacturing Atlas is still an experimental project demonstrating significant potential among humanoid

Robots and its application in the commercial sector could be a crucial step in the development of Robotics the future is not far off when the decision of whether to hire a person or a machine will solely come down to financial considerations it will be foolish to argue that buying and training a robot

Will be much more cost effective than paying a human salary in China a 3D bio printer for mass production of tissues and organs has been released Chinese company Regin noo biotechnology company LTD presented the country’s first 3D bio printer for mass production of human tissue samples

The device is called bio architect X it was unveiled at an exhibition in hjo the 3D bio printer uses an Innovative microcomputerized tomography system it is reported that the novelty is capable of printing a wide range of tissues and organs it is expected that the bio architect X system will play an

Important role in the medical field in China primarily in medicine testing and development programs company Representatives expect that the 3D bio printer will stimulate the production of new medicines when presenting the bio architect X at the exhibition experts from Regin noo printed a fragment of cartilage tissue during the

Demonstration experts selected a 3D model of cartilage and simply started 3D printing with the Press of a button the 3D printer immediately began working dispensing hydrogel with human cells from the print head and depositing it according to the model the cartilage fragment was ready in less than an hour

The hydrogel themselves are also developed by rein noo Specialists they are bio incs for liver cells blood vessels and other tissues the company emphasizes that the cell survival rate in Regin noo materials is 90% And they function for up to 4 months it’s been 3 years since the

Leading AI powered robot debuted on Chinese television the Android was developed by ex robots the first realistic robot manufacturer in China based in leoning province in Northeast China the female robot serves as the host of the entertainment show creating the future with intelligence in China introducing viewers to the country’s

Technological innovations Jang L Li the humanoid sporting both realistic silicone skin and intentionally exposed mechanical parts has been a hit with audiences Nationwide and quickly gained popularity on social media according to J Jang television the robot woman Jang L Li is 18 years old she loves to sing

Read comics and snack additionally they added that the robot possesses special knowledge in Big Data analysis information storage and processing and especially charm on television the female robot host stands on stage and introduces the episode’s theme using fairly natural lip movements and hand gestures speaking in a soothing

Voice recent Studies have shown that AI research is entering a stage of exponential growth and there is already evidence of AI acquiring human capabilities in several areas this means that the hypothetical moment of so-called singularity in the development of neural networks is rapidly approaching moreover Humanity May create an artificial intelligence equal to

Itself in just about 3 years scientists see the potential transition from narrow AI to General AI in the creation of an infrastructure that will unite existing and new paradigms of artificial intelligence into one structure if a system incorporating multiple narrow AIS representing various elements of human perception could function as a unified

Algorithm it would essentially result in artificial intelligence equal to human intelligence and if it were able to rewrite its own code it could quickly transform into Super intelligence what do you think of this approach and do you believe in the creation of General artificial intelligence in the near

Future Meet pixo the Robot capable of unloading a th000 boxes per hour or one box every 3.5 seconds the startup anywhere robotics took a Japanese fanic manipulator with a suction cup equipped arm and mounted it on its own base optimized for a specific task as a result the robotic manipulator can

Efficiently unload or load boxes weighing up to 30 kg at an impressive speed up to 1,000 such boxes per hour or a total of 30 tons of cargo the robot proves to be highly costeffective according to the company’s calculations it is three times cheaper for the customer compared to other offerings on

The market and pays for itself in approximately 2 years the original conveyor system reduces the load on the robot additionally it shortens the distance pixo has to cover with a load in hand thereby increasing its work rate consequently the productivity reaches up to 1,000 boxes per hour equivalent to

One box every 3.5 seconds a remarkably fast even for a professional loader an unmanned air cab has made its first inter city flight in China autoflight a leading developer of electric vertical takeoff and Landing aircraft has performed the world’s first autonomous inter city flight by an electric air cab the prosperity EV tall

Traveled 50 km between the cities of Shenzhen and xuhai via the Pearl River delta the flight took only 20 minutes while by land the trip would have taken about 3 hours the regional authorities intend to launch hundreds of air cab routes and thousands of Verte ports the

Prosperity air cab is a small aircraft that can carry up to four passengers for a distance of 250 km at a speed of 200 kmph this EV tall is equipped with 10 electric propeller motors used for vertical takeoff and landing in horizontal flight mode the aerot taxi

Uses a tail electric propeller motor and wings autoflight intends to obtain a commercial flight permit for this aircraft by 2026 autoflight was able to navigate through a complex and highly regulated airspace a demonstration flight showed that the air cab can safely integrate into existing air traffic the regional government plans to

Open thousands of ver ports and hundreds of EV tall air routes across the greater Bay Area in southern China including the route between Shenzhen and juhi up to 300,000 flights per year are expected here alone low altitude application scenarios include passenger Transportation tourism Logistics and Emergency Services Walt Disney imagin engineering

Has demonstrated two robots working together the characters from the animated movie zootropolis and Robo kiosk this is quite interesting as we rarely see such interactions outside of industrial settings where everything the robots do is strictly regulated in other scenarios robots are usually either on their own or paired with a human who can

Adjust to changing conditions Disney Engineers relied on the lightness and strength of the robots and taught them to adapt when there are inaccuracies in each other’s movements a character can lean on a motorized kiosk to create the illusion of pushing it around the stage the kiosk then uses a winch to lift the

Character onto a platform where electromagnets help stabilize his legs the result is a freely moving bipedal robot that moves naturally and doesn’t require particularly complex controls or Precision Construction it can jump around the kiosk while the robot kiosk itself ensures that the robot gets to the right point on stage without

Incident the system is designed in such a way that the movement of both robots is always coordinated the Chinese have created a micro robot that treats dreaded diseases such as aneurysms and brain tumors the magnetic micro robot can reduce the risk of bleeding from a brain aneurysm and

Starve a brain tumor the softbot does this by cutting off blood flow to the aneurysm or tumor as a result the tumor stops growing and shrinks the robot can block branches of blood vessels that conventional catheters could not reach the spiral shape provides more control and precision than other methods used to

Treat these conditions tests on vessel models and in rabbits have shown excellent results brain aneurysms and brain tumors caus more than 750,000 deaths each year one of the main treatments is embolization which is used to block blood flow however this method is limited due to the difficulty of steering a catheter through complex

Networks of neurovation exposure as the procedure is performed under x-rays the new robots however could be a real revolution in the treatment of these diseases when tested on a Model blood vessel system the team found that the two robots in the healthy Branch achieved a particle blockage rate of 88%

The robots were also tested on the hind legs of rabbits according to the researchers 3 weeks after embolization the robots were still blocking blood flow and tests on the rabbit’s organs showed no inflammation or Pathology this is the humanoid robot Toro originating from Germany it was created at the German Center for Robotics and mechatronics DLR assembly of this robot began as far back as 2009 at that time developers only created the legs of the DLR biped but now roboticists have decided to present its

Upgraded version which received a new torso and the name torque controlled humanoid robot or Toro now that the robot’s body is ready we can start testing its movements for smoothness Speed and accuracy says the lead project developer Christian a take for example a person opening a heavy door several

Dynamic precise actions are involved in this process simultaneously our robot should also be able to handle this task the next step for us is climbing stairs here we need to teach Toro how to lift itself up and simultaneously balanced like a human four-legged robots are increasingly being used in various

Scenarios from inspections to rescue operations to enhance the functionality of such a robot it often requires an assisting limb a manipulator attached to the back of the bot however this complicates the design and control increases the weight and makes the machine more expensive therefore engineers at the robotic systems lab

Decided to explore what operations a robot dog could perform with its legs it turns out there are quite a few the developers employed reinforcement learning policies and demonstrated the capabilities of the robot for example it is quite a depth at opening doors and carrying bags Chinese company xpen demonstrated

The flying car X3 in action once again the vehicle can now both drive and fly the car is equipped with standard four wheels for driving while for flying rods with screws are attached to the roof of the car there are a total of eight screws arranged in pairs on four

Attached rods this this design allows the car to vertically take off and land the X3 weighs nearly 2,000 kg considering what is shown in the video it can be understood that the rods will not fold during one of the vehicle tests the car was able to exit the garage lift

Off the ground fly a short distance and then successfully land the goal of the test is to check the stability of the car if one of the motors fails according to xang controlling the car during flight is quite simple the driver only needs the steering wheel and gearbox the

Range will be the same as that of regular electric cars this is the humanoid robot David with variable stiffness actuators in the joints capable of operating a drill like a professional David can pick up a drill drill through a concrete block and handle impacts the robot is equipped

With end effector tracking using its head and uses both hands to perform complex tasks the weight of the robot is 55 kg recently David demonstrated Advanced manipulation skills with the seven degree of Freedom arm and fully articulated FiveFinger hand using using a pet to localize the object the company combined multi-object tracking with

Proprioceptive measurements together with path planning this allows for controlled inhand manipulation David is designed to approximate its human archetype in terms of size weight and performance the main focus during development is on reliability High Dynamics and maneuverability recently open AI introduced the Sora neural network capable of generating realistic video

Clips up to 1 minute long with full HD resolution based on text descriptions however a survey made by the Harris X company among adult Americans showed that the majority of respondents could not distinguish AI generated videos from real ones as part of the survey participants were shown eight video

Clips five of which were generated by the Sora neural network while three were filmed with a real world camera in five cases the majority of respondents made mistakes in determining whether the video was created by a human or artificial intelligence this study emphasizes that content generated by neural networks is becoming increasingly

Realistic making it very difficult to distinguish from reality this raises concerns in society especially in the entertainment industry where such Technologies can negatively impact the film industry in this regard there is growing talk in various countries about the need for legislative regulation of this segment it is proposed to require

Users of neural networks to label generated content to avoid misinformation and misconceptions there is also a question about the possible use of such algorithms to create fake videos involving politicians and celebrities which could have predictable consequences Nvidia CEO Jensen hang said that in the near future AI will take

Away programmers jobs and it is more promising to study to be an agriculturalist programming will soon cease to be an important skill according to hang artificial intelligence will take over programming tasks so it is more promising for young people to study biology or Agriculture and coding if necessary will be possible in natural

Language with the help of artificial intelligence soon it will be necessary only to clearly formulate the technical task in natural language for software development and artificial intelligence will do the rest for the programmer however it is not that bad at the moment in fact the need for software developers

Is only growing for example after chat GPT was released on the market the number of vacancies in the field of programming increased by 6% Amira created by a British company operates in over 7,000 languages and is currently programmed in English for the event Ai and humanoid robots like Amira

A to collaborate with humans to shape a better world playing a crucial role in the summit’s theme of shaping future governments Amira with its strategic partnership demonstrates advancements in AI serving purposes such as entertainment and education connected to supercloud computers amir’s quick responses emulate humanlike interaction reflecting the future possibilities of

AI another development from the German Center of Robotics and mechatronics is the humanoid robot Roland Justin as the name suggests the robot moves on surfaces using Wheels development of this type began in 2008 and over time the team of Engineers has significantly improved it Rolland Justin is used to explore robotics applications in

Domestic and Industrial settings as well as in space it can catch balls brew coffee and even learn to repair satellites the robot is also capable of manipulating both solid and soft objects equipped with compatible weaponry and collision detection it can be operated autonomously or remotely Motorola has shown its phone of

The future and in this future the smartphone is worn on the wrist it can be used as a regular smartphone with a touchscreen but the device is offered to be worn on the hand as if it were a watch or a bracelet the frame of the device bends and holds the shape chosen

By the user when the device is fully straightened the diagonal of the pilot display with full HD Plus resolution is 6.9 in in wristband mode the screen becomes smaller than 4.6 in but it still responds to touches displays notifications and shows content meanwhile the well-known Tech torturer

Zack Nelson who gained Fame for bending burning and generally abusing devices decided to raise the stakes and test the durability of the Tesla cyber truck he prepared a real test for Elon musk’s electric pickup in the form of a flamethrower and various Firearms firstly the Blogger applied the flamethrower from the boring company

Owned by Elon Musk to the electric pickup this not harmed the stainless steel body of the vehicle however Zach didn’t initiate this experiment for that purpose at all after the fiery warm-up the Blogger armed himself with a Glock 199 mm pistol the bullets left an impressive mark on the metal but did not

Penetrate it although consistently hitting the same spot could lead to the formation of a crack the 22 caliber also did not penetrate the covering however bullets of the 17 caliber which were twice faster did penetrate the metal but got stuck inside the door next Zach armed himself with a semi-automatic

AR-15 rifle which managed to penetrate the door completely lastly he used a sniper rifle with 50 Cali rounds as expected it pierced the doors of the electric car and even punctured some of the wires inside but this had no effect on the car’s functions Israeli company blink energy has introduced blinket wireless charging

For electronic lenses and eye implants this device attaches directly to the upper eyelid a small microchip connected by a thin wire to a battery which elegantly doubles as an accessory placed on the user’s temple with blinket you can wear smart lenses indefinitely and never remove eye implants because they

Will automatically charge from your eyelid it seems that eyes are not only the mirror of the soul but also a source of energy now once your eye implants are charged blinket can be easily removed the technical director of blink energy like a true hero tested the device on

Himself and assured that there are no unpleasant Sensations although apparently the external device looks as if its designers were a little carried away with futuristic fantasies unfortunately blinket cannot be purchased yet but the company promises to refine its creation and launch it for sale in the coming years

If you need a humanoid robot for watering flowers cleaning and threading a needle you’ll have to wait until the Phoenix robot from Sanctuary AI becomes available for purchase the advanced humanoid bot recently performed admirably demonstrating nearly human-like dexterity and speed in manipulations unlike its counterparts Phoenix doesn’t walk yet but it has some

Of the most agile and functional hands in the industry the robot’s training process is as follows Engineers demonstrate an action to it using a teleoperation suit and then the bot attempts to replicate everything in simulation learning there until it achieves a certain result after that training continues in reality as a

Result the robot learns to perform very complex and precise manipulations completely autonomously the only downside to this approach is time it will take a lot of time to train the robot in all possible actions speaking of its construction Phoenix’s hands are powered by hydraulic actuators similar

To those of the atlas robot whereas its counterparts Optimus and figure 01 use electric actuators hydraulics are expensive and not very reliable as they can leak but according to developers only Hydraulics provide the required accuracy strength and speed today a human hand can perform up to 33 different grips and with our learning

Algorithms we are trying to see if the robot can achieve the same 33 grips say the engineers at Sanctuary AI hello robot has released the third version of its stretch mobile robot arm the robot has received a rotating 3D camera on top of the Mast designed for perception functions and observation of

The the environment the gripper itself has also been updated which has always been very simple but functional the Dex rist 3 now promises a more secure grip as well as visual control of the gripper’s fingers made possible by an integrated 3D camera while the grip can be quickly changed to a specialized end

Effector the robot is designed for research the company hopes to build a large community of developers who will all work together to make the robot a universal household helper in the future hello robot plans to open an online Meetup app shop where the development Community can share skills that users

Can download and install on the robot each user can then customize it with the desired capabilities for their needs of the obvious advantages of stretch can be called its price after all $4,000 is much lower than the named by Elon Musk and probably unattainable in reality 20,000 for a humanoid robot from

Tesla the simid robot is designed for training dentists and was developed by Engineers from the Japanese Dental University Hospital and Marita manufacturing a digital equipment manufacturer the first prototype of the robot was introduced back in 2007 and the current version has made significant progress While most training Dental dolls are expressionless metallic

Phantoms simid resembles a living creature more closely the machine is covered with silicone skin similar to real skin and the model’s oral cavity is equipped with a large number of sensors if a novice dentist makes a wrong movement that causes pain or discomfort to the patient the robot jerks or tries

To alert the doctor with its voice in addition to the robot itself the system includes a pair of cameras ceras through which the instructor monitors the diagnosis and progress of the operation according to the authors the system is already 99% complete and work on the project is ongoing but a commercial

Version May soon become available researchers at carnegy melon University have developed a system for teleoperating humanoid robots using a real-time camera the algorithm recognizes the operator movements using reinforcement learning scalable retargeting and extensive data sets of human motions as a result people can remotely control robots using a regular

RGB camera without additional suits or sensors it creates a kind of comprehensive motion Simulator for the whole body thus Engineers propose training and smoothly transitioning to the real deployment of humanoid robots with zero training developers say that their method is suitable for dynamic movement such as walking and for simple

Tasks of grasping and moving objects this significantly facilitates intuitive and dynamic interaction between humans and humanoid robots Ida is the world’s first ultra realistic robot artist she can draw and color and is also a performance artist as a machine with artificial intelligence capabilities her artist personality is a

Work of art as well as her drawings performances and collaborative paintings and sculptures Ida’s body has a large number of degrees of freedom and is based on the robothespian technology developed since 2010 it mimics natural human movements allowing the robot to bend look around and smoothly rotate its

Torso following its head the only limitation concerns movement Ida can sit or stand but not walk however the artist does not need it in order to draw an object the camera analyzes it and creates a virtual path this path is entered into the algorithm of the manipulator which gives the coordinates

Of the real space Ida will be able to perform its sketches with the help of a bionic hand and a pencil clamped in it facial recognition technology allows Ida to draw Pencil portraits of people to do this she scans facial features with the help of cameras in her eyes and

Transfers them to paper with her robotic hand NASA has announced the recruitment of volunteers for the second annual chapea 2 mission four participants will live in a special 152 met 1,636 ft 3D printed living space in Houston to simulate future missions to the red planet the Mars Dune Alpha

Complex at NASA’s Johnson Space Center is designed to simulate life for future explorers on the red planet with its harsh environment and limited resources a team is now living and working there as part of the first chapia mission the mission is scheduled to last 378 days and participants have already completed

Half of that time the mission is open to US citizens between the ages from 30 to 55 who are fluent in English and have a master’s degree in stem they must have at least 2 years of professional experience or 2 years of work experience in a stem doctoral program and a minimum

Of 1,000 hours of aircraft piloting chapea 2 is the second of three missions planned by NASA for the program the first began on 25 June 2023 NASA is accepting applications on the project website until 2nd of April recently the startup clone robotics released a video showcasing Trials of its humanoid robot

Specifically its hands the company aims to create the most human-like Android and currently their hands are making quite an impression artificial muscles responsible for movement and strength consist of hollow tubes wrapped in meshlike casings they are filled with liquid through which a powerful heating element passes when the element is

Energized it rapidly heats the liquid increasing pressure in the tubes this allows the hydraulic drive to flex and extend muscles without using a bulky pump the artificial hands bones closely mimic the structure of human limbs joints provide an almost human range of motion the developers claim that the

Robotic hand has 27 degrees of freedom including wrist and thumb movements as clone robotics currently focuses on developing hands they plan to start supplying them to interested customers however they are hoping for funding to create a torso with a spine and 124 muscles currently there are no discussions about

Legs Nissan has announced a robot that entertains babies while the parent drives bot uyo is quite simple but its functionality may be enough to interact with children at least until the babies do not get bored the robot can play Simple games and most importantly judging by the video can recognize the

Expression of the child’s face and will not bother him if he falls asleep write your opinion about this robot in the comments one of the the earliest examples of interaction between robots and humans is iiko Chira this humanoid robot developed by Toshiba greets visitors at a department store in Tokyo

Iiko has been hired at the major mitsukoshi department store in Tokyo iiko closely resembles a human with the help of 403 moving mechanisms the robot can move its eyes head and arms the robot recognizes human language and can answer questions in English and Japanese Aiko can blink and squint her eyes move

Her lips and open her mouth when speaking the management of the department store believes that the female robot is an effective tool for attracting customers essentially she can display almost the entire range of emotions typical of humans looking at her it is indeed difficult to determine

Whether she is a robot or a living person this is the robot Han which is a robot whose appearance is as close as possible to that of a human it is created by the Hansen robotics team for the first time Han was presented at the electronics exhibition in Hong Kong

Robot Han can express a variety of emot the robot can laugh wrinkle frown his eyebrows blink and even seem a little drunk Han is able to communicate and maintain a simple conversation he can not only recognize people but also determine their gender age emotional state and react accordingly the robot’s

Skin resembles human skin it is made of a patented material called frubber an elastic polymer previously the company has already surprised the public with its development of animatronic heads resembling living people but let’s get back to Han the robot’s face has micropores ranging in size from 4 to 40

Nanom to reflect Joy or sadness he is helped by multiple motors as well as cameras inside the eyes another camera is located in the chest area Hansen robotics eventually plans to equip the robot with Advanced artificial Intelligence

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