The Inventor of the First Electric Robot – Video

The Inventor of the First Electric Robot – Video

The video titled “The Father of the First Electrical Robot” takes us back to the early days of robotics, focusing on the groundbreaking work of ABB in the development of industrial robots. The video highlights the importance of ABB in revolutionizing industries such as arc welding, showcasing the impact of their innovations on a global scale. The narrator introduces Mr. BN, also known as the father of the electrical robot, who played a pivotal role in the development of the world’s first commercial electrical robot in 1974.

Through a detailed interview with Mr. BN, viewers learn about the challenges and decisions that led to the choice of electrical systems over hydraulic and pneumatic systems for the robot. The video delves into the design principles and development process of the robot, shedding light on ABB’s unique position as a leader in electrical systems and automation technology.

Overall, the video provides a fascinating glimpse into the early days of robotics and celebrates the visionary entrepreneurs and innovators who paved the way for the advancements in industrial automation we see today.

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ABB’s fifty-year story of robotic innovation that began in 1974 with the sale of the world’s first commercial all-electric robot, the IRB 6. Björn Weichbrodt was a key figure in the development of the IRB 6.

Interview with Björn Weichbrodt from 2013. Björn was a key figure in the history of ABB Robotics. He led the robot division for many years and drove the development of IRB 6, which was released in 1974 as the first fully electric industrial robot.

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