Cutting-Edge Humanoid Robots and Technologies Poised to Replace Human Workers | Top Picks for the Winter – Video

Cutting-Edge Humanoid Robots and Technologies Poised to Replace Human Workers | Top Picks for the Winter – Video

In 2022, the first humanoid cashier robot named Danasha was introduced by the company Promobot. This robot was a part of a cyber cafeteria with a robot named Dunyasha, which was created based on the Robo C2 companion robot. The Dunyasha robot had a movable face, head, neck, and functional hands, which allowed it to interact with customers, pour coffee, pick up objects, and engage in conversation. The cafeteria package included a freezer for making soft ice cream, a machine for preparing carbonated drinks, a coffee machine, and robotic manipulator arms. The company used new servo drives for the robot’s hand, and a new technology for manufacturing silicone skin with greater elasticity.

The company also introduced a modification of the Robo C companion robot with functional movable arms. This robot can pour coffee, pick up objects, and perform various hand movements. Furthermore, Promobot has begun the development and production of functional legs for the humanoid robot. The company has already gained recognition for its humanoid robots, which work in 43 countries worldwide, replacing or complementing traditional staff in various roles.

In addition to Promobot’s robots, other companies such as OpenAI and 1X have also introduced advanced humanoid robots that are capable of performing tasks autonomously. OpenAI has invested more than $125 million in their project, and their robots, known as Eve robots, can perform various actions under the control of neural networks.

The video also discusses other technological advancements, such as a fabric that transforms into a digital screen, a lightweight electric air vehicle called Helix, an affordable open-source hardware system for autonomous mobile robots called Mobile Aloha, and a robot hair washing system designed for the elderly and bedridden population.

Furthermore, the article mentions a groundbreaking achievement by researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who have successfully 3D printed living human brain tissues for studying the functions of the human brain and various neurological disorders.

These technological advancements in robotics and other fields demonstrate the rapid progression of innovation and the potential for robots and advanced technologies to replace or complement human labor in various industries.

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Video Transcript

The first humanoid cashier robot named danasha has captured the hearts of millions of men around the world in 2022 the company promobot introduced a cyber cafeteria with a robot named dunyasha the robot was created based on the rooc C2 companion robot with a movable face head neck and functional hands that help

The device interact with the interlocutor gesture pour coffee pick up objects up to 1 kg and perform various movements the cashier robot can suggest buying ice cream soda or coffee while waiting for an order the robot is capable of engaging in conversation discussing news or suggesting taking a

Joint selfie the cyber cafe package includes a freezer for making soft ice cream a machine for preparing carbonated drinks and a coffee machine these modules are equipped with robotic manipulator arms there is also a self-service terminal and a hyper realistic cashier robot for communicating with the customer when placing an order the developers

Explained that they used a new type of Servo drives for the robot’s hand in this version dunyasha also has a wide range of micro expression adjustments allowing the robot to express emotions more vividly a new technology for manufacturing silicone skin with greater elasticity was used in creating the robot Additionally the company promobot

Introduced a modification of its companion robot Robo C with functional movable arms each Robo arm has eight Motors and 12 degrees of freedom it can pour coffee gesture pickup objects and perform various hand movements the company specified that Dynamic stabilization systems Servo drives and hand control rollers will form the basis

For developing functional legs for the humanoid robot promobot has already begun their development and production the company gained recognition in August 2021 when it unveiled the first version of the humanoid robot Robo C capable of moving facial muscles engaging in conversation and answering questions promobot was founded in 2015 in the

Russian city of perm its robots work in 43 countries worldwide as administrators promoters Consultants guides replacing or complimenting traditional staff humanoid robots funded by the company open AI have learned to perform a variety of tasks autonomously thanks to their connection to neural networks the humanoid manufacturer 1X has

Introduced the eve robots which are trained to perform tasks using the method of end-to-end learning the company open AI has invested more than $125 million in the project so far in a video Eve robots perform various actions without any human intervention solely under the control of neural networks

They open doors maneuver through narrow passages connect themselves to charging stations tidy up items and pick up scattered toys in the near future 1X plans to expand the team of developers and increase the number of robots for platform testing to 300 units the 1X humanoid robots in the video appear

Physically weaker compared to robots like Tesla figure Sanctuary or agility the company has trained 30 Eve bots on a range of individual tasks using imitation learning through video and teleoperation they Ed learned behavior models to perform specific tasks to train the basic model capable of performing a wide range of actions then

This basic model was fine-tuned considering the capabilities of the specific environment such as Warehouse tasks or general door manipulations the final step involves training the Bots for specific business tasks meaning creating sequences of certain actions Chinese scientists have invented a new fabric of the future thanks to this Innovative technology clothing

Transforms into a digital screen capable of displaying text and images special electroluminescent fibers are woven into the fabric when an electric current passes through them they light up at specific points like a regular screen this fabric is just as comfortable as traditional ones it is lightweight breathable and can conform to the body’s

Contours it can be washed folded and stretched without damaging the display the development team envisions that their invention will be useful for people who cannot easily Ed smartphones such as Polar researchers geologists and people in various professions instead of a phone they can see information directly on their clothing and interact

With it through touch let’s move on to other news California based startup pivotal unveiled the Helix a lightweight electric air vehicle at the international Electronics exhibition CES 2024 it is designed for short recreational solo flights and is suitable for people who are not too tall or massive to operate this device a

Short course will be required but no pilot’s license will be needed the main advantage of Helix is the absence of the need for certification from the United States Federal Aviation Administration weighing less than 158 kg the device falls into the ultralite category of aircraft they can fly anywhere except

Densely populated areas and airports it can be operated by people aged 18 and above weighing no more than 100 kg and with a height not exceeding 195 cm Helix has a limited range the battery charge lasts for 20 minutes and it takes approximately 75 minutes to recharge

From 20% to 100% the device is available in three configurations pre-orders for all three versions are already open for us residents with the base model priced at $190,000 deliveries are promised to commence in June of this year robotics researchers from Stanford University have introduced mobile Aloha an affordable open- Source Hardware

System for the autonomous operation of mobile buy manual robots training the system to perform tasks successfully requires only about 50 demonstrations achieving an 80% success rate after this human operators are no longer needed similar robotic systems performing complex manipulation tasks were previously limited to stationary activities lacking the mobility and

Agility required for practical everyday tasks mobile mobile Aloha is designed so that its manipulators can easily coordinate with primary actions this approach enabled it to autonomously perform tasks such as frying and serving shrimp opening a two-door wall cabinet for kitchen utensil storage calling and entering an elevator and rinsing a dirty

Frying pan from the kitchen faucet the robot’s training involved a combination of Direct Control and observation for instance to teach it to cook shrimp it was remotely controlled 20 times with slight variations this approach allowed the robot to understand different methods of solving the same task the machine also received data from previous

Training sessions involving other robots with different routine tasks one might encounter in a kitchen this Collaborative Learning helped the robot acquire the necessary skills to work effectively in a restaurant interestingly the entire setup including a webcam and a consumer level laptop with a graphics processor costs about $32,000 significantly cheaper than

Ready-made bu manual robots that can cost $200,000 Engineers have yet to devise an electronic replacement for hair stylists but they have come up with a way to save time on your next visit to the salon designed for Japan’s growing elderly and bedridden population the device consists of a reclining chair and a computerized

Wash basin the machine incorporates robot hand technology with 16 mechatronic magic fingers that rinse and wash hair it also remembers each user’s individual data such as head shape and massage preferences according to a Panasonic release a moving arm in the machine first scans your head in 3D to

Determine its shape and the optimal amount of force to use while shampooing next the robot 6 fingers gently massage your scalp while a three motor arm moves back and forth and four sensors ensure a delicate touch each arm contains a trio of Motors to power swing press and

Massage motions ensuring a range of versatile movements scientists have successfully 3D printed living human brain tissues for the first time researchers from the University of Wisconsin Madison printed tissues of the brain’s cortex and striatum on a 3D printer these living cell assemblies grow and function like real tissues however they are not

Intended for transplantation but for for studying the functions of the human brain and various neurological disorders researchers say the secret to their success lies in the special density of bioin and horizontal printing which allows cells to receive oxygen and nutrients this 3D printed brain model will help study various neurological

Diseases and pathologies of the nervous system including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases professor of neurobiology and neurology at the waysman center suchin Jang says it will allow scientists to understand how cells and parts of the brain interact in humans he believes that the achievement of his team will change the scientific

View on stem cell biology neurobiology and the pathogenesis of many neurological and psychiatric disorders Medical Technology startup forward has introduced care pods self-service medical cabins with artificial intelligence these pods conduct a comprehensive body scan of the patient collect samples for analysis and then create a personalized observation and treatment plan according to forward

Patients can enter these white cuboid spaces and access a wide range of Medical Services by selecting them on a touchcreen screen these Services include biometric body scanning needle-free blood collection for General analysis weight monitoring and diabetes screening the ability to assess the patient’s heart thyroid kidneys and liver is also

Mentioned the pods are equipped for diagnosing diseases such as covid-19 and HIV and will also offer monitoring of mental health issues developers promise that over time the technology will become more advanced forward plans to create applications that can provide prenatal care expanded cancer screenings and genetic analysis to identify a

Patient’s risk of developing hereditary diseases the goal of care pods is to make Primary Medical Care More accessible it is anticipated that access to these mini clinics will be provided through a monthly subscription of $99 despite the widespread Prejudice that the main producers of Robotics on the planet are Asian countries

Particularly Japan and South Korea Iran has managed to introduce its latest version of a humanoid robot to the world the device was developed within the walls of the center of advanced systems and Technologies at the University of Tron and is capable of Performing unique operations that bring the mechanism

Closer to humans the human-like robot s fully designed by Iranian developers is able to write its name balance on one leg grasp a water bottle drill a wall and even take selfies with anyone interested as claimed by the portal Dr agil yusfi coma a professor of mechanical engineering

Leading the research group that worked on creating the robot believes that one of the most important principles in the development of future artificial intelligence is improving the robot’s interaction with the environment despite the fact that Serena 4 cannot engage in parkour like the robot Atlas from Boston Dynamics once did the device

Can balance better than before interact with a larger number of objects and is capable of Performing most tasks that an average person could do the developers claim that the appearance of the robot they created can represent a symbol of technological progress towards peace and Humanity scientists from Duke University

And Harvard Medical School have developed a new method called Deep penetrating acoustic volumetric printing this technique and enables the introduction of liquid biocompatible inks into the human body and subsequently printing necessary tissues and even implants right on the spot using ultrasound it is a kind of 3D printing carried out directly within the

Body after printing the desired object the remaining ink can be removed using a syringe depending on the goals both stable and biodegradable materials can be used for printing the researchers have already tested the method on a goat printing a section of its heart and they have also successfully reconstructed a

Portion of a chicken bone using this technique in a third application the scientist printed hydrogels for the controlled delivery of chemotherapy drugs within liver tissues engineer will cogley has 3D printed an incredibly realistic human heart that is virtually indistinguishable from a live one will cley’s extremely realistic 3D printed

Heart is powered by three Servo Motors under Arduino control while essential for Life few of us have seen a beating heart in real life given that this normally involves some sort of trauma or radical corrective surgery this is certainly for the best however if you want an extremely realistic working

Model of this important organ will cogley shows how he created his own the amazing animatronic is cast out of silicone then covered in some sort of fake blood inside two servos push the bottom left and right sides of the heart out in an offset sinusoidal pattern then

Snap back as quickly as possible a third Servo pushes the top of the heart out following the motion of the bottom two and completing the beating effect the 3D printed device is controlled by an Arduino micro board along with an outof fruit i2c Servo driver and user interface is provided by a potentiometer

To vary the heartbeat speed power is supplied via a cable from the back which allows it to sit on a table or in one’s hands without ruining the effect if that’s too realistic for your taste cogi also built a much simpler model using only a motor or crank mechanism to

Incrementally push out sections of the heart this is housed in a cloth heart-shaped enclosure and battery powered making it more of a light-hearted joke than a realistic or terrifying prop but an ultra realistic heart is not the only achievement engineer will cogle can boast of this skilled Craftsman also prints

Frighteningly realistic animatronic eyes on a 3D printer the key to making highquality animatronics is in lifelike movement and realistic finishes you could have the most sophisticated actuator controls and mechanisms in the world but the effect will be ruined if your character looks like dummy conversely you could have a character

That looks extremely lifelike when it’s still but that immediately falls into The Uncanny Valley as soon as it moves the eyes are one of the most important parts of the puzzle in that regard and YouTuber will cogley is making a series of videos to teach you how to make disturbingly realistic animatronic eyes

In these videos cogi is demonstrating both how to make the eyeballs and how to actuate them using affordable components and 3D printed mechanisms all of the mechanical Parts can be printed on any fused filament fabrication 3D printer the American Aerospace Corporation ARA space Corporation has created the first functioning prototype

Of a device similar to the hoverboard from the movie Back to the Future Part Two the arcaboard hoverboard can hover above any surface at a height of up to 30 cm the hoverboard flies thanks to the thrust generated by 36 engines their total power exceeds 270 horsepower allowing them to support a passenger

Weighing up to 110 kg however in terms of performance this device is far from perfect a full charge lasts only 6 minutes of flight the charging process takes a whole 6 hours but it can be reduced to 35 minutes by purchasing a docking station the hoverboard weighs

More than 80 kg the speed it can reach is up to 20 kmph the arcaboard can be controlled both by body movement and Via a smartphone according to the developer the board is made from materials used in the Aerospace industry this development costs about $20,000 Manu ufacturers are diligently working on improving their

Invention they sincerely believe that in the future the arcaboard will not only replace Urban transportation for many but also become a popular sport it is entirely possible that in a decade or so hoverboarding will gather stadiums full of Spectators eager to watch athletes perform aerial acrobatics Belgian startup Eve has

Announced the willow X Robot designed to serve as both a gardener and a security guard this multi-functional robot can Harvest crops dispose of waste and even deter Intruders on on the property equipped with onboard cameras and artificial intelligence the machine identifies and removes weeds from flower beds placing them in a waste container

For storage and eventual disposal or recycling into fertilizers the robot relies on surveillance systems using a 4k camera mapping obstacle detection and can operate for up to 6 hours without recharging its motor is designed to navigate slopes with a curvature of up to 25° the price of the willow X Robot is

$4,400 researchers at the suzumori Endor robotics laboratory at the Tokyo Institute of Technology have a different take on robotics in the form of a musculosceletal robot that moves like a human essentially a fake skeleton covered in a bunch of cables the musculosceletal robot is powered by artificial multifilament muscles that

Function like real human muscles when electrical current flows through them basically the fake muscles can contract and expand similar to a real human’s movements thanks to the electrical current even enabling the skeleton’s head to move around realistically the muscle bands are controlled by an electric current allowing the fire

Fibers to contract like human muscles at the moment the suzumori endoh humanoid can’t support itself but the robot’s legs do contain the exact same number of muscles that a real human being’s legs use to walk the researchers hope that as technology advances and the musculosceletal robot progresses it will

Eventually be able to walk on its own and self-balance similar to The Atlas robot the flying electric Transformer car ASA A5 has received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration and the US Department of Motor Vehicles the ASA A5 is a powerful electric Transformer car with a flight range of

400 km and a top speed of 240 kmph what sets this four-wheeled vehicle apart is its ability to transform into a six- motor airplane with a single press of a button the ASA A5 model is priced at $789,000 and distinguishes itself from previous models as a larger more powerful and comfortable four-seater car

Comparable in size to an SUV equipped with large wings for cruising and propellers with adjustable tilt the ASA A5 achieves its flight range and speed through a hybrid transmission with an extended range the vehicle requires a relatively short runway for takeoff the Asuka A5 has received limited FAA certification required for flight tests

Which the company claims are already underway Additionally the vehicle has DMV approval for road travel the company is currently working on certification with the national highway traffic safety administration after successful tests the FAA certificate for commercial sales will be obtained as of now Asa has received more than 60 pre-orders and $50

Million in deposits from customers to secure their orders according to the company’s website the A5 model is expected to be ready for commercial production in 2026 pending all necessary certifications KTV working drone has created a novel more effective and secure method of cleaning high-rise windows that are also thought to be

Quicker and less expensive drones will revolutionize the facade and Window Cleaning Market with drones working 5 to 10 times faster than current methods for facade and Window Cleaning KTV working drone solves the job in a very efficient way and you don’t need lifts and facade climbers the Drone uses a clean water

System with special nozzles water pressure and heat to be able to clean without mechanical or physical contact with the use of drones KTV group carries out maintenance and Condominiums and housing associations much faster and customers achieve significantly lower prices the Drone has been extensively tested and commercialized for use with

Window and facade cleaning and has been used operationally since 2020 by the KTV group in Norway what do you think about this unusual way of cleaning windows of high-rise buildings share your opinion in the comments let’s talk about animatronics and why are they already Among Us animatronics are robot characters that

Look and move like living creatures they are created to impress people and evoke admiration they are often used in the entertainment industry movies amusement parks and other places where impressive entities are needed but can animatronics think and feel inside animatronics there are mechanisms and Motors that control movements and articulation allowing them

To perform various tasks additionally electronic systems sensors and software are used to control the actions of animatronics the materials used to create animatronics are diverse including metal plastic rubber or other suitable materials that provide strength flexibility and realistic movements the skins of animatronics are usually covered with soft materials such as

Silicone to create a natural appearance and texture animatronics can mimic various types of creatures from animals and birds to monsters robots and even humans special effects sound signals and lighting details are also often integrated into animatronics to enhance the realism and create a unique atmosphere scientists acknowledge the significance of animatronics in the

Entertainment industry and other areas where they are applied animatronics can create amazing Visual and interactive effects captivating and engaging the audience they can be used for educational purposes in medicine and in other fields where visualization and demonstration of specific Concepts or processes are required however it should be noted that animatronics do not

Possess their own Consciousness or awareness they are programmable machines that perform predefined tasks and movements they lack emotions or the ability for independent thought in this aspect scientists agree that animatronics are technological tools and artificial constructs scientists also view animatronics in terms of their potential applications and development they explore possibilities for improving

Animatronics incorporating new technologies and developing more complex systems capable of creating even more realistic and interactive characters in the future animatronic creators plan to use artificial intelligence to enable them to react to their environment perform more complex tasks and resemble us even more a future where machines can resemble living creatures has already

Arrived and with the development of neural networks robots may become part of society replacing humans and service industry or substituting animals in zoos thanks to robots we may travel back to the Jurassic period and witness how real dinosaurs looked Advanced Technologies will allow people to recreate prehistoric creatures so realistically

That we may not be able to distinguish them from living beings one example of future animatronic robots is rocket one of the main characters in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy The Bold and furry Creature from the famous movie is loved by both children and adults in the

Film the character was brought to life using computer graphics and at Disney California Adventure Park his animatronic counterpart performed successfully just like on the big screen the Charming rocket speaks with the voice of Bradley Cooper the animatronic robot looks remarkably authentic and is on par with its animated counterpart the

Incredibly impressive animatronic head was created to promote the Seaman biograph MMR medical system by the special effects development company Legacy effects the body part looks frighteningly realistic and the facial expressions are nearly indistinguishable from Human ones earlier Legacy effects staff were involved in developing animatronic creatures for various cinematic masterpieces including

Dinosaurs for the film Jurassic world this unique robot will make police work much safer the robot called goet is attached to a police car using a holder that extends forward directly to the driver’s window allowing the officer and the driver to communicate without leaving their vehicles go between is

Equipped with a screen webcam signature tablet and a small printer that can print necessary documents such as a traffic citation here’s how it works once the officer’s car is parked behind the stopped vehicle go between approaches the driver’s window becoming the officer eyes ears and voice at the

Same time a spiked strip automatically deploys in front of the rear wheels of the vehicle preventing it from driving away until the traffic stop is completed this approach will make police work more convenient and safer while also preventing potential accidents DJI has introduced the first drone in its lineup of delivery drones

The fly card 30 which can transport cargo either in an onboard case or by suspending it on a winch the choice of Transport method depends on the landing site specifically whether the Drone can land there or if it needs to lower the cargo on the winch the Drone is equipped

With eight mushroom shaped propellers distributed among four arms with two sets on each arm in the standard configuration with two batteries the Drone can carry a payload of 30 kg over a distance of up to 16 km at a speed of 72 kmph if the Drone operates with only

One battery its payload capacity increases to 40 kg but the flight range decreases to 8 km the fly card 30 can fly in moderate rain and operate in temperatures ranging from -20 to + 45° C an engineer for the Q named Sergey gorv made a one-of-a-kind and fully

Functional bicycle that rides as normal even thought the back wheel is two halves of a wheel separated a bicycle with split Wheels doesn’t differ much from a regular bicycle in fact it smoothly rides through the streets and even overcomes obstacles without collisions what makes it unique is the

Placement of the rear wheel instead of a regular single rear wheel the rear wheel is split in half forming an incomplete Circle the bicycle with split Wheels rides perfectly well on any terrain on flat surfaces and on high and low surfaces with such a bicycle you can easily descend stairs however weight is

One of the main drawbacks of this bicycle design storing a bicycle with split Wheels requires more space the video shows that the split wheel performs its task although it requires a wider bicycle frame to accommodate the two halves of the wheel beam is a telepresence robotic system developed by suitable

Technologies that can teleport you to a remote location allowing you to move around and communicate with people the robot is easy to control and features a large display to enhance user communication the beam pro model can operate for up to 8 hours on a single charge after which it autonomously

Returns to the docking station it has a 17-in screen one HD camera with 3x Zoom a navigation camera one speaker and seven microphones precise navigation enables the robot to navigate around obstacles and locate specific people in a building users can control the robot using a computer tablet or smartphone

Moving around and interacting with the environment through the control interface face it stands at 134 cm tall weighs around 30 kg and has a maximum speed of 2 kmph the price ranges from $2,000 to $155,000 depending on the model Mercedes also unveiled an electric off-road concept of the G-Class at CES

2024 featuring a unique technology called crabwalk allowing it to rotate in place this Innovation relies on four Independent Electric Motors the electric G-Class concept with the ability to rotate in place does not have an official Market release date yet however Mercedes-Benz plans to start production of the electric G-Class in 2024 in

Addition the company introduced a car that can communicate with people and express emotions the virtual assistant mbux is the most human-like interface ever seen in Mercedes-Benz Vehicles it uses artificial intelligence and 3D Graphics to make conversations more natural effortless and enjoyable the mbu virtual assistant can display four different emotions depending on the

Situation and your needs it can also use Smart Technologies to understand your preferences and assist you accordingly for example suggesting the optimal temperature or suitable music for your mood the mbux virtual assistant can be activated by voice gesture or touch and it responds to commands in a natural

Language some say this robot is too humanlike and that’s unsettling others claim he is too far from being human making people feel uncomfortable around him but the fact remains the jibbo robot has stirred quite a buzz in text Circles of course the robot cannot truly feel but it remarkably expresses emotions and

Can re recognize and evoke them in others it doesn’t have arms or legs essentially being an electronic brained acoustic system that can be placed anywhere standing at 28 cm in height with a 5.7 in touchscreen in the place where a face would usually be inside it houses a speaker phone motion sensors

Cameras and recognition systems by turning its head the robot can recognize people entering the room and adjust its communication style accordingly it can serve as a screen for video calls a system for remote presence and simultaneously act as an assistant it’s peculiar mind incorporates elements of induction and deduction noticing crumbs

On your clothes it will deduce that you’ve been eating and might even suggest brushing them off like a True Companion robots like these could be a Gateway for many to transition from the virtual world to the real one people addicted to their smartphones might perceive jibbo as a connecting link

Between social networks and real life interaction Archer has completed the first phase of flight test of its Air Taxi midnight this Advanced electric aircraft seems poised to revolutionize Urban Air Travel after successfully undergoing unmanned mode testing if all goes according to plan crude flights are expected to begin by the end of 2024

With the company aiming to obtain model certification and launch commercial operations by 2025 analysts appear divided on the company’s prospects giving Archer only a 50% chance of success but Archer seems optimistic as they are already preparing for certification tests under the Federal Aviation Administration FAA program these preliminary tests are crucial to

Prepare the air taxi for the critical flight suitability examination without which commercial launch is not feasible judging from the company’s released video the Archer midnight Air Taxi is already impressive in its capabilities during the first phase of testing the aircraft successfully took off landed and performed basic Maneuvers however

The most significant transition to horizontal flight with rotor rotation at the Leading Edge of the Wings is yet to be tested if all goes smoothly the Archer midnight Air Taxi promises to revolutionize short Urban flights with a range of 30 to 80 km with a full charge

The aircraft can cover up to 160 k km at speeds of up to 241 kmph accommodating up to four passengers Dutch engineer bruan burgmaster has combined an electric bike with a treadmill and named his invention lapit this Innovative mode of transportation will appeal to those who love running outdoors in Parks or on

Tracks rather than in gyms with the help of an electric motor minimal effort and energy are required to move this hybrid similar to walking or regular biking in a park as the cyclist steps on the lapa fit a generator is activated producing electricity the electric motor powered by this electricity drives the rear

Wheel the speed can be adjusted using gear shifts and when going downhill the motor can be fully disengaged allowing for freewheeling using the brake the Dutch electric bike lapa fit will be available in five colors with a battery life of up to 55 km on a single

Charge click bot is a robot designed for teenagers by kiy Tech this technological Marvel not only entertains but also educates its owner on relevant topics such as Robotics and and programming the robot’s design was crafted by professional animator Carlos Bina known for his work at the renowned Pixar

Animation Studio where he contributed to the creation of characters like Cosmo and Vector click bot consists of several blocks including the brain with a display camera and sensors as well as a skeleton and Joints the robot can be moved using wheels or pads with pressure sensors control of this assistant robot

Is done through the click-bot mobile app available for both IOS and Android the price of the robot starts at $500 the humanoid robot digit from agility robotics has learned to understand commands in natural language the company has previously conducted experiments with chat GPT and now Engineers have

Once again announced the use of an unspecified large language model to see the physical embodiment of artificial intelligence for the experiment the robot was placed in an environment with towers made of various boxes the robot knew the differences between the boxes but had no idea what to do with them

Then Engineers started giving commands like take the box of the color of Darth Vader’s lightsaber and place it on on the highest pedestal and observe the robot’s response the robot would think and strategize its actions while the neural network in the chat would provide commentary this is roughly what the future may look

Like Japanese company Kawasaki has unveiled the second generation of its cargo drone the K raser featuring a 300 horsepower engine this is not just a drone it’s a true cargo Giant in the world of unmanned aerial Vehicles during testing the K racer effortlessly lifted a 200 kg load attached to a cable into

The air the first version K rer X1 made its debut in 2020 and in 2021 Kawasaki showcased its capabilities in loading and unloading cargo using a robotic system completely eliminating the risk of contact with rotating blades the X2 model the subsequent generation features a more traditional helicopter design

With an increased rotor diameter of 7 m it has abandoned the wings and additional pulling propellers present in the X1 as a result the payload capacity has doubled now the K rer X2 can lift up to 200 kg at sea level the maximum speed is not specified but according to

Kawasaki statements the range is about 100 km and the maximum autonomous operating time is approximately 1 hour Oro is a smart robot that can look after your furry friend the AI powered pet robot Oro takes care of your beloved pet while you are away unveiled at the CES 2024 exhibition this new robot

Promises to provide communication comfort and play for household pets when their owners are not at home the company’s founder explained that oo is created using Advanced artificial intelligence the built-in dispenser provides treats to the pet upon the owner’s command and a separate automatic bowl dispenses food on a schedule or

Command to maintain the feeding routine the smart pet buddy features a two-way audio and video screen allowing pet owners to interact with their dog remotely Oro can also navigate autonomously within the house using an enhanced camera and lar based mapping system to follow your puppy and provide

You with updates on what’s Happening the new dog companion robot Oro is priced at $799 and shipments will begin in April of this year unfortunately the K5 robot didn’t have much luck as a police officer after only 6 months on duty with the New York Police Department the robot was

Disgracefully dismissed for being unfit for service what’s surprising isn’t that but the specific complaints about the poor bot among them the lack of legs for navigating stairs and the absence of arms for apprehending offenders both factors were known in advance so what’s the issue apparently the benefits of its

Work namely facial recognition and verbal recommendations didn’t outweigh the hassle after all to protect the robot from attacks and essentially Falls several police officers were constantly accompanying the metallic robot the startup night scope which developed the K5 stated that the current version is a prototype and will be improved however

The disappointed police chief and mayor of New York do not want to hear anything more about robots for now it’s worth recalling that earlier the K5 gained notoriety when working as a security guard at a shopping center it ended up drowning in a fountain at C CES 2024 in Las Vegas LG

Unveiled a compact bipedal AI robot named smart home AI agent LG positions the robot as a versatile home manager and companion the robot is built on the Qualcomm robotics rb5 platform which integrates hardware and software to support multimodal AI capabilities this intriguing device can recognize faces and voices identify the emotions of

People around it and engage in dialogue equipped with a camera in its face as well as a speaker microphone and various sensors the smart home AI agent interacts with the surrounding environment by listening speaking and navigating according to LG the robot can greet homeowners at the front door analyze their moods and respond

Accordingly additionally LG stated that the robot can analyze indoor air quality and measure air temperature for the first time cced introduced the world’s first folding TV the N1 at the CES 2024 exhibition this TV can be placed in front of a glass window or a wall without any restrictions its easy installation and

Practical design adapt to the user needs transforming the space into a multi-functional entertainment and social environment creating incredible moments for family and guests when a screen is needed the mesmerizing sculpture under goes a complete metamorphosis rising and unfolding as if by Magic the n1tv is the world’s first

Product of its kind not just a modular solution it has a rotation of up to 180° fully automatic opening taking 60 seconds to reach a height of 7.8 Ft the micro LED panels silently unfold over the next 25 seconds with built-in sound a comprehensive control system and adaptive Gap calibration to ensure 100%

Seamless image quality when not in use the TV discretely folds back into the base resembling a sculpture or a piece of luxurious Furniture iic is a new type of robot with emotional intelligence that takes social interaction between people and robots to a new level it makes your life

Easier and becomes your companion when you need it ilic is the perfect companion for children and adults who love pets games and smart robots with a wide range of emotions animations and interactive features when it meets another robot of the same kind and connects with it they will communicate

Play and even fight or argue the robot is made of durable plastic in the form of a rounded figure standing on a flat base which can rotate and perform various movements I’s arms move and you can determine its mood and feelings by its face represented by a small

Graphical display as well as the sounds it makes amusing laughter crying babbling sneezing and more the robot is equipped with several sensors that allow it to sense impacts vibrations and Tes each triggering a corresponding reaction for example a gentle tap on the side of its head will display swirling stars on

Its face while a tap from above will make it scream and cry iik is afraid of thunder and loud sounds can startle him however he enjoys music and loves to dance to it gentle stroking is well received immediately manifesting as a satisfied smile and cute giggling the average price of the robot is $250

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