NASA Scientists Express Concerns About Black Holes in Milky Way – Video

NASA Scientists Express Concerns About Black Holes in Milky Way – Video

NASA scientists have been studying black holes in the Milky Way galaxy with great interest and concern. A black hole is formed when a star dies and collapses with such immense gravitational force that even light cannot escape its grasp. These mysterious objects are undetectable since no light can escape from them, making them invisible to the naked eye.

Through years of research and advancements in technology, NASA has been able to provide visualizations of 22 black holes in our galaxy and its neighboring galaxy, the large megalan Cloud. These visual representations show the massive scale and different temperatures of these dark objects, with some accretion discs formed around them.

In addition to studying black holes, NASA is also preparing for the cosmic collision between the Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies, which is expected to occur in about 5 billion years. This collision will result in the formation of a single elliptical galaxy, bringing about significant changes in the structure of our galactic neighborhood.

As NASA continues its exploration and research into these celestial phenomena, the future of space exploration looks promising with projects like the Gateway space station around the Moon. Collaborative efforts between various countries and space agencies are paving the way for exciting advancements in space science and technology. The mysteries of the universe are vast and intriguing, and NASA’s dedication to unraveling these mysteries is truly commendable.

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Video Transcript

Welcome to you curious your ultimate hangout for many science documentaries black holes the dark abyss at the center of every Galaxy with such powerful gravity that even light cannot Escape has peaked the interest of scientists all over the world stars that are born with a mass greater than 20

Times that of the sun end up collapsing into black holes a black hole is generated when a star dies with such a strong gravitational field that stuff is crushed into the little region underneath it trapping the dead stars light because matter is crammed into such a small space the gravity is

Extremely powerful people cannot perceive black holes because no light can escape they are undetectable with his general theory of relativity Albert Einstein predicted the existence of black holes in 1916 many years later in 1967 American astronomer John Wheeler invented the term black hole the first real black hole was discovered

In 1971 after Decades of only knowing about them as theoretical objects since then NASA has been investigating these strange objects in great detail in order to better understand their nature and role in the evolution of galaxies visualizations of 22 such objects in our Milky Way galaxy and its

Nearest neighbor the large megalan Cloud have now been provided by NASA the visual Engineers had to speed up the orbital motion of these dark objects by approximately 22,000 times to visualize them and the viewing angles replicate how we see them from Earth the colors of the Stars range from blue white to

Reddish signifying temperatures that are five times hotter to 45% colder than our sun a jet of star from the Star produces an accretion disc around the black hole in most of these scenarios in certain cases such as the renowned sigus X1 system the star creates a large outflow

That is swept up by the black hool’s gravity and forms the disc because they have even higher temperatures than the Stars the accretion discs have a different color palette NASA’s graphical representation depicts black holes on a scale that reflects their masses all of which are substantially larger than they

Are in reality what do you guys think drop in your comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to you curious ultimate space for science news and many documentaries today we will talk about a merger like none other a galactic merger between the Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies the Andromeda galaxy is the

Closest spiral galaxy to the Milky Way it is only visible as a fuzzy patch of light in the dark skies and can be seen only if one is consciously looking for it the Andromeda and the Milky Way while engaging in a cosmic dance will collide the Andromeda galaxy is already in

Transit and hurtling towards the Milky Way at a speed of 70 mi3 km/s the two galaxies are 2.5 million light years from each other and hence the Collision is likely to occur 5 billion years from now and new research done on Project Amiga absorption maps of ionized gas in Andromeda in which the

Hubble Space Telescope was used has confirmed this news NASA has called this the most comprehensive study of the Halo surrounding a Galaxy this is because all galaxies are ins sconed within Galactic Halos filled with gas dust and stray stars are not easily visible and hence difficult to investigate but these astronomers were

Able to measure the size of the Andromeda galaxy by examining the amount of light it absorbed from the background quazar surprisingly they found that the andromeda’s Halo goes far beyond its visible boundaries in fact they discovered that it goes as much as half the distance to our Milky Way while

Astronomers are finding it difficult to measure the characteristics of the Milky Ways Halo they believe that it would be very similar to that of the Andromeda given their apparent likeness and therefore they came to the conclusion that the faint Halos of the Galaxies have started to touch one another

Inevitably setting in motion the path towards a collision a series of studies show that rather than simply bypassing each other like most Cosmic collisions do Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies will in fact merge to form a single elliptical galaxy however these two galaxies are not going to be the only ones playing

The game one large galaxy in the local group of galaxies or our neighboring galaxies in the rough distance of about 5 million light years of space called the triangulum Galaxy will also join in although the triangulum may not join the actual merger it may at some point

Strike the Milky Way while it is busy undergoing the cosmic Collision often when collisions happen galaxies simply pass each other like two ghosts at night this is so because the Stars within the galaxies are so far apart that collisions are almost nearly impossible when andrometer and Milky Way will

Collide there will be consequences it is predicted that the sun will be thrown in a new region of our galaxy excluding planetary engineering by the time the two galaxies Collide the surface of the Earth will have already become far too hot for liquid water to exist ending all terrestrial life that is currently

Estimated to occur in about 3.75 billion years due to gradually increasing Luminosity of the Sun what a majestic sight it will be to behold sadly none of us will be alive to watch The Cosmic dance but we are glad in a way too as Humanity prepares to return to the Moon

It is evident that we are not going back as visitors but as colonists sure the Artemis program’s initial missions will be confined to Landing astronauts and returning them home but in the long term we are targeting permanent bases around and on the surface of the Moon for the first

Time in history future trips to Mars are expected to use a lunar Outpost as a stepping stone because it will be far easier to launch them from there than from Earth will most likely require devices both in orbit around the spacecraft and on the dusty surface to do this for the time

Being the hardware that will float around the Moon is called Gateway the power and propulsion element was supposed to launch this year as the American space agency had predicted back in 2018 but it is clear now that won’t happen delays are to be expected in space exploration they go hand in hand the

Launch of the James web telescope for example was repeatedly postponed for more than 14 years but don’t even think for a second that NASA has abandoned the Gateway project to remind us of this NASA issued a graphic this week depicting each and every component of what promises to be a historically

Significant space station as well as their producers the Orion spacecraft which will carry humans to the station will be built and operated by NASA while the European Space Agency will contribute the European service module the refueler Elon Musk SpaceX is in charge of launching the station’s components Northrup grman will build the

Habitation and Logistics Outpost Halo and SpaceX will build the logistics module Gateway is a multimodule space station that will be launched into orbit around the Moon it will serve as a staging point for excursions to the Luna surface as well as an orbital platform from which remote Luna surveys will be

Performed it will also have Laboratories for analyzing lunar Rock samples and for conducting other scientific research it’s a collaborative initiative involving the United States 10 European countries Canada and Japan although it may appear to be science fiction it is extremely real and to be honest it’s all pretty cool

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