OpenAI Unveils Latest Models: Updated GPT-4 and Leaked Updates Revealed – Video

OpenAI Unveils Latest Models: Updated GPT-4 and Leaked Updates Revealed – Video

OpenAI Finally Introduces NEW MODELS! (Updated GPT-4) + Leaked Updates

OpenAI has finally released updates to their GPT-3 and GPT-4 models, which are highly anticipated in the tech and AI community. The GPT-3 model has been upgraded to GPT-3.5 turbo, with improved accuracy and lower pricing to make it more accessible for users. This upgrade includes enhancements for responding in requested formats and fixing a bug related to non-English language functional calls.

The more exciting news comes with the new GPT-4 turbo preview model, which aims to reduce cases of laziness and complete tasks like code generation more thoroughly than the previous preview model. OpenAI has also announced that they plan to launch GPT-4 Turbo with vision in general availability in the coming months, showing their commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. The updates also include an updated moderation model and improvements in managing API keys, giving developers more visibility into their usage and control over API keys.

Overall, these updates indicate OpenAI’s dedication to improving their models and providing more accessible and efficient AI technology for developers and users. The significance of these updates lies in the potential for improved performance, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness, which will likely have a significant impact on AI technology and its applications in various industries.

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Video Transcript

So open AI finally released some new things on their base model and that is of course gp4 and this is not clickbait it is not a leak this is an actual release by the openi team so let’s get into everything they did release I mean it isn’t some crazy crazy update but it

Still is pretty important so let’s take a look at the new features so the First new feature that they do talk about was a new GPT 3.5 so they’ve said we’ve updated gbt 3.5 turbo and lower pricing so if you don’t know what gbt 3.5 is

Because you’ve been using gbt 4 so much gbt 3.5 is the base free model that you can use when you go into chat and of course this model is being upgraded so they said next week we introducing a new gbt 3.5 turbo model gbt 3.5 turbo

0125 and for the third time in the past year we will be decreasing prices on gbt 3.5 turbo to help our customers scale input prices for the new model are reduced by 50% to 0.005 Cent per 1,000 tokens and Alpha prices are reduced by 25% to 0.0015 C per 1,000 tokens this model

Will also have various improvements including higher accuracy at responding in requested formats and a fix for a bug which caus a text encoding issue for non-english language functional calls customers using the pinned GPT 3.5 turbo model allias Alias will be automatically upgraded from the gbt 3.5 turbo 0613 to

Gbt 3.5 Turbo 0125 two weeks after this model launches so you can see that the base model of chat gbt 3.5 is going to be upgraded now one thing that would be fascinating is to see where this new version of gbt 3.5 does Benchmark they did say that it’s going to be various

Improvements so they’ve actually talked about the fact that these improvements aren’t actually documented in this blog post because it does say various improvements and they said including higher accuracy at responding in requested format so I think what they’re going to do is they going to try and

Bring up gbt 3.5 to be better than Google’s Gemini Pro because of course as you know Google’s Gemini Pro and Google’s Gemini Ultra have just stolen the Limelight so I’m guessing that this upgraded GPT 3.5 which is still very very good is going to be an updated version that does surpass many other

Open source and other llms on various benchmarks so I wouldn’t be surprised if that is the case now let’s get to some of the juicy stuff and namely the point that many people are going to be looking at and that is of course the new gp4

Model so they said that we’re going to update gp4 turbo so they essentially said that over 70% of the requests from the GPT 4 API customers have transitioned to gp4 Turbo since it’s released as developers take advantage of its updated knowledge cut off larger 128k context window and of course the

Lower prices today we’re releasing an updated GPT for Turbo preview model GPT 0125 preview this model completes tasks like code generation more thoroughly than the previous preview model and is intended to reduce cases of laziness where the model doesn’t complete a task so the thing that is the main focus here

Is of course the reducing of the laziness so something that has been documented and this wasn’t just documented based on user experience but was actually documented in a Stanford study it actually did show that GPT 4 the base version that was released in last year was actually much laser than

The version that we do have now which essentially doesn’t complete tasks as well and it doesn’t do as long Generations now we don’t know why this is but many people are presuming that open AI may have changed the base model because of comput due to the expensiveness of the model and that is

Of course a real thing we know that you know the smarter a model is the bigger it is and the bigger it is the more energy consumption it does take the more compute it takes and because of that um of course we do know that if you got

Millions and millions of people around the world then of course we have something that isn’t really profitable or possible to run so of course essentially what we need to do here is take a look at how this model has evolved how much better it actually is

And if it is like the gbt 4 base version that we did get at launch because I’m sure many of you who did actually interact with that model and did use the model know just how good it was now it will be also interesting to see if code

Generation does actually surpass on some new benchmarks because of course as we do know a lot lot of people do like to do testings on before and after so I’m guessing that a lot of people are going to be doing some tests on the GPT 4

Turbo the one that we have now compared to the new version to see how much better it does on the code generation outputs and it does also say here for those who want to be automatically upgraded to the new GPT 4 Turbo preview versions We are also introducing a new

GPT 4 Turbo preview model named Alias which will always point to our latest GPT 4 Turbo preview model now what was absolutely crazy as well was that they said that we plan to launch gp24 Turbo with vision in general availability in the coming months so I’m guessing that

The API for gp4 Turbo with vision is going to be coming fairly soon so yeah overall what we’ve seen here is that the new turbo model that was announced on devday seems to have taken everyone in terms of the usage so this is the model that everyone is using and of course

They’re updating this model to essentially just be better than it was before now I’m not sure if they’re actually going to put this into the base chat GPT that everyone uses because maybe this one might be more expensive they didn’t actually say that they were reducing any prices of this so I’m

Guessing that perhaps you’re going to have to just use GPT for turbo in either the playground or through the API but maybe they might just roll this out all together but either way this is good and of course this is exactly what we expect when we know open AI are going to do

Releases because they always did talk about the fact that they were going to be doing some very gradual releases when it comes to their product launches now in addition what they did actually talk about was of course the updated moderation model so the free moderation API allows developers to identify

Potentially harmful text as a part of our ongoing safety work re-releasing text moderation 7 our most robust moderation model to dat the text moderation latest and text moderation stable aliases have been updated to point to it and learn more about their safety practice guide now there was also

Something to cover which is of course the API key so they said there are new ways to understand API usage and manage API keys and we are launching two platform improvements to give Developers both more visibility into their usage and control over API keys so firstly developers can now assign permissions to

API keys from the API key page so for example a key could be assigned readon access to power an internal tracking dashboard or restricted only access to certain endpoints and secondly the usage dashboard and usage export function now exposes those metric on an API key level after turning on tracking so essentially

You can view exactly how much that API key is using and you can essentially see that per feature per team per product or project level simply by having separate API keys for each and if you want to know what that dashboard does look like you can take a look over here and this

Is what this dashboard does look like so you can see the top organizations the top API Keys you can see they’ve got a laundry buddy key a playground key and untracked keys and you can start on tracking your keys by creating new usage by creating new keys and then of course

With this updated dashboard so I think this is really really good I think this is really really effective because we’re now going to be seeing exactly where that usage is coming from now of course another thing that we need to do is we need to take a look at some of the

Future features so something that wasn’t exactly announced but it is something that is likely going to be coming is of course the future features in terms of gpts now several people on several forums have been looking at what is in opening eyes code and doing so and in

Doing so they’ve been able to see some of the future features and that’s how we were able to identify the fact that open AI working on a personalization and memory feature for chat gbt now essentially a new feature that they’ve talked about is a of course the ability

To mention a GPT and add it directly into your conversation so I’m guessing what they want is they want us to be able to use multiple gpts in different conversations so here you can see that this person testing catalog um and I’ll leave a link to the original tweet and a

Bunch of other stuff because there is so much information on this so you can see right here that you can say type at to mention a GPT and directly add it into your conversation now remember currently this is a future feature or it might just be a feature that is scrapped all

Together because this is something that is rolled out experimentally meaning that it’s not really confirmed and it’s just in a you know kind of testing phase so essentially what we can see here as well is that when you do type at you can see that we can search recent and pinned

Gpts and the reason that this is going to be I guess you could say something that you want to you know have is because it’s going to add to your workflow so what you might want to do is you might want to use you know filmmaker

GPT to write a script within that chat then you want to add a different you know GP in order to create an image from some things that you’ve been adding and you can you know mix and match in certain different ways and this screenshot right here so for example

Chat gbt now create a banner showing AI which achieved AI in the form of a spear and you can see robocam filmaker GPT is that one there so I mean I think these future features that chat GPT are going to be adding are going to be really

Really cool and I will leave a link to the article which essentially shows you how you know people were able to find these we did actually talk about this in another video I managed to find someone on Twitter who was just digging through the code that gets constantly updated

And that’s how we found the personalization and I’m sure that’s similarly how they found this feature here now let me know how you’re going to be combining these gpts because I think what I might do is I might just you know combine the knowledge of some gpts

Because I think that would be really effective you know for some you know one that are really specialized in marketing and some of the terms and guidelines I think all having it in one context window is going to be a lot better than having to switch switch from a and then

Switch to B that is something that of course you know it’s just going to help your workflow even more but let me know what you think about this I think this update is really good in terms of receiving an actual big updated GPT 4 model I think GPT 4.5 which apparently

May or may not be released very soon will be released if I had to guess after Gemini Ultra does get released depending on when that is some people are speculating that that might be released next week based on the fact that Google said it would be released in the last

Week of January or at least you know near q1 so I’m guessing that you know Google don’t really have that much time left because of course it is a current Race So whilst Google is trying to roll out jite Ultra we don’t know when that

Is I think that for now gpt’s turbo new model is going to have to give us some kind of entertainment in terms of seeing how much less lazy it is because trust me I actually recently did test GPT 4 and how lazy it is and trust me when I

Say it’s incredibly lazy in terms of trying to do certain tasks and for example I had one task task where I literally asked it to do something and it wrote one paragraph and then funnily enough if you do struggle with GPT 4 what I would say for you is to do this

And this has been my secret hack for actually getting great results out of chat GPT so I go over to chat GPT and what I do is I click chat GPT classic the reason I use chat GPT classic is because if we looked at the other gpts

Essentially the problem is is that they have a huge system prompt and that essentially confuses the model so if you want to get the very best out of GPT 4 I would always recommend using chat gbt classic because the other one like you know if we go to you know just standard

Chat gbt and GPT 4 this has Dar browsing and Analysis and it has so many different prompts and things inside of it that it does get very confused sometimes so I would always recommend using chat GPT classic because it is far more effective at giving you results so

With that being said are you guys excited for GPT 4.5 are you excited that open a eyes doing the gradual release are you excited also for gbt 3.5 and are you going to be testing the new bench marks to see exactly how it’s happening are you also excited for the new future

Features potentially of having conversations with multiple gpts you enjoy the video I’ll see you on the next one

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