Morpheus-1’s New “Mind Control AI!” Surprises Everyone with its Prophetic Abilities – Video

Morpheus-1’s New “Mind Control AI!” Surprises Everyone with its Prophetic Abilities – Video

Prophetic’s New “Mind Control AI!” SHOCKS Everyone! (Morpheus -1)

The video titled “Prophetic’s New ‘Mind Control AI!’ SHOCKS Everyone! (Morpheus -1)” introduces a revolutionary product called prophetic or Morpheus one, which has the potential to change the industry’s expectations from AI-related products. This next-generation AI product is designed to induce and stabilize lucid dreams using ultrasonic holograms for neurostimulation. The Morpheus 1 model, with its 103 million parameter Transformer, has been trained on HP use over two days and aims to understand human consciousness and control it using AI. The video discusses the concept of lucid dreams, where the dreamer is aware that they are dreaming and can potentially control the dream’s content. It also addresses the neural data complexity and the limitations of previous neuroscience paradigms in inducing brain states. The Morpheus 1 model revolutionizes this approach by using multi-element transducers to target the entire ensemble of neural activity, allowing for the steering of neural activity in three dimensions to induce specific brain states. The video provides insight into the technology behind Morpheus 1 and its potential applications, emphasizing its significance beyond the niche community of lucid dreamers. The CEO and co-founder of prophetic, Eric Walberg, introduces Morpheus 1 and explains its groundbreaking capabilities in the field of AI and neurostimulation.

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Video Transcript

So there has been a Next Generation air product that is currently really promising in terms of what it’s able to do and this is called prophetic or Morpheus one and it’s a revolutionary product that really could change the industry in terms of what we could expect from AI related products so let’s

Actually take a look at this and I would honestly say that you guys need to watch the entire video because this is truly some crazy crazy stuff so we all know that there have been many different AR schools about how AI makes non-invasive mind reading possible by turning

Thoughts into text and this mindreading AI system can recreate what your brain is seeing we’ve seen you know recently with the rise of llms and all of these different kind of systems that there have been new techniques in order to decode brain activity and there have been some very promising results but

This is a little bit different because essentially this is morphus one now if you don’t know what this is this is the video for you so essentially it’s a project by prophetic AI that is described as the world’s first multimodal general ultrasonic Transformer and its primary function is

To induce and stabilize lucid dreams now before you think why do I even care about lucid dreams what are lucid dreams I’m going to tell you guys that this application does have a lot bigger applications than you are thinking about and we’re going to get to that later on

The video where I show you guys some insane things that people are doing with a really similar technology and it is stuff that did go viral but didn’t get enough Traction in the air Community because of several different announcements so essentially the technology behind morphus 1 is pretty

Advanced it is activated by brain states that generates ultrasonic holograms for neuros stimulation so this means that it uses sound waves to stimulate the brain in a way that can induce lucid dreaming and lucid dreaming is essentially just a state where the dreamer is aware that they’re dreaming and it can potentially

Control the dreams content now the model behind Morpheus 1 is a 103 million parameter Transformer that was trained on HP use over 2 days and essentially what they’re aiming to do is really understand the human mind and human consciousness and use AI to be able to control that now essentially if you

Don’t know what lucid dreams are lucid dreams are essentially just a type of dream where the dreamer becomes aware that they are dreaming while they are asleep and this awareness can sometimes be accompanied by the ability to exert some control over the dream’s characters narrative environment however the dream

Content is not the divining feature of lud’s dreaming the critical aspect is the awareness of the dream stage so essentially if you are lucid dreaming you’re basically in control it’s like a video game and it is something that not everyone experiences it is something that only a few people can experience

From time to time and although this is a phenomenon that has be been studied and reported for many years neuroscientists do not fully understand how and why lucid dreams happen but however it is known that the frontal lobe of the brain is activated during lucid dreaming which

May allow for the control of the dream during that experience now lucid dreaming actually typically occurs during the REM sleep which is a period of Deep Sleep characterized by eye motion FAS breathing and increased brain activity and REM sleep usually begins about 90 minutes after falling asleep

And can last up to an hour as the night progresses now in this video this is where they describe exactly how it works and I now this section of the video this is where they describe how it works they do a small presentation and after this

I’m going to show you guys another bit where there’s some really crazy and insane applications for this because although whilst lucid dreaming is cool and it is something that does actually have a giant community so for those of you guys who thinking lucid dreaming is just like a niche thing if you don’t

Know about it it is something that 500,000 people on Reddit actively discuss and try to participate in I can promise you guys this next video is basically going to show you guys how it actually works and then I’m going to be getting into why this is pretty crazy

And the other applications because at the end of the video he does say some stuff that leads me to believe that this company could be one of the biggest AI companies if they do manage to hi everyone Eric Walberg here the CEO and co-founder of prophetic today I am

Extremely excited to show you what is the world’s first ultrasonic Transformer now we call this model Morpheus 1 for those of you who do not know Morpheus was the Greek god of dreams but even more specifically the god of ing shapes into dreams and given that our goal is to induce and stabilize

Lucid dreams with acoustic shapes we thought it was only fitting now this is an 100 million parameter model um to give you a sense of comparison gpt1 was similarly in 100 million parameter model um this was trained on hpus over the course of a number of days um today

We’re going to show you I’m going to explain to you how we created this what are the inputs how it works we’re going to do a showcase and and a live demo and then I’m going to tell you where we’re going now to start let’s talk about the previous Paradigm of how Neuroscience

Used to use tfus now for those of you who are are not familiar tfus stands for transcranial Focus ultrasound it is our neuros simulation modality it is the integrated circuit for non-invasive neuro neuros simulation uh compare it to electrical simulation uh or or electromagnetic simulation which is very

Limited in its ability to get depth into the brain has virtually no precision and no ability to be steered tfus can get centimeters into the brain noninvasively its Precision is millimeters and it has an ability to be steered in a three-dimensional way now even with that extraordinary capacity Neuroscience has

Been very limited by what we call the statistical mechanics paradigm so neural data is very complex when you’re talking about fmri it’s very complex from a spatial perspective when you’re talking about EEG it’s very complex from a temporal perspective and machine learning architectures were not really fit for purpose but then about

Two years ago a team developed something called a neural Transformer which is what we use as one of the key inputs to this ultrasonic Transformer now one of the key things that you’ll see in this diagram is what was done previously which is neuroscientists use statistical

Mechanics to find the area of the brain that was most statistically significant in a given brain State you know on the left you’re seeing a whole host of activity but on the right where you see the focus verification they’re only targeting the most statistically significant part of the brain for that

Given conscious State now this is equivalent to playing a just a trombone on one note and Blasting that one part of of the the brain and hoping that you can induce that brain state but our goal here is creating a Transformer that can steer not a single element transducer

But multi-element transducers which can create not one instrument playing one note but an entire Orchestra of neural activity so that we can actually Target the entire ensemble of neural activity of a given brain State as opposed to just the statistically significant part now I mentioned 3D searing capacities of trans trans cranial Focus

Ultrasound and actually it’s it’s incredible because not only can you pulse in three dimensions which is of course important uh because your brain fires in three-dimensional neural firing patterns but you can even take this one step further which is you can create acoustic holography what you’re seeing

Here on the right is an acoustic hologram of the prophetic logo it just gives you the sense of the power of this neuromodulation technology which has so been been so frustratingly held back by lack of ability to automatically in an automated fashion steer these transducers to create this H holography

But we’ve broken that wide open now in order to build this model we use a very unique neuroimaging uh technique it’s called simultaneous EG in fmri this is very unique because it requires non-ferromagnetic EEG um uh EG sensors uh because if you use ferromagnetics in an fmri uh it doesn’t go very well

But what it allows us to do is capture a simultaneous data set that has tempor has temporal correspondence which is very critical for building a multimodal Transformer now on the on the on the left you see a topological PSD plot of EEG data so this is uh you know could be

Theta waves or for us what most is most important is gamma frequencies which is uh this heightened sense of of EG activity that that happens during lucid dreaming which serves as the token for model and then here on the right you’re seeing post-processed fmri data from our fmri data

Pipeline um which which basically gets it clear enough and creates enough kind of statistical uh significance so we can take that data and run it through our model to train it so you’re seeing also the inside of the brain and how we we cluster those components together this is the generative

Ultrasonic Transformer architecture now the important thing you’ll see here is an encoder block which is uh only trained on EEG data and then the decoder block which is trained on the fmri data so EEG fmri what this model outputs is spatial targets for the neuros simulation so we take naturally

Occurring let’s say lucid dreaming data in and train the model so that it outputs the neuros stimulation uh targets so that we could replicate the neural firing pattern thus inducing the brain State now I don’t want to just show you a diagram I want to show you what we’ve

Built I want to show you Morpheus one so here we’re in a terminal on the left you’re going to see the EG which would be coming from the Halo headband on your forehead um and then on the right you’re seeing in simulation software the outputs of the pulses uh in

The prefrontal cortex now I’m going to click enter here what you’re going to see is that image on the left evolve to the next token uh from the EG and the model outputting what is targets boxal which are going to be the targets for the tfus and so in a moment we’re

Going to see the Right image change and you’re seeing an evolution of the next sequences of targets to be able to not either induce uh the lucid dream or maintain uh the lucid dream so let’s give it another another input so again you’re going to see the left change on

The EG coming in again from the from the the headband we’re outputting voils again we’re looking for that EEG spiking gamma frequencies which is associated with lucid dreaming and we’re outputting the next sequence of spatial instructions let’s do it one more time what’s incredible about this is you

Know it it will be autonomously happening while you while you while you wear the headband and so it’s just going to give you this automated experience where you put the headband on you go to sleep the first prompt of the model is Eric’s entered Ren and then we output

The next Spa uh sequence of spatial instructions one more time just because I like watching it run next token from EEG and remember the prefrontal cortex the neuro corals of lucid dreaming is REM with the prefrontal cortex activated which is why we’re focus in that prefrontal cortex region of the

Brain boom there you go all right where are we going one thing that I want to communicate to you all is we’re not really just a lucid dreaming company we’re a conscious experiences company Morpheus 1 and its successors are not just going to give us the ability to

Train a model on lucid dreaming but we could train the model on Focus positive mood deep meditation and anything else what we’re looking at here is a foundational technology that paired with tfus gives us the ability to explore the state space of human consciousness now we’re getting tantalizingly close to making this a

Reality in March we will have the the fully working technical prototype running this model and if you’re interested whether you’re here in the New York City area or anywhere in the world we’re going to attach a type form to this thread and you can sign up to be

An early beta user now what’s extrating about this is if you’re early on that list it is very possible that you will be the first person to have the first ultrasonically du lucid dream uh you’re not the first person to step foot on the Moon but you are the first potentially the

First person to step uh foot in a in a dream world in the dream world that we all go to every night but this time uh we’re there to stay and to unlock that dream world in a lucid fashion which gives you the ability to create conscious experiences of your own at

Will now I just want to take a moment to thank my co-founder Wes uh who really is the brains behind this this uh we we maybe had the same vision but he has been working tirelessly to achieve it and I also want to thank the rest of the

Team who’s worked tirelessly to achieve this now Morpheus one is 100 million parameters but we uh we’re already collecting more neuroimaging data and we will continue to launch Morpheus 2 3 four Etc and we’ll expect a a quite a swelling both of parameter count and increases uh in accuracy so we’re just

Getting started um we hope that you join us as a beta user um we hope you enjoyed what is uh the demo of the world’s first ultrasonic Transformer Morpheus one we’ll talk to you soon so now that you’ve seen that okay now we’re going to talk about the

Hardware of this because there was this really cool video where they documented exactly what was going on so take a look at how the hardware actually works cuz I find that when people are going to be interacting with the stuff I find that you know the hardware side is really

Really important and the good thing about this technology ology is that it is noninvasive meaning that you know you don’t need any implants you don’t need anything embedded into your skin um it’s just literally like a VR headset that you can wear so take a look at this so

Here it is we we worked with uh card 79 who’s the design firm that did nuring for Elon I guess I have to put it on you got like you know your EG sensors uh ultrasound transducers that actually do the transal focus ultrasound and then you have the the neural chip uh that

Deals with the EG and the battery 8 plus hours uh uh you know so that you know you can get through sleep it’s a profound technology and like it should be beautiful and you should look at yourself even if it’s like right before you go to bed like the last thing like

The image you have of yourself is like wearing this thing and it and like the profundity of what’s about to happen is also expressed through like the design of it the way this going to work you put this on you start the session you go to sleep the EG says okay Eric’s entered

REM then the transducers turn on and mimic that neural firing pattern of of of a natural occurring lucid dream which is actually the thing that induc es the lucid dream and those transducers are are multi-element so we have steering we can go left right up down and then we

Can adjust the actual lens of the transducer to get depth so we have this XYZ axis to mimic millimeter level of precision across that XYZ axis all over the prefrontal cortex which is what’s activated an UC dream so yeah some of the crazy stuff that they’ve discussed is honestly mindblowing because I wasn’t

Really aware of this stuff but this could be really really crazy if it actually does work now one of the things that um is pretty crazy about this is that if it does work it will have wild scale Usage Now um before I talk about the wild scale usage I want to talk

About some similar technology very similar technology that does have um crazy applications so maybe you’ve been browsing Twitter recently and maybe you did see this but if you didn’t I’ll give you guys a quick rundown now I can’t play the entire thing due to copyright

But I promise you guys this is one of the most fascinating videos I’ve watched in recent times and um this is pretty crazy so essentially this video right here is a 2-minute video from 60 minutes okay and essentially I’ll give you guys a quick rundown of the video so in this

Video they talk about how they have this guy all right okay so this guy right here at the start of the video this guy is a drug addict okay he’s been using drugs since he was around 7 years old um and he’s had a pretty bad childhood now

Of course the problem is is that they want to you know help him they want to make sure that he becomes better they don’t want him to be an addict anymore so essentially what they do is they take him to this place um essentially where they start to analyze his brain signals

Okay and what they are able to do is they’re able to essentially by using this technology they were able to you know show him some images of needles and then they were able to identify where his brain you know was spiking uh which you know area of his brain was like

Going off and then they were like okay we need to essentially ensure that this doesn’t happen again so here you can see that they’re showing him the images these images that trigger his addiction and essentially once they show him these images of course his brain activity that

You know leads him to commit and continue this addiction does Spike then of course after the treatment he talks about how he feels that he’s pretty much no longer addicted anytime he feels the need anytime he sees anything that used to trigger him it doesn’t trigger him anymore so essentially they just cured

This man in around like an hour of treatment by you know using this new technology to be able to completely transform how someone’s brains work so I think this was pretty crazy because this guy literally said that this was the best day of my life and I mean we can

Literally just talk about how crazy this is because if this stuff is you know FDA approved if it is being able to be wide scale deployed because it is non invasive it is something that also doesn’t take long this guy literally just went in there for an hour this

Could be revolutionary in terms of the Healthcare System we know that you know um people who suffer from chronic addictions are definitely a strain on many of the health systems around the world and of course they do put a strain on many of the essential services that exist within our society so something

Like this could definitely be revolutionary if it is applied to many different things now of course right now prophetic aim is of course to do this with lucid dreaming and of course technology I talked about there is a little bit different in terms of what it

Aims to accomplish but the point is and the point does remain that if this does work and even in the video where he you know shows us the slide and he talks about different things he also discusses the about that you know this is not just a lucid dreaming company we are a

Conscious experiences company so it means that potentially we could have a scenario where this technology is used to induce other things so for example like he talks about it could be uh you know used to induce Focus that’s how I’ve got this image here of someone who

Is not being able to focus at work um there’s many different ways that this could be used and of course that does bring up the topic of these brain computer interfaces now of course that does bring up the you know topic of neuralink because he did actually talk

About how they use the same company that Elon Musk uses and I do think that that is really fascinating which goes to show that their Hardware is definitely going to be something that is pretty good but um I think that although neuralink is definitely completely different because

It’s a brain computer interface that is essentially an implant that is implanted into your brain and is much more invasive I think that this is going to have much more adoption initially the the neuralink because how can how many people are you going to be able to get

To put on a headset versus how many people are you going to be able to get to implant something into their brain and I think that is a really important part and although whilst they definitely will both achieve different things I know that neural Link’s main focus is to

Be able to you know control things with your mind which is a completely different thing I think being able to change your mind on certain things and certain topics for your benefit like not being addicted to drugs anymore or being able to lucid dream or being able to

Activate certain regions of the brain is definitely um absolutely incredible so I think that you know neur Link’s initial focus on medical applications you know is is is really good I think that you know if we you know then allow that technology to be extend to cognitive enhancement including improving focus

And learning capabilities could be um really really fascinating so what was also interesting was that Elon Musk recently did tweet as well that the first neuralink product is called telepathy enables control of your phone or computer through them almost any device just by thinking and initial

Users will be those who have lost the use of their limbs and imagine if Steven Hawking could communicate faster than the speed typist or Auctioneer that is the goal so I think that this this is why I say that this is going to be a complete Game Changer because whilst

There are llms multimodal stuff um I think this kind of thing if it does really work and if we know we do get to that level where you can just use this you know you want to be absolutely focused boom you turn that on your your brain is like literally focused um and

If we do get to the area where you know you have this technology that can literally just after a 1 hour session someone who’s an addict boom they’re no longer an addict they’re out that is going to really like the changes are going to be so good for society I mean

There are so many people that struggle with um issues and I think it will be really good so let me know what you think about neurolink let me know what you think about um Prometheus or morus 1 um I think that this is truly fascinating I won’t be ordering this cuz

I’m not too much a fan of loose and dreaming I’d rather just go to sleep but I still do find this technology to be pretty fascinating and they do say that they’re going to be shipping um in around a couple of months or so around

You know I think five months or so in around summertime so that should be fascinating to see how it goes and I wonder how the lucd dreaming Community will take this in because we do know that they have around 526,000 people on Reddit that are going to be you know

Pretty big you know users of this if it does um you know come to fruition that it does actually work but it will be interesting and let me know what you think about you know the AI mind reading all of this kind of AI stuff do are you

Guys for it are you guys against it um and some people did actually talk about how um you know um with neuralink and with all these brain treatments you could essentially use this for bad but um I think that is an argument with any technology that we do have so with that

Being said let me know what you guys think about this I think this does have the potential to be a revolutionary product if it is widely adopted but I would love to see how this product evolves in the future so with that being said let me you guys think

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