Latest AI Developments: Sam Altman’s Surprising AGI Announcement, Apple’s ChatGPT Update, and Gemini Pro’s New Features Unveiled – Video

Latest AI Developments: Sam Altman’s Surprising AGI Announcement, Apple’s ChatGPT Update, and Gemini Pro’s New Features Unveiled – Video

Major AI News #27 – Sam Altmans AGI Shocker, Apples ChatGPT Update, Gemini Pro’s New Features…

In this video, Major AI News #27, the host covers some major updates in the world of artificial intelligence. One of the highlights includes the release of Mid Journey Alpha website, which is currently in the testing phase. The video provides insights into the website’s features, including the ability to run variations and like images, making it more user-friendly for the users. Additionally, the video discusses the release of nj6, which is a new version of Mid Journey specifically designed for anime-style images.

Furthermore, the video addresses the ethical concerns related to the use of AI technology for creating deep fakes. It features a thought-provoking video by Deep Stakes, where the reactions of individuals are captured after being presented with deep fake videos of themselves expressing opinions they never actually held. The video also highlights a report by NBC, revealing how voters received robo calls with deep fakes of Joe Biden’s voice, encouraging them not to vote. The calls were traced back to the use of 11 Labs, a state-of-the-art voice software.

The video emphasizes the importance of understanding the potential dangers of AI technology and how it can be misused for manipulating public opinion. It underscores the need for awareness and vigilance in the face of advancing AI technologies.

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Video Transcript

Another incredible week in artificial intelligence let me tell you about all the things that you most likely missed due to some crazy headlines so one of the first things that we actually did get was we actually did get some really cool updates to Mid Journey there were

Actually two pretty nice updates so one of the updates was the fact that there is actually a website for Mid Journey but it is currently in Alpha if you don’t know what it means that essentially means that it’s just in its testing phase because when something is

Released you know a product or you know a game usually what they have is an alpha version and then a beta version you can see mid journey is in the Alpha version which means it’s then going to go out to Beta and then of course it’s

Then going to go into a full release but this website did get a few updates now if you are someone that is wondering how on Earth do I get access to the mid Journey Alpha website well I’m pretty sure that to my knowledge you’re only really allowed to access advanced mid

Journey stuff if you generated over 10,000 images so if you want to access this do get creating but let’s take a look at this video here cuz this is by someone called Nick ster and this guy tweets out a lot of stuff about mid journey and this is definitely someone

You should follow if you want to stay up to date with all these stuff on Mid Journey the alpha over here just some little ones but they’re pretty useful so when you hover over an image you can just run a variation right here by clicking it and then they also switch

Some of the buttons so this is in a v5.2 run so you can see more of the buttons than than are available on V6 but they organize them a little bit nicer left everything right there so you can click it right away and then they also added

This heart button so you can easily like images which is huge cuz before you just had to rate them now it’s much easier to to like and then go find the ones that you are are looking for so little clean up and yeah I think this is really cool

Because although many people do use mid Journey its current f f f in its current state they do actually make I think around $20 million profit a month I think that you know some people also don’t actually know how to use Discord so once this website is finally actually

Live and once they finally roll this out this is going to be a huge use because I think this is going to make mid Journey more commercialized in terms of the fact that you know it’s going to be rolling out to more users especially if they do

Manage to create an app with this because the Discord user interface it just isn’t that great like really it just isn’t good at all but it just goes to show that when you have a really good product it doesn’t really matter how you access it as long as the base product

Itself is good now of course another small update to Mid Journey was that they also did release nj6 so essentially it’s meant for anime style images but there is essentially a really cool aesthetic this entire thread goes into detail on the subtle differences but for those of you who are Advanced mid

Journey users I definitely thought that this is something that you would want to note now there was an interesting video that was tweeted out by um this page and essentially I know that a lot of people did miss this because when it was released I did miss this too now it

Isn’t essentially an update but essentially there was this really uh fascinating video and essentially we had a bunch of people walk into a room um by this you know page called Deep stakes and essentially what they did was they showed how AI could be used in a a

Really negative way now many of you may have seen uh this you know heard about this before but essentially the premise of this entire video was that they had a video with 100% real vegans they essentially asked them um you know their opinions about veganism and all that

Kind of stuff then essentially what they did is they fed them a 100% you know uh vegan sandwich and then they essentially they used AI to create deep fakes of them saying that they hated uh vegetables and that they loved me and essentially the reactions were pretty shocked because they didn’t realize that

This technology existed and they didn’t realize that this could be done I mean some of the reactions were really really telling because you know the average person I don’t think they realize how bad the technology has gotten I mean recently this week there was some crazy crazy stuff that now means I’m pretty

Sure that they’re looking at you know some kind of new legislations on what can be created because not only did this video show that The Wider public doesn’t really know about this it goes to show that they don’t know also how accessible this really is I mean if you take a look

At their reactions um it’s pretty crazy that’s not what I said think it’s up I mean I was confused cuz I thought you were a vegan yeah I am but that’s not what you said on the video no that’s not the truth we agree to disagree that’s identity theft Point Blank those words

Did not come out of my mouth did everyone just watch this right yeah yeah did you hear him say that yeah sounds like you love me it’s not me I’ve told you that how many times have to repeat I’m telling you that is not my voice are you sure about that

Positive so I know that that video might just seem like ah you know that’s old news deep fakes have been around for quite some time but I think it’s important to realize that if you are watching this video then you are part of the population that is uniquely focused

On artificial intelligence because as popular as some things might be in the community they really aren’t as mainstream as you think although chat GPT might seem really popular unless you’re someone that actively you know looking in the AI space and you know really you know needs to use the these

These websites and these tools and you’re really looking into it you’re really not going to be paying attention to this stuff and I think it’s important to really realize the dangers of some of these Technologies so that you can understand and protect yourself because largely what we’re seeing is that these

Technologies are increasingly used to do things which might not be of our best interest then of course something that is quite similar to this story was the fact that NBC was reporting that voters were getting rooc calls with deep fakes of Biden’s voice telling them not to vote tomorrow and essentially this was

Actually confirmed to be used by 11 Labs so essentially it says a robo call obtained by n BC News appears to use a digital manipulation of Joe Biden’s voice to encourage New Hampshire primary voters to not support the president and essentially the voice is just where he’s

Just like you know um don’t call in tomorrow don’t vote in tomorrow yada y y and it is pretty crazy because essentially after this investigation was done they realized that um the person who did this and who made the calls that they were actually using 11 Labs if

You’re unaware 11 Labs is the state-of-the-art very best uh voice software where you can literally take take a couple seconds of someone’s voice and then you can immediately replicate that voice to have it sound as realistic as possible now this is something that could be used against you so I would

Always say that you do need to be pretty careful with this kind of stuff and although it is pretty hard to protect against copyright against your voice there’s no real legislations around it there’s no really laws around it there’s no like copyright protections around it um it is something that is pretty hard

To do but it’s important to know that this kind of propaganda could be affecting you know certain economies could be affecting certain political States I mean it’s something that is very very dangerous because messing with democracy is not something you want to have um and it’s just important to note

That this is definitely something that’s going on so maybe if you get a call um you have to you know second guess what you’re hearing because even if it sounds like a human you have to realize that it might just not be human and like we’ve seen previously I don’t think this is

Going to be the first time or the last time that we do get some things like this this was definitely something that we did predict in the video on things we were going to see in 2024 and we we we kind of knew this was going to happen anyways because technolog is getting

Better there’s many different things and they did actually shut down the person’s account they actually managed to track who was doing this on 11 Labs not sure what kind of internal team that they had but I think it’s important that they do take as quick action as possible because

Um although there are now unfortunately open source tools which pretty much anyone could use um I think we do need to be aware of this because it’s important to understand that these things do exist and of course we actually did have an update for 11 Labs

Which is dubing studio so I did want to just bring this out and um although you might be thinking why you talking about 11 Labs uh and you just crazy software it’s actually pretty good in terms of what it’s capable to do so I know that

You know some people are going to use this technology for bad but um those out there who are creatives and who just want to use the software for maybe creating content educational content informative content or for whatever creative purpose Endeavor that you do have I think it’s still pretty cool so

Take a look at their dubbing studio so it gives you precise control when translating your videos for Global audiences so they detect and label each of your speakers and create an editable script of your content and just take a look here at this video 11 Labs dubbing

Studio is here now you can easily translate your videos for new audiences around the world just upload or paste a link choose a language and click create instantly dubbing your content into multiple languages for a global reach I’m po by the S the dubbing Studio automatically detects multiple speakers

Giving you precise control rename the characters edit and regenerate the dialogue until the accent and emotion so I put by elino is just right and when you’re finished you can add even more languages to expand your reach in a land where the sun scorches the Earth you ain’t from around here are you

Boy 11 Labs dubbing Studio bringing your stories to every corner of the world world so yeah I think 11 Labs dubbing studio is pretty fascinating you can see the various applications that this does have I mean if you were someone that paid attention to previously the talk at

Davils there was a recent talk that wasn’t converted with 11 Labs but it was actually converted with a talk called Haun and it proved to be very effective at getting people engaged Because the actual video had around I think it was 20 million views and people were stating

That I can’t believe this technology is here this made the talk so much more engaging and it allows for that you know crossborder translation that previously we wouldn’t have because with traditional translators essentially you’re hearing someone else’s voice voice someone else’s you know tone you’re hearing someone else’s

Inflections in their speech but if you can actually get the you know the essentially the Nuance of how they’re speaking the entire context in their own original voice it’s much better than having a translator do it because number one you’re going to see the video in real time with their lips moving and

You’re going to be able to you know hear them in their voice so I think this technology whilst can be used for bad things I think that updates like this um are definitely going to be pretty fascinating because they allow us to of course enjoy other content and allow us

To share our content in other different languages so I think what this is you know important to look at the wide view here is that you know in the future I think a lot of content that we do think is you know just for one country we’re

Definitely going to be able to you know explore other cultures and enjoy them a bit more now in terms of AI creativity there was also this pretty cool um text to music on beaten. a and and this is good because as you do know music is something that is quite often

Copyrighted there’s a lot of issues surrounding royalties and trying to get the right soundtrack but um music is something that is evolving very rapidly due to AI so this is the video that they made makes your content shine so right introducing textto music on b. whether you’re a filmmaker looking

For a background score that fits your scene a podcaster looking for the perfect intro music or a YouTuber looking for royalty-free music for your content text to music gives you true creative control to craft the perfect background music for your content find the tune that carries your story with

Bn. now there are many different websites out there that like this and this is not the only one but I do find it uh you know really fascinating to see how all of these companies are starting to Market their music stuff because I think text to music once it is

Completely mastered I definitely think that that is one of the industries that’s going to be changed because if you don’t know how Music Works a real problem that people have you know on YouTube is you know they need ma background music for stuff and the problem is is that let’s say for example

I go ahead and I buy a music track and then I use it in a video sometimes even if you’ve bought the license over time what happens is you know the license right holders will change and then essentially um even though you’ve paid for a music track you know the license

Changes and someone else that now owns that music track can come and claim your video and all that hard work you’ve put into the video that you are earning it’s now there so you have to then you know remove the video or remove the the music

Track and it’s just it’s just not a great thing but if you have you know generative music you can essentially own the rights to that um and you can use that for yourself um and I think the music also you know in terms of like calm and relaxing music and stuff that

Doesn’t really make that much of an impact is definitely going to be there um for a lot of creatives who don’t either want to you know pay ridiculous fees for every single time they use a music track or just want to have something that they know 100% isn’t

Going to be copyrighted now moving on to now moving on to robotics there was something that I saw that was really really intriguing because it was only a couple of weeks ago that we did get a mobile Aloha I think it was around 3 weeks ago but we did actually get this

Okay so it says excited to release okay robot an open vocabulary mobile manipulator for homes simply tell the robot what to pick up where to drop it in natural language and it will do it like me okay move the Takis from the desk to the nightstand and then you can

See what this robot is able to do so you know you give it a task and then you can see exactly how the robot breaks down the task so it has this voxo map of the entire room so it knows knows exactly where the where the where the you know

Desk is and then it can move around you can see that this is definitely five times speed so it isn’t moving this quickly but it goes over to the desk you can see that it manages to find the Taris and then it decides to position itself in the right area you can see

This is the robots POV this is exactly what it’s seeing and then of course it uses this technology any grasp then it uses langar mask which is I’m pretty sure it’s an addition of meta’s segment anything now so essentially it’s it’s technology basically um you can just

Pretty much look at every single thing in an image um and select where it is and then combining those two um it does a proposed grasp and then you can see that it then goes ahead and gets the grasp at all and then goes ahead and

Grasps it so I think um you know even watching the development and all these Technologies before and even you know reporting on them um it’s just really cool to see how a lot of these open source tools are being developed for you know applications like this where of

Course you don’t need a tool like this I mean you might not need to you know move the Takis and place the the monitor a desk but I think it just goes to show where we’re moving because remember this is actually autonomous this is not teleoperated this is not something that

You know you’ve got a human behind it doing it this is 100% and this was I’m not sure if they’re using an llm but you can see okay robot move the Takis on the desk to the nightstand and then boom um it manages to do it now um there are

Some other interesting things that are about this so it says given a one minute scan of a home we can obtain Rich Text grounded semantic information on objects using alvit see for the video I showed here is pretty much spot on for the largest objects in the scene and of

Course you can definitely see that there are a lot of different applications here and a lot of different um tasks that they are doing so I think it goes to show that you know whilst some people were saying that mobile aloa um was just I guess teleoperation in some aspects it

Goes to show that you know autonomous movement is still possible and these combination of things um goes to show us how crazy this is and I will do like a full video on this because um there is a huge video on robotics that I do do want

To make so that video will definitely be coming soon but um these advancements are definitely coming and I think the autonomous aspect is definitely something that people have been looking from these companies then of course we had this clip now this is something that I did want to cover before but just

Didn’t get around to it because there were just several videos that I did want to make now let’s take a look at this okay so Sam Alman basically talked about how when we have AGI the world will have a two we freak out then people go on

With their lives now I don’t agree I I I respectfully disagree about the statement because if Aji is even you know half of what people say it is I think it’s going to change everything and I think um two things are happening here either one um you know AGI is

Probably not as as crazy as we think and I don’t think that’s true or either two he’s just downplaying it so um people don’t freak out about the next release which is much more likely but basically essentially in this clip he’s talking about how you know most people always

Freak out about the next update um and even basically right I need to show you guys this back essentially when gpt2 was around um and we all know that gpt2 was a very very basic llm um people were saying that you know um AI was deemed too dangerous to be released into the

World and researchers fear that the model known as gpt2 was so powerful that it could be maliciously misused from everyone from politicians to scammers and it was created for a simple purpose y y y um and people are saying that basically at the time for any new

Technology we are always afraid of what is going to come but um you know that they’re referencing back to gpt2 and they’re basically saying that every time the new technology comes out people are scared and then after everyone goes about their daily lives but I do think

That as we get more and more advanced in terms of what this technology is capable of doing I think that that statement is ringing less and less true because this piece of software um this is probably just clickbait by this website and they probably just wanted to you know get

Some more clicks just you know fear people um like you know this AI deemed too dangerous to release makes it out to the world oh no yada y y um I think that now with these kind of statements I’m not sure if it holds the same weight

Because if AI is really true and essentially you know it has so many different applications I think that it definitely will change the world and people will start to feel the impacts but anyways here’s the clip for those of you who want to see the world had like a

Twoe freak out with gp4 right this changes everything AGI is coming tomorrow there are no jobs by the end of the year and now people are like why is it so slow I believe that someday we will make something that qualifies as an AGI by whatever fuzzy definition you want the

World will have a twoe freakout and then people will go on with their lives the world had like a two so take from that statement what you will I mean um so take from that statement what so take from that statement G so take from that

Statement what you will I think that if AI is really good and they manage to get it to be uh agentic and really good in terms of what it’s able to do like a true AGI definition like it’s able to actually be an AGI I think that it will

Change the world I think that if it is rapidly deployed and you know there’s open source ones I I definitely feel like um there is going to be some kind of you know societal unrest like things we talked about previously because the the next wave that’s really when the

Next wave starts at AGI like you know we’ve seen the now wave with llms and you know how that’s impacting certain sectors but I think with AGI there’s going to be a huge another wave that’s going to be impacted and and the thing the real question is is if it’s just

Going to be opening eyes proprietary software or if it’s going to be open sourced by meta or if Google is going to get to it first and I think that is one of the main questions that I am not sure about yet I mean I mean if I had to

Place a bet I would bet that you know opening ey does do it because they’re so far ahead and they have you know so much talent at their at their compan and you know they have really high salaries really you know every everyone’s pretty much committed there um but if not

Opening eye I definitely would think that Google is going to get it done now mentioning Google okay there was something really interesting by Google so Google’s bot actually made a stunning leap surp passing GPT 4 to the second spot on the leaderboard and big cats toing Google for this remarkable

Achievement now if you don’t know essentially what this is here this is essentially a leaderboard that is basically on human evaluation now not the human evaluation that is on the tests or the llm benchmarks but kind of human evaluations where people just simply rate their conversations with the

AI in essentially a masked way so people have no idea which is which they’re speaking to an AI and at the end of the conversation you rate which conversation you had was better and then you know by the thumbs up people just decide that you know overall bod is nearly as good

As you know GPT 4 Turbo now an important distinction to make here is that bod is running currently on Gemini Pro which does mean that Gemini Ultra just purely on based on what we’re seeing here looks like it is likely to surpass GPT 4 Turbo now some people are going to be like

Wait why on Earth are you comparing Gemini Pro um to gb4 turbo on this website Arena ELO Benchmark like why is this Benchmark even relevant because I think that whilst you know other benchmarks are really good there are two main things that people forget when looking at the other benchmarks and that

Is the fact that number one these benchmarks like the mlu do actually have issues in them like for example there was a video that showed that the mlu has questions which have real errors which could lead to some percentages being artificially inflated due to the nature of how these questions were written and

Number two is the fact that of course some things when they are trained they’re trained on actual test data so when you’re seeing these you know um llms come out and you’re like oh my God it was able to get this on this test it’s because it already saw that the

Test in the test in the training data and it was able to you know remember the answer to that question and that how it was able to get a high score and this is essentially called essentially just called Data leakage and it says common problems with evaluation and machine

Learning and data leakage from the latest T data test sets was into the training set and this is specifically true for llms where the details of the data set are often missing sometimes proprietory and that’s pretty much an issue because if you’ve already taken a

Test you’re going to do well in it so that is something that does happen with these tests so what we do need to have is you know new tests that the zero shot that they’ve never seen before um and those are going to be the pretty much

Good benchmarks and I think that this is definitely a good Benchmark to look at because at the end of the day um we are training these systems for you know use on particularly one thing I mean whilst gbt 4 you know does exceed in like medical areas and stuff like that I

Think this is definitely a win for Google because um Gemini Pro was definitely you know a lot of people saying that Gemini Pro is awful and now all of a sudden everyone loves it and like I said before Gemini Pro was slowly being rolled out and many people were

Actually thinking that Gemini Pro was Palm too and something that you don’t know if you actually use B when you actually message it sometimes what you’ll see here is you’ll see a palm 2 Logo so understand that it always isn’t Gemini 2 and I don’t know why they don’t

Make that distinction maybe because they just don’t want people to know but sometimes on the right here you’ll see that it’s Palm 2 and sometimes you won’t see anything and I’m not sure if that means it’s gemini or not but just understand that you don’t really know

And in the UK we do get these models later now continuing on with B there was some more information so essentially there was also this update which is uh going to be coming I think in the next 2 days so essentially it says here create images with B essentially what you can

Do is you can create captivating images for work play and anything in between with B it’s easy to use simply enter a few words to bring your imagination to life and start with English prompts click generate more for more options and download the ones you like so

Essentially um we’re going to be getting an image generation from Bard and of course Bard with Gemini Pro is going to be coming with more languages and of course double check is coming to more languages so this is an update for Google B and it’s Gemini Pro now like I

Said before in the UK and in the EU I’m not sure when they’re rolling this out but if you’re likely in the US this is going to be something that’s going to be hitting you guys on the I think the 1st of February so you guys can expect that

Too now one thing that I can’t wait for is Gemini Ultra because that is going to be absolutely insane and of course I really do want to see what this image generation software does look like because Google has a really really big image Generation Um like they’ve got

Tons of stuff they recently released lumir it was pretty crazy so it will be interesting to see where all of this technology goes um for Google and I think it’s going to be really fascinating to see how people’s interactions go and the comparisons to chat gbt’s darly three now something

That I’m not surprised is finally happening is that air companies will now start to now something that I’m you know not surprised is now finally happening is that air companies will need to start reporting their safety test to the US government so it says that the Biden Administration will start implementing a

New requirement for the developers of major AI systems to disclose their safety test results to the government so the White House AI council is scheduled to meet Monday to review progress made on the executive order that President Joe Biden signed 3 months ago to manage the fast evolving technology so

Essentially it says the government’s National Institute of Standards and Technology will develop a uniform framework for assessing safety as a part of the Biden executive order signed in October and I think this is kind of important because um you know right now we do have a situation where you know

People just get a models and they just published and they’re in the public um but you know after some research it’s it’s actually incredible because in China you have to you know go through a really rigorous phase in order to get your AI approved for public use and I

Think that um it’s kind of good that the US is adopting the strategy because whilst yes you don’t want to slow down things due to regulation I still think that due to the AR race it’s important for um there to be at least a little bit of oversight just to ensure that these

Systems you know don’t do something pretty crazy because the next level guys like llms are one thing but these agentic systems that are coming out are going to you know really really hold a huge potential for um good and a huge potential for bad so I think the next

Level in terms of agentic systems is really going to absolutely change everything then of course we have apple testing soup top Siri with help from chat GPT so it says when iOS 18 rolls out with the iPhone 16 this September it’s widely expected to be Apple’s first for into the gamechanging world of

Generative AI so the iOS 17.4 beta arrived and you know a little digging so people like looked around and the stuff said that the company is working on its own model called Ajax and apparently the um you know the code references chat gpt’s API so it works with certain

Prompts such as please summarize please answer this question and please summarize a given text so says um Apple doesn’t plan to lean on chat TBT permanently so it’s going to be you know using its own Ajax system but Apple if you’ve been paying attention to their research I’ve I’ve done a couple of

Videos on their research but um as you know they have acquired tons of different AI companies they’ve actually got uh a lot of different research papers out and they’re rapidly developing their own systems and their recent Vision system was actually beating gbt 4 so don’t sleep on Apple I

Wouldn’t be surprised if Apple’s you know next AI integration at WWDC in 2024 is far superior than some things we’ve seen before then of course we did have something that wasn’t that crazy you know after looking through the article but it said that Chrome is getting three new generative AI features these are

Actually really simple so I’m just give you guys a quick rundown essentially you can just smartly organize your tabs in a really easy way you can create your own themes with AI you can see right here basically all you’re doing is just creating an AI generated background it’s not anything groundbreaking but still

Something that’s pretty cool um and then of course you can get help drafting things on a web so writing on the web can be daunting especially if you want to articulate your thoughts and public thums so in the next month’s Chrome’s release we’re going to launch an experimental Chrome feature to to help

You write with more confidence on the web so if you want to write a review you want to write a comment on the website it’s basically going to you know help you write that uh with this little text box so I’m guessing it’s using g i Pro

In order to help you complete your sentences and certain things like that so um overall whilst this week wasn’t you know particularly insane I still think that these developments do show that um things are ramping up and of course it’s always important to stay on

Top of the latest news now if there was anything that we did Miss now if there’s anything that I did miss don’t forget to leave a comment down below letting me know exactly what that was and until next time I see you in the next one

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