Is Artificial Intelligence exacerbating global inequalities? | Science and Technology News | Discover the World – Video

Is Artificial Intelligence exacerbating global inequalities? | Science and Technology News | Discover the World – Video

The advancements in artificial intelligence have brought about a new era of innovation and possibilities, but could these technologies be inadvertently deepening the inequalities we’re striving to eliminate in the world? The recent discussions at the web Summit in Doha, Qatar, highlighted some concerns about how AI could widen the gap between the haves and have nots.

One of the key concerns raised was the potential for biases to be programmed into AI systems, leading to unfair outcomes, particularly for marginalized communities. For example, predictive policing tools have been shown to negatively impact people of color, despite claims of reducing crime rates. The risk of perpetuating biases and exacerbating the global digital divide were also significant points of discussion.

While some experts argue that AI could actually narrow the digital divide through increased consumption worldwide, others stress the importance of upskilling initiatives and responsible use of AI technology. It is crucial for governments, civil society organizations, and individuals to work together in harnessing the power of AI for equality and progress, rather than allowing it to deepen existing disparities. Through collective efforts, we can ensure that AI serves as a tool for positive change in the world.

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Video Transcript

Could artificial intelligence with all its promise and potential be the very thing that deepens the inequalities we’re striving to eliminate in dohaqatar the world’s brightest Minds in technology convened for the web Summit a conference renowned for its cuttingedge discussions and Innovation showcases the buzzword in every conversation was artificial intelligence or

AI however amidst the excitement there was a shared con concern that such Technologies could inadvertently widen the gap between the world’s halves and Have Nots the co-creator of the us-based anti-racist movement black lives matter AO TTI cautioned that Technologies including AI could amplify existing biases she pointed out that prejudice is

Being programmed into the Technologies being used in our communities and these biases must be confronted toti cited predictive policing tools as an example of ai’s potential for harm these tools which predict where crime is likely to occur or who might get involved in crime have proven detrimental to people of color

Particularly black individuals in the United States despite a study by deoe suggesting that Smart Technologies could help cities reduce crime by between 30 and 40% TTI expressed alarm she argued that these Technologies are often assumed to be neutral but in reality they are far from it cases of individuals being

Incarcerated due to faulty fa IAL scans highlight the inherent biases in these systems beyond the risk of perpetuating biases experts also worry that AI Technologies could exacerbate the global digital divide Allah abdulal from the Saudi Arabia based digital cooperation organization argued that countries need to shift from being consumers to

Producers of AI technology he further suggested that upskilling initiatives could bridge this divide and that the responsibility should not fall solely on governments but also on on civil society organizations on the other hand Jihad tayara the CEO of the UAE based firm evotech held a different view he

Proposed that while the race to AI Supremacy is dependent on funding availability its worldwide consumption is actually narrowing the digital divide in summary the discussions at the web Summit revolved around the potential of AI to transform our world but also its capacity to deepen existing inequalities from amplifying biases to widening the

Digital divide the concerns are real and pressing however with concerted efforts from governments Civil Society organizations and individuals we can harness the power of AI responsibly ensuring it serves as a tool for equality and progress not a catalyst for disparity

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