Japan Unveils Hyper-Realistic Robots Capable of Imitating Humans – Video

Japan Unveils Hyper-Realistic Robots Capable of Imitating Humans – Video

Japan has released hyper-realistic robots that are able to imitate humans, creating a wave of excitement in the robotics world. From the development of muscle-skeletal robots to the creation of cyberbrains and walking tanks, Tokyo Tech researchers are at the forefront of this technological advancement. The Ghost in the Shell universe of 2029 is being brought to life, with flexible artificial muscles and avatar robots designed to assist and interact with humans.

The concept of robots creating jobs rather than taking them away is showcased through the development of robots like OD or Orum, which can be operated remotely by disabled individuals. Furthermore, Archer’s Air Taxi and Honda’s Asimo are pushing the boundaries of what robots can achieve in terms of transportation and human-like behavior.

The future of robotics is evolving rapidly, and Japan is leading the way with their innovative and hyper-realistic robot creations. Subscribe for more updates on these groundbreaking advancements.

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Video Transcript

From from Canada you Know but against the common assumption about robots they’re actually creating jobs for people instead of taking them Away hopping on both feet is a major advancement and osimo has been further developed number five muscul skeletal robot Tokyo Tech researchers are working on creating the Ghost inth Shell Universe of 2029 which includes cyber brains walking tanks and prosthetic bodies the suzumori endol laab of the School of Engineering received the 2016

Ghost in the Shell realized project award in the robotics category for their flexible artificial muscle the award ceremony took place at anime Japan 2017 the world’s largest animation convention at the time R&D experts at companies and universities public institutions and the Ghost inth Shell production committee formed an industry Academia body and

Launch the Ghost inth Shell realize project to pursue the realization of near future Technologies depicted in the acclaimed animated series Japanese Technologies most closely resembling those used by the mobile armored riot police were selected from Creations introduced on the Project’s website and SNS Pages between April 2016 and February

2017 research on thin flexible artificial muscles by Professor koi susum Mory and his team has been highly evaluated based on the results of This Research s muscle Co limited a venture company originating from Tokyo Tech and okama University was founded in 2016 the company utilizes weaving and bundling of artificial muscle fibers creating various forms of muscle that can be widely utilized such as support suits and corsets the company also anticipates

Use a new robots and assist of equipment and direct contact with humans number four OD or Orum the proposed robot OD can be operated remotely by disabled people providing an alternative to traditional Tork robot the robot can communicate with real speech sound and speech synthesis enabling communication for those with difficulty speaking while

Still unable to engage in physical work with the robot and tablet she is able to participate taking part in Rhythm exercises and more but against the common assumption about robots they’re actually creating jobs for people and instead of taking them away the concept of Demi robot or Demi agent is similar

To The Wizard of o or wz concept where the character or personality of each operator is important in the same manner as the human human interaction in this case the Avatar robot is considered an alter ego of the human operator and a robot with a different appearance from

Human at the same time as the number of people with physical disabilities or bedridden people increases due to increasing life expectancy it’s essential to develop technologies that extend the abilities of bedridden people and enable social participation the odim is an avatar robot designed to enable disabled individuals to engage in

Physical work it has moving functions robotic hands and communication functions allowing operators to operate interactive Tork involving physical work such as carrying things or serving customers remotely the Odem D appearance is based on on the average height of a six-year-old child and its head and chest have two degrees of freedom the

Head has a fisheye camera and microphone and a speaker on the chest where I from from Canada Canada Vancouver you know Vancouver for example the people in the hospital he or she is bedridden the arm has six degrees of freedom and seven motions for the head and arms the robot

Has two onni wheels with motors for locomotion and a line tracing function for longdistance movement the system configuration includes two input methods a mouse operation and a line of sight input device called aii the operator can remotely confirm their surroundings from the video transmitted from the camera on the head

And the voice of interactors and Ambient sound is transmitted to the operator through the microphone on the forehead a graphical user interface is prepared for the operator allowing them to communicate with the interlock by speech and selecting the prepared motions number three Archer’s Air Taxi midnight Archer a leading manufacturer of

Electric air taxis or EV tolls is making steady progress in its mission to get fully certified electric air taxis into commercial service by 2025 the midnight Air Taxi has completed the first phase of flight testing and is expected to fly with human pilots on board this year the

Company is currently in fifth place on the a am reality index and assigned deals with Atlantic Aviation and NASA to develop ground-based infrastructure in California Florida and New York City the beline Moto 2 is available in polymer aluminum or all aluminum body choices the midnight prototypes have been flying

Since late October albeit only in standard multi-rotor mode the team has now validated the airframes ability to take off hover turn and maneuver like a multi-rotor drone tilting to accelerate the next step is to demonstrate the transition from hover to cruise mode tilting its front six propellers forward and accelerating into the efficient

Wingborne airplane mode that will allow it to fly up to 100 Mil or 160 km between battery top ups at speeds up to 150 Mi or 241 km an hour Archer plans to have human pilots on board within the year and begin the rigorous process of four credit flight testing with the FAA

Moving down the path towards a type certificate that will allow these nextg aircraft to start taking paid passengers they’re still targeting 2025 for full certification and entry into service along with Joby Aviation and Beta Technologies it’s happening folks the quiet cheap electric air taxis are almost Upon Us clearly they work but

Will they transform urban life the way people expect them to particularly now that working from home is becoming a well-entrenched option and plenty of folk don’t need to sit in traffic all morning and evening we look forward to finding out number two handus wireless umbrella drone the content creator

Behind ibuilt stuff created a flying umbrella that flies above the user’s head and follows them around using a controller to Shield them from the rain the flying umbrella is packed with electronics and 3D printed Parts making it not only hover in the air but also zip through the skies continuously

Guarding the user from getting wet in the Rain the Creator assembled a cross-like construction made of 3D printed parts that poke out of the umbrella with each end featuring a small propeller rotating like a hurricane lifting up the umbrella these tubes are made of carbon fiber to make them

Lightweight enough to fly high in the air and bring the Drone up with them a flight controller and an electronic stability control circuit follow with the circuit programmed into the flight controller to keep the flying umbrella stabilized as it follows people around I build stuff took months to make the

Flying umbrella and during its pilot flight it Worked however the second time the flying umbrella was taken to the skies and above the head the homemade drone power device started drifting off after taking a day off the flying umbrella started shaking violently like L leaves the inventure assured his viewers that the flying umbrella had been stabilized

And wrapped up the electronics with plastic wrap to protect the technology from getting wet too while questions surrounding the stability of the flying umbrella still Linger The Adventure has made it work so far during testing he admitted that it wasn’t raining hard but his homemade device was enough to

Protect him from the drizzle he thought the flying umbrella could even withstand harsh conditions but could be whisked away by strong gusts while he could control the flying umbrella and force it to come to him the device itself couldn’t do it autonomously moving forward the inventure is looking into

Adding a camera and programming the flying umbrella so that it follows the user without needing to maneuver it with a controller number one Asimo Hondas Asimo a humanoid robot was created in 2000 and is currently displayed at the marai con Museum in Tokyo in 2018 Honda announced that it would seize all

Production and velopment of Asimo robots to focus on more practical applications using the technology developed throughout its lifespan Asimo pronounced as Asimo means also lengths and stands 130 cm tall and weighs 54 kg it’s powered by a rechargeable 51.8 volt lithium ion battery with an operating

Time of 1 hour the robot has a three-dimensional computer processor that controls its movement and can be controlled by a PC wireless controller or voice commands in 2018 haunted ceased commercial development of Asimo but it will continue to be developed as a research platform and make public appearances Asimo a robot introduced in

2000 has the ability to recognize moving objects postures gestures its environments sounds and faces enabling it to interact with humans it can detect multiple objects using visual information captured by two camera eyes in its head and determine distance and Direction the allnew osimo received a full model change equipped with high response control

System hopping on both feet is a major advancement and osimo has been further developed Asimo can also interpret voice commands and human gestures allowing it to recognize handshakes waves or points it can distinguish between voices and other sounds allowing it to identify its companions Asimo has autonomous navigation capabilities using visual

Ground and ultrasonic sensors to sense obstacles the robot has traveled around the world performing in front of international audiences since its introduction in 2000 it made its first public appearance in the United States in 2002 and toward the US and Canada from 2003 to 2005 in 2004 Asimo was

Inducted into the Carnegie melon robot Hall of Fame in 2007 Honda demonstrated new intelligence technologies that enabled multiple Ashima robots to work together demonstrating their ability to identify and avoid oncoming people work with another Asimo recognized when to recharge his battery and perform new tasks Asimo also conducted the Detroit

Symphony Orchestra in a performance of The Impossible Dream in 2008 and made an appearance at the Gen Science Festival in Italy and that’s going to do it for this video guys thanks for watching and we’ll see you again next time

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