The Tragic Story of the World’s Brightest 12-year-old – Video

The Tragic Story of the World’s Brightest 12-year-old – Video

At 9 years old, Laurent Simons is on the cusp of completing his electrical engineering degree, boasting an IQ of 145 and a photographic memory that allows him to grasp complex subjects in record time. However, despite his remarkable achievements, there is a somber side to Laurent’s extraordinary life.

Born in Belgium, Laurent’s early years were spent with his grandparents as his parents, both dentists, were busy with work. From an early age, Laurent displayed extraordinary intelligence, often disassembling toys and posing questions that most children his age wouldn’t even consider.

Recognizing his exceptional abilities, Laurent’s parents decided to send him to school early, only to find that the curriculum failed to captivate his intellect. As he progressed through school, Laurent’s insatiable thirst for knowledge and lack of suitable academic challenges left him feeling bored, isolated, and restless.

To confirm his exceptional intelligence, Laurent underwent an IQ test, scoring an impressive 145, placing him amongst the world’s smartest individuals. This newfound attention thrust him into the spotlight, with the media and public alike eager to learn more about the young prodigy.

Despite the acclaim and attention, Laurent found it challenging to balance the expectations placed upon him with his desire for a normal, childhood experience. Many of his classmates viewed him as an oddity rather than a peer, leaving Laurent feeling isolated and disconnected.

This poignant and thought-provoking video sheds light on the trials and tribulations faced by a young boy who possesses unparalleled intellect but yearns for a conventional childhood. It is a reminder that brilliance often comes at a cost and that even the smartest minds crave companionship, understanding, and a sense of normalcy. Join us as we delve into the compelling story of the world’s smartest 12-year-old and explore the bittersweet reality behind his extraordinary intellect.

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Video Transcript

At 9 years of age this boy is barely weeks away from completing his graduation in electrical engineering of all things imagine remembering everything you ever read or saw sounds like a crazy superpower right well not anymore there’s an actual human being amongst us who possesses all those skill

S and he’s none other than the 12-year-old laurance Simons laurance Simo has an IQ of 145 that puts him just under Einstein or Steven Hawking the winner is Sim but while this child has been able to achieve many great things at such a tender age there exists an unpleasant side to laurent’s exciting

Life the burden that comes with being a child prodigy join us as we explore the life of lauron Simons and dive into the sad life of the smartest 12-year-old in the world a global sensation still has the heart of a child laurance Simons a young Prodigy from Belgium is truly

Exceptional with a with an IQ of 145 he possesses a whole bunch of interests spanning from mathematics to medicine and now he’s delving into the realm of computers what sets him apart is his remarkable photographic memory which allows him to grasp complex subjects in a fraction of the time it takes for

Others according to Lauren’s Mentor Peter balus working with such a young child amongst older students is quite a unique experience for him their collaboration has been one of a kind balus actually believes lauron insights are often way more fruitful than those given by his older peers he’s also impressed with laurance ability to

Possess a photographic memory which lets him get hold of subjects within days while other students typically require 10 weeks to understand an idea my week is always the same my week is always on Monday I go for the introduction to the course luron can pick up anything in a

Matter of days what he also likes about lauron is that despite his academic achievements he remains grounded lauron cherishes weekends spent with his grandparents and enjoys playing with his beloved dog you can tell this young child is also pretty passionate about animals judging by the way he speaks

About them balus has mentioned that sometimes he even forgets lauron is an actual child when he’s talking to him because his knowledge is that vast but underneath all that knowledge about quantum physics there’s a young boy who also wants to enjoy life you see despite his remarkable achievements he’s just

Like any other kid lauron enjoys weekends with his grandparents even though he’s exceptionally bright he still has many traits kids his age have like going overboard when he says he dislikes something especially when it comes to dinner according to lon’s Mother he can be pretty stubborn when it

Comes to the food that’s being served to him just like any other 9-year-old so how does a child lead a normal life when he has the mind of a genius that comes once in a lifetime while also possessing the heart of a kid who wants to enjoy

The little things in life there is no right answer to this what we do know is that laon’s life has never been easy ever since he figured out how to count laurent’s early life was quite peculiar when laurant was Little he spent most of his time with his grandparents because

His parents were busy working as dentists it wasn’t until he turned four that he went to live with his mom and dad that’s when they started noticing how clever he was laurent’s Grandma was always amazed by how smart he was was and kept telling his parents how special

He was at first his parents thought it was just her being proud but soon they saw there was something extraordinary about lauron unlike other kids lauron didn’t just play with toys like most children instead he liked taking them apart and sorting them by colors or shapes he was also curious about things

Like why his kindergarten looked the way it did I think 3 32 of course these are questions no child of his age would ever wonder about so slowly Lauren’s parents became more and more interested in what he was thinking about seeing how interested he was in learning laurent’s parents

Decided to send him to school early thinking he was ready for it but School wasn’t very exciting for luron everything seemed too easy and he quickly got bored even when his teachers gave him harder work it didn’t keep him interested for long he could solve math problems meant for older kids and no

Time at all even though he was only 4 years old when laon’s teacher suggested he skip Elementary School altogether because he was so Advanced his parents weren’t sure they worried he might miss out on making friends if he moved up too fast they knew that maintaining a healthy social life was just as

Important as constructing a good academic life but as lauron started losing interest in school his parents changed their minds they realized it was important to help him keep learning and growing even if it meant making some tough decisions so after just two years in elementary school luron moved ahead to more challenging

Studies high school days were over as soon as they began as Laurent hopped onto the high school bus things didn’t change much while many other kids were feeling overwhelmed with studies and extracurriculars laurant was just plain bored the studies even at this level weren’t difficult enough to Chow an

Lauron which often left him restless and rumpy at this point laon’s parents also noticed that he wasn’t just an ordinary kind of smart but that he might even be a real child genius to find out for sure they took him to see a very famous psychologist this psychologist checked

Lauron very carefully and gave him a special test to measure how smart he was this is something called an IQ test when they got the results laon’s parents were really surprised his dad thought lauron would have a high IQ but it turned out to be even higher than they thought with

A score of 145 lauron was considered one of the smartest people in the world almost as smart as Albert Einstein or Steven Hawking news like this hardly ever stays indoors soon everyone on the street was talking about it laurent’s parents also didn’t make any effort to keep this news a secret they immediately

Contacted newspapers and before they knew it cameras were showing up at laurent’s school and interviewing him all the time this new attention no doubt left lauron feeling overwhelmed he wasn’t aware why his knowledge and IQ had become such a big deal for everyone all he wanted to do

Was study and learn new things but the constant dealing with the Press was wearing him down on the other hand even with all this new found attention school didn’t get any easier for him laon’s classmates thought it was funny to have such a young genius in their class and

He didn’t have many friends to play with it was like lauron was going to the same school as everyone else but in reality he felt like he was living in a completely different world a world where he couldn’t find anyone who could relate to him in the end the school didn’t turn

Out to be quite the adventure for lauron that it was for others some of it was because of lauron himself he didn’t hang around in high school for long not like most kids do instead of sticking around for the usual seven years he finished everything in just 17

Months while his classmates took their time going through their textbooks year after year lauron zoomed through them all in just one day then he’d grab textbooks that students would take a couple of years to study through and Breeze through them in just a few days with his incredible

Memory he aced every test without breaking breaking a sweat and always managed to get the highest grades since he was zooming through his studies lauron would change classes almost every 3 months because he got bored very easily eventually he skipped ahead by four classes all together if you’re

Wondering why well it’s because lauron wanted to look for a real challenge when it comes to feeling bored lauron didn’t just feel it in high school this feeling crept into his everyday life too even when luron was at home he struggled to find things that excited him according

To research this kind of feeling isn’t all that unusual for smart kids like lauron they often feel a bit different from the other kids and making friends can be a bit tricky this feeling of being othered can be tough during childhood and teenage years when having friends is super important for feeling

Happy and connected despite not being able to make that many friends though Laurent continued to work hard at his studies before he knew it he’d be leaving high school and reaching even greater Heights High School Ended as soon as it started luron was 8 years old when he

Dawned that cap and gown making him the youngest graduate in all of Europe like always his parents couldn’t contain their pride and they called up the media to organize a big press conference their child like many other times was forced to face a sea of microphones and cameras

Once again luron wasn’t able to experience something in his life normally the way the other kids could his graduation ended with a headline in the newspaper normally kids that age would be happy knowing they’ve achieved something great but luron who was just a child and had had enough of the cameras

And press already being in the spotlight again made him uneasy he kept his answers short and shied away from the cameras now as news of laon’s early graduation spread across Belgium some folks started to raise eyebrows they said he was too young to be thrust into the Limelight that he should be playing

With toys not facing TV cameras but laon’s parents ignored all of those statements they knew their son was destined for great things and that’s all that they could see on the other side of things pressure didn’t ease up for lauron if anything it grew heavier on laon’s small shoulder

His father in an interview that aired Nationwide and knew that he hope that he can help just yeah declared that lauron was to become the youngest University graduate ever his dad wanted to beat the record set by an American boy named Michael Kerney who got his University

Degree at the age of 10 beating This Record meant lauron would have to complete a three-year degree in just 10 months so at the young age of eight lauron found himself on a University campus surrounded by people much older than him but don’t think for a second that Laur found this new challenge

Boring nope he dove into his studies with the same sense of Duty and immersed himself in the world of electrical engineering open that chip yet despite the tough academic material laurent’s real struggle was feeling like he belonged he didn’t make any friends there either since all of

Them were way older even at home lauron struggled to find things that really excited him some studies show this as a common problem for smart kids like lauron their super smart brains make it hard for them to connect with other kids as luron continued to struggle in his

Social life it seemed like he was breezing through his academic life the pressure intensifies lauron wasn’t like everybody else while his peers spent semester slogging through courses lauron had a different approach he tackled each subject not in months but in just a week lauron didn’t just break records he

Shattered them soon he became the fastest and brightest star the university had ever seen But despite his incredible achievements laon’s Journey wasn’t without its twists and turns you see while his parents dreamed big for him the university had other plans they were concerned about laurent’s age and

The kind of academic pressure that was being thrust upon him so they insisted on a mandatory break after fearing that the poor child might get overwhelmed by the weight of his parents expectations laon’s father didn’t take this decision lightly he suspected there was more to this situation than met the

Eye he couldn’t shake the feeling that the University was trying to hold on to lauron perhaps to be associated with a brilliant mind a little while longer in this matter luron himself was never given the platform to say anything he never had much of a say in his academic

Life either way what luron thought of the University’s decision is perhaps something we’ll never know what we do know is that as luron has gotten older he has begun taking control over what areas of research he wants to dive into lauron begins his research as lauron slowly enters puberty he’s diving deep

Into research while his classmates are still busy with school after spending some time at other universities he now calls Germany home there he’s collaborating with Scientists on a laser project aimed at spotting cancer cells in blood samples using light beams if their project succeeds lauron and his

Team could make a huge impact and get closer to their dream of extending human life feeling happy and less stressed lauron is in a good place mentally you can tell that the pressure from his parents has eased by the way he acts when he’s in front of the camera he’s

Often seen smiling and enthusiastically sharing his progress he’s no longer bothered by headlines about breaking records or his parents opinions instead he’s focused on dedicating his life to research and using his intelligence to help others but as luron is navigating this new life away from the school life

He once lived he is not free from the shackles of the press now and then the occasional headlines come up that talk about laon’s achievements it seems like laurant likes the way he’s being presented in them sometimes being compared to other intellectuals does not sit well while other boys his age are

Mostly interested in sports or video games lauron Simons is already thinking about the big stuff like immortality he shared this bold ambition at just 11 years old with a newspaper saying that this research wasn’t for him but for others his goal is to replace as many body parts as he can with mechanical

Ones to help people live longer apart from that luron made headlines when he graduated from Belgium’s University of antp with a degree in quantum physics even for a kid as smart as him it’s still impressive that he enrolled in University at just 9 years of age and now he’s hell bent on

Figuring out just how far he can push the boundaries of human potential with the achievement and goals that lauron has envisioned for himself living with a highly intelligent child like him must not be easy but according to his mother even though she struggles sometimes to keep up with his Amazing Ideas she’s

Always in awe of his intelligence whenever he’s talking about his ideas with her Lydia tries her best to understand them and he’s very patient with her too but since he’s still a kid luron does get a tad frustrated at times when she doesn’t understand not having

Any friends his age that he can talk to about his ideas already leaves him feeling lonely but experiencing sort of the same environment at home would probably intensify that all together laurent’s parents may have trouble understanding their child but his Innovative thinking has earned him a lot of Praise from professors and

Researchers in the academic community from what his own parents keep hearing laurance seems to approach every problem he faces in an extremely creative manner with an IQ of 145 lauron had constantly been compared to the legendary Albert Einstein ever since he completed the secondary school curriculum in a matter

Of 18 months at just 8 years of age but luron on the other hand does not understand where this comparison comes from turns out luron isn’t a big fan of being compared to Einstein or other accomplished people according to his mother he believes that he’s his own unique person just like everyone else

Luron plans on making his own name with his area of Interest being compared to highly known intellectuals just gets in the way of that in a candid interview two years ago lauron even mentioned that he sometimes laughs at the Einstein comparisons this is because he sees himself as a practical inventor and more

On a plane with people like Nicola Tesla the inventive Serbian American electrical engineer who was researching at the same time Einstein was back in the 19th century while lauron isn’t safe from people constantly trying to put him into various boxes it seems like his life at

Home might not be any easier either as he has become more and more famous over the years lon’s parents have also started to closely keep an eye on his social life both online and offline closely monitored online and in his every every day life being someone

Who has eyes on him at all times laurent’s story has caught the attention of people outside his school as well now even though he enjoys spending his time doing normal activities for a kid his age like playing video games or going for a swim in his pool there’s no

Denying that laurent’s IQ of 145 sets him apart from the rest his parents have obviously played a huge role in shaping laurent’s Public Image by arranging tons of interviews as well as a lot of press conferences where he can share his Incredible Journey with the world

Because of how young he is it’s not surprising that he’s getting an insane amount of attention especially in today’s age of instant Fame on his Instagram account alone you can see many posts of him posing with the television Crews and just having the time of his life with family and friends but

Considering how some of the content posted can be mature at times his parents keep a close eye on his online presence and how the public inter acts with the account deciding what lauron can and can’t post is definitely a form of monitoring while other kids his age are exploring themselves and making

Their own identity online luron is never allowed to truly put himself out there on his terms instead he always has to churn out the image of him approved by his parents since there are so many eyes constantly looking at his every move but aside from being famous for his smarts

Laurant has already started planning where he wants to pursue his further education and his Top Choice at the moment is the United States even though his parents haven’t said much about where in the states he plans on going his father has hinted that he’ll split his studies between

Europe and the United States to make sure he is close to his family at all times lauron also plans on being close to family but apart from that he has also set some big goals for himself already his biggest one is to create artificial hearts in his teenage years

So he can help other people who are struggling with the same health issues this idea was inspired by his grandparents heart conditions lauron has always been really close to his grandparents and he now wants to do everything he can to make their life easier for them in the end we’ve seen a

Lot of gifted kids in the past like Mozart who started composing music at the age of five then there’s Picasso who completed his first painting at nine but a lot of these child prodigies end up becoming normal people as they grow up will Lon be any different from them well

According to his father he has always done whatever he’s promised to do so there’s hope that he’ll finally break the cycle and do wonders this is the extraordinary tale of one of the brightest young minds in the world until next time

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