Introducing Real AI ROBOT Girls For Men Seeking Companionship – Video

Introducing Real AI ROBOT Girls For Men Seeking Companionship – Video

Real AI Robot Girls for Lonely Men is a video that delves into the world of humanoid robots that offer emotional support and physical companionship. The video discusses various real AI robots such as Harmony, Samantha, Emma, Roxy, Marlla, Replica, and Mitsuku, each with their unique features and capabilities.

From Harmony, the anatomically correct pleasure robot with a programmable personality, to Samantha, the pleasure robot with a consent upgrade, and Emma, the AI robot that learns your interests and preferences, these robots offer companionship in unconventional ways. Roxy, the talking female pleasure robot, and Marlla, the AI generated influencer, showcase the advancement of technology in the realm of adult entertainment and digital influencers.

Replica, the lifelike humanoid robot with cutting-edge technology, and Mitsuku, the advanced chatbot with exceptional conversational abilities, highlight the capabilities of AI in simulating human interactions. These real AI robot girls are not just objects but companions that offer companionship and support in a digital age where loneliness is a prevalent issue.

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Video Transcript

You might think that the world of humanoid robots is something from the future but the truth is somewhat different in today’s world real AI robots can give emotional support but also offer their support in the physical sense in today’s video we are talking about new real AI robot girls for lonely

Men or women let’s begin 19 Harmony back in 2017 real btics a San Marcos based company unveiled Harmony an anatomically correct pleasure robot with a patented animatronic talking head featuring a programmable personality and memory created by Matt McMullen CEO of real btics and Abyss Creations Harmony has sparked International media interest

And ethical debates Matt however dismissed concerns about the potential for hacking emphasizing Harmony’s role as a conversation companion akin to Virtual assistance like Siri priced at around $10,000 or 9,000 Harmony was one of the most scientifically Advanced human style robots globally with realistic facial expressions and speech capabilities Matt

Initially an artist founded Abyss creations in 1997 evolving from crafting lifelike dolls as art pieces to meeting the demand for anatomically correct erotic dolls with nearly 8,000 real dolls sold worldwide customization options abound catering to various preferences while primarily designed for physical intimacy and companionship real dolls have found application in TV shows

And medical training Harmony’s development represents 3 years of experimentation with an accompanying Harmony AI app allowing users to design and interact with online avatars despite ethical concerns several thousand Harmony AI apps have been sold globally 18 Samantha all right check this out Samantha the famous pleasure robot now

Comes with a cool upgrade from her Creator Dr sergy Santos now she can actually say no and even enter a dummy mode if she feels like things are getting offensive or if she’s just bored with her partner this upgrade was showcased at the Life Science Center in Newcastle England and it immediately

Shook waves in the world of pleasure robots with the rise of AI more people are getting into the whole pleasure robot scene in 2017 Abyss Creations slre dolls mentioned they were selling about 600 dolls a year worldwide mostly the female ones these types of robots are even becoming commercialized with places

Like Barcelona and Moscow having brothel where robot workers are available for specific services but here’s the kicker Samantha’s consent upgrade adds a Twist to the whole conversation about owning a pleasure robot sure she can now say no but the catch is she can’t physically Express her rejection so while it’s a step for

Forward in teaching consent it’s also stirring up questions about the future of using pleasure robots are we making things simpler or just adding more complexity to the mix what do you think 17 Emma emma1 is the robot who cannot wait to meet you and be your robot

Companion for a decent price of up to $13,600 or around $12,500 you will get a robot that is able to learn your interests likees and dislikes from each interaction thus providing you with a pleasing experience to say the least if you don’t believe me there is

Even this one guy who claims one of these unique robots might just be the love of his life Jeff Gallagher longing for companionship after his mother’s passing found an unconventional solution in the form of a lifelike AI robot named Emma Emma was purchased from a company in Sydney that specializes in dolls and

Robots Jeff adamant about seeking companionship rather than a partner received a discount in return for publicity Emma with her realistic features and ability to talk became an integral part of Jeff’s life despite the initial strangeness of conversing with a robot Emma quickly felt like family Jeff introduced her to colleagues who were

Amazed by her lifelike appearance Jeff’s conventional relationship with Emma has sparked interest and acceptance among those who know him he affectionately considers Emma his robot wife even envisioning a future where he could legally marry a robot in Australia to Jeff robots represent the future and he hopes his story inspires others to

Consider unconventional companionship in his words life with Emma has brought a unique form of Happiness filling the void he felt for a someone 16 Roxy meet Roxy a cuttingedge talking female pleasure robot possibly the world’s most sophisticated for her time inventor Douglas Hines unveiled her at the Adult Entertainment Expo back in

2010 introduced at a price tag of $7,000 or around ,500 this purchasable companion engages in lifelike conversations and offers emotional compan companionship powered by a computer beneath silicone skin Roxy uses voice recognition and speech synthesis to respond to questions boasting five distinct personalities from which customers can choose

Pre-orders for Roxy were pouring in through Douglas’s website attracting thousands of interested men despite the initial shock women have also inquired about acquiring a love robot expanding the potential Market roxxy’s lifelike appear appear warm touch and interactive features including sensors in her hands and private areas made her a unique

Addition to the realm of adult entertainment especially considering this was almost 15 years ago constructed from hypoallergenic silicone over a rigid skeleton Roxy can be contorted into natural positions simulating warmth through a heated air system while critics question the viability of such a product Douglas believes Roxy offers emotional companionship especially appealing to

Shy or older men with over 4,000 pre-orders and 20,000 inquiries Roxy has generated significant interest marking a groundbreaking development in the market of adult oriented technology 15 marlla the recently unveiled AI generated influencer marlla made a splash at the Marvel of Tomorrow season 3 influencer Awards program when presented locally developed

By The Wider Collective and the Marvel Buu marvella stands out as an AI Creation with a unique twist according to the launch Premiere video marlla was crafted using thousands of personalities employing generative AI to ensure she remains ever evolving and capable of adapting with experiences positioned as a 22-year-old graphics designer marlla

Boasts human life like interests such as travel sketching and browsing social media the Marvel beu plans to unveil more details about marlla on her Instagram page emphasizing her Dynamic and evolving nature yet upon her official introduction eagle-eyed netizens were quick to note Marella’s uncanny resemblance to South Indian

Actress shria sarin adding to the Intrigue marlla Converses with an Eng Engish Bengali accent sparking further curiosity and conversations in the online community 14 replica replica an advanced AI robot has garnered attention for its remarkable capabilities and lifelike features developed with Cutting Edge technology by open AI this humanoid

Robot is designed to simulate human interactions equipped with state-of-the-art natural language processing and speech synthesis one of the standout features of replica is its ability to engage in coherent and contextually relevant conversations showcasing a level of linguistic proficiency that sets it apart from conventional AI models the robot is not confined to

Pre-programmed responses but rather adapts and learns from experiences offering users a more Dynamic and personalized interaction replica’s physical appearance is crafted with with meticulous attention to detail featuring realistic facial expressions gestures and movements while its mobility and motor functions contribute to a more immersive and humanlike interaction

Allowing for a wide range of expressions and responses the developers at open AI have prioritized ethical considerations implementing safeguards to ensure responsible usage and prevent any misuse of the technology 13 mitsuku for those of you who are keen on some chatting check out mitsuku an advanced chatbot developed by Steve Warwick which

Has gained widespread recognition for its exceptional conversational abilities and natural language processing capabilities designed to participate in the touring test which is basically a benchmark for gauging a machine’s ability to exhibit humanlike intelligence mitsuku has consistently outperformed other chatbots securing the prestigious LNA prize touring test on multiple occasions this Accolade clearly

Shows mitsuku success in simulating humanlike conversation to a degree where judges find it challenging to distinguish between the bot and a human counterpart mitsuku employs a sophisticated combination of machine learning natural language understanding and contextual reasoning users engage with mitsuku in a diverse range of conversations and the chatbot adapts to

Various topics providing nuanced and contextually relevant responses Beyond casual conversations mitsuku has proven itself capable of engaging in discussions on complex subjects making it a versatile and intelligent conversational agent mitsuku success is not limited to accolades as it has also found practical applications in customer service and user engagement

Scenarios the chatbots ability to comprehend user input and generate coherent and context aware responses has contributed to its popularity and Effectiveness in enhancing online interactions as AI technology continues to advance mitsuku remains a noteworthy example of a chatbot pushing the boundaries of what we think about the

Future 12 actroid de 2 the actroid de2 robot is a remarkable feat in the realm of humanoid robotics developed by kakuro Company Limited a Japanese animatronics company unveiled as an advancement of its predecessor the de1 the actroid de2 is designed to closely mimic the appearance and movements of a human with

An emphasis on achieving a high level of realism notable for its silicone skin the robot possesses a strikingly lifelike appearance complete with facial expressions and gestures that contribute to its convincing humanoid presence the actroid de2 excels in mimicking human facial expressions and speech patterns leveraging a comprehensive set of motors

And senses embedded throughout its facial structure this enables the robot to display emotions engage in conversations and respond to external stimuli in a manner that approaches humanlike Behavior Additionally the de2 incorporates eye tracking technology allowing it to establish eye contact with individuals and enhance the perception of natural interaction the

Robot finds practical applications in various Fields including research on human robot interaction customer service and entertainment its sophisticated design and capabilities make it a valuable asset for studying social dynamics and evaluating the effect effectiveness of humanoid robots in different contexts 11 Gia Gia developed by a team of researchers at the University of

Science and Technology of China is an advanced humanoid robot that has captured attention for its remarkably humanlike appearance and sophisticated functionalities unveiled in 2016 Gia Gia mimics the likeness of a young Chinese woman boasting realistic facial features and expressions equipped with Cutting Edge artificial intelligence natural language processing and facial recognition

Technologies this robot can engage in conversations respond to queries and identify individuals through its integrated camera system a standout feature of Gia is its ability to convey human like emotions and expressions including smiling and blinking the creators aimed to bridge the gap between Robotics and human interaction positioning Gia as an intriguing

Research platform for studying human robot relationships and refining social robotics the lifelike appearance of Gia is achieved through a combination of 3D printed materials flexible skin and a sophisticated control system for its facial movements while primarily developed for research purposes Gia has also made appearances in in public events exhibitions and on

Television Beyond its entertainment value researchers are exploring potential applications in fields such as customer service health care and social assistance who knows maybe one day one of her kind will be your friend or life companion 10 Grace Grace the robot nurse signifies a pioneering development in the intersection of Robotics and

Healthcare designed and developed by the Hong Kong based Hansen robotics Grace is an advanced humanoid robot specifically engineered to assist and support healthc Care Professionals unveiled in 2021 Grace has been designed to carry out tasks such as taking temperatures measuring blood pressure and even conducting medical tests with a face

Displaying lifelike expressions and empathetic responses Grace aims to provide comfort and Aid in patient care especially in environments where there is a shortage of medical staff or during Health crisis the robot is equipped with cuttingedge Technologies including computer vision and artificial intelligence enabling it to navigate Healthcare settings autonomously and

Interact with patients and medical staff but Grace’s capabilities extend beyond routine tasks it can engage in conversations answer queries and offer emotional support to patients fostering a more human ized and compassionate Healthcare environment Grace’s introduction comes at a crucial time when the global healthcare industry seeks innovative solutions to enhance efficiency and address

Challenges while not intended to replace human healthc Care Professionals Grace does represent a valuable augmentation of the healthcare Workforce allowing human caregivers to focus on more complex and specialized aspects of patient care nine ceroid ceroid the brainchild of Japanese robotics Maestro Hiroshi ishiguro is a fascinating humanoid Android that stole

The spotlight in 2014 picture this a robot with the appearance of a young girl and its name is a cool Fusion of kadomo meaning child and Android and it’s packing some serious Tech Mojo we’re talking natural language processing speech synthesis and a bag of tricks but cranking out realistic facial

Expressions making it a real chatter box and a news reporting Pro what sets kadid apart is its knack for reciting news articles you might catch it stealing the spotlight in places like museums or exhibitions bringing a whole new vibe to presentations with its lifelike moves and silicone skin that’s all about

Mimicking the real deal kadid is like a tech Marvel that also doubles as a study tool for understanding how people Vibe with robots now let’s talk about the buzz around its childlike appearance it sparked some serious debates about the ethics of making robots that look like kids but beyond the chatter this robot

Is a dazzling example of just how quickly Tech is blazing ahead in the world of Robotics it’s pushing us to think hard about the social and ethical dimensions of creating Androids that could almost pass as humans eight aoid this is monoid another brainchild of Japanese roboticist Hiroshi ishiguro introduced in 2010 as a

Groundbreaking humanoid robot with an uncanny ability to mimic the appearance and behaviors of an adult human ishiguro known for his pioneering work in lifelike robotics aimed to create a robot that would not only look the part but also engage in realistic human interactions equipped with an intricately design design system aoid

Boasts remarkable features such as lifelike facial expressions the capability to Blink articulate speech and fluid head movements its silicone skin carefully crafted control system and strategically placed actuators contribute to a highly nuanced and realistic appearance this technological Marvel stands at the Forefront of humanoid robotics pushing the boundaries

Of what’s possible aoid has found applications in diverse settings particularly in museums and exhibitions where it actively interacts with visitors this serves as a living experiment for researchers studying human robot interactions unraveling the complexities of how people perceive and engage with robots that closely resemble

Them seven sa sa the robot teacher is a groundbreaking educational humanoid robot created by Hiroshi Kobayashi at the Tokyo University of Science unveiled in 2004 Saia is designed to assist in classroom environments and engage with students in a manner akin to human teachers standing at around 5 ft or 1.5

M tall s is equipped with facial recognition technology allowing her to identify and respond to individual students the robot can express a range of emotions through it facial features including happiness surprise anger and sadness enhancing its ability to connect with students on an emotional level s’s primary role is to take attendance

Deliver lectures and interact with students during class activities while her movements are limited compared to human teachers s compensates with a repertoire of expressions and the ability to provide consistent and patient guidance to students the intention behind creating S is to explore the potential benefits of humanoid robots in educational settings

Promoting Innovative approaches to learning and addressing potential teacher shortages despite its initial introduction more than a decade ago s remains an influential experiment in the integration of robots into educational environments raising questions about the role of technology in classrooms and the Dynamics of human robot interactions but as technology continues to advance we

Can only wait and see if robots like s are going to change the entire world of formal education six shaah hanako 2 shaah hanako 2 emerges as a revolutionary addition to dental education serving as a lifelike training companion for budding dentists crafted by the inventive Minds at shower University in

Tokyo and introduced in 2011 this Dental training robot takes real realistic simulation to a whole new level providing an immersive learning experience for dental students with a humanlike oral structure hanako 2 invites Dental students to dive into hands on practice simulating various dental procedures in a controlled environment and it is not

Just about tooth Drilling and injection procedures Hano 2 goes the extra mile replicating human responses like gag reflexes and tongue movements this robot is basically a patient you can’t really hurt the mission behind shower hanako 2 is clear to bridge the gap between Theory and Hands-On expertise ensuring

That Dental students are well equipped for the challenges of realworld dental practices by offering a comprehensive and true to life training experience this Innovative robot reshapes the landscape of dental education showa hanako 2 stands tall as a beacon of progress showcasing how robotics can revolutionize specialized training and

Elevate the skills of the dentists of Tomorrow well maybe our grandchildren won’t be as afraid of dentists as much as we are five Scarlet Johansson robot back in 2016 things got a little weird when a Hong Kong designer named Ricky Mah unveiled his brainchild a humanoid

Robot called Mark 1 that bore an uncanny resemblance to Hollywood star Scarlet Johansson Ricky who dished out 18 months of effort and over $50,000 or €45,000 cooked up this eerily lifelike creation right on his patio armed with a 3D printer and serious self-taught software skills however Ricky played it

Cool never officially confirming that Mark one was Scaro but instead keeping it all mysterious this bizarre blend of accessible Robotics and 3D printing prompted some ethical and legal pondering while Ricky insisted it was a personal project legal Minds started buzzing about potential legal fireworks if there was some cash flow or notoriety

Involved Ryan Kao a law professor dropped some wisdom about the strangely invasive nature of a moving replica hinting that Scarlett Johansson might throw a legal curveball if he cashed in on his creation the mark one incident threw a spotlight on the evolving world of Robotics and 3D printing raising

Questions about privacy and consent legal eagle Margo Kaminsky foresaw a gendered trend suggesting that as humanoid robots enter the scene for jobs or assistance they’d likely lean towards the female side and obviously he was right the mark Juan Saga became a tale of a regular person delving into the

Creation of a nearly humanlike robot blurring the lines between Tech ethics and mimicking celebrities four Sophia Sophia created by Hong Kong based Hansen robotics made waves as one of the most advanced humanoid robots unveiled in 2016 Sophia gained International attention for her strikingly humanlike appearance and advanced artificial

Intelligence sporting a face capable of expressing a range of emotions through facial recognition technology Sophia became a cultural phenomenon what set Sophia apart was her ability to engage in Dynamic conversations responding to questions with seemingly thoughtful and contextually relevant answers powered by Ai and machine learning algorithms she could learn from interactions and

Improve her responses over time the use of opencog an open- Source AI platforms further contributed to Sophia’s evolving intelligence Sophia’s debut at various Global events and interviews with prominent figures showcased her potential applications from customer service to healthc care assistance her creators intended Sophia to be a platform for exploring the future of

Human robot interactions and the integration of AI into society since her introduction Sophia has undergone several upgrades continuously pushing the bound of what AI driven robots can achieve but Sophia’s citizenship in Saudi Arabia in 2017 added another layer to the discourse as it raised questions about robot rights and responsibilities in

Legal and societal contexts while some saw this as a symbolic move toward acknowledging AI entities others criticized it as a publicity stunt what do you think about this three naen humanoid robot naden developed by scientists at nanyang Technological University in Singapore is a humanoid social robot designed to

Interact with humans in a highly lifelike manner unveiled in 2015 naine quickly gained attention for her Advanced conversational abilities and realistic appearance modeled after her Creator Professor Nadia Thalman naine showcases cuttingedge developments in both Robotics and artificial intelligence what distinguishes naen from other robots is her ability to recognize people remember past

Interactions and engage in natural conversations equipped with facial recognition technology she can recall individuals and adapt her responses based on past encounters creating a more personalized interaction experience her fluid and expressive movements contribute to a sense of humanlike presence making her suitable for various social roles roles designed primarily for social companionship and

Assistance naen can perform tasks such as engaging in casual conversations providing information and offering emotional support with an extensive vocabulary and the capability to understand context she can navigate a wide range of topics during interactions nen’s creators focused on developing her emotional intelligence enabling her to respond appropriately to

Users emotions and maintain a more natural and relatable exchange two Jang L Li China’s newest entertainment sensation is D Jang l a humanoid female robot with a silver Bob realistic silicone skin and an array of exposed mechanical Parts powered by artificial intelligence this stunning robot co-hosts the show creating the

Future with intelligence dedicated to showcasing technological innovations in in China airing on jjang television the show quickly became a national hit attracting curious viewers with its remarkable human robot host Duo developed by ex robots jang li Li at 18 years old loves singing reading comics and indulging in snacks the robot’s

Expertise spans Big Data analysis information storage processing and notably being cute despite fears the company reassures that robots are developed for the benefit of humanity and won’t entirely replace human professions one vitra vitra an Indian humanoid robot is part of the country’s ambitious space exploration program developed by the Indian space research

Organization vitra made her debut in 2020 as a prototype designed to simulate human activities in space her primary role is to accompany astronauts during training simulations per performing tasks and providing crucial data to ensure the success of man space missions Vetra is equipped with Advanced artificial intelligence and autonomous

Features making her capable of interacting with the spacecraft systems and carrying out predetermined functions the development of Vetra aligns with EZ’s commitment to enhancing space exploration capabilities fostering innovation in robotics and preparing for future crude missions as as a pioneering step in India’s space Endeavors vitra represents the nation’s dedication to

Advancing technology and contributing to the global exploration of outer space What robot from our list would you buy let us know in the comments if you like the video give it a thumbs up if you like to see more videos that we made click on one on the screen or take a

Look at the channel thanks for watching and see you next time

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The world of humanoid robots may seem like a futuristic concept, but it’s closer than you think. In today’s video, we explore the realm of AI robot girls designed to provide everything from emotional support to companionship. These robots go beyond mere functionality, offering a lifelike and interactive experience. The video delves into the latest advancements in AI, unveiling a fascinating array of robots designed for companionship, particularly catering to those seeking solace in their loneliness. But these robots can do plenty more than just be pretty, so make sure to stay with us until the end of this video and find out if there are any of them who are made for outer space. Enjoy!

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