Incredible Abilities of the Latest Generation Humanoid Robots – Video

Incredible Abilities of the Latest Generation Humanoid Robots – Video

The advancements in humanoid robots showcased in this video are truly astonishing. From Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot transferring automotive parts with precision to Neo’s Walker robots revolutionizing the assembly line, these robots are redefining the capabilities of automation in various industries. The efficiency and speed at which these humanoid robots operate are remarkable, showcasing a glimpse into the future where robots could potentially replace human workers in certain tasks.

Moreover, the development of robots like Pixo and Digit by Agility Robotics and Amazon respectively, highlights the potential for humanoid robots to significantly impact the logistics and warehouse industry. These robots are not only capable of mimicking human movements but also have the potential to enhance productivity and efficiency in these sectors.

The introduction of Apollo by Aponic and Eve by 1X further demonstrates the versatility of humanoid robots and their potential applications beyond industrial settings. These robots are designed to work alongside humans, performing tasks ranging from moving boxes to assisting in elderly care.

With Tesla’s Optimus Gen 2 humanoid robot aiming to revolutionize human labor with its advanced technology and versatility, it is evident that the future of robotics is incredibly promising. Each of these robots showcased in the video has its unique capabilities and potential, leaving viewers in awe of the possibilities that humanoid robots bring to various industries. Subscribe to Carros Show channel for more updates on the latest advancements in robotics and technology.

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Video Transcript

It seems that those who believe that robots will eventually take away jobs from Ordinary People are correct previously the discussion was focused on machines taking over specific production cycles and replacing humans in certain positions however now the talk is about the complete replacement of humans Boston Dynamics showcased a video on

Their YouTube channel where the humanoid robot Atlas transfers automotive parts from Factory packaging to Iraq from which they will be taken by an automated production line the automotive manufacturing sector where Precision reliability and the ability to handle heavy components are required seems to be an ideal place for humanoid robots

While specialized industrial robots are already widely used here complex and multifaceted tasks requiring a human touch have remained beyond their capabilities until now Boston Dynamics owned by Hyundai now can contribute by offering its Atlas robot for work in auto manufacturing Atlas is still an experimental project demonstrating significant potential among humanoid

Robots and its application in the commercial sector could be a crucial step in the development of Robotics the future is not far off when the decision of whether to hire a person or a machine will solely come down to financial considerations it will be foolish to argue that buying and training a robot

Will be much more cost- effective than paying a human salary in just a year humanoid robots will start working at BMW’s Factory in the United States figure company has announced the signing of a commercial agreement according to it its first humanoid robot figure 01 will be deployed at BMW’s Factory in South

Carolina however they won’t be involved in car assembly immediately the robots will start with simpler tasks BMW has not disclosed the number of figure 01 models that will be in operation initially it is also unclear which specific tasks the humanoid robots will perform however figure has confirmed

That they will begin with five tasks which will be executed sequentially these tasks may involve single or multi-purpose systems that will gradually expand their skill set over time figure 01 will learn on the job refining its approach during real world testing much like humans whether these systems become a long-term addition to

BMW’s lineup will depend on whether the robots can meet the automaker’s internal performance expectations Chinese electric car manufacturer Neo has followed the lead of its competitors and initiated Trials of humanoid robots on its assembly line this event marks another milestone in the development of of Automotive production where artificial intelligence

And automation are playing an increasingly crucial role Neo is using humanoid robots called Walker s manufactured by UB Tech robotics these models are capable of Performing tasks that were previously exclusive to humans according to the company statements the robots can precisely install various components on electric vehicles such as

Batteries headlights and bumpers down to the millimeter they can also execute repetitive actions such as bolt tightening and assembly of components freeing up human workers from more complex tasks in a video presented by UB Tec the robot is shown performing quality control tasks on headlights door

Locks and seat belts as well as applying Neo logos to the vehicles unfortunately the company has not yet shared additional information about the role of Walker s at Neo’s Facility Meet pixo the Robot capable of unloading a th000 boxes per hour or one box every 3.5 seconds the startup anywhere robotics took a Japanese fanic manipul Ator with a suction cup equipped arm and mounted it on its own base optimized for a specific task as a result the robotic manipulator can

Efficiently unload or load boxes weighing up to 30 kg at an impressive speed up to a th000 such boxes per hour or a total of 30 tons of cargo the robot proves to be highly costeffective according to the company’s calculations it is three times cheaper for the customer compared to other offerings on

The market and pays for itself in approximately 2 years the original conveyor system reduces the load on the robot additionally it shortens the distance pixo has to cover with a load in hand thereby increasing its work rate consequently the productivity reaches up to 1,000 boxes per hour equivalent to

One box every 3.5 seconds a remarkably fast even for a professional loader Amazon has also decided to keep up with Trends by incorporating humanoid robots called digit developed by agility robotics into its warehouses these robots are capable of Performing all the movements that regular human Packers and sorters can including intricate hand and

Finger motions if the experiment proves successful these two-legged robots could potentially replace at least 450,000 Warehouse employees in the future however Amazon denies allegations that robotic devices could replace human workers stating that digit will assist the staff in the initial phase of the experimental project humanoid robots will be tasked with container disposal

Specifically locating and moving empty containers digit is well suited for this role with its dimensions and human form optimized for working in spaces designed for humans agility robotics is receiving funding from Amazon and the company plans to establish a new facility for robot production in Salem Oregon agility

Plan involves an annual production of over 10,000 robotic devices while digit has been an experimental project for several years this status is expected to change soon in 2024 agility robotics aims to commence robot deliveries to Partners and a year later the general public will have the opportunity to purchase digit

You have already witnessed that stories about humanoid robots performing household chores are working in factories no longer sound like science fiction one such development comes from the austin-based startup aponic the Prototype named Apollo resembles a human weighing around 72 kg and standing at 170 cm tall the robot can lift up to 25

Kog and is equipped with a battery providing 4 hours of operation additionally it can function while directly connected to the power grid for continuous work throughout the day Apollo was designed to work alongside humans and is equipped with features to convey a sense of safety and friendliness it has something like face

And the ability to turn its head to indicate the direction of movement digital panel on its chest displays battery charge the current task the robot is doing and a list of upcoming tasks the cost of Apollo is expected to be lower than the price of an average

Car at the core of Apollo’s design are the robots drives and muscles the aponic team developed over 30 variations of primary d drives enabling the robot to walk Bend its arms and handle objects like a human optronic aims to commence full commercial production by the end of 2024 initially Apollo will be deployed

In factories and warehouses performing simple tasks such as moving boxes and pushing carts however over time the functionality of these robots is expected to expand allowing them to be used in construction Electronics manufacturing delivery and even in the care of elderly individuals the manufacturer of humanoid robots 1X

Which received open AI chips worth $25 million last year has released a video showcasing autonomous humanoid robots called Eve the video does not involve teleoperation claims the Norwegian manufacturer of humanoid robots no computer Graphics no cuts no video acceleration no scripted trajectory playback everything is controlled by neural networks entirely autonomous Eve

The humanoid currently lacks legs and arms it moves on a pair of electrically driven Wheels balancing on a third small wheel at the back and its hands are rudimentary claws however its primary application is intended for warehouses with concrete floors and factories these robots are capable of performing a

Variety of tasks lifting and placing items in designated locations they grasp objects from ankle to waist height arrange them in boxes bins and Trays they can also independently open doors approach charging stations and activate them using a sophisticated squatting maneuver to connect the charger to their sockets the company has trained 30 Eve

Robots to perform a range of individual tasks seemingly using imitation learning through video and teleoperation and of course we couldn’t Overlook one of the most famous humanoid robots introduced by Tesla Optimus Gen 2 designed to undertake various tasks and assist humans Tesla aims to create a humanoid robot that could be Universal

Enough to replace human labor earlier Tesla announced that Optimus undergos comprehensive training using neural networks and can perform new tasks such as autonomously sorting objects the new version of the humanoid robot is now equipped with all the drives and sensors developed by Tesla one of the most intricate components of the humanoid

Robot is its hands they need to be robust enough to withstand significant loads while being precise enough to handle delicate objects the company stated its intention to soon begin deploying the robot in its own manufacturing operations once the robot proves its utility Tesla plans to start selling it Elon Musk previously stated

That the potential demand for such robots could reach from 10 to 20 billion units he believes that Optimus will account for a significant portion of Tesla’s long-term value write in the comments which of the robots shown in this video impressed you the most don’t forget to like this video

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