OpenAI introduces AGI into humanoid robot – showcases incredible capabilities (Figure 01 Breakthrough) – Video

OpenAI introduces AGI into humanoid robot – showcases incredible capabilities (Figure 01 Breakthrough) – Video

The latest advancements in robotics are truly mind-blowing, as showcased in the video titled “OpenAI Deploys AGI Into Humanoid Robot – Displays STUNNING Abilities (Figure 01 Breakthrough)”. The video highlights the incredible progress made by Figure AI, a robot powered by ChatGPT, which now has the ability to engage in full conversations with people. This breakthrough in conversational AI is a significant milestone in the development of humanoid robots.

In addition to Figure AI, the video also features other remarkable robots, such as the Unitree robot setting land speed records and Boston Dynamics’ robot showcasing precise movement in handling heavy objects. These robots are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in robotics and demonstrating the immense potential of AI-powered machines.

The video also touches upon the challenges and complexities involved in creating fully autonomous robots for domestic tasks. While the technology is advancing rapidly, achieving a sophisticated level of autonomy that can navigate uncertain environments and perform complex tasks like clearing up after a meal remains a significant hurdle.

Overall, the video provides a fascinating glimpse into the future of robotics, where humanoid robots could soon become a common sight, transforming our daily lives and prompting us to explore our evolving relationship with AI systems in the physical world. For more AI updates and insights, viewers can subscribe to Matthew Berman’s newsletter and follow his social media channels for the latest developments in artificial intelligence.

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Video Transcript

Does my voice sound weird I’m sick and decided to clone my voice instead of missing out on all of the amazing AI news this week today’s video is all about robots first we have an incredible update from figure AI a robot powered by chat GPT now figure is able to have full

Conversations with people utilizing its open AI power for incredible conversation ability take a look at this new update video from figure AI hey figure one what do you see right now I see a red apple on a plate in the center of the table a drying rack with

Cups and a plate and you standing nearby with your hand on the table great can I have something to eat sure thing great can you explain why you did what you just did while you pick up this trash on it so I gave you the Apple

Because it’s the only uh edible item I could provide you with from the table great so based on the scene right now where do you think the dishes in front of you go next the dishes on the table like that plate and cup are likely to go into the

Drying rack next great can you put them there of course all right so how do you think you did I I think I did pretty well the apple found its new owner the trash is gone and the table wear is right where it belongs I agree thanks figure

One you’re welcome if there’s anything else you need help with just let me know Next we have a video of the unit tree robot breaking humanoid land speed records imagine this thing chasing you next we have a robot from Boston Dynamics something you’ve probably seen already but this one is moving heavy objects with insane precision for Boston Dynamic still seems like it’s

Ahead of the pack in terms of ability next we have a robot trained to navigate tight places need a rescue in a cave need work done in a tight space Here’s the robot for the job Oh What we’re looking at next is a robot controller from the Apple Vision Pro this is straight science Fiction and we have a new robotic startup straight out of a garage in Silicon Valley like many other legendary companies have started a true Silicon Valley garage startup in PA walto like a few blocks from HP so what’s the state of your robot right now because it’s two months old

You’ve been training it to do various things what tell me what it can do you’re proud of right now it can stand without without falling over so that’s that’s we’re very proud of that um the goal you know the goal is to just iterate on the hardware as as as quickly

As possible that’s why we got 3D printers um so this is like V3 of the robot um and yeah the nice thing about 3D printing it is we can just like make V4 in a couple days just finish the design how long do you think it’s going

To be before something like this gets into my house and can you know do my clothes and my dishes and clean my windows and clean my toilets and all the things we’d want to robot like this yeah I mean I started this cuz I was worried

That this was going to take too long and I I want this to like now personally like I I wanted to have this in my house so this will be in my house when I can convince my wife to like let it be in our house yeah um yeah basically like we

Wanted to like we wanted just use this as a test bed to like Implement some of the recent papers it to come out so so then the question is like how how quickly can we you know implement the Umi paper um you know TBD I’m pretty confident we’re we’re pretty smart so

The cost of building robots is decreasing rapidly next we have something that isn’t actually a robot but it’s amazing anyways this is a fully electric passenger carrying [Laughter] Drone [Laughter] have you heard of Neo it’s a Chinese electric vehicle company that Elon Musk is actually afraid of they have already deployed full autonomous robots within their Factories And last Yan Lun did an interview with Lex fridman where he says fully functional autonomous robots are not coming anytime soon since we talked about sort of the uh physical reality I’d love to ask you vision of the future with with robots in in this physical

Reality so do you think there’ll be uh millions of humanoid robots walking around soon not soon but it’s gonna it’s going to happen like the next decade I think is going to be really interesting in robots like the the emergence of the robotics industry has been in the

Waiting for you know 10 20 years without really emerging other than for like you know kind of pre behavior and stuff like that and the main issue is again the Maric Paradox like you know how do we get those system to understand how the world works and and kind of you know

Plan actions and so we can do it for really specialized tasks and uh the way Bon Dynamics goes about it is you know basically with a lot of um handcrafted dynamical models and careful planning in advance which is very classical robotics with a lot of innovation a little bit of

Perception um but it’s still not like they can’t build a domestic robot right you know we’re still some distance away from completely autonomous level five driving and we’re certainly very far away from having uh you know level five autonomous driving by A system that can train Itself by driving 20 hours like

Any 17y old until we have World models systems that can train themselves to understand how the world Works we’re not going to we’re not going to have significant progress in robotics so a lot of the people working on robotic Hardware at the moment are are betting

Or banking on the fact that AI is going to make sufficient progress towards that and they’re hoping to discover a product in it too is uh yeah before you have a really strong World model there’ll be an almost Strong World model people are trying to find a product in a clumsy

Robot I suppose like not a perfectly efficient robot so there’s the factory setting where uh humanoid robots can help automate some aspects of the factory I think that’s a crazy difficult task because of all the safety required and all this kind of stuff I think in

The home is more interesting I think you mentioned loading the dishwasher right yeah like I suppose that’s one of the main problems you’re working on I mean there’s you know uh cleaning up cleaning the house uhle clearing up the table after a meal washing the dishes you know all

Those tasks you know cooking I mean all the tasks that you know in principle could be automated but are actually incredibly sophisticated really complicated but even just basic navigation around an un Space full of uncertainty that sort of works like you can sort of do this now navigation is

Fine well navigation in a way that’s compelling to us humans is is is a different thing yeah it’s not going to be you know necessarily I mean we have demos actually because you know there is a So-Cal embodied AI group at at fair and uh you know they’ve been not

Building their own robots but using commercial robots um and you can you can tell a robot dog like you know go to the fridge mhm and they can actually open the fridge and they can probably pick up a can in the fridge and stuff like that

And and bring it to you like know so it can navigate it can grab objects as long as it’s been trying to recognize them which you know Vision systems work pretty well nowadays but it’s not like a completely you know General robot that would be you know sophisticated enough

To do things like clearing up the dinner table Yeah to me that’s an exciting future of getting humanoid robots robots in general in the whole more and more because that gets uh humans to really directly interact with AI systems in the physical space and in so doing it allows us to

Philosophically psychologically explore our relationships with robots it’s can be really really really interesting so I hope you make progress on the whole uh japa thing soon well I I mean I hope I hope things kind of you know work as as planned I mean again we’ve been kind of

Working on this idea of self supervised running of from video for for 10 years and and you know only made significant progress in the last two or three after seeing all of these videos do you agree

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