IMF Report: 60% of Jobs Will Be Affected by AI, Study Finds – Video

IMF Report: 60% of Jobs Will Be Affected by AI, Study Finds – Video

New Study Reveals 60% OF Jobs To Be Impacted By AI (IMF Report)

The recent report by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has revealed some startling facts about the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on jobs. According to the IMF report, 60% of jobs in developed countries are set to be affected by AI. The study predicts that around half of these jobs will see a negative impact, while the other half will experience a positive influence. This means that while some jobs may disappear altogether due to automation, others may be enhanced by AI, leading to increased productivity and potentially higher incomes.

The impact of AI is expected to be less significant in developing countries, with only 40% of jobs in emerging markets and 26% of jobs in low-income countries set to be affected. However, these countries are also less likely to benefit from the increased productivity that AI promises. The report highlights the importance of policymakers taking a proactive approach to maintain social cohesion amidst the potential disruptions caused by AI.

The report also includes a chart that shows the exposure of different job sectors to AI. While some jobs may be highly complementary to AI, meaning that AI will enhance and supercharge these roles, others may have a high exposure to automation, leading to job displacement. It is essential for individuals in developed countries to be aware of the potential impact of AI on their jobs and to adapt to the changing landscape of the labor market.

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Video Transcript

So there was a recent report by the international monetary fund aka the IMF that was a little bit concerning but it was something that I do think needs to be brought to your attention so be sure to watch this video Until the End because the details of the report on

What jobs are going to be affected by this new report on artificial intelligence is quite fascinating so you can see right here that we have this article and of course like I said it’s by the IMF so it says here that AI is set to impact 6 % of jobs in developed

Economies and I know that this is something that needs to be brought to your attention because if you’re likely watching this you are likely in a developed country so it says a new report by the international monetary fund found that higher skilled jobs will likely face a impact from artificial

Intelligence and this can present both challenges and opportunities and in this paper they do really highlight some of the uniqueness of artificial intelligence and why certain things that we really didn’t think about even in some of the previous videos that I’ve done on job reports before are going to

Be important to think about because this technology is set to disrupt the entire playing field in terms of where humans stand on a social scale cool so firstly I’m just going to go through the brief article then I’m going to dive into some really specific things from the paper

That I really think people should be aware of because the world is about to change in a major way so one of the first things that they talked about was essentially of course 60% of jobs in developed countries and developed economies according to the study ahead

Of the WF economic Forum in davilas and essentially this study predicted that around half of those jobs will be negatively affected by AI while the other half will see a positive impact so while on one side there is a bit of Doom and Gloom on the other side I guess it

Is potentially positive now if you don’t know what the positive influence of AI is essentially that’s just what we call intelligence augmentation and this is something that has been recently discussed as essentially where instead of AI completely replacing some workers AI will supercharge some workers and

We’re going to get later on into the exact chart that shows you which kind of jobs are going to be augmented and Amplified and the other ones that are going to be more automated a rather chilling sentence from this article that’s something that isn’t really particularly a great read is that your

Job may disappear altogether not good or artificial intelligence May enhance your job so you will actually be more productive and your income level may go up this is what the IMF managing director Chris crystalina Gea told the AFP news agency and the more you have higher skilled jobs the higher the

Impact so it seems to be that a recurring theme is that from these studies we do know that even if you are a highly skilled individual and if you have a highly skilled jobs the higher the impact is going to be which is a St contrast to what we initially believed

When we were looking at the future of artificial intelligence then of course we did have this part of the article which was fascinating and it said that there is less impact in the developing world so it says the impact is expected to be different in the developing world

With 40% of jobs in Emerging Markets set to be impacted and 26% of jobs in low income countries so rather fascinatingly like we said before this AI isn’t really going to impact the developing nations as much as it is going to impact the more developed Nations so it’s quite

Fascinating to see how this technology is going to be dissipating through Society it additionally goes on to say that but while these labor markets are set to see a smaller initial impact from AI they are also less likely to benefit from The increased productivity that AI promises we must focus on helping low

Income countries in particular to move faster to be able to catch the opportunities that artificial intelligence will present so artificial intelligence yes a little scary but it is also a tremendous opportunity for everyone and you know like it says the impact on the developing world isn’t

Going to be that crazy at the start but of course AI will impact everyone eventually but it’s important to note that because you know those in the developing world I’m guessing there’s just less technology overall there and of course since there are less highly skilled jobs in those countries I’m

Guessing that’s why why is going to impact those countries as much now there was something that I wanted you all to see and this of course was a chart from the website article and then essentially this is where we talk about ai’s impact on jobs now on the left hand side what

We can see is rather fascinating bar which shows us the entire world exposure to AI you know jobs so essentially what we have here is in the red we have high exposure and high compliment which essentially just means that your job or your industry has a High exposure to AI

Which means a AI is going to impact it in some kind of way but in the red that shows us that it’s high complimentary which means that it’s going to help you more than it replaces you in the light pink area we have high exposure and low compliment which is pretty bad because

That just means you have high exposure to the artificial intelligence automation but it’s low compliment meaning that it’s not really going to complement you that much and it’s more likely to automate your job roll and of course we have have a low exposure which just means that the AI isn’t going to be

Impacting you at all so overall on the world scale you can see that there’s not that much but as we go over to the advanced economies we can see that overall you know like basically 60% of these jobs are going to be impacted now I did find it interesting that you know

Half of these jobs are going to be high complimentary and the other half are going to be low complimentary and you can see that we’ve got the world advanced economies emerging markets and low-income countries with a vast majority of the low-income countries around I think that is around % being

Prettyy much low exposure and then of course you can see that in the advanced economies pretty much more than half of everyone is going to be you know affected in some kind of way we’re going to see an AI you know supercharge your work or at least automate many parts of

It now what I also do find fascinating is the fact that I’m not sure that this study does take into account AGI because with AGI rapidly on the horizon are they take into account just how good an artificial general intelligence is going to be because we know that an artificial

General enal intelligence will eventually impact pretty much every single job so I’m wondering how that will be accounted for now the next slide is definitely something that I didn’t think about in the previous job reports because although it isn’t exactly related to jobs it is also related to

Society because we did actually see some of these things here so one of the things that this paper actually does discuss is it actually does discuss social unrest and I think this is a bit important now without getting into you know politics and all that stuff it says

The potential implications of AI demand a proactive approach from policy makers geared towards maintaining social cohesion while long-term productivity gains from AI are likely during the transition job displacement and changes in income distribution could have substantial political economy implications and history shows that economic pressures can lead to social

Unrest and demands for political change ensuring social cohesion is Paramount so essentially what they’re saying here is that this AI technology is going to change everything in ways and pretty not not not everything but like the majority of things and the main thing that is going to change that’s going to upset a

Lot of people is of course your livelihood it’s going to change some people’s jobs and due to this job displacement it means that there might be some loss of social cohesion and we need to make sure that people stick together and Society essentially doesn’t collapse so what we’re doing here is

That you know while AI can make us more productive in the long run it’s it’s really going to cause some jobs to disappear overall like there are going be some jobs that just completely get automated and unfortunately what is going to change is how much money people

Make which could lead to you know eventually some protest now you might be thinking that is this even possible are really people going to be protesting about AI trust me when your livelihood is completely gone and there’s no alternative solution and people aren’t really fans of the government we’ve seen

Many countries recently have protests and you know all these kinds of things and there were always people angry at the government for a variety of different reasons now if people don’t have a livelihood and if governments haven’t effectively planned how to maintain social cohesion essentially maintaining the society sticks together

And doesn’t collapse due to protest and massive job loss then things could really really start to crumble because whilst AI of course is going to make us more efficient and more you know productive you know a large majority of society getting their jobs automated isn’t going to be good for everyone so

They also state that to keep Society stable government should focus on number one making sure that AI is used fairly and ethically number two is training people with the new kinds of job that will come with AI and number three helping those with jobs affected by AI

To learn new skills and since AI technology doesn’t actually stop at Borders countries should work together to handle the big issues that come with it like keeping data safe and using air responsibly and that is actually why many countries in the EU actually signed The Bletchley decoration and this is

Essentially a promise to work together on these challenges and different countries have different abilities to deal with these issues so it’s important to have Global rules that pretty much everyone follows but to also make sure that these rules work well in each country now this is of course The Bletchley declaration and essentially

It’s something that issues an international call to action to examine and address the potential impact of AI systems with a particular focus on the protection of Human Rights transparency fairness accountability regulation appropriate human oversight ethics bias mitigation privacy and data protection now for those of you who don’t think

Protests are going to start happening protests have actually already started happening and this is a direct result of these large language models now of course I’m going to get into some other protests but you can see right here that it says in Hollywood writers battle against AI humans win for now so

Essentially Hollywood screenwriters secured significant guardrails against the use of artificial intelligence in one of the first major label battles over generative AI in the workplace during the nearly 5 Monon walk out no issue resonated more than the use of AI in script writing and what was once seemingly less demand of the writer

Skills in America became an existential rally and cry so essentially these guys were like look we do not want generative AI being used in you know script writing and these guys were protesting because of course um you know generative AI is a really disruptive technology and I don’t

Think anyone in any industry unless it’s you know completely automated and just you know like a I guess you could say something that people really hate to do nobody wants their job to be automated you can see that the deal states that writers can use AI if the company

Consents but a company cannot require a writer to use AI software someone also actually said that if we ban the to make organizations more productive we are consigning ourselves to stagnation however I don’t think most people agree with this because I think that many people on the flip side are actually

Going to revolt against AI not in the way that we’re going to revolt against those you know evil AI in the Transformers movies but I think when you know significant portions of an industry are going to be let go there are going to be tons of people who just simply

Refuse and they’re probably going to be doing it in solidarity because I do believe that people actually do want to work with people people despite what everything everyone says and that AI yada y yada I think that in some Industries people respect the fact that they are humans creating the content for

Example on YouTube I’m pretty sure that people hate If Video is AI generated because it just completely feel soulless and although yes there are some things that are less I guess you could say creative in the sense that they don’t require a human presence for example like working efficient code or whatever

I do believe that overall we will see more instances of strikes actually happening and in addition here there was a protest online and although this wasn’t that big like I said in the future you know we’re definitely going to be seeing more of this so artists stage Mass protest against AI generated

Artwork on Art station so it says on Tuesday members of the online community art station began widely protesting AI generated artwork by placing no AI art images in their portfolios by Wednesday the protest images dominated art station’s trending page and the artists seek to criticize the presence of AI

Generated artwork on Art Station to potentially disrupt future AI models trained using artwork found on their site and I mean I can completely understand how these guys feel you know you spent hours in you know weeks creating a specific piece of content and then someone comes along rips it and

Then you know they essentially use your work to put you out business that must just be absolutely insane to you feel and art station if you don’t know essentially a website where you can post uh creative stuff and it’s really really cool and you know you could see that

This received a overwhelming amount of support and I’m pretty sure that you know everyone has the right to protest about how they feel and I’m sure these campaigns are going to get a lot more support in the future because anyone opposing this I mean is probably only

Going to be the CEO of a major corporation and I’m pretty sure the CEOs of major corporations especially those earning and pocketing millions of dollars who have earned it redly so don’t always have the best public relations image due to the nature of the capitalist society and just how far the

Wealth Gap is wide if you want my prediction based on what will happen in the future I think that in the future certain companies for example companies like Microsoft Apple Google you know Netflix meta I think that in the future there is going to be one tax release for

Companies that do employ humans because um I think that that would just essentially Foster a better you know Community essentially a better Society where you have real people working in real jobs and number two I do think there is going to be probably a mandatory maybe like for certain

Companies 50% of your employees need to be not using AI or you know 50% of the employees in the company need to be real human employees because I think in the future if there isn’t some kind of you know maximum cap on the amount of you

Know not maximum cap but you know a minimum cap on the amount of humans that we can have in a company there’s definitely going to be a lot of social unrest once we do have these AGI systems that can pretty much do a lot of things so what’s also interesting that we

Should pay attention to here is that each country will be different so essentially what they talk about here is that countries that are already advancing or Emerging Markets are in a good spot to use AI effectively and they are more exposed to Ai and they are better prepared for it now we’ve got

Other and emerging low-income countries and these places might struggle to benefit from AI they often don’t have the right technology infrastructure their workers might not have the necessary skills and they might lack the net needed legal and institutional setup so this could put them behind in the global competition so overall

Essentially what they’re saying here is that different needs for different countries and countries at various stages of Economic Development need to focus on different things Advanced and more developed Emerging Markets should work on creating laws and regulations they’re helping them get the most out of AI and they should also invest in new

Innovations that work well with AI and on the other hand low income and other Emerging Markets should first focus on building up their digital capabilities and educating their people and with these Investments AI could help these countries overcome the skill gaps improve their healthare and education and boost productivity and

Competitiveness in new Industries and watching to see just how each country does adopt Ai and how they’re using gen AI in their workflows and how they’re using it in society will be something fascinating to see okay so this was the most interesting chart that I saw in the

Paper and I just had to put this in the video because it is something that I was looking at for quite some time so essentially right here this is where we have the box figure a conceptual diagram of AI occupational exposure and compliment exposure so essentially what

We have here right is we have four quadrants okay so where you ideally want to be is on on this side because um as we go towards the left here on the AI occupational exposure and for ease I’m just going to say that AI you know exposure in terms of you know AI

Automation so AI automation you know on the left here this is you know where your job is not going to be automated and then towards here is where your job is going to be automated now on the complimentary side you know the higher you get you know if your job is all the

Way at the top that means that AI is going to help your job and if you’re all the way at the bottom that means that AI can’t really help your job that much so you can see down here at the bottom we’ve got dishwashers um you know AI

Can’t really help them and AI doesn’t really it’s not really going to impact washing a dish you know we’ve already got dishwashers but um you know restaurants I’m pretty sure people are just going to be used for quite some time because um you know trying to get a

Robot to wash a dish you know robots and electronics and water They Don’t Really mix Now dancers you can see that they’re pretty much like that’s probably never going to be affected by AI I’m sure people are going to watch humans dance overwatching AI dance so that’s why this

Is more towards the left then on the right hand side we can see that Economist and telemarketers um are pretty not not not in the best positions because you know their exposure to AI is pretty high and complimentary it’s not complimentary so you don’t really want

To be in the bottom right you ideally want to be at the top left where you have a great career and AI just helps you even make more money so um we’ve got surgeons and airline pilots where AI is just going to be helping you and then of

Course we have this weird area here where you’re you know you’re high exposure but at the same time you’re kind of high complimentary so um this one right here judges and lawyers so this one right here is definitely where you definitely want to be so I think

This is a fascinating way to kind of look at where you are on the scale in terms of how you’re going to be automated or you know just just what the future kind of holds for you and I think essentially what we’re looking at here

Um just to give you guys an easy way to visualize this is that pretty much anything on a computer is going to be impacted by AI but stuff where you require real human dexterity in terms of using your hands so for example that’s why surgeons are up here um that’s why

Truck drivers are here um and dishwashers are on this side because we haven’t solved robotics yet so the human dexterity of the human hand it’s so efficient it’s fast it’s fluid it can do really crazy things it can thread a needle and it can catch a basketball you

Know all within like a couple of seconds so once you know you know we solve humanoid robotics then this is just going to go to Mush but for now um anything that is you know not like on a computer um it’s definitely going to be

Some of the first things that go and I do believe that a lot of computer-based jobs are going to be going first due to the rise of AI agents but you know we’re still working on getting that software done um but there is a lot of pace being

Made with the current technology so one thing that this paper did also talk about was old people and um the elderly population in this paper were referred to as you know a niche that weren’t going to farewell so essentially what they talked about were that older workers were essentially going to have a

Harder time adapting to the changes like those brought about Ai and they were going to face more challenges finding new jobs if they lose their current ones and there are five reasons that they gave so number one is that outdated skills so the skills older workers might

Have might not be needed anymore because of the fast and Rapid technology changes number two was the personal ties they often have strong connections to their current location like Family Ties which making it moving for a new job pretty tough and that’s a very very reasonable ask now number three is of course

Financial reasons if you’re older you have you know Financial commitments and that’s going to make you less likely to take a job that pays less and of course lastly we have the comfort with the current job so essentially they might not want to switch to a completely new

Field or job after spending many years in their current one this could be because they’re used to their current work worried about the challenge of learning something new or think they might be biased against older people in new roles so essentially older people um and I’m not sure what age they did give

Because they didn’t actually really give an age and I think it would be ignorant to say that you know someone who is of older age should just be you know should just be more adaptable they should just move because it’s really hard to say someone with a house and a mortgage and

A family and a community to just oh no if AI replaces your job just go ahead here and move because it’s not that easy at all you know by the time you are an older worker you know you’re likely going to have a family and you know

You’re likely going to be living with them caring for them and you’re likely going to be part of a community so this is definitely something that is uh I’m guessing when they say older I’m guessing they’re talking about 50 plus or 60 plus I’m not sure they’re talking

About 30 to 40 but I guess uh in the future we will figure that out now there were some individual categories that I did also find fascinating one of them was women and AI so they said women are more likely to work jobs that are greatly affected by AI but this is isn’t

Just a risk it also means that there could be more chances for these jobs to evolve and benefit from AI technology an exception to this is in places like India where women work in agriculture a sector normally not impacted by AI now number two which was crazy was education

So here’s where they talk about the fact that people with higher education are more found in jobs that AI affects a lot so this is even in so in more so where jobs where AI can really help out a lot and this suggests that AI might impact

Skilled jobs more than simpler ones but these skill jobs might also gain more from AI now remember when I’m saying that this impacts your job it doesn’t mean that it you know automates your job impacting something could mean it’s a positive impact it could also mean a negative impact but it’s always

Important to take a look at you know some of the words being thrown around because if someone says oh this is impacting your job you know some people freak out just remember that it could impact it in a positive way so age differences now the impact of AI varies

With age but it’s not the same everywhere it depends on the mix of men and women and how educated they are in different age groups for example in the UK and United States younger people are often more educated because more people have been going to University in the

Last 30 years in developing countries there are generally fewer people with higher education but more young women are now working than before so we can see the age you know in terms of uh the high exposure High complimentary in terms of high exposure low complimentary

And you can see uh just how crazy things are I mean it’s pretty hard to see but um you know if you got the paper you can definitely see but it will be fascinating to see now there was another graph here um where we have advanced economy Advantage where essentially this

Just shows us that the wealthier companies um wealthier countries are often better equipped for AI adoption which is of course Mak sense you know AI preparedness index and employment share and high exposure occupations and then this is something that I really wanted to talk about um because this was

Something that it wasn’t a shock but it wasn’t something that I’d wanted to see because I guess you could just say that this is just an uncomfortable truth and uh Deep Mind co-founder AI said AI is fund fundamentally a labor replacing tool and I think that that is one of the

Truest statements that we needed to hear because it’s essentially what AI is isn’t it I mean it’s not just like we’re not just creating AI to talk to it we’re not just creating AI for entertainment most of the AIS that are being created now are to replace the labor market so

Um you know essentially he made some comments about this that I I think we should all take a look at and essentially said I think in the long term over many decades we have to think very hard about how we integrate these tools because left completely to the market these are fundamentally labor

Replacing tools and it says and there it is suan makes this sound like some foggy future hypothetical but it’s obvious that he said labor replacement and that’s already happening the tech and media Industries which are uniquely exposed to the threat of AI related job losses saw huge layoffs last year right

As AI was coming online and only first few weeks of January well established companies like Google Amazon YouTube Salesforce and others announced their more aggressive layoffs that had been explicitly linked to Greater AI deployment now they do talk about you know the general consensus in Corporate America seems to be that companies

Should use AI to operate leaner teams the likes of which can be boled by small groups of Savvy a professionals and essentially they’re going to be increasingly sought after the class of worker as they’ll offer the opportunity to reorganize the corporate structures around automation making them more efficient which means okay from this

Statement you know y yada Y what we have here is that you know like I always say okay if something is happening and we can’t avoid what is happening we might as well prepare for it and figure out how to move with it okay it’s the old

Phrase if you can’t beat him join them so I would say that you know if you are in an IND where you know you don’t plan on moving Industries completely to go to an entirely New Field I would say learn how to use AI learn how to be more

Efficient with AI that just makes you a supercharged person because if you can get the work done of 10 people rather than one um and you’re working at a company I can guarantee that they’re going to keep you around even if they lay off like 10 people you aren’t going

To be the person that is laid off because if you know all the informations you know how to add all these Integrations and you make like you’re that guy like for example you’re that company they’re like oh is there a way that we can make this faster and they

Come to you you’re that guy um I’m pretty sure that that the company is going to think of you as a valuable person but of course and I remember this from a previous video where they talked about you know we talked about how you need to be continually learning um and

Someone was like you know some jobs where you’re working 9 to 5 you know you’re working a long hours it’s stressful it’s boring it’s tedious you don’t want to be continually studying you know I’m not saying that but it does make sense to keep up to date with

What’s going on in your specific industry that way you don’t just get blindsided by something that is coming because for example right now we know that you know text a video is starting to make waves we know that in the future there’s going to be AI agents so you can

Kind of see that you know in the future text video might be a thing you know with AI images you know with mid Journey you can play around with prompts you know if you’re working in certain industries you could you know use mid journey and be that guy within your

Company to be more effective and that’s going to make you so much more valuable and I think it’s something that you should try to at least be proactive about rather than just um having the mindset of you know I hate AI y y y because let’s be honest okay mid Journey

Isn’t going to be your loan company in the future and there are going to be other people who do actually use this software so you don’t need to take like you know another 5year course on a or something like that but it’s it’s important to actually familiarize yourself with the tools and understand

Where the technology is heading then of course they did talk about one of the obvious benefits of AI which is you know for the for the company the benefits are obvious you don’t have to pay someone um you don’t have to supply it with Healthcare benefits it won’t get

Pregnant and have to take 6 months off nor will it ever become disgruntled with its working condition and Tred to start a union Drive in the break room and then of course this is one of the most important things okay I I really pay attention to what I’m about to say here

Okay because I don’t know why nobody is talking about this like honestly everyone seems to be ignoring this elephant in the room everyone and I mean everyone okay um and this is where Universal basic income comes in and I haven’t heard any discussions about this recently and I don’t know why I don’t

Know if it’s just because people are just paying attention to AI but essentially Universal basic income and this is the most important thing because I think that within the next 15 to 20 years I think this is going to be just a a standard reality you know provided

That uh the protests uh fail you know hopefully they don’t but if they do and this AI systems are just super human in terms of you know what they can really do um it says that the billionaires who are marketing this technology have made vague rhetorical gestures so things like

Universal B income as a cure for the inevitable worker displacements that are going to happen but only a fool would think those are anything other than empty promises designed to starve off some sort of underclass Uprising the truth is is that AI technology was made

By and for the managers of the world the frenzy in Davos this week with the world’s wealthiest fored over it like Greek presants discovering Promethean fire is only the latest reminder of that now essentially what they’re saying here is that you know this AI technology if

It’s able to automate like a 100 workers the only person that’s really going to benefit is the guy who owns the company who owns 100 workers because all he has to do is employ two people to you know get the AI system set up make sure they’re working well and everyone else

Is out of a job so essentially uh Universal basic income I think it’s definitely going to happen um provided uh like I said before the previous legisl ations don’t come into act I think those will come into act I think there will be some legislations that say

You know what um any company you have to have like 50% minimum employees um at a certain income level I just I just think it’s the way it’s going to happen because um other than that how are we going to make sure that there are still people you know doing some stuff um

Until unless the entire Society the entire societal uh I guess you could say contract changes which most likely will happen anyway so we’re going to be in a like a post Singularity World anyway so most people would be thinking okay if there Universal basic income who pays

For it because money just doesn’t fall out of the sky we don’t want them printing money because we don’t inflation you know going any higher than it already is but um essentially there was this thing called the winfall clause and this is what is called Distributing

The benefits AI for the common good so basically what they said was that um it’s a proposal for an ex Ane commitment by AI firms to donate a significant amount of any eventual extremely large profits to benefit Humanity broadly so it’s basically designed to address the low probability future scenarios of

Unprecedent ented disruptive winful profits that could result from economically transformative breakthroughs in AI capabilities and the Clause aims to distribute the benefits of advanced AI for the common good and is part of a broader conversation on the ethical and societal implications of AI development basically what they’re

Saying here is that when these companies realize that look we’ve got a company that makes $10 billion and right now our expenses are $9 billion in employees marketing yada y yada we could make $8 billion a year um and spend $1 billion in advertising and pocket the rest

Because all of these AI agents that that cost us $500 a month to run are going to give us $8 billion a year these are profits that companies have never seen before um there’s probably going to be a tax on that and uh that tax is what is

Probably going to pay for Universal basic income now we need to take a look at this clip from Sam Alman where he discusses Universal basic income because it is rather important you have been a proponent of Ubi Universal basic income in the context of AI can you describe

Your philosophy there of of our human future with Ubi why why you like it what are some limitations I think it is a component of something we should pursue it is not a full solution I think people work for lots of reasons besides money and I think we are going to find

Incredible new jobs and society as a whole and people’s individuals are going to get much much richer but as a cushion through a dramatic transition and as just like you know I think the world should eliminate poverty if able to do so I think it’s a great thing to do um

As a small part of the bucket Solutions I helped start a project called worldcoin um which is a technological solution to this we also have funded a uh like a large I think maybe the the largest and most comprehensive Universal basic income study as part of sponsored

By openai and I think it’s like an area we should just be be looking into what are some like insights from that study that you gain we’re going to finish up at the end of this year and we’ll be able to talk about it hopefully early

Very early next so let me know what you thought about Ubi do you think there are going to be more protest do you think there’s going to be more um social upheaval do you think that you know Ubi is pointless we should just you know all

Chill in the beach somewhere um do you think that your job is never going to be automated by it I do know that some Industries aren’t going to be automated by it for example you know entertainment I think you know the fact that you know chess beats everyone but we still enjoy

Watching human chess players is an example of the interesting nature of humans but I think that on a large scale there is going to be large mass job displacement so there’s going to be many different policies coming into place and I do think that this is going to be an

Fascinating period to live in maybe you know not for the best but I do hope it does work out because um you know the changes that are coming definitely going to come eventually uh if the technology that we do have is as good as it seems

Or as it as promised is going to be um there are going to be some significant conversations to have and it’s up to the leaders to ensure that the choices that they make don’t you know disrupt the levels of social cohesion because if they do then things could start to get

Ugly really really quickly so with that being said if you have enjoyed this video it will be

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